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Chewing tobacco vs Cigarettes - Nicotine 4/1/18
A fatty liver 3/1/18
The CDC Vaccine Cover-up 2/1/18
Cleanse and detoxify the body 1/1/18
Why I don't like Fabreeze 12/1/17
Tattoos 11/1/17 The health problems associated with the ink used in tattoos is the main focus of this article. There are a list of unexpected and shocking concerns that everyone should know before getting a tattoo. About 1 in 4 people have tattoo regret.
Bio-Oxidative Therapies 10/1/17 A look at Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, IV oxidation and Ozone
Magnetic Therapy 9/1/17 The proper design, use and benefits of magnets for healing the body
What is healing and when does it happen? 8/1/17
Is fluoride good or bad for your health? 7/1/17 Fluoride is directly connected to hypothyroidism, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, mental retardation, dental fluorosis, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity …
What's wrong with wheat? 6/1/17 Something is going on with wheat that isn't well known by the general public.
General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) 5/1/17 - How the body attempts to adapt to stressors.
Vaccinations 4/1/17 - It is best to do some examination and research before blindly believing what you are told.
The Walking Wounded 3/1/17 - The symptoms you suffer may be caused by Candida and leaky gut.
What is a "Spoonie?" 2/1/17 - How do you answer the question, "What does it feel like to be chronically ill?"
What is the Herxeimer or "die-off" Reaction 1/1/17 - Destroying pathogenic micro-organisms too fast produces toxins.
Health & Disease Begins in The Gut 12/1/16 I explain why so many people are suffering with chronic illness and disease.
Introduction to Leaky Gut 11/1/16 - Mucous membranes are designed to protect us from infections the same as outer skin
The Candida Diet & Ketosis 10/1/16 - Someone on a Candida Diet fears that carbs will feed their enemy, Candida.
Candida treatments 9/1/16 - What doesn't work and why.
Information Overwhelm creates resistance 8/1/16 - Breakthrough & growth comes at the point of maximum resistance.
What Makes A Good Counselor / Coach / Healer / Teacher? 7/1/16
Do What Works! 6/1/16 - Take the useful nuggets of wisdom you find and experiment with them within your own body.
Epigenetic's 5/1/16 - Genetics are not written in stone. Your lifestyle influences gene expression to create an on/off switch.
What is homeopathy? 4/1/16 - You are looking for an inexpensive and safe alternative to Rx & OTC medications.
The source of all diseases 3/1/16 - Poor nutrition + parasites + solvents = chronic illness.
Histamine Intolerance 2/1/16
Food biocompatibility 1/1/16 - It may not be a true food allergy, but an incompatibility based on blood type.
Methylation and MTHFR gene defect 12/1/15 - Knowing about methylation could save your life.
Arthritis 11/1/15 - Chronic infection causes arthritis.
Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 10/1/15 - Health benefits & uses
Your check engine light 9/1/15 - The majority of Americans have not been taught how to care for their most valuable asset.
IBS, IBD, Crohn’s & Colitis symptom triggers 8/1/15
Lyme Disease 7/1/15 - A homeopathic remedy for the symptoms of Lyme Disease.
Skin Conditions 6/1/15 - Topical Steroid Withdraw begins as eczema, a symptom of Systemic Candidiasis.
New 2016 Clinical Practice Guidelines for management of Candida 5/1/15
Essential oils 4/1/15 - Safe or Hazardous?
Insomnia 3/1/15 - Eye-opening information explained how my GI tract and habits were causing me not to get restful sleep.
Cleanse and detox 2/1/15 - Our modern world is too toxic to reasonably expect to remain healthy.
Hawthorn and heart health 1/1/15 - Hawthorne is a cardiac herb that strengthens the heart muscle.
Ganglyon Cysts 12/1/14
Mercury 11/1/14 - Mercury is a toxic substance that makes you sick when it binds with important molecules in your body.
