What can I expect and how much will it cost?

FREE (one time) introductory / Q&A phone consultation. This is when we get acquainted and figure out how I can help you.

Your Expectations & My Expectations

Consider this 54 minute video as a free coaching session.

Email marketing

I want to get this out of the way, first thing. I don't like being marketed to and I never do any type of email marketing. My time is much better spent providing my clients with the highest level of service. I depend on referrals from happy clients. I don't use your email for any other purpose than to communicate with you, provide information and schedule sessions. Your email address is safe with me.

No Spam-HiRes


By the time people find me, they have exhausted their resources on everything else and have nothing to show for it, because they are still very, very sick. They’ve been-there, done-that so many times they have lost hope and have a hard time trusting another person or product, yet they manage to find it in themselves to give it one more try. It may be "do or die" for them. I know how it feels, because that happened to me too.

I've learned what doesn't work and why, but I have also discovered what works.

One of my goals is to assist my clients in saving money, by helping them get it right the first time from now on and stop wasting precious time and money on repeated trial and error.

I am not in the business of selling products.

So many who "help" people with Candida Overgrowth / Yeast Infections, sell the products they recommend and profit from it. They want life long customers. I educate, guide and support you. Clients obtain what they need from other sources, so I don't make money on anything I recommend. The products I recommend are those I have researched, used myself and found to be the very best. If it's not good enough for me, it's not good enough for my clients. My recommendations are purely for the clients benefit.

Many in the healing profession create clients for life.
I want to restore the LIFE in my clients.

My goal is to help my clients get to a place where they don't need me or any healing modality ever again. I want to help more people and not just the same people.

There are two types of businesses:

Most focus on making money. Those who focus on helping clients create results believe in the law of reciprocity. My focus is to help my clients live healthier, happier, easier, more productive, fulfilling, exciting, vibrant, satisfying, joyful, less stressful, and longer lives. My success is measured by the number of thank you notes I relieve from happy clients and referrals. I don't worry about money, because I know when I focus on results, the money will come.

The goal is homeostasis, not symptom or disease management.

The goal is to feel AWESOME! Just feeling "somewhat normal" or better isn't good enough. Don't settle for anything less than awesome. My approach awakens the body’s innate ability to regulate, balance and protect itself. I believe if a “healing strategy” doesn’t activate the life-force that is present in every cell in your body and actually help the body heal, so it can do what it was designed to do, then it's not a healing strategy.

I value integrity, hard work and authenticity in myself and others, above all else.

I appreciate clients who are direct, clear, receptive and genuine with me.

God is the CEO of my company and I answer to Him in every area of my life.

I treat others the way I want to be treated and expect the same in return.

To begin our work together

You will find the New Client Agreement & Intake Questionnaire on the Agreement & Intake forms page of this website, or I can email them to you.

  • Print the New Client Agreement (PDF) on paper, sign and return by mail (USPS). Include payment for your 90 minute intake session (only). I prefer a check or money order in US $ for $195 (discount for cash), or you may use the PayPal button = $202.00 below.
  • Complete the Intake Questionnaire in Word DOC or print on paper and write your answers. I would prefer you return it by mail (USPS) with your New Client Agreement. You may email it back to me if that works best for you, but please do not scan or take a picture of the forms and email them to me because I can't read them.
  • Upon receipt of your forms, I will send you an email to schedule your New Client Intake Session. I review the information you've provided and prepare for your intake session. During this 90 minute session I ask questions and get more details about what's going on for you, so I can begin to put together a customized plan to help you reach your goals. The plan unfolds as I get to know you.
Return all forms within two weeks. If your forms are not received within two weeks, I will email you once to check in. If I do not hear from you, I will contact you by phone. If I get no response, I will assume you have changed your mind. I am here for you, in case you decide to try again later.

Email communication: It is important that we have a frequent exchange of thoughts and ideas. I am here for you and I want you to feel confident in that.
  • I will be communicating valuable information to you during each week by email.
  • Every weekend you will send me an update email sharing your thoughts and experiences with the information I have provided and how your week progressed. On Monday morning, I want to see your email in my inbox.
  • During the week, if you have a short question I can answer in 5 minutes or need clarification on something we have already talked about, you can email me and I will respond within 24 hours.
  • I do not have office hours Saturday or Sunday, New Year's Day, May 15th, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas Day. If you have an urgent need for me to answer an important question that can't wait until Monday, type URGENT in the subject line.

I am here for you and I want you to feel confident in that. We progress at a pace that is comfortable for both you and I, but if progress stalls due to your lack of participation in the process, I will inform you of my concern. If you do not send update emails or respond to my email communications for a period of 2 consecutive weeks, your account will be put on alert. At the end of 4 weeks of inactivity your file will be closed, you will be billed and our work will be concluded.

