Testimonials & Comments

From Kelly -

I have a good friend in Johnna. There isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for those she cares about, and that's just about everybody. I called Johnna unexpectedly one evening in February, and she came to get me. I learned about digestive health and nutrition while living with her and her family for 6 months in 2010. During that time, I was able to experience a different way of eating, and gained the knowledge to make better nutrition and life style choices. I lost 20 pounds, even though I have Cerebral Palsy and am not very active. The symptoms of my CP are less bothersome now. She helped me learn to control my vertigo, and I feel much better in general. Johnna helped me gain the confidence I needed to live independently and the courage to face the world head on. I am enjoying my new life and health.

From Viv -

Johnna and I have been best friends for 15 years. During that time I have watched her go through many health struggles, and I knew she was doing lots of studying to find answers. I have a multitude of diagnosis and have had to use a power wheelchair since I was diagnosed with MS at the age of 32. While in Johnna’s care for 6 weeks after cataract surgery I experienced her life style, which persuaded me to follow her example. When Johnna lost her job in 2010, because she could no longer care for clients who require any amount of lifting, I promptly hired her to be my caregiver. I used to be in a lot of pain, crashed for a week and then would recover for only a few days before I would crash again. I spent most of my time in bed. Since I have been in Johnna’s care, I have lost 30 pounds. I used to wear a mens size 44 pants, and was heading for a 46” waist, but now I wear a 36 and continue to loose weight. As I learn more and make changes gradually, I see she is patiently guiding me. I am eating better nutrition, so now I can transfer myself easier, use a hand cycle, take college courses on line, enjoy a more active social life and a enjoy a general feeling of wellbeing in her care. I have been able to reduce some of my medications and even eliminate my allergy medicine. Without Johnna, I would be on high blood pressure, thyroid, and high cholesterol medication, and I would be “crashing” often. She is on my “You can’t die, retire or move list”.

✍ eMail From Shannon M.-

Johnna is a professional, brilliant, kind, and has an amazing story. The most amazing I have ever heard. She gives the glory to God for healing her, after nearly dying from candida.

✍ eMail From Bethany -

Thank you for sharing your salmon recipe. My husband would always refuse to eat fish, but when the aroma of this dish filled the house, he just had to taste it. Now he wants me to make it for him every week. I especially like your recipe for Blue Canary. Thank you for sharing it with me. It is delicious, and I love that it makes a great substitute for ice cream. Gratefully Yours, Bethany

✍ eMail From Mary -

Thank you so much! I have struggled for way too long with my health and my doctor just wants me to take more pills. I hate taking chemicals! You gave me something to think about and I am so grateful. I want to learn more. Can I email you with questions? Mary B.

Reply: Johnna -

Hello Mary, Yes. Please contact me as often as you feel the need to. I am here to help you.

✍ FB From Lynn -

I saw that both of your daughters travel and stay with you where ever you go. That is neat. You seem to have everything, and I mean every little thing, set up just perfectly for the way you roll. I bet Lisa loves being such a help. It will also serve her well. If the next question is too prying just let me know. What has you so ill? It's hard for me to understand that you are, with all you do. I know people with issues who do nothing but complain and sit around all the time. Your friend was so right...you're an inspiration.

Reply: Johnna -

I am an open book, so you can ask me anything. Truly! Actually, I am writing a book titled "Repeated Misdiagnosis Almost Killed Me". Not sure when it will be finished. The short version; I have Systemic Candidiasis, Colitis, IBS, Leaky Gut, Dysbiosis, severe malnutrition, Celiac Disease, multiple chemical and food intolerances, and had 3 major abdominal surgeries in 3 years to repair a large abdominal hernia and 4 prolapses. Now, my lifetime weight lifting and resistance limit is 10 pounds. I have never been so helpless and dependent in my life. Lisa helps me move things that are too heavy for me, but I don't want her to hurt herself either. I wish someone had said to me when I was young, "Just because you can lift that, doesn't mean you should". If you go to my blog website, you can read about that in my article with the same title. It is about hernia and prolapse in women. There are 5 categories of blogs on that website to choose from and explore. I add stuff every week. If what I have suffered through and learned as a result can help others overcome with less difficulty, or avoid the same troubles I have experienced, I believe it makes my trials worth it all. I want to encourage people and inspire them to live a healthy lifestyle. I hope that by sharing my story, others will learn from my mistakes. That is what my business is all about too. One thing is for sure. When I am done with it, this body will be thoroughly worn out in service to my Lord. That is why I close all my correspondence with the salutation "In His Service Always". I am honored that you asked about me. Thank you. Blog: jvwhealthypeople-pets.info

✍ FB From Debra -

You have given me food for thought. This all makes sense, thank you.

✍ FB Carrie -

"Thank you Johnna Wheeler!! I never thought I would be this sick either. NEVER! It's like I woke up one day and fell off a cliff and have never been able to climb back up. However, I have learned that in God's time, he will pick me back up and place me on the top. I know what its like to live in the valley for sure, and I'm praying the day I'm back on the mountain top is very near. Either way, I love him and I trust him. God is in control! Thank you for being such encouragement to me and being so willing to help me anyway you can. You are such a blessing to my life."

✍ eMail From Cheryl R.

I sought Johnna's professional expertise to help me lose weight and get healthy. As a motivational speaker who had just published my first book about personal transformation, it was important to me that my outer self be a reflection of my inner self. I tried several strategies, but nothing worked. I didn't know how to accomplish my goal. Johnna explained very clearly what I could do to improve my health. In February, I wore size 24. The transformation was effortless and results came quickly. Now it's October and I am wearing size 18. I feel good! My knees don't hurt and I have more energy. Excitement builds as I anticipate the wonderful changes my body will experience in the future.