Blood Sugar Dysregulation 10/1/14
I never hurt myself this bad… 9/1/14 - falling off my horse! I was walking my dogs.
Hernia & Prolapse, in women 8/1/14 - Just because you can lift something doesn't mean you should.
Poison Ivy-Oak Remedies 7/1/14
Oral Allergy Syndrome 6/1/14 - is the most common food allergy in adults.
Negative electric ions are airborne vitamins 5/1/14
The Dangers and Sources of Benzene 4/1/14 - Before you grill food or burn those marshmallows, read this.
Chronic Fatigue 3/1/14
Coffee Enemas 2/1/14
The use of powerful substances 1/1/14 - Caffeine, alcohol, sugar and medications
Mineral Deficiency 12/1/13 - Predisposes to all disease
How the 'Candida Exit Strategy' came about 11/1/13 Twenty-five years of research and surviving Systemic Candidiasis
Leaky Gut is a serious condition 10/1/13 Explains the symptoms associated with the four stages of Leaky Gut.
So many Candida treatment programs! 9/1/13 Why so many Candida treatment programs and products don't work
Acid Reflux, Heartburn & GERD 8/1/13 The underlying causes you may have never heard about and how to get rid of GERD.
Are your clothes making you sick? 7/1/13


To eat meat or not to eat meat 4/1/18
Nutritional deficiency is linked to chronic symptoms and illness
Deficiency causes disfunction and drugs increase deficiency, which increases dysfunction 2/1/18
Nutritional deficiencies predispose to disease 1/1/18 It is nutrition, not medication, that will cure disease.
A low-salt diet is DANGEROUS 12/1/17 The problem is refined salt and not getting enough real salt.
Pharmafoodical - Are you eating GMO without your knowledge? 11/1/17 GMO's and Glyphosate information.
The benefits of negative ions 10/1/17 Negative electric ions are like airborne vitamins we breathe in from the air.
What is the difference between regular and organic processed foods? 9/1/17
Chemicals in Coffee 8/1/17 A thorough look at what's in your cup and how it affects you.
What you need to know about high blood pressure 7/1/17 Hypertension is a symptom, not the problem.
Sources and Dangers of Benzene and Benzopyrene 6/1/17 Before you roast marshmallows and hot dogs over a campfire.
Why I don't like Plexus products 5/1/17 A look at the individual ingredients, their possible side effects and interactions.
Prebiotic Food Sources 4/1/17 - Feed beneficial bacteria in the gut naturally.
Aloe Vera - Internally 3/1/17 - Not a good idea.
Infant Formulas 2/1/17 - What's harmful about them and the alternative.
Guidelines for giving nutritional advice 1/1/17
Supplements are intense packages of information 12/1/16 - Our bodies didn't evolve with these things.
Holiday Eating Anxiety 11/1/16 - The fear of gaining weight
Are you living a stressful, survival mode lifestyle? 10/1/16 - Stress will sabotage every healing strategy you do.
What is “Eating Psychology?” 9/1/16
Understanding Unwanted Habits & Behaviors 8/1/16
The Chemistry of Digestion 7/1/16 - Your digestive complaints may be caused by consuming complex meals.
Why weight loss strategies fail or are not sustainable 6/1/16
The Perfect Diet 5/1/16 - Everyone is looking for the "perfect diet," but there is no single perfect diet.
How metabolism works 4/1/16 - How well you fit into your jeans, depends on how your food talks to your genes.
Why “bad” food tastes good 3/1/16
Food & Nutrition 2/1/16 - Feeding yourself and your family, is the single most important thing you do every day.
Managing socially with a limited diet 1/1/16 - Encouragement and ideas to make life easier.
Blood-type and lifestyle 12/1/15 - Blood type influences behavior and plays a role in mental health and disease.
Uses for Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 11/1/15 - From treating yeast infections to washing produce.
Minerals 10/1/15 - Your symptoms may be linked to mineral deficiency.
