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"If it's not good enough for me, it's not good enough for you!" I am passionate about and dedicated to helping people avoid or reverse disease conditions and embrace a more healthful lifestyle. All the products I offer or recommend are products I have researched, personally tested and used for years. Only those American based and American made supplement companies, who are in compliance with the very stringent GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards, are good enough to get my business and yours.

I had Systemic Candidiasis, IBS, IBD, Celiac, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, numerous food intolerances, leaky gut and severe malnutrition for 25+ years, and Lyme Disease 6 separate times. What better "test" could their be for a product, than my body? If it works for me, and it doesn't make my bodily systems angry, I believe it must be good! I can help guide you in the market place and recommend or research for you the best products you can buy for your health and wellness.

I want to save you time and money, by providing information about the highest quality products, that satisfy my extremely high standards for purity, quality and effectiveness; with no preservatives, fillers, chemicals or other ingredients that do not benefit.

I look forward to serving you.
Johnna Wheeler

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, Enliv'n Lyme Remedy, homeopathics

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth - For more information see Health Blog 10/1/15
A 2 pound bag is $7.00 plus shipping.

Enliv'n homeopathic remedy to benefit the body that suffering from the symptoms of Lyme Disease. For more information see Health Blog 7/1/15
Enlin'n Lyme Disease pills
A box of 8 tablets is $40 plus shipping.

Washington Homeopathic Products - To order homeopathic remedies, please call or email Johnna Wheeler.

Orders may be placed by email or phone. An invoice will be sent to you, which you can pay by check or PayPal. Thank you!

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