Hello! My name is Johnna Wheeler

My preoccupation, passion and purpose is to help you navigate on your journey through illness to wellness. I am committed to helping you reach your highest goal - to help you improve the quality of your health, so you can be the best and most healthy, creative, energetic, joyful and authentic version of yourself that you can be, and start living your best life, going forward.

There is a personal component to my interest and work in this area, because I have walked this path ahead of you. Chronic illness was a constant and unwelcome companion for more than 30 years. Like you, I was "sick and tired of feeling sick and tired,” but not anymore! I recovered my health.

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I want to be, for you, the person I wish I'd met when I was suffering with multiple chronic, debilitating, life threatening and financially draining health problems, repeated misdiagnosis and severe malnutrition. I am here for you.

Johnna at different ages and stages of health


My extensive life experience with chronic illness educated, prepared and gave me a passion and purpose to help others who are struggling to recover their health, like I was. All of that experience dove-tailed together with my education at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, through the University of Colorado, Boulder, where I graduated with a 3.8 GPA.

IPE trained and certified me for the work I do now. At IPE, I learned a unique and successful approach to working with the most common eating and health challenges of our times. God has uniquely prepared me for service in this area. It's the healers journey that makes the medicine.

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My Philosophy

In my opinion, the goal of any good professional should be to help clients get to a place where they no longer need services. The results should be sustainable for the duration of the clients life. I want to help my clients get to a place where they no longer need me, so I can help more people and not just the same people.

The same should be true of any healing program. If a program doesn't heal the body to such a degree that at some point the body can sustain itself without the program, then that program doesn't actually heal the body.

The healing arts are an area that draws a lot of clients for life. My goal is to help restore the life in my clients. That is my mission. To help restore the health of America, physically, emotionally, spiritually and economically - one person at a time.



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On a personal level

My Faith

I was raised Atheist and became a Christian at the age of 21. After being immersed into Christ, I had a very long and difficult trial with health and emotional healing that took me down some very dark and low roads on my journey through illness to physical and emotional wellness. The journey taught me life lessons and developed strength of character in every part of my being, like nothing else could. The things I wanted to be freed from, were the very things God used to set me free. He never left me alone. A faith that has been thoroughly tested is a faith that can be trusted in the midst of extreme adversity. As my faith grew, it carried me through. I have been in Christ for thirty-three years, and developed a close and personal relationship with my Heavenly Father. He has equipped me for every good work and I am His servant. God is the CEO of my company and my life.

My Family

My husband, Mark, and I have been married for 30 years. Until our 24th anniversary, I had been sick longer than we'd been married, but my husband has been with me through it all. When I recovered my health he and our daughters got to meet the real me for the first time. For that matter, I hadn't known who I was all my life either and so I met my authentic self for the first time too.

My husband had his first heart attack at the age of 21 and three in two days when he was 30 years old. (That's when I was diagnosed with stage 5 Systemic Candidiasis and breast cancer.) Since then, he has been afraid to go off the medication prescribed by his cardiologist. When we met, he was only taking Dilantin for seizures he had at 8 years old, and one heart medication. When my journey through illness was at its lowest during my 40's, my husbands health was declining also as I noticed the increasing number of prescriptions on his shelf in our bathroom closet. I asked him about them and he shut me down. "I'm going to do that the cardiologist tells me," he said. I asked, "What did the cardiologist tell you?" "I don't know," he replied. "I don't want to talk about it," he added. He took an "ostrich head in the sand approach" about his health and mine. I was trying to keep myself alive at that time, so I had to focus on getting me better before I could concentrate my efforts on him. We receive the information we need when we are ready to receive it, and neither he nor I were ready during that time. Now, however, I am in charge of my husbands health care and I am going to his visits with the cardiologist. My husband is off all his medications, seizure free and his numbers are returning to normal. We are using nutrition to correct the biochemistry that has created his high triglycerides, high blood pressure, arrhythmias, low HDL, and severe nutritional deficiencies; caused by years of eating hydrogenated oils, refined sugar, and taking medications that deplete vitamins and minerals.

After losing 4 babies in my late 20's, we adopted two daughters (Lisa & Mandy) with Downs Syndrome in our late 30's. Unfortunately, I was very sick during their childhood, but now my health is restored and I can be the mom I always imagined.

I have a learning disability (Dyslexia), which has been an extreme challenge in every area of my life - all of my life, but it has been a valuable asset while home schooling our children. I can help my daughters process their thoughts, organize information, communicate more effectively and get their brains un-stuck because in all the ways that count, because the dysfunction in my brain works very much the same way as theirs does. I have learned techniques to manage my disability and I can teach those skills to others. What I thought of as a curse most of my life, turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