Client sessions: By phone. I do not use Skype or Face Time.
  • We will have a follow-up session once a month, or more often based on your needs.
  • Our sessions will be a mixture of respectful inquiry, conversation, listening, teaching points, exploration, experimentation and well-chosen action steps.
  • I help you understand how you arrived at this place and assist you in identifying those things that are sabotaging your healing efforts and preventing you from achieving your goals.
  • I suggest techniques and strategies to remove stumbling-blocks and facilitate healing, so you can reach your goals and begin living the life you were meant to live.
  • Every client is unique, so my work with you is customized to your individual needs and is flexible to accommodate change.
  • Stress will incapacitate everything and make our time together unproductive, so every session is spacious, relaxed and follows the natural flow of exchanging thoughts, experiences, ideas and insights, because inspiration, intuition, connection and communication can't be rushed.
  • How many sessions and how long it will take for you to achieve results depends entirely upon your level of commitment to the process, effort and the amount of work that needs to be done.

About my fees

We must budget for the service providers we depend on for health care. At the very minimum, there are regular dental cleanings and eye exams. Also, the best people don’t accept insurance and neither do I. I used to ask myself this question, “How can I keep my financial head above water when the people I pay for services make more per hour than I do?” Then I started my private practice and discovered what others don't see. For example, my manual physical therapist charges $180 per hour for his knowledge, expertise and time, but a large portion of his fee goes to pay business taxes, rent for office space, marketing, and other overhead. So his living wage is not as much as you would think. I pay out of pocket for his services because he is worth every penny, as am I. The only difference between me and other practitioners is I keep my business expenses to a bare minimum, so I can make working with me more affordable.

I am committed to total integrity and fiscal responsibility.

I make every decision based on what will create the best possible outcome for my clients, and myself too. If something doesn't directly benefit my clients, I don't spend money on it.

My fees is more affordable, but they are not negotiable.

Reduced or free is not fair to you or I. If it costs you something, you are more invested, will take action, be more committed and experience life-changing results.

If you say, "I can't afford that," you are living in a mindset that is blocking the flow of money to you. Remember, what you declare, you create. Your words create your reality. Saying, "I can't afford it," creates a perpetual state of being unable to afford what you need or want. Your relationship with money and its sources begin in the mind to create wealth or poverty. Say what you want and use your creativity to make it come true.

If you say, "It's too expensive," distinguish the difference between expensive and valuable. When we truly see value in something, we figure out how to have it and pay the required amount. Those who think something is too expensive have lost their sense of seeing value and are living in a mindset of "lack". You can obtain whatever you want, but you must declare it, believe it, take the necessary action to achieve it and repeat that process over and over again.

The information I have acquired through formal education, training and years of experience will be generously shared with my clients.

Three levels of service (US $ ONLY)

Discount for (cash) is for money order or check payment.
4- One 60 minute follow-up session per week + emails = $449 per month ($435)
2- One 60 minute follow-up session every two weeks + emails = 253 per month ($245)
1- One 60 minute follow-up session per month + emails = $166 per month ( $160)
“Per month” is based on a 4 week month (28 days) for a total of 13 coaching periods per year.
Additional time is charged per hour, based on your level of service.

After your intake session, an invoice will be emailed to you every 28 days (after each follow-up phone session) and is due within 15 days of receipt.

I want you to receive value for your hard earned dollars, but if you do not do the work and make use of this service as described, you will still be billed the level 1 service rate $165 PayPal ($160 cash) for the work I have done. After which time, my work will be discontinued and your account will be closed.

Payment: Payment is due at the time of service. I would prefer that you mail a check or money order to Whole Family Health and Nutrition, LLC. 47 East All Saints Street Frederick, MD 21701.

You can send payment using the PayPal button below, or by sending money via PayPal to johnna@wholefamilyhealthandnutrition.com.

Receipt for payment will be sent by email. Please be sure I have your correct email address on file.

If payment for services rendered are not received within 30 days of invoice date your work with me will be terminated until all outstanding balance is paid.

* Medical insurance does not cover the type of services I provide.

Hours: Monday - Friday 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time. Evening and weekend appointments are available on an as needed basis. Session times are typically at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Eastern Time.

Region: My private practice serves residents of the United States only.

Cancellation Policy: In all fairness to others seeking my services and my professional practice, 24 - hours notice must be given if a scheduled session needs to be cancelled or rescheduled.

