I never hurt myself this bad...

I never hurt myself this bad falling off my horse! I was walking my dogs.

Pelvic injury2

Broken Tailbone, Herniated Disks, Twisted Sacrum and Dislocated Pelvic Bone

It has been a year of healing. On July 12, 2015, I hurt myself really bad. I never did this much damage falling off my horse! It was Monday morning and I was walking my dogs before leaving for work. The trails in the watershed were muddy in spots, from the previous days rain. For some of our walk I carried my little white dog, Maggie, so she wouldn't get dirty and need a bath when we returned home. During our walk, we crossed a stream we've crossed many times before.

I carefully stepped on each rock to cross the stream, with Maggie in my arms. As I put my weight on the last rock, it rolled. I didn't just fall. It was as if a Sumo Wrestler slammed my 51 year old body to the earth. I landed on the rock I'd just stepped off of and then sank into the water. The rock had a narrow raised area on one end. When I fell, that part of the rock was forced up in the space between my tailbone and my right hip bone. It shoved the right side of my pelvis up into my waist, and broke my tailbone, which went in the opposite direction. It also twisted my sacrum sideways. Maggie went "somewhere". I'm not sure exactly where, but she was standing on the other side of the stream when I got my bearings. She wasn't hurt; only covered in as much pond scum as I was. So much for staying clean! As I stood up in my soaked cotton blouse, jeans and leather boots, I began to laugh at first. Then I felt my body.

I said to Maggie, "I have serious hurt myself this time". As we walked back to the house through mud and puddles of water, I found humor in the fact that there was no point trying to keep Maggie clean now. In my mind, I pictured myself as a toddler stomping and splashing in each mud puddle as we walked by along the edge, but my body said, "Don't you dare." It was actually liberating. My husband, who was off from work for the day, was sitting in his recliner in our theater room watching TV. When Maggie and I appeared, he muted the TV and asked, "What happened to you!" I said, "I am not allowed to fall, but somebody failed to remind gravity of that fact today." As I told my story, he tried not to laugh, but we both did. As Maggie and I got a shower, I reasoned in my mind what to do. I will ask my body what it wants, and that will take a couple days to learn. So, my two daughters, my two dogs and I left home and headed to work - 80 miles away, as usual. I totally forgot to take any homeopathic remedies with me, which I later realized, and then that evening wished I had. But then, it's a good thing, because I wanted an accurate damage report, with minimal healing prior to the examination I may end up getting in a few days.

As Monday pressed on into Tuesday, and then Wednesday, the severity of my injury settled into my body and it was talking to me. I could feel, as I did immediately after I stood up from the fall, that my disks were herniated, but my body wisdom was getting more specific now. I could feel that three were inflamed. By weeks end, nerves were being pinched and the muscle in that area of my back kept spasming. I've witnessed my father and then my husband recover from their disk injuries, and so I knew the best thing to do was lay down in a horizontal position for as many hours as was possible every day for the next few weeks, to take the pressure off my spine and let it heal. Not an easy task considering I had a full time job, two kids and two dogs. I noticed that I wasn't having bowel movements like I should, and so I researched "broken tailbone with constipation" online. It said if you can't have a BM after breaking your tailbone, that indicates a potentially serious condition.

We returned home late Thursday, and I went to see my husbands orthopedic on Friday. My body was x-rayed in every possible position. She said, "Yes, you did break your tailbone". I asked for a cushion with a hole. She gave me a script to buy one. She said, "I guess you are going to want a prescription for muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory and pain killer?" I emphatically said, "No". Her response was, "Your though!" "No," I said. "I want to feel my body. If I feel too good, I will do too much and hurt myself even more. Pain is my friend. It makes me be good." She looked at me almost in amazement. She said my tailbone will take 6-8 months to heal completely. I told her I couldn't have a bowel movement and my research says that indicates something serious. She nodded in agreement, but offered me no more information. I added, "I am sure that I also herniated three disks in my back. Of course, I know that can't be confirmed without an MRI, and I don't want to be exposed to radiation, so I'd rather not have that test unless it's absolutely necessary. But, assuming that to be the case, what should I do?" She said, "Alternate hot and cold compresses, and then do Physical Therapy", which is electrical stimulation and exercises. I thought to myself, "I know better", and instantly made up my mind what to do. I asked her for a back brace and she gave me one. My insurance was charged $1008, of which $280 was paid, and I had to pay $26. I could have purchased the exact same back brace online for $89. But, I digress. So, I went on my way to buy my tushy cushion. They gave me an 8 week follow up appointment with the orthopedic, but I cancelled it 6 weeks later. This experience reminded me of how incompetent modern medicine is in many cases.

