Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Health Benefits & Uses

diatomateous earth

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is an off white, talc-like powder that is the fossilized remains of marine phytoplankton or dried-out Diatoms shells. Diatomaceous Earth is the richest source of silica. Silica is very sharp particles that cut like glass. Upon closer look - magnified 7000x (photo), Diatomaceous Earth, looks like a cylinder full of tiny holes.

Diatomaceous Earth is a natural organic colon cleanser and detoxifier. This cylinder has a very strong negative charge. As millions of these particles move through the digestive tract, they attract positively charged fungi, protozoa, viruses, bacteria, including E.coli, endotoxins, mycotoxins, aflatoxins, pesticides and drug residues, and heavy metals, including mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic, aluminum and tin. These harmful substances and wee-beasts are trapped inside the cylinder and pass out of the body naturally. Larger parasites experience the same fate as the external pests that I will talk more about in a moment.

Another benefit is that as the Diatomaceous Earth cylinders pass through the gut, they scrub the walls of the intestines, removing mucous and waste buildup and will reduce inflammation of the intestinal tract. The result is more regular bowel movements, healthy colon, greater nutrient absorption and increased energy. The presence of sufficient Silica in the intestines is helpful in cases of diarrhea and constipation, by normalizing bowel function.

Diatomaceous Earth is almost pure Silica. Silica is the most abundant mineral in the human body and is essential for life, but this most important trace element is deficient in todays food supply and process foods contain no Silica. The body needs to maintain at least 7 grams of Silica at all times, but it is estimated that most adults typically ingest between 14 to 42 mg daily.

Silica is vital for calcium absorption and is needed for all minerals to work. It acts as the stabilizing force that helps to restore balance, which is necessary between calcium and magnesium. Without this balance, a person would develop bone deformities. Silica is even more important than calcium, because it is responsible for depositing minerals into your bones and can speed the healing of a fracture. Silica is required to assimilate phosphorous, which is very important for repairing tissue, making bones and filtering waste. Silica deficiency is associated with osteoporosis and hormonal problems.

Silica also stabilizes bodily tissues, arterial walls and membranes. A small amount of Diatomaceous Earth gets absorbed into the blood stream as silica. The benefit of this is that it helps to destroy bad fats, resulting in lower cholesterol reducing high blood pressure and restore normal circulation. It also helps to strengthen blood vessels. Studies confirm that silica in the aorta disappears with age. The aorta is the heart's major blood vessel. Silica deficiency weakens the connective tissue of the aorta, resulting in a greater risk of cardiac problems and has an inhibitory effect on coronary diseases. Life simply can not exist without Silica. Other health benefits of silica are listed at the bottom of this article.

Diatomaceous Earth is non-toxic and doesn't hurt mammals, but if it sticks to any critter that has an exoskeleton, such as fleas, ants, etc. It scratches their waxy coating, which allows precious moisture to escape, and so they dehydrate and die. The method if killing the insect is physical, not chemical, so insects cannot become tolerant like with chemical poisons. So, if any insect gets diatomaceous earth on them, they will die. This is why it is helpful to eliminate external and internal parasites. Farmers claim that food grade diatomaceous earth, fed to livestock, kills all sorts of worms and other internal parasites. Dusting livestock with Diatomaceous Earth controls lice, mites, flies and mosquitoes.

We can rub food grade Diatomaceous Earth all over us, including in our hair, and eat it, but we are unharmed. In fact, we often eat it, and don't realize it, because farmers add food grade Diatomaceous Earth when they store grains, to keep bugs from eating the grain. It is much healthier than the stuff they used to put in with grain to control pests years ago. It has been used for colon cleansing, parasite control and detox. The only thing that could make Diatomaceous Earth harmful is if the fine dust is inhaled. You don't want to breathe it into your lungs. It is essentially the same caution that is advised when handling baby powder.

Users of Diatomaceous Earth claim to feel better, most likely because all the parasites, viruses, bacteria and chemical buildup is being removed from the body. This unburdens the immune system and energizes the body.

Lest I be remiss in the writing process here, let me do a little housekeeping and mention "Any food grade Diatomaceous Earth uses, other than those approved by the EPA, FDA or USDA, are strictly reports of what we ourselves and others have experienced by taking Diatomaceous earth, without the benefit of an industry sponsored study. Most actual in-depth health related studies are initiated and controlled by the pharmaceutical industry, and it is not in their best interest to value the health benefits found in nature that can actually hurt their bottom line. While it is not allowed by government regulators for distributors and promoters to make claims about DE's uses as a human health supplement, the intention of this article is to illuminate the logical reasoning behind the use of food grade Diatomaceous Earth for human health."

