Chronic Fatigue

chronic fatigue

We all know that food is energy, but what exactly does that look like in terms of the megahertz (MHz) of energy in foods? The cells of the body require specific ranges of megahertz of energy to function properly, which is between 62-78 MHz. This is the measurement of your 'life force'.

Every organism resonates with a specific electromagnetic frequency. If you match that frequency with a frequency generator, you will kill that organism. However, if the needed amount of energy is not provided on a routine basis, the body will begin to malfunction and deteriorate. So, knowing about frequency and body energy is important.

The human body is anything but a machine. The body has an amazing ability to convert energy from air, food and water into the MHz energy it needs for its daily needs. When energy sources are lacking due to poor quality food, air and water, the body conserves energy by diverting it from less essential systems to the most essential organs; blood, brain, heart, lungs, nervous system) for it’s survival.

Infections, diseases, cysts and tumors begin to occur when tissues resonate below 59 MHz. Cold and flu symptoms begin at 58 MHz, while Epstein Bar virus takes hold at 52 MHz and cancer at 42 MHz.The best sources of pure 'life force' energy, in the form of pure (reorganized and filtered) water, clean air, and high quality natural whole foods using preparation methods that preserve the nutrition they contain are required for the body to be healthy and for longevity. Consuming foods that resonate with less than 70 MHz causes the digestive, immune and nervous system to operate at reduced efficiency and effectiveness. When optimal levels of performance are not maintained, degeneration and disease reduce the quality of life and relationships suffer.

MHz is the scientific measurement of the specific frequency and vibration of energy. Photosynthesis converts the suns energy into carbohydrates (sugars), which are fuel for us. High quality, fresh raw green plants have a MHz of 70-90. This is the level that is required in foods to maintain your energy and optimal health. However, the life force energy in overcooked (high temperatures), microwaved and processed foods have been destroyed and resonate below 50 MHz. Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF’s) from power lines, microwaves, cell phones & towers, electronic devices, and chemicals in processed foods and beverages, personal hygiene and cosmetics, Rx and OTC medications, heavy metals, florescent lights, chlorine and fluoride in water and air pollution can also disrupt your MHz energy. Negative thoughts lower your body’s frequency by 12 MHz, but positive thoughts raise your body’s frequency by 10 MHz and prayer by 15 MHz.

MHz energy increases in the body as a result of eating fresh organic whole foods that are high in minerals, caring for and loving others, physical touch, relaxation, connecting with nature, pure water, embodiment, working in the sun, using natural magnetic products (the right way, which indicates that there is a wrong way to use magnets. A lot of cheap products are available with incorrect information about their use, which can cause harm). Smile, laugh, listen, focus, set your intention of positive thoughts and emotional balance, have an attitude of gratitude, breathe deeply, practice presence, love unconditionally, be creative, make quality and quantity sleep a priority, doing movement you enjoy (not exercise), be well hydrated with pure water is essential for maintaining high frequency and for energy to flow optimally throughout the body’s meridians and nerve pathways.

Water bloats people, because when it travels through plumbing, the pipes put a spin on it, causing the molecules in the water to clump together. The cells of the body can’t absorb this water. The earth has a north and south pole, making it a magnet. When water flows naturally in streams or underground, it’s molecules are separate. Using the north side of a powerful magnet under a glass container of water will reorganize the molecules and change the surface tension of the water, making it “wetter”. Your cells can absorb this water.

Every day I set my intention to focus on those things that create powerful and wonderful vibrations in my environment and life giving MHz of energy in my food. I encourage you to implement those same simple suggestions in a powerful and unstoppable way in your life. Value yourself and your health above everything else. You only get one body in this life! You only get one life! Those two things are more important than anything.

My Leaky Gut healed in 2013 and the inflammation from that is gone. I don't consume any foods that would cause inflammation, so I had been puzzled these past couple years about why I still have inflammation. By lunch time the waist of my pants is snug and swelling continues into the evening, every day. It's not as bad as it used to be, by any measure, but it still was undesirable and an indication that something still isn't right.

While visiting with my mother, I noticed that I didn't have any inflammation. It got my attention in a big way, because I've dealt with this for at least 30 years. I tried to figure out what was different. I drank Artesian water at my Mom's. We have well water at home, so those two things are equal. I ate the same foods I always eat, so that didn't change. The only thing that was different is that their water sits in a glass pitcher on a magnetic. The north side of a large magnet reorganizes the molecules back to what is natural, like water flowing in a stream.

When water goes through pipes, it causes the molecules to clump, making them less bioavailable to individual cells. I always felt dehydrated, even though I drank enough water and I felt like a water balloon. What's been happening is that the water I was drinking didn't get into cells and hydrate them. Instead, water collected between the cells, causing inflammation.

I purchased a magnetic water brick ( and recreated the same conditions at home. I had to drink our well water like before, while waiting a couple days for the magnet to arrive, and I swelled up every day, like before. After two days of drinking the magnetized water, I am enjoying the absence of inflammation. Mystery solved. Wow!

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