Bio-oxidative Therapies

Bio-Oxidative therapies have quickly become an adjunct to natural healing methods.

Ozone therapy is an alternative form of treatment that is rapidly gaining popularity in the US. The claims made about ozone therapy is that it can boost the immune system, heal infections because it kills bacteria, decrease the damage caused by aging, restore balance in the body, heal everything from heart disease to AIDS and kill cancer cells. There are claims that treatments can be performed at home with an ozone generator.

There are many differences between ozone and oxygen found in the air we inhale at ground level. Ozone is a more potent form of oxygen. Regular oxygen molecules contain only 2 atoms, while ozone molecules contain 3 atoms. This may not seem like much of a difference, and people think "since they are similar, their benefits should be similar". That is a dangerous assumption.

The practice of ozone therapy is based on the idea that increasing the amount of ozone in the blood or the level of oxygen in the body can only be beneficial and helpful to restore health.
• Since oxygen is vital for our survival, why wouldn’t a more concentrated form of the gas only benefit us?
• Ozone is created by the interaction between UV rays and oxygen in the stratosphere, about 6 miles above the earth, and protects us from UV radiation, so why wouldn’t it protect us from UV damage? We’ve come to assume that ozone automatically means protection, even though at ground level it is a pollutant.
• Ozone is naturally produced in the human body by white blood cells and believed to help in the removal of foreign bodies, so it’s easy to think of it as completely safe.

There is a very delicate balance that must be maintained in the body and changing it may cause more damage than improvement.

Even though oxygen is essential for life, it is also dangerous to organic compounds. Oxygen causes oxidation, which has damaging effects on cells. Ozone does the same thing, but on a much larger scale.

• IV Hydrogen peroxide - The most important physiologic or “natural” substance causing oxidation in the human body is hydrogen peroxide. Although it is naturally made in the body, hydrogen peroxide is considered a drug when used in Bio-Oxidative Therapy.

IV Hydrogen peroxide is administered as a very weak concentration of medical grade peroxide added to a normal saline solution. The hydrogen peroxide is then slowly infused into a vein in the arm. It is painless except for a very small needle prick. Treatments are given daily for acute illnesses such as the flu, or weekly for all other chronic medical conditions.

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IV Oxidation is catabolic and does the following:
• It stimulates white blood cell production. Oxygen stimulates cell receptor sites in white blood cells, so that it can play a key role in stimulating the immune system.
• It stimulates lymphokines and cytokines from lymphocytes and monocytes as well as Tumor Necrosing Factor, Interferon and Interleukin production, all of which are the body’s natural chemical defenses to infectious microbes and carcinogens.
• It kills bacteria, virus and fungi. Oxygen also kills Candida yeast. Fungus and viruses also can’t function well in a highly oxygenated environment.
• It increases oxygen delivery to the cells of the body.
• It increases the production of interferon, interleukin-2 and tumor necrosis factor which help fight infection, prevent the growth of cancer and kill cancer cells. Human cells require oxygen for respiration, while cancer cells get their oxygen from fermentation, which requires no oxygen. That’s why oxygen kills cancer, by suffocating it.
• It enables the red blood cells to flow through clogged blood vessels.
• It helps anti-oxidants to rid the body of too many free radicals.
• It helps the body degrade toxic chemicals.
• It helps the Kreb’s cycle (citric acid cycle) function at its optimum which creates energy from carbohydrates, protein and fat metabolism. [Kreb’s cycle is the sequence of reactions by which most living cells generate energy during the process of aerobic respiration. It takes place in the mitochondria, consuming oxygen, producing carbon dioxide and water as waste products, and converting ADP to energy-rich ATP.]
• It produces a general wellness in sick patients by increasing the oxygen tension in the body tissues.

Major Auto Hemotherapy (MAH)- MAH is a treatment that involves temporarily removing between 100-250 mililiters of blood from the patient, infusing it with medical grade ozone, and then slowly reintroducing the highly oxygenated blood back in. One thing you will notice is that the blood turns bright red once the ozone is added. This is oxygenation working before our eyes! The patient will most likely feel an immediate boost in vitality after the treatment, which can take between 1-2 hours.

Activated oxygen, as found in peroxide (H202) and ozone (03) are ‘oxidant', the opposite of anti-oxidant. Oxidation is a form of corrosion.

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Ozone gas is so corrosive that it can be used instead of chlorine in swimming pools, making it a healthier alternative because it doesn’t stay in the water, and many water purification stations use it to purify water because it immediately decomposes into O2, which of course is safe to inhale and drink. It can also be a safe way to decontaminate foods, like produce. However, putting ozone into the body by inserting it into an orifice (rectal and vaginal insufflation, auricular insufflation, autohemotherapy) or applied on skin (sauna, body suits) is an entirely different matter.
• The deterioration of ozone into O2 can cause damage, especially if inserted directly in the body or inhaled.
• Humans aren’t able to breathe it without causing lung damage. I can testify to this fact, because I used to sleep with an ozone generator running and pumping the gas in my closed bedroom all night long and developed lung damage and breathing problems as a direct result, in addition to dizziness, weakness, eye and airway irritation and other unpleasant symptoms. Ozone has a very unpleasant smell. I stopped and my lungs did eventually heal, but the machine came with no instructions about its use except those that pertained to the operation of the machine and its warranty. I didn’t know ozone therapy doesn’t involve inhaling the gas and ozone should not be used directly from the generator. The gas should never be allowed to accumulate in a room, not even in small concentrations, which caused me to ask myself how helpful can it really be?
• What’s also frightening is ozone can cause these symptoms through skin exposure alone. This begs the question, what are the real effects of rectal and vaginal insufflations, or even worse, auto hemotherapy (in the bloodstream). Ozone irritates the skin, so should it be introduced into the blood stream where oxidation damages arterial walls, including inside the heart, and can become a cause of heart and circulatory related diseases? (Activated oxygen in the bloodstream is said to cause lipid peroxidation, which is assumed to help in the reduction of serum cholesterol and triglycerides, so it is speculated to be helpful for cardiovascular disease.)
• I also put ozone up my butt, once, using a tube. Introducing toxic gas into your rectum without being well informed could have dire consequences and should not be done, ever. The pressure alone can be very damaging, especially for someone who is in a delicate condition. That was extremely painful! Thankfully, ozone does have a short life span and converts into O2, or it probably would have killed me. I learned later that it must be stored in a bag and then inserted or applied to the body. If I could have used it wrong, I probably did.

