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The Candida Diet & Ketosis Do you fear carbs will feed your enemy, Candida. You can’t starve Candida, but it will starve you. 10/18

So many Candida treatment programs! Why programs and products don't work 9/18

How the 'Candida Exit Strategy' came to be Based on 25 years of research & recovering from final stage Systemic Candidiasis. Candida has met its match. 8/18

What is the Herxeimer or "die-off" Reaction Destroying pathogenic micro-organisms too fast produces toxins, but die-off reaction is not a sure indication you are making progress. 7/18

7 reasons why people fail to recover from Systemic Candida Yeast Overgrowth - Where the mind goes, actions follow. Commit to recovery. 6/18

Eczema & Topical Steroid Use Topical Steroid Withdraw begins as eczema, a symptom of Systemic Candidiasis. 5/18

New 2016 Clinical Practice Guidelines for management of Candida 4/18

Enliv'n For the body suffering with Lyme Disease. Systemic Candidiasis is an unintended consequence of lyme disease treatment. 3/18

The Walking Wounded The symptoms you suffer may be caused by Candida and leaky gut. 2/18

Health & Disease Begins in The Gut Why so many suffer with chronic illness & disease. 1/18


Introduction to Leaky Gut Mucous membranes are designed to protect us from infections the same as outer skin. 12/17

Leaky Gut is a serious condition Explains the symptoms associated with the four stages of Leaky Gut. 11/17


Humanity's Kryptonite - The inconvenient truth about EMF radiation 10/17
Humanity's Kryptonite - Symptoms of EMF radiation sickness The body responds to this man-made pathogen with mucous and inflammation, just like any other pathogen. 9/17
Humanity's Kryptonite - Sources of EMF radiation
Not just cell phones and towers, but wifi, baby monitors, cordless phones and your laptop. 8/17
Humanity's Kryptonite - Dirty Electricity
is electromagnetic pollution called transients and harmonics which contaminate the electrical supply and are not safe. 7/17
Humanity's Kryptonite - The best form of EMF protection
Avoid gimmicks, scams and fraud. Balancers and harmonizers, jewelry, key chains and stickers for your phone don't work. 6/17
Vehemently Oppose 5G
The September 2018 letter I sent to President Trump and every senator and congressman. 5/17

Microwave cooking
The dangers. 4/17

Earthing or Grounding
Directly connecting with the earth charges your battery and drains you of harmful radiation. 3/17

The benefits of negative ions
Negative electric ions are like airborne vitamins we breathe in from the air. 2/17


Information Overwhelm creates resistance Breakthrough & growth comes at the point of maximum resistance. What to do when conflicting information and opinions show up. 1/17

Afraid to trust and try again You’ve tried numerous products and approaches to restore your health, but the results you expected didn’t become reality. 12/16

What Makes A Good Counselor / Coach / Healer / Teacher? To help you find and identify the best coach / counselor for you, it's important to know what traits you are looking for in that person. 11/16

Do What Works! Take the useful nuggets of wisdom you find and experiment with them within your own body. 10/16

Holiday Eating Anxiety The fear of gaining weight. Don't you want to learn how to trust your body again? 9/16


General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) How the body attempts to adapt to stressors. 8/16

Epigenetic's Genetics are not written in stone. Your lifestyle influences gene expression to create an on/off switch. 7/16

What is a "Spoonie?" Others can't understand your journey unless they've lived it. How do you answer the question, "What does it feel like to be chronically ill?" 6/16

The source of all diseases The recipe for disease - Poor nutrition + parasites + solvents = chronic illness. 5/16

Cleanse & Detoxify Our modern world is too toxic to reasonably expect to remain healthy. 4/16

Emotional trauma predisposes to disease How important do you think the role of emotions are to the onset of disease and specifically immune system dysfunction? 3/16

Antibiotics 2/16


The most important thing you do daily Feeding yourself and your family is the most important thing you do every day because it impacts health and prosperity today and 20 years from now, but also for generations. It is the only thing you have control over. 1/16

The Perfect Diet Everyone is looking for the "perfect diet," but there is no single perfect diet. 12/15

What is “Eating Psychology"? The psychology of eating is a new, cutting edge approach to food and body that unites the science of nutrition with psychology and soul. 11/15

Guidelines for giving nutritional advice You want to share what you’ve learned from your own experience, and perhaps even encourage them not to make the mistakes you've made. 10/15