The very recent and disturbing realization that I have EMF hypersensitivity blindsided me. I have become comfortable with challenge, having survived an abusive childhood, four ectopic pregnancies in my late 20s, breast cancer, systemic candidiasis and leaky gut in my 30s, and severe malnutrition, three surgeries to repair a large abdominal hernia and four prolapsed organs, and lyme disease in my 40s. I didn't think I would live to be 50, but after restoring my health I decided that I needed to live another 50 years because I just started living. I didn't survive all of that to have EMF hypersensitivity take me out. It seems I am at the forefront of this thing because very few people have heard of it and not many people are talking about it with the seriousness it deserves. It took two months to wrap my brain around it, research and figure out what to do about it, while avoiding being robbed by scams I knew were sure to be out there.
Looking back at the past 10 years, I clearly see how this happened to me without my being aware of it. I didn’t own a computer or cell phone prior to 2008. Since then I used a laptop on Wi-Fi for many hours every day attending college, doing research, starting my business, writing my books, building websites, producing videos, and serving clients. I got a smart phone, but used it on speaker phone due to the heat and uncomfortable feeling it produced in my head when held to my ear. For 5 years, I worked less than 1/4 mile from a cell phone tower. My two daughters have been with me everywhere I've been and they were exposed to it too, so they also developed symptoms of EMF hypersensitivity. What really advanced this into the level of sensitivity my children and I have was upgrading our Wi-Fi at home to 5G in October 2017. Since then we have not been well (recurrent infections that took months to recover from, but not fully) and for 9 months I could not figure out why. Previously, my children didn’t get sick. What really got my attention was when I experienced breast pain. I realized that part of my body was closest to the keyboard. Exposure to EMF radiation is cumulative and that’s why it took 10 years for the symptoms to appear.

I was being exposed to 18.470 mW/m just from my laptop! Now, I am feeling symptoms from .014 mW/m.

How fortunate for me I live in a 1.5 mile diameter bubble where cell phones don't work, we have no overhead power lines or cell phone towers, and our neighbors are far apart so we are not overlapping Wi-Fi signals, or smart meters. Most other people live with this 24/7 and don't get a break from it to be able to notice the difference. Also, I am fortunate not to have allergies or headaches, so when I developed these symptoms as part of a pattern, I took note. I felt it in my home and every time I went into town (the EMF zone). I felt much better while working in my garden, walking the dogs or training my horse. Due to the change in exposures, I was able to figure this out. I have become a human frequency meter, literally. I have noticed many people, including my clients, have the symptoms of EMF hypersensitivity and they think it is allergies, colds that won't go away, chronic pain and fatigue, or headaches that medications fail to remedy. Many people don't feel it yet, but they will and when they do, it will be misdiagnosed and treated as something else. The body responds to this man-made pernicious pathogen in the way it was designed to respond to all pathogens— by producing mucus and inflammation. I am making people aware of this.

First, I had to correct the problem for myself at home by eliminating Wi-Fi and hardwiring the Internet with an ethernet cord. I built a Faraday cage around the router and my computer. I grounded everything, installed Stetzer filters, got rid of my cell phone and laptop computer, replaced my DECT cordless office phone system with a low EMF phone, replaced my alarm clocks with battery operated, replaced my wireless keyboard with a refurbished wired keyboard, and installed a computer monitor shield to make it possible for me to continue serving my clients.

I cannot go away from home unless I am wearing two-three layers of EMF shielding garments from head to toe and I can only tolerate 3 hours of being in what I call “the EMF zone”, but that limited amount of time so severely depletes my good gut bacteria and wreaks havoc on the mitochondria in my cells that it takes two weeks to recover. I wear a coverall style shielding garment over conductive socks, anti-wave leggings, mesh shielding shirt, shielding gloves, apron and head-net, because I do need to visit the dentist and other places from time to time. The cost of this total ensemble $650. I’ve never spent that much money on an “outfit”! Needless to say, dressing like this is socially awkward, but necessary. These clothes don’t breathe and are hot. My husband must do the grocery shopping on his way home from work every week, but I really don’t want him to be exposed to this anymore then me.

I believe everything happens for a reason. I am being called upon to serve, and this is just another way I've been asked to step up, make people aware, and help those who become victims. I am vehemently opposing 5G and encourage you to join me. This is humanities kryptonite and has the potential to be an extinction event for all life if we don't stop it now.

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My Focus

Every generation is called upon to heal the wounds of past generations, that they could not heal. Generations of child abuse in my family tree ended with me when I put my childhood into proper context, processed the painful memories in a way that emancipated me and then become a parent later in life. My journey was right for my souls growth and character development. It gave me compassion, and a deep and genuine love for people.

There is no future in the past! The shackles are off my feet and now I can dance! I am present and emotionally available to the people around me and "others" focused. I appreciate health, life and relationships on a deep heart to heart level. I am "me" for the first time in my life!

What does healthy feel like

Every person is put on this earth to solve a problem. My journey through illness to wellness educated and prepared me for the work I do now. It is the healers journey that makes the medicine. Systemic Candida yeast overgrowth and Leaky gut are the beginning of disease and the root cause of every chronic illness that plagues us in this century. This is the problem I was meant to solve, first in myself and then to help others. I didn't think I'd live to be 50, but now I feel better in my 50's (physically and emotionally) than I did when I was 20. I could live another 50 years, but honestly, I need to because I just started living!