Like most of the wonderful natural products on the market, food grade Diatomaceous Earth requires an FDA Disclaimer: "User statements regarding this dietary supplement have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition. Those with health problems, pregnancy or who are nursing are specifically advised that they should consult their physician before taking any nutritional supplement."

Discussion of Diatomaceous Earth health benefits are based solely on anecdotal personal experience and testimony shared by DE users, and so it cannot be marketed as a human health supplement with specific medical claims. Content in this article is for reference purposes only, based on reviews from users of food grade diatomaceous earth. It is not intended to substitute for advice given by a physician, pharmacist, or other licensed healthcare professional.

Having said that, lets look at what other facts we know about "silica" and compare that with what DE users have said about their experiences with food grade Diatomaceous Earth.
Silica works with other antioxidants to prevent premature aging and preserve youthfulness.
Collagen is largely made-up of silica. It is the glue that holds us together. Silica supplementation can help your skin retain moisture, so your skin appears radiant, full and youthful looking. Silica deficiency can have a direct influence on degenerative processes and often speeds up the aging process. However Silica supplementation can slow the degenerative process of connective tissue, which develops as we age. Silica improves the elasticity of joints and helps rheumatism. Skin problems can be improved and that youthful appearance restored.
Silica is a major component of hair, so supplementation should be part of hair care for stimulating hair growth, maintaining hair health and preventing hair loss.
Silica hardens tooth enamel, helps to prevent cavities and preserves teeth. It also prevents bleeding gums, gum atrophy and recession that causes loose teeth, which could ultimately lead to tooth loss. Silica effectively fights ulceration and the decay of bones and teeth.
Silica, together with sulfur, improves nail hardness and improves overall nail health.
Dusting Diatomaceous Earth dusted on all areas of the body and bedding that are infested with head lice (Crabs), and bed bugs.
Silica has anti-inflammatory effects and reduces inflammation.
Stimulates the immune system and metabolism for higher energy levels. Reduces appetite.
Silica can decrease vertigo, tinnitus (buzzing in the ears), and swelling in the middle ear.
Silica helps diabetes by promoting synthesis of elastase inhibitor by the pancreas. Elastase is an enzyme from the class of proteases (peptidases) that break down proteins. When elastase is secreted by white blood cells, chronic inflammation induces insulin resistance in people who eat a high fat diet. Elastase inhibitor improves glucose tolerance.
Silica can help prevent kidney stones and heal infections of the urinary tract, because it is a natural diuretic which can increase urine excretion by 30%, thus flushing the water-excreting system and restoring normal function.
Silica supplementation acts to tone the upper respiratory tract (nose, pharynx, larynx) and reduce swelling due to its positive action on the lymphatic system. Silica helps to repair and maintain the elasticity of vital lung tissue and protect them from pollution. Silica reduces inflammation in bronchitis and helps to clear mucous. DO NOT INHALE!
Detox heavy metals from your body and brain. This is of greater importance to help avoid or alleviate Alzheimer's disease by preventing the body from absorbing aluminum and may flush out aluminum from tissues.
Detox RADIATION, which is of particular concern to me recently. There is increasing risk of exposure to radiation when you consider the following. The March 11th, 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami that followed damaged the Fukushima Daichi Nuclear Power Plant and resulted in the largest nuclear disaster since Chernobyl. Radioactive isotopes were released into the atmosphere and ocean, contaminating the soil, groundwater, seawater and steam into the air. This radiation is traveling the globe via ocean and wind currents, from west to east; hitting Alaska, Hawaii and California first and traveling with weather fronts. Radiation is odorless, tasteless and invisible.

FGDE benefits

There are lots of stories circulating about the dangers and long term consequences of this disaster. Iodine - 131, Cesium - 137, Cesium - 134, Tellurium, Uranium and Strontium were released into the area surrounding Fukushima Japan. Current estimates are above 538,000 TBq, which is more than Three-Mile Island March 1979, which was rated 5 out of 7 and equal to Chernobyl April 1986, which is the only other nuclear power plant accident that is rated 7 out of 7 on the International Nuclear Event Scale, but with wider consequences than those of Fukushima. Fukushima released 10-30% of the radiation of Chernobyl and affected 1/10th the area by comparison, but, unfortunately, on July 22, 2013 it was revealed that the plant was still leading radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean. A further incident on August 20th, leaked 300 metric tons of heavily contaminated radioactive waste water from a storage tank into ground water. The leak is assessed as a level 3 of 7 on the INE Scale. TEPCO denied that this was happening and it prompted the Japanese government to step in and take charge of emergency measures to prevent further leaks.

Data from the Chernobyl accident showed that there was a steady, then sharp increase in thyroid cancer rates following the disaster in 1986. However, this data cannot be directly compared to the Fukushima nuclear disaster as yet, because generally, it takes several years after radiation exposure for thyroid cancer to develop.

