Whole Family Health and Nutrition, LLC is the only retailer of Abady products in Maryland, USA.

For local delivery or questions about Abady Dog & Cat Foods and other products,
please contact Johnna Wheeler at 301-293-1500 Monday-Friday 9-4.

I am passionate about nutrition and providing the very best for the health of my four-footed, furry family members and yours. If it's not good enough for my pets, it's not good enough for yours. That is why I only offer The Robert Abady Company products to my customers.

The Abady Dog & Cat Food Company has been in business since 1979. Their mission is to make the very best, optimal nutrition, species appropriate diet for dogs and cats, because they too are passionate about nutrition. The five people who run this small company, located in Poughkeepsie, New York, do not get out of bed every morning and go to work to make the cheapest pet food, so they can sell massive amounts and make huge profits. Their desire is to help pets be healthy.

You will never find Abady products in a regular big chain pet store, because Abady's focus is not on producing and selling as many bags of low cost, low quality pet food as they can, to increase their bottom line.

Abady's mission is to educate pet owners about species appropriate nutrition for carnivores and making that nutrition available. Big pet store chains are focused more on moving as much inventory as they can with minimal effort.

Abady is a small company and they want small businesses, with like minds, to represent their products. They want people who share their passion for nutrition, to develop relationships with pet owners, care about them and their beloved canines & felines, and be there to assist them. They educate their associates about dog & cat nutrition, so that they can answer pet owners questions, address their concerns and help them find solutions to commonly occurring health problems with their pets.

Abady doesn't spend their $ on TV commercials and fancy labels, because they "put their treasure where their heart is" - and that is on making the very best dog and cat food possible.

It is for the health of your dogs, that Abady and I are in business. We have you and your pets best interest at heart.

Dog Foods

Varieties of Abady Dog Food

Abady New Frontier Chicken Kibble dog food
Abady New York Natural Lamb Kibble dog food - for dogs with sensitive digestive systems
Abady Maintenance & Stress granular dog food for all ages and stages
Abady Maintenance & Stress granular dog food specifically designed for toy breeds
Abady Vitality Diet A for adult dogs

Cat Foods

Varities of Abady Cat Food

Abady New Frontier Chicken Kibble cat food
Abady Maintenance & Stress granular cat food for all ages and stages
Abady Vitality Diet B for adult cats
Abady Vitality Fat Cat for adult cats

Supplements & Homeopathic Remedies for Dogs & Cats

Omega Oil Pet Supplements and homeopathic remedies

Rainbow Dog or Cat Omega oil supplement
Rainbow Full Spectrum nutritional supplement for dogs or cats
HomeoPet EquioPathics Worm Clear - homeopathic dewormer
Enliv'n homeopathic remedy to benefit the body that suffering from the symptoms of Lyme Disease. More info in the Health Blog.

You can find more information about each of these products in the Pets Blog.