Do What Works!

The fields of nutrition, fitness and health have become an arena of controversy, debate and even hostility among the experts and those who get caught up in the rhetoric. Everyone has science to support their particular bias or beliefs. For every scientific study, there is research that contradicts it. Dr. Larry Dossey said, "For every PHD, there is an equal and opposite PHD." By augmentation, “science” can prove virtually any position in health and medicine.

Industry funded science it is often skewed, which discredits it's results. Their controversy has filtered down to consumers and caused much confusion in the market place. We are overwhelmed with conflicting information and frustrated. It's time we debunk the experts and their science, and do what works for each individual.

Every nutritional system, every book, every health expert has a useful nugget of wisdom to offer, but they mistakenly assume that their findings are applicable to the masses and forget that every person's body is a uniquely designed compilation of the experiences, lifestyles, moods and attitudes, and DNA of every generation that preceded them, with very different and specific needs that only their body wisdom can know and understand. We need to remember that what the experts offer is their best guess.

Take the useful nuggets of wisdom and experiment with them within your own body. See how they make you feel. Listen to the symptoms - good and bad, by becoming more connected and in tune with your body, because this is how your body communicates with you. Consult with your body wisdom, experience and common sense to determine how useful or useless the information they offer is. This gives you power.
Choose the things that work for you. If something doesn't work for you and your body, be willing to try something else, until you do find something that works, but the results need to be sustainable over the long haul. Don't be enticed by quick fixes or empty promises. Don't get stuck into thinking that if you just did this strategy or plan more perfectly, then this time it will work. If it didn't work the first time, then it didn't work. Doing the same thing and expecting different results is a waste of time and energy.

In my office, my clients body wisdom and experience is where the conversation and debate ends when it comes to health, fitness and nutrition. Their body is "boss" and it has the final say. I trust that my clients body knows instinctively what it needs and that body wisdom is desperately trying to communicate that message, via symptoms. I listen to my clients, make connections and then from that place, I help my clients become more in tune with how their body communicates with them. Together we listen to what their body wisdom has to say. This empowers my client, so they can choose what works best.

I work with every client as a unique individual and equip them with tools and skills that will sustain them over the long haul, to continue the work we started together, long after they don't need my services anymore.

If you have questions, email to schedule your free introductory consultation. I look forward to serving you. JVW