My Future

Having discovered my passion and purpose, I started my business in December 2011. As my business has grown and developed into the private practice it is now, I have been challenged to grow with it and that will continue. While living in the present moment and in my personal power, I envision my day, project that positive energy into the world and make it contagious. What I project comes back to me, creating a cycle of positive outcomes that benefit myself and those around me.

Living in the moment has given me a new perspective and way of showing up in the world. We are not guaranteed tomorrow, so I don't make lists of things I want to do, and never get to. I just do it. I don't wait until a special occasion to give someone I love a gift. I just do it. Every day is a special occasion and an opportunity to live in the moment. I don't put off living anymore. For 30 years, I waited to get my health back and thought of all the things I would do if and when that happened. I am here and my health is restored, so no more lists or waiting. Life happens NOW.

It has become a sudden unwelcome reality that cumulative exposure to EMF (magnetic, electric and radio frequency) radiation from my laptop computer, cell phone and cell phone towers, and other sources has given me severe EMF hypersensitivity. As of August 2018, I am forced to disconnect from the world and am a "prisoner" in my own home. If I travel more than 1 miles from my property, located in a "bubble" on a mountain where cell phones don't work, I must wear EMF shielding garments to reduce my exposure to what everyone is experiencing. After everything I've survived, I am not going to let EMF hypersensitivity take me out! I researched it, took the necessary steps to reduce my exposures in my home, especially in my office, and am doing life closer to home.

My Fun

Leisurely pastimes include, riding my horse on the trails in the state park around our mountain top home, sewing and quilting, doing crafts, gardening, playing games with my daughters, watching movies, reading and writing. Recovering our property from years of neglect while I was sick has felt like an almost overwhelming task, but little by little, I am getting it done. Life is simpler now. I finally understand what it is to live the life I want, and want the life I have.

My life

In May 2018, I was confronted with a new reality. Ten years of cumulative exposure to sources of EMF radiation had developed into a relatively new condition and diagnosis called "EMF Hypersensitivity". Beginning in 2008 when I got my first laptop computer, I lived with it (in my lap) for several hours every day, doing research. In 2011 I began my education and started my first business. I spent at least 12 hours every day building my business, creating videos, building websites, taking care of my business and personal finances, social media and email activities, and writing my books. My daughters were with me everywhere I went and they developed symptoms of EMF sensitivity too, but not as severe because they were not physically attached to a computer. However, they were in close proximity to a cell phone tower and we spent hours every week in the computer store where I took workshops to learn all the functions of my computer, and software programs. We had wifi at home and used cell phones. In October 2017 I caught the Entrovirus D68 that came across the country and on April 14, 2018 I had to take my youngest daughter Mandy to the hospital for stitches and we both left with pneumonia free of charge. I hadn't felt well since October and realized that's when we upgraded our wifi at home to 5G.

Once I realized what had happened, we got rid of wifi completely and connected to the internet with Ethernet cables. I had to make many modifications to my computer and office systems to reduce exposure to EMF radiation so I would be able to continue serving clients. I didn't survive everything I have endured, only to have EMF hypersensitivity take me out! My world has suddenly shrunk, but the things that matter most to me are still in tact; my health, my family, our home, our pets, my purpose and private practice.

EMF life

My office

My book

"I Kept My Promise" was published in October 2016.

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I Kept My Promise is a story that encourages you to overcome obstacles and realize your dreams. I wrote this inspiring true story about the adventures I had with my first horse for people who love horses, but also for horses.

Horses experience the same emotional trauma as children who are abused, neglected and then passed around in the foster-care system. This story encourages people to think of the relationship with their pets as a “til-death-do-us-part” kind of commitment. It encourages you to work through difficulties; seek help when a situation is beyond your ability; and be willing to make changes to yourself that will improve the relationship with your horse.

The story: Lucky dreamed of staying in one place and being loved. Victoria always dreamed of having a horse and riding on the beach. Their souls collided and then connected, creating a roller coaster relationship that took Victoria out of her comfort zone and challenged her in ways she could not have imagined. Together, they endured considerable difficulty and discouragement, but Victoria refused to give up on Lucky. Ultimately, their journey fulfilled both of their dreams beyond measure. Lucky taught Victoria a lot about horses, but he taught her even more about herself. Lucky and Victoria were on national television appearing in the “Gettysburg Battle Field” episode of “Best of America By Horseback” that first aired on RFD TV in May 2006. It was an experience that Victoria would always cherish. (This is a true story. Only the names have been changed.)

I’ve heard it said, “Like Divine appointments, certain people and pets come into our lives at appropriate times to challenge, teach and help us grow." Some days will be really tough and take you out of your comfort zone, but put forth your best effort and don’t give up because the rewards are worth it!

I Kept My Promise will resonate with anyone who loves horses - no matter their age. It is a unique gift for the horse lover and a gift that gives twice. The profits from the sale of this book are donated to horse rescues. It is available at http://www.ikeptmypromise-book.com

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I am living the sequel to this book! I've already written 115 pages and it's nowhere near done. The second book in this series is

Sequel cover