What Makes A Good Counselor / Coach / Healer / Teacher?

Good practitioner

Humans are moving faster then ever and they live with chronic stress on a daily basis. Sometimes we need someone to help us navigate through our journey, so we reach out to a healer / teacher / coach / counselor. We want to consult with someone who has been were we are and understands what we're going through, because they have already traveled the road we are on and they know the destination where we want to arrive at.

Something in the Universe guides us and we feel a natural gravitational pull toward someone who feels like a kindred spirit. When there is not that unmistakable pull and a deep inner peace from a place of confidence and knowing, finding someone to be your coach or counselor can be frustrating, time consuming and frightening. We feel stressed, indecisive and vulnerable, which can lead to finding teachers and healers who are not authentic.

To help you find and identify the best coach / counselor for you, it's important to know what traits you are looking for in that person.
1. The counselor / coach will view you as a whole person; not as someone who is broken, who needs to be fixed. From that place their energy will embrace you and accept you as you are right now.
2. The counselor / coach will understand that you are trusting them with your life and future. That you may be wounded and vulnerable, and that what you tell them is kept in the most strict confidence. They curiously listen to and have the highest respect your journey / story.
3. The counselor / coach is humble and grateful for the opportunity to serve you, patient, and treat you with respect and honor in every interaction. They are not superior to you or flaunt their education, but use language you understand. They walk beside you as a friendly helper.
4. The counselor / coach understands where you have been in your journey and why life unfolded as it did for you. They make you and your life story right. They intuit the goal you have for yourself and gently nurture you in that direction without condemning the choices that brought you to the place where you are today.
5. If the counselor / coach feels that what they have to offer is not a good fit for you, they will be honest and not attempt to keep you as a client, but refer you to someone who is better suited for your needs or help you find that person.
6. The counselor / coach will customize a plan that is just for you. They will suggest or recommend a course of action to you, or negotiate a strategy with you, but never force you or insist that you believe or adopt ideas that are not well suited to you. They support you, guide and mentor you, holding space for your growth and inform you - so you can make a choice, with the freedom to come to your own conclusions.
7. The counselor / coach understands that you may need to lean on them in the beginning, but their goal from the start is to begin with baby steps, the self empowerment process, from the first session. They know that you cannot be forced to learn something before you are ready, and they will know when to gently nudge you forward or hold space for growth and a transition to take place.
8. They will not develop a co-dependent relationship with you, insisting that you can't cope without their services. They want to see you become independent and with self help tools and skills to be self sustaining. A good coach / counselor wants you to out grow them and move on to give your gift in the world. A good counselor / coach wants to help more people; not the same people.
9. A good counselor / coach recognizes that you have things to teach them too, because they are always in the process of leaning and perfecting their gift.
10. A good counselor / coach is not self promoting, saying how great they are. They understand that no one has all the answers and especially not them. They do not appear to be perfect and understand that as human beings, they are able to make mistakes, but are humble and honest with themselves and you when that happens. As teachers, they are not infallible, but are still learning as students in the classroom of life. They are able to take criticism without being offended or becoming defensive, but instead look inward and take into consideration what has been brought to their attention.
11. The best counselor / coach will offer useful tools or strategies and be able to explain why they may work better than other methods or teachings, but do not claim superiority or that theirs is the only cure or way. They let you make that determination.
12. They will be able to share with you stories of their own personal journey and admit that they have not arrived yet either. They still stumble and have to pick themselves back up.
13. They understand that they are a facilitator of consciousness and healing, and that they do not heal anyone. They guide you in your self healing.
14. The best counselor / coach will practice what they preach. If they suggest a method or strategy to you, do or have they done it themselves?
In my opinion, the goal of any good professional should be to help their client get to a place where they don't need them anymore. They should be equipped with tools to maintain or continue to improve their results. The results should be sustainable for the duration of the clients life. I want to help my clients get to a place where they no longer need me, so I can help more people and not the same people.

The same should be true of any healing program. If a program doesn't heal the body to such a degree that at some point the body can sustain itself without the program, then that program doesn't actually heal the body.

The healing arts are an area that draws a lot of clients for life. My goal is to help restore the life in my clients. That is my mission. To help restore the health of America, physically, emotionally, spiritually and economically - one person at a time.

If you have questions, email johnna@wholefamilyhealthandnutrition.com to schedule your free introductory consultation. I look forward to serving you. JVW