A low-salt diet is DANGEROUS The problem is refined salt and not getting enough real salt. 9/15

The Chemistry of Digestion Your digestive complaints may be caused by consuming complex meals. 8/15

Acid Reflux, Heartburn & GERD The underlying causes you may have never heard about and how to get rid of GERD. 7/15

What's wrong with wheat? Something is going on with wheat that isn't well known by the general public. 6/15

Food biocompatibility It may not be a true food allergy, but an incompatibility based on biochemistry or blood type. 5/15

Vitamin deficiency is linked to chronic symptoms and illness The single most important thing that determines the strength of your immune system is the quality and kind of foods and beverages you consume. 4/15

Mineral deficiencies predispose to disease The single most important thing that determines the strength of your immune system is the quality and kind of foods and beverages you consume. 3/15

To eat meat or not to eat meat 2/15

What is the difference between regular and organic processed foods? Comparing processed foods. 1/15

Whole food vs synthetic vitamins Supplements are intense packages of information. Our bodies didn't evolve with these things. 12/14

Prebiotic & Probiotic Sources Feed beneficial bacteria in the gut naturally. 11/14

Pharmafoodical Are you eating GMO without your knowledge? GMO's and Glyphosate information. 10/14

The Dangers and Sources of Benzene and Benzopyrene Before you grill food or roast those marshmallows, read this. 9/14

Why I don't like Plexus products A look at the individual ingredients, their possible side effects and interactions. 8/14

Infant Formulas What's harmful about them and the alternative. 7/14

Plastics, Phthalates, and Plasticizers People are drinking bottled water to avoid fluoride and chlorine in city water but they are trading one source of toxic exposure for another. 6/14

Drinking Water Quality The most important macronutrient is water. 5/14

The use of powerful substances
Caffeine, alcohol, sugar and medications 3/14

Chemicals in Coffee A thorough look at what's in your cup and how it affects you. 4/14

Coconut The new fad food 2/14

Soy The truth 1/14

Canola - People hear that canola oil is "heart healthy" and a good source of monounsaturated fats similar to olive oil. You've been lied to about the health benefits and uninformed about the dangers of canola oil 12/13

Aloe Vera Internally - Not a good idea. 11/13

Mold toxins in food You can't see or smell the poison that is destroying your health. 10/13

The English Muffin Experiment If a food will not support life, why eat it? 9/13

Comparing Beverages What you drink is as important as what you eat. 8/13

Why “bad” food tastes good
The food industry spends millions of dollars on science to figure out what chemicals create the taste that will motivate consumers to prefer their products and the marketing to promote them. 7/13


What’s for breakfast? 6/13
What’s for lunch?
What’s for dinner?
What’s for snack?


Fruits, Vegetables, Grains & Herbs In Pet Foods What do all these ingredients have in common? 1/13

How To Prevent Plaque On Teeth How to stop spending so much $ on having your dogs teeth cleaned. 12/12

The Problem With Kibble The worst way to make pet food ever invented. 11/12

Principles For Choosing The Best Pet Food What you should know about how pet food is made. 10/12

The Causes of Health Problems in Pets The causes and cures are food related. 9/12

Equine Nutrition 4/11


ACEs and Failure to Attach The more Adverse Childhood Events you have the higher your chances of developing chronic illness. Failure to attach creates relationship problems later in life. 8/12

My Husbands' Heart
My husband has had cardiovascular related health problems since his first heart attack at age 21. 7/12

Drive to Arkansas
A matter of life and death. Stepping out of my comfort zone and being willing to serve saved a life. 6/12

Healed people, heal people
Every generation is called upon to heal the wounds of past generations that they could not heal. 5/12

I understand now
The nature of matter and energy, and an explanation of our visible and invisible world. 4/12

Repeated misdiagnosis almost killed me
My journey through illness to wellness. 3/12

A burden for my friends - furnace
Stepping out of my comfort zone and being willing to serve saved a life. 2/12

Houses for sale
The amazing true stories of how I was able to never rent, purchase my first home at age 21, become a landlord and pay off a 30 year mortgage in 9 years. 1/12


Cleanse & Detox 12/11

Tobacco 11/11

Fluoride 10/11

Essential Oils 9/11

Mercury 8/11

Are your clothes making you sick? 7/11

Why I don't like Fabreeze 6/11

Tattoos 5/11