Hawthorn and heart health

Hawthorne and heart health

The Chicken Experiment

The chicks I ordered arrived in the mail as usual. They were far from my first attempt at raising chickens, but they were my first time trying out a breed that was new to me. Cornish-Rock Cross chickens get as big in 6 weeks as it takes your average chicken to get in 6 months. They are the same bird Perdue uses for their Oven Stuffer Roasters, to give you an idea of the body type.

My chicks were 4 weeks old, when they started literally dropping over dead; on their backs with feet straight up in their air. I lost 17 of the 26 chickens in one day! I couldn't butcher them fast enough. When I cut them open, I pulled out tiny, relative to their size, mud-brown hearts that fell apart in my hand. They died of heart attacks. They grew so fast that their hearts couldn't catch up. What was I to do? The next batch of 25 chicks was already ordered and in the mail.

My husband and I have taken Hawthorn Berry for years. It's a cardiac herb. When the new batch of chicks arrived, I was all prepared. They received drinking water that had Hawthorn Extract (tincture) drops in it from the moment they came out of the shipping box, until the day they were butchered. Not one of them died of anything! At 12 weeks of age they weighted an average of 12 pounds. I removed huge, solid, bright red hearts.

My husband's cardiologist insists that Hawthorn doesn't do anything for the heart. Don't wait 30-50 years for science to prove what you in your own wisdom know to be true. Life and death happens now.

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