When you are sick and desperate you are in stress physiology, which is right brain survival mode thinking. Logic and wisdom do not reside in the emotional center of the brain, so you can’t make good decisions and you will try just about anything.

Oxygen and Ozone kills bacteria and viruses, making it a useful disinfectant, but it is highly corrosive, especially affecting larger organisms. After all, since it kills microorganisms, it should prevent disease, heal infections or cure diseases, right? When used topically on psoriasis, athletes feet, cuts and such, it does disinfect and help to prevent infection. However, based on my extensive personal experience and my research, I say, “It cannot cure yeast infections or diseases. You may temporarily interrupt a vaginal yeast infection, but it will return within 5 days, and then what? The yeast infection is systemic and deeper in the body than you can reach with ozone therapy or any other means. Ozone gas kills all bacteria, so it has the same effects as antibiotics, which also means killing the helpful strains of bacteria and yeasts, forever altering the gut micro biome. This affects immunity and digestion. Disease ensues because the immune system is weak, so if ozone causes the immune system to suffer, how can a claim be made to the contrary?

Uses of Bio-oxidative therapies: [Almost all of these conditions are symptoms of or in some way connected to Systemic Candidiasis. You have to get Systemic Candida yeast overgrowth before you can get sick!]
Cardiovascular Disease: Irregular heartbeat, angina, stroke, memory issues, Raynaud’s and other circulatory imbalances, gangrene, vascular and tension headaches
Infectious Diseases: Acute and chronic viral, fungal and bacterial infections, Epstein Barr Virus, herpes simplex and zoster, hepatitis, HIV, candida infection, EBV, CMV, parasitic infections. [I received one IV oxidation treatment a minimum of once every month, for a total of 1068 treatments) to keep me alive with Final stage Systemic Candidiasis - for 20 years. The IV’s destroyed my veins, like putting a rubber band in the freezer for 20 years. When my veins couldn’t tolerate the treatments or being stuck anymore, my naturopathic physician literally sent me home to die. It has been more than 4 years since my last IV treatment and my veins are healed. I developed the strategy to eliminate fungal dysbiosis and restore my health. Now that I am well, I can say that IV oxidation has limitations; it can only reach where the blood goes, so it can’t reach the surface of mucous membranes or the inner skin, the intestines or brain. I still had head to toe Candida after 1068 treatments.]
Pulmonary diseases: Asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, mycoplasma pneumonia, COPD. [My grandmother had emphysema. We discovered her lungs couldn’t do a gas exchange when after one IV oxidation treatment the felt amazing for 24 hours. Her body used the oxygen and produced C02, which her lungs could not exhale. C02 built up in her blood and she ended up in the hospital.]
Immune Illnesses: Diabetes, hypersensitivity reactions, MS, arthritis.
Other illnesses: Alzheimer’s, Cancers (especially blood/lymph cancers), chronic pain, migraines, Lyme’s disease, Bell’s palsy, arthritis, colitis, chronic wounds, peripheral nerve regeneration.

The effectiveness of ozone as an alternative therapy has not been proven, but we do have proof that ozone is dangerous. Ozone therapy has caused disease and even death on a few occasions. Ozone benefit claims are based on virtually nothing. Proponents mention various studies, but none of them are actually conclusive. It works fine to sterilize burns and wounds by killing bacteria and allowing the tissue to heal, but that’s about it. There is no evidence to support the theory or assumption that increasing the amount of oxygen through ozone has any positive effects on the body, but its dangers are very well known. I don’t recommend it for anybody. Ozone therapy will only worsen a disease and the risks outnumber any potential benefits, which are not worth it. No-one should risk their health by doing this.

Deep breathing, using the bottom of your lungs to full capacity and surrounding yourself with clean air 24/7 is more important and beneficial than any ‘treatment’. Making sure your air, food and water is the highest quality is an absolute priority. Everything else will take care of itself.

I use 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) externally for cuts, psoriasis, athletes feet, ear infection treatment and prevention and as a vaginal douche for yeast infection.
To make a 3% FG H202 solution: Please check my math and make sure it is correct.
One ounce = 456 drops. 456 drops x .03 = 13.68 drops. I would round it down. So, 1 (one) ounce of water + 13 drops of 35% H202 should make a 2.69% solution. 35 ÷ 13 = 2.69

I have added it to natural (well) water (not distilled, tap, reverse osmosis or deionized) to drink on an empty stomach, but it is not an ongoing practice.

This is a very good
video explaining the different types of hydrogen peroxide and how to use it, except I don't appreciate his language near the end and I do not recommend drinking distilled water for any reason.

I purchase my Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide from

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