How I help clients to facilitate healing

You will see how I work with clients and customize my strategy to best suit their unique challenges, as I encourage them along the way. (Rated A+ by those who have watched it, I believe this is the best video I have produced so far.)
In this 75 minute presentation, you will learn
how I address the whole body, because every part of the body is connected and affects every other part.
some interesting information about how the products we use and consume every day may be causing our health problems.

My work with you doesn't just address your most troublesome symptom, killing Candida yeast, healing leaky gut or issues with diet and weight. My approach to healing includes body and mind, addressing all of who you are as a whole person.

booboo body
Like any wound, it must be cleaned, protected and given what it requires for healing.

The Candida Exit Strategy

This protocol is customized for each individual client. Much needs to be done to prepare the mind and body for the healing process. Healing requires a lot of nutrients and the body must be relaxed. Once optimal nutritional and emotional status is achieved, we can begin the Candida Protocol. How long you do the full protocol depends upon many factors. There is a gradual building-up and weaning off period, which will cost less in the beginning as you increase and then as you reduce. It is important not to stop prematurely. It typically costs a total of $1,250 for the supplements to do the Candida Exit Strategy protocol for six months. It will be the best investment you've ever made in your health.

I can help you with the following:

Skin conditions
Skin rashes • Eczema • Acne • Psoriasis • Body odor • Hives • Athletes feet • Chronic dry, itchy skin • Mouth / Canker sores • Bite inside of your cheeks • Very slow wound healing • Rectal itching

Chronic infections
Vaginal yeast infections • Urinary tract / Bladder infections • Bronchitis / Sinus infections • Lung - Asthma / Emphysema • Tonsillitis • Strep / Staph infections • Gas • Frequent Colds / Flu • Pathogens

Yeast infections
Systemic Candida • Vaginal yeast infection / discomfort / burning • Ear infections

Digestive problems
Intense Sugar / Carb cravings • Food allergies / sensitivities - Celiac, dairy, etc. • Acid reflux • Belching • GERD • Heartburn • Constipation or diarrhea - chronic • Abdominal distention / pain • Bloating • Gas • Diabetes - pancreatic dysfunction • Enzyme deficiency • IBS / IBD • Crohn’s disease • Ulcerative colitis • Stop making hydrochloric acid • Malnutrition • Malabsorption • Maldigestion • Food comes out looking like you swallowed it, Leaky gut, Repopulate beneficial bacteria in the intestines

Chronic pain
Muscles / Joints • Arthritis • Inflammation

Mood / Mental changes • Difficulty falling / staying asleep • Agitation • Anger • Rage - unexplained • Headaches (including migraine) • Dizziness or light headedness / Vertigo • Depression • Irritability • Crying spells • Comprehension - poor • Memory - poor • Decision making - poor • Nervous system problems - ADD / ADHD / Autism • Learning disabilities • Doesn’t want to be touched • Brain fog • Violent mood swings • Aggressive behavior • Mental confusion • Suicidal thoughts • Panic attacks • Anti-social behavior • Can’t read and comprehend • Can’t remember words • Floaters - circles of color in vision • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) • Poor self-image / self-hate / lack of self confidence • Grieving • Relationships with self / others

Nerve pain • Fibromyalgia • Muscle pain / weakness; MS • Infertility • Hypoglycemia • Hypothyroidism • Hashimoto’s thyroiditis • Adrenal fatigue • Kidney / Liver problems • Gallbladder • Cancer • Debilitating chronic fatigue • Muscle twitching • Epileptic seizures • Endocrine system exhaustion • Weight loss / weight gain-unexplained • Mold / yeast sensitivity • Multiple Chemical Sensitivity • PMS • Chronic fatigue • Bad breath • Hormonal imbalance • Red itchy eyes • Dark circles around eyes

Menu / Meal / Diet planning • Helping you find the best nutrition, body care, household products / Shopping guidance • Get rid of bad habits • Identify environmental & toxic exposures • Help converting recipes to make them more healthy

Eating Challenges
Intense Sugar / Carb cravings • Binge eating • Chronic dieting • Over eating • Compulsive eating • Sustainable weight loss

Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) and Electric Hypersensitivity
Symptoms from exposure to man-made electric fields; cell phones, cell phone towers, high voltage power lines, wifi, bluetooth, computers, and other electronics.

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I wish you optimal health, safe travels and many blessings. If you have any questions, please let me know. I am here for you.

I look forward to serving you,
Johnna Wheeler

Pay for services US $ ONLY

On very rare occasions, I have made an exception and accepted clients in other countries, based on my discretion, who are in severe condition and unable to find help. For them, I have the PayPal buttons below.

Clients in Canada ONLY
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