This is all true, however, their have been many frightening stories circulating about this subject. In an effort to separate fact from fiction, I want to encourage you to Google this article. "True facts about Ocean Radiation and the Fukushima Disaster". Who has the story straight is something that only time will tell, but what we do know is that our planet is becoming more toxic. These nuclear accidents are only part of the story. The US has been using Depleted Uranium in its weapons in the Middle East since the Gulf War, which has resulted in everything from the Gulf War Syndrome to birth defects that surpass even those experienced after nuclear bombs were dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Whatever else is being released into the atmosphere, while we fight wars, produce energy and industry continues to pollute the earth, is going to have a cumulative effect on the planet as a whole and all life on it.

What I do know is that last year I suffered all winter with a cough that would not go away. Usually, my husband and two daughters enjoy very good health and very rarely ever get a cold or the flu. However, this is the first winter, in 25 years, that we have been plagued with one illness after another, in the form of colds and flu-like symptoms. All 4 of us have been suffering with persistent coughing and runny noses. These illnesses are are not like anything we have endured before. Every member of our family has been sick, every day, since the end of October. In fact, as I talk to people all over the country on the phone, from Maryland to California and Minnesota to Texas, they are all experiencing the exact same symptoms, and that too is strange. Symptoms are mostly respiratory, and they will not go away, no matter what remedy is used for relief. This cannot be a coincidence.

Personally, I choose to be proactive and take all precautions that are necessary to ensure that my body and those I love are not negatively affected by whatever may, or may not, be secretly doing harm. For this reason, we have started taking diatomaceous earth daily for all the reasons and benefits listed in this article, but especially for protection against radiation poisoning.

In addition to taking Diatomaceous Earth, we are also adding Iodine to our daily regimen, because Iodine protects the thyroid from radiation poisoning. This is necessary for obvious reasons.

Cleaning: Make a paste with diatomaceous earth and water to polish metal and it also makes a very inexpensive soft scrub for the bathroom.
Skin Care: Mix diatomaceous earth with water until you have a paste and apply it to the face in a circular scrubbing motion until completely covered. Leave mask on face for 2 minutes and wash off with warm water. Skin will be fully exfoliated and toned for only a few pennies. This is a wonderful method of skin care that I have tried personally and I was delighted with the results.
Dental Uses: Sprinkle a small amount on your toothpaste, before brushing, and brush your teeth normally. I noticed that my teeth did look whiter and feel cleaner, however I am concerned that regular use will remove the enamel and so I stopped using it on my teeth for that reason.
Organic Pest Control: Sprinkle dry diatomaceous earth around the home, yard, dust garden plants, animal housing, etc. to safely control roaches, silverfish, ants, bedbugs, fleas, scorpions, crickets, and many other insects. Applies best on garden plants when here is dew or after a light rain. Reapplication will be necessary after a heavy rain. Kills aphids beetles, loopers, white flies, mites, snails, slugs, leaf hoppers, and harmful pests. Can be used up to and including the day of harvest. Safe for earthworms. Pests cannot build up a resistance or immunity to diatomaceous earth as they do with chemicals. Works better than Boric Acid, which must be ingested to be effective. Bugs simply walk through diatomaceous earth and the silica scratches off their protective waxy body coating, causing them to dehydrate within a few hours. I have used this to control fleas, but it is better to put it down before you have a known infestation than to wait for it to happen and then spread the Diatomaceous earth everywhere, because it takes a while for all the fleas to become exposed to the fine powder once their numbers have increased. They may breed faster than they are killed, so timing is everything.

Food Storage: Have you ever opened up a storage container of grain and found weevils in it? Sprinkle diatomaceous earth to grain storage containers and it organically kills bugs that are present and protects the grain from further invasions.

The body needs silica. Years ago, our food supply contained an adequate supply of silica, but todays hybrids and depleted soils result in only about of the silica needed in our diet. Silica is not found in processed foods. Diatomaceous Earth is a simple and inexpensive way to get the silica the body needs. No worries about taking too much food grade diatomaceous earth, because any excess silica not needed by the body is naturally eliminated.

Food grade diatomaceous earth is tasteless, but it does not dissolve in water, so adding 1-2 teaspoons. to a beverage does require frequent mixing while being consumed. It can also be put into capsules. I find that if I don't take FGDE every day, I don't sleep well that night and if I forget to take it for 3 days I feel myself being overtaken by the wee-bests that want to give me a cold or the flu. When I take FGDE, I sleep like a baby.

Side Note: Activated Charcoal absorbs poisons and toxins better than any other known substance. It also absorbs drugs, so take note.

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