Eating disorders 9/1/15 - The causes of obsessive-compulsive addiction
Digestive Enzymes 8/1/15 - We produce fewer digestive enzymes as we age, so supplementation may be necessary.
Microwave cooking 7/1/15 - The dangers.
The logic of four seasons 6/1/15 - Plan for variety in your menu to avoid the "food rut" and nutritional deficiencies.
Whole food vs synthetic vitamins 5/1/15
Coconut 4/1/15 - The new fad food
Soy 3/1/15 - The truth
Mold toxins in food 2/1/15 - You can't see or smell the poison that is destroying your health.
The English Muffin Experiment 1/1/15 - If a food will not support life, why eat it?
Food Boredom and Meal Monotony 12/1/14
Comparing Beverages 11/1/14
Drinking Water Quality 10/1/14
What you need to know about cholesterol 9/1/14


The heart of a woman 4/1/18
Energy shortage and chronic fatigue 3/1/18
Social interactions would be so much easier if … 2/1/18
Time is running out 1/1/18
Uncertainty 12/1/17
You are an Oak Tree 11/1/17
Your perception becomes your reality 10/1/17
What is EUSTRESS and how to work with it? 9/1/17
How you see yourself influences how the world sees you 8/1/17
Afraid to trust and try again 7/1/17 You’ve tried numerous products and approaches to restore your health, but the results you expected didn’t become reality.
Creating Your Perfect Day 6/1/17
Neimology Science 5/1/17 - Know the name, know the person
The Gut-Brain connection to mental health 4/1/17 - The microbes in your gut communicate with your brain.
Conflict 3/1/17 - Undesirable emotions challenge us to develop emotional intelligence and maturity to become successful.
7 reasons why people fail to recover from Candida 2/1/17 - Where the mind goes, actions follow. Commit to recovery.
Recreate your life the way you want it 1/1/17 - Subconscious pictures and thoughts become reality.
Information Overwhelm Creates Resistance 12/1/16 - What to do when conflicting information and opinions show up.
Repeated Cycles & Life Lessons 11/1/16 - We are not supposed to retract, diminish, stay small or disembody.
How to heal emotions 10/1/16
Set yourself up for success 9/1/16
How big is your farmer side? 8/1/16
An Inspiring Story 7/1/16
A story to encourage you 6/1/16
Get 30% more done every day! 5/1/16 - Unconscious practices that set the tone for the rest of your day.
Explaining death to a child 4/1/16
Caring for a family member who is dying 3/1/16
Have the life you want 2/1/16
What is your love language? 1/1/16 Many misunderstandings in relationships are caused by not understand this.


What’s for breakfast? 7/1/16
What’s for lunch? 6/1/16
What’s for dinner? 5/1/16
What’s for snack? 4/1/16
Beverages 3/1/16
Grain Recipes, including Gluten Free 2/1/16
For its benefits 1/1/16
Products I Use / Recommend 12/1/15


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Homeopathic Treatment of Dog with Seizures 11/1/17 A case study in progress.
Fruits, Vegetables, Grains & Herbs In Pet Foods 9/1/16 - What do all these ingredients have in common?
How To Prevent Plaque On Teeth 8/1/16 - How to stop spending so much $ on having your dogs teeth cleaned.
The Problem With Kibble 7/1/16 - The worst way to make pet food ever invented.
Principles For Choosing The Best Pet Food 6/1/16 - What you should know about how pet food is made.
The Causes of Health Problems in Pets 5/1/16 - The causes and cures are food related.
Animal Chiropractic 4/1/16 Has your horse slowed down or bucked you off. Has your dog not been them-self lately?
Dog Park Etiquette 3/1/16 Tips for helping you and your pet get the most enjoyment from visits to the dog park.
Teaching your dog to walk on a treadmill 2/1/16 - When weather keeps you from walking your dog, you need an alternative.
How to interact with a service dog 1/1/16 - You can be a valuable participant in the training of a service dog.