I began taking homeopathic remedies for trauma to the body, bruising, fracture and inflammation on Friday. Homeopathic remedies assist the body as it does the work of healing, which makes the process of clearing out dead cells, oxygenating the tissues and bringing in nutrient rich blood to create new cells, more efficient. This actually speeds up the healing process; not by force, but by assisting natural processes to make them more effective.

I allowed the Hx remedies to do their thing and waited for some of the inflammation to subside before going to my Manual Physical Therapist the following Thursday. Manual Physical Therapy is nothing like regular "physical therapy" or even chiropractic. What Robert Cohen does is uniquely specialized and unlike anything you can imagine, much less have experienced. Bob took a good look at me and then laid his plastic, life-size skeleton out on the table. I showed him how I landed on the rock and where it impacted my body. He explained exactly what happened to my bones and I could feel it. He also told me that the position of things and trauma to the body caused decreased blood flow and nerve function to the lower part of my abdomen. That broke effective communication between my gut and my brain, so that's why my peristaltic movement slowed to a crawl. He restored blood circulation and nerve function to my lower abdomen, and I walked out of his office straight and balanced. My muscles would be sore for weeks, but my bones were where they belonged, and my bodily functions were restored and working well again. I returned for two more visits over the next 3 months to tweak things, but Bob literally saved my future health.

pelvic injury

Imagine if I were like the majority of people who go to an orthopedic physician. They get x-rayed and are told what I was told, but they take the three drugs and go for PT. They continue on with life as best they can. Imagine how their health would quickly deteriorate with the pelvis all twisted, and the nervous and circulatory systems not functioning normally in that area. What would their future health status degrade to? Years later they'd require back surgery. I had just come through 30+ years of chronic disease and I just got my health back two years ago. I am "me" and happy for the first time in my 51 year life. If my body couldn't come back from that fall, and I went back down the road of illness and physical dysfunction again, I thought to myself, "Just shoot me now, please! How much is my body expected to bounce back from anyway?" I feel for people who don't know about the unique specialty of manual physical therapy and they have no idea how limited the knowledge of orthopedic physicians is. Surely those x-rays should have shown that my bones were in the wrong place! Like a bug hit a windshield, my body should have looked like the skeleton of that prehistoric bird, Archaeopteryx, we all viewed in grade school science text books.

Thanks to homeopathy, optimum nutrition, including high quality protein, my tush cushion and rest, my tail bone was healed in 8 weeks. But, it felt inside like I was getting a bladder infection, though the home tests said I wasn't. It was very uncomfortable and I couldn't sleep on my right side. It felt like everything else in there was laying on top of my irritable bladder. During my second visit with Robert Cohen, he said my bladder was laying up against the wall of my pelvis. I don't know how he can feel that, but he helped it move back into position. No wonder I wanted to just work at my desk and not move too much! Moving would make my bladder rub against the abdominal wall even more. After some thought, I became concerned that perhaps my fall pulled apart the artificial supports that are suspending my internal organs. I've had 3 surgeries to repair a prolapsed bladder, rectum and intestines, plus a partial hysterectomy and pelvic floor mesh to repair a prolapsed uterus.
It had been 6 years since the last time I saw the GYN surgeon who put my organs back where they belong. During his examination, he assured me "everything is where it belongs and solid", but that I have significant soft tissue damage. That's going to take at least one year to heal. I walked out of his office relieved and amazed. I'm not allowed to fall, because it could potentially undo my surgeries. That's why I sold my big horses and now ride a short, pony size horse. The fall I took was worse than anything I've experienced coming off a horse unexpectedly. I knew my surgeon did a fabulous job, but WOW! And, wow, my body is very resilient! I will share with you one profound thought that came to me immediately after my fall. I looked back at the rock I landed on and suddenly realized something. I wouldn’t be here if I had hit my head on that rock, instead of my butt. It kept me off my horse for the rest of the year, but hey, I'm still here! As bad as all of this was, it could have been much, much worse.

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