Cleanse and detox

sick chidren

Our modern world is too toxic to reasonably expect to remain healthy by just living a healthy lifestyle or simply eating organic foods. The younger generations have far less immunity and are much more unhealthy than their parents were at their age because of their toxic load. A baby is born with over 300 chemical toxins in their bodies, even though they have only just emerged into this world. In early years and as they age, their ever-increasing epigenetic inability to detox (methylation) predisposes them to new diseases. Neurotoxicity is clearly responsible for the rapid rise in neurological, psychological and neurodegenerative disorders from infants to seniors.

While most are not paying attention to the evolutionary degeneration of our health, the accumulative effects of 'modern civilization' are wreaking havoc.
☹ GMO foods do not support life or health.
☹ Pesticides in foods from modern agriculture overload our detox systems.
☹ Sugar is over consumed, is addictive and depresses the immune system. 200,000 chemicals are dumped into the environment each year. Many are prove to cause cancer and other negative health effects.
☹ Toxic metals used in industry and dentistry have contaminated our seafood so that they are unfit to eat.
☹ Conventional dentistry continues to maintain its dys-information campaign in its public disclosures and professional indoctrination in dental schools when discussing the safety of mercury fillings.
☹ Other toxic metals like lead and arsenic have been used in drugs, chicken feed and personal care products, and industry - contaminating our soils, food, water and air.
☹ Aluminum is being dumped into the skies from chem-trails, contaminating our air, soils (food) and water.
☹ Flouride has been added to public drinking water for 60+ years, while the public has been fed a dys-information campaign and sold on the efficacy and safety of fluoride to help prevent tooth decay.
☹ Science has known and proven that EMF's from electrical appliances and radio frequencies from wireless devices (cell phones, wifi and smart meters) cause major neuro-immune disruptions in humans and animals, but the public has been assured by the industry, government and media that all is perfectly safe.
☹ Toxic chemicals synergize with toxic metals to make the effect exponential.
☹ Vaccinations are being forced on the young and old, while the many problems caused by vaccinations are being ