How the 'Candida Exit Strategy' came about

The severe vaginal yeast overgrowth I'd been plagued with for fourteen years became systemic during surgery to remove an ectopic pregnancy when I was 29 years old. The next morning I could feel that something terrible had happened inside my body. Visits to numerous doctors began immediately, but no-one could make sense of the symptoms I was having with greater frequency and intensity.

Thirty years old

I was 30 years old when I found out I had Systemic Candidiasis. When Candida had crossed the blood-brain barrier and was attacking my brain and nervous system, I had entered the final stage, which is associated with a variety of psychological symptoms that are labeled depression, OCD, dementia, dizziness, anxiety, migraines, brain fog, irritability, hyperactivity, Bipolar Disorder and Seasonal Affective Disorder. I also found out I had breast cancer.

I sought the advice of naturopathic and alternative medicine doctors. They put me on various diets and I took every doctor prescribed drug they could offer me to kill Candida Yeast. It worked for a couple weeks and then the Candida would adapt and the drug never worked again. I was plagued with one illness (colds, flu) or infection (sinus, bronchial, vaginal, bladder, ear, etc.) after another. At the age of 32, I was unable to digest my food, and 'allergic' to most foods and everything in my environment. I felt myself getting sicker with each passing year and desperate to find a 'cure'.

That is when I contacted a physician who specializes in Candida. He explained that oxygen kills Candida and cancer, and that both feed on sugar and refined carbohydrates. I had been a sugar-aholic, because the Candida and cancer demanded to be fed. I was able to locate a local facility that offered the IV oxidation and hyperberic chamber therapy I needed.

Following the initial 8 weeks of intensive treatment, I was able to gradually taper down to a maintenance dose of one IV oxidation treatment per month. The IV treatments took care of the cancer and got the Candida out of my brain, I thought, but I discovered the limitations of the IV treatments. IV oxidation can only reach where the blood goes. It cannot reach the surface of mucous membranes, where Candida thrives. It cannot reach the GI tract, or into the deep tissue where Candida hides. And, IV treatments damage veins.

In addition to regular IV oxidation treatments, and hyperberic chamber therapy treatments whenever my lungs were filling with candida, I also had to put 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (35% diluted to make a 3% solution) in every orifice in my body daily to kill the yeast; ears and douche. I would drink 10 drops in 32 oz of water daily. That only kept it from taking over without opposition, but didn't kill it for good.

I thought, after tapering down to one IV treatment every 6 months and then once a year, that I would be cured, but that never happened. The Candida got out of control again and I had to repeat the intensive treatment. I tapered down and the same sequence of events happened all over again. Finally I realized, to stay 1/2 step ahead of the Candida, I had to keep getting IV treatments every 4 weeks, indefinitely.

"My body is a battle field and this is WAR!
I refuse to surrender, to the extent that I will not let the Candida feast on my body in death.
I will be cremated and send these diabolical, insidious, despicable,
blood sucking wee-beasts to a fiery hell, where they belong.
I will win the war!" JVW

H202 IV treatments image

The IV treatments continued and it felt like I was barely holding my own, but in reality, I was gradually getting worse. If I was even one week late getting my IV treatment, or experienced a prolonged stressful event, the yeast would take advantage and multiply with a vengeance. Each time I had to repeat the intensive 8 weeks of treatments all over again.

I was dying the slowest death imaginable. I couldn't digest my food, because I was no longer making hydrochloric acid and my pancreas was so exhausted that it stopped making digestive enzymes. I was on the verge of type 2 diabetes. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't eat, because I also couldn't go to the bathroom. I was toxic. My liver, kidneys and adrenals were exhausted! I developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), and it seemed like everything, but pure water and oxygen, bothered me severely. I was hypothyroid, with a consistent body temperature of 95.9º and a severely acidic pH of 4.5 (averaged urine-saliva).

Mark & Johnna 2006

"If my immune system were as strong as my will to live, I'd be immortal." JVW

Malnutrition dissolved my body until size 2 was too big, and I could barely function. For example, my vitamin B deficiency was so severe that every nerve in my body was screaming with pain, day and night. If I sought a clinical opinion, a doctor probably would have misdiagnosed me with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The weight of my clothes on my body was excruciatingly painful. I used a blanket support to keep the weight of a sheet off my legs at night, because the sciatic nerve in both of my legs produced agonizing pain from my hips to toes. My teeth ached, like there was a cavity in every tooth, and they were floating. The dentist said he had never seen anything like it! Teeth literally died in my mouth and broke off. My hair got sick and fell out. Wounds took forever to heal. There are gaps in my memory of those years, because my brain was not getting the protein, fat and vitamins it needed to maintain those pathways or build new ones. At first I needed IV supplementation, then sublingual and then I could take oral supplements in an attempt to help make up for what I couldn't absorb in my very limited diet.

A total of 1068 IV treatments dried out my veins, until they would no longer tolerate being stuck with needles. I took Pycnogenol to help keep my veins supple, but even that couldn't compensate for all that they endured over so long a time. I was 49 years old and at that moment, I realized the severity of my plight. I could not live without the treatments, and my veins wouldn't let me get them anymore. I was at the end of the road. My naturopathic doctor would not order a pic-line, so I could continue my IV treatments. That was probably a very good thing, because no doubt there would have been a time limit on that as well. He said to me, "I'm sorry, but I have run out of ideas and I can't help you anymore." In my mind, he'd sent me home to die.

Reality set in. I wasn't getting better! I had been 'spinning my wheels' for years, spending a ton of money (over $87,000 on oxidation treatments alone) and gradually getting worse. That is when God, my Great Physician, reminded me of all my experience and 20 years of research. The answer could be found in my journey.

During my intense struggle with Candida yeast overgrowth, and its connection to every other health problem I was suffering, I did intensive research and tested an exhaustive list of products, diets and treatment plans. Having reviewed all my research up to that point. I reviewed the detailed records I'd kept of all the things that I had taken over the years. I had exhausted all resources, methods and available substances used to kill Candida; every doctor prescribed medication, Caprylic Acid, every herb and combination of herbs, vitamins, oils, homeopathic remedies, Candida Cleanses, The Candida Diet, and many others. They helped a little, but by themselves, not so much. When they did work, it was very temporary because the Candida mutate and then that new substance never worked again. I know what does not work and why, but I also know what works.

I combined all that I had learned, and developed 'The Candida Exit Strategy,’ which is based on a lifetime of experience with yeast overgrowth and more than 30 years of accumulating practical knowledge about Systemic Candidiasis.

A lot of trial and error, followed by repeated trial and error, has given me experiences, knowledge, empathy and a passion to help people. There are some things I would rather not have had to learn, but that was the classroom God used to prepare me for college so I could minister to and serve others. This was my healers journey with respect to chronic disease.

Battlefield Body

My Success

I jumped into the full protocol and was able to stop my IV's "cold turkey." Whereas before, if I was even one week late getting my IV, the yeast would resurface everywhere. My veins enjoyed a very well deserved and long overdue rest, and are healed. I finished 'The Candida Exit Strategy' and I never needed another IV treatment again. That is how effective "The Candida Exit Strategy" is!

Once I got all the pieces of this program together, in the perfect order, I could immediately feel that my gut was healing, my immune system was getting stronger and I had energy again. I could sleep, think, not be in pain or irritable and did not crave sugar.

I was amazed to notice that my Leaky Gut healed in 3 months and I enjoyed normal GI tract function. Body wisdom told me to go ahead and eat foods that have been off limits to me for as long as 17 years. Now I can eat dairy (goat milk yoghurt and kefir, cultured goat butter), chicken & eggs (high fat), apples & pears, cinnamon and vanilla (high tannin), broccoli, Brussels sprouts, turnips, kale, collards (sulfur vegetables), and grapefruit (citric acid). As a rule, I stay away from gluten grains, because most wheat is against my blood-type, but I could have spelt and oats, which have some gluten. I was able to digest and metabolize my food again; even those foods that I was 'allergic' to, like corn. I am able to maintain a healthy weight (size 6) and all of my symptoms are gone! I feel better in my 50's than I did at age 20. That is the difference this program has made in my life. I got my health and my life back! The Candida Exit Strategy continues to amaze me.

I discovered the program just in time! I am not just staying ahead of the Candida anymore. I have been enjoying greater control over the Candida than I could have imagined. As I continued the program, I could feel myself getting stronger and stronger. If I missed a part of the program one day, it was not a big deal. I just made sure I got back on track and continued.

After a few months on 'The Candida Exit Strategy' protocol, God encouraged me, "Johnna, you can cut back on the program now." We had an exchange of ideas. I answered, "No, I'm good. I'll just do this for the rest of my life. All of heaven knows I've been worse Lord." I was grateful just to be able to eat again. I never imagined, knowing how stubborn Candida is, that I'd ever be able to let my guard down. Then I noticed that I had been missing the mid-day dose, but nothing happened. So, I continued twice a day for a while. Then God encouraged me, "Johnna, you can eliminate the evening dose now." I resisted. Then I realized that I had been missing the evening part for a while, but nothing happened. I continued the program once a day for a few months and God informed me, "Johnna, you can stop any time." I answered, "No way! That's not possible! Not after what I've been through. I'm good. This is my maintenance program for life." Then, I began missing the morning dose for a while, and I was fine. Wow! I mean WOW, Hee-ha! Wa-hoo! Whipee!

Several months went by and I was completely off 'The Candida Exit Strategy.' I did have an intensely stressful 8 week period in the summer of 2015, during which time I also seriously hurt my back, had to have my service dog put down due to cancer, had to take my youngest daughter to the hospital for stitches in her foot, I was finishing college and taking finals, and I lost my full time job. The stress was beyond intense! I was shaking, couldn't sleep, couldn't eat and I was excessively anxious. As the stress depleted the good guys in my gut, over the next four months I could feel the Candida trying to take advantage. Some mild depression and anxiety crept back in and my energy began to diminish. I jumped right back into the full protocol for 8 weeks and got ahead of the Candida before it could take control again. Of course, a weaning off time period must follow so as not to excite the yeast or overwhelm my soldiers (beneficial bacteria) before they are back in full force again. I am still in disbelief, but with a huge smile on my face, because I've put the Candida back in their proper form, function and station, and taken possession of my body again! I am no longer a hotel for the uninvited guests who refuse to check out!

With other programs, you may think your ‘cured,’ because you're enjoying symptom free days, but Candida spores hiding deep in muscle tissue will bloom when conditions are right. For this reason, continued vigilance is required. You can never turn your back on Candida because it is an opportunistic wee-beast, but you also should not fear it. That's where my program has made the biggest difference. When you don't need it, great! But, its there for you when you do. It is an awesome feeling to enjoy having so much control over Candida.

Candida yeast infection

"Lord, please use what I have endured to help others, so that all those years of suffering were not in vein."

I wondered, for years, if I would ever completely understand how I got so sick in the first place. Now that I do, and I see so many other people traveling down the same road of disease I have been on, I can't help but have compassion for them. I want so much to help you find physical and emotional healing, faster and with less expense, trial & error, and suffering than I experienced.

  • After 30 years of financially exhausting, repeated trial and error, I had exhausted every treatment option.
  • I understood that there wasn’t anyone who truly knew Candida or what to do to restore the body to homeostasis. I am not a doctor or nutritionist. They are not taught what I know. I cannot give you medical advice or prescribe any treatment. However, I do have the knowledge gained from 30+ years of experience and 20 years of intensive research. Knowledge that I have not found in the 23 different doctors and 4 nutritionists I have been treated by. I am confident that I can be helpful to you. I am here for you!
  • I reviewed my many years of extensive research, realized what was missing and formulated my own protocol. I ended up healing myself. I can't say that the program I have developed and follow is guaranteed to work the same way for everyone.
  • It is more than just killing Candida. This is a total body approach that addresses every aspect of physical and emotional health and wellness, to set you up for success and create lifestyle choices that help you maintain your health for the rest of your life, so you don’t return to the diseased state you struggled so hard to escape from.

My goal is to help you look at this condition in a way that you may not have noticed before. My greatest joy comes from helping people like you, and giving you encouragement. I believe you can be victorious over Candida Albicans, just as I have been.

Healing takes time

It is important to know that dealing with Candida is not an easy fix, even if you are taking supplements that do work effectively. Getting healthy will take even longer if Candida has ravaged your body, like it did mine.

Chronic Candida overgrowth affects your entire body and will make you very sick. Restoring health is like turning a huge ship. It requires strategy, persistence, patience and time, but also self-discipline and knowledge. Fighting yeast on all fronts is essential to regain control of your health and get your life back.


I have my health and my life back. I am not plagued by a multitude of chronic and debilitating symptoms. In fact, I have not felt this good in more than 30 years.

If you have questions, email to schedule your free introductory consultation. I look forward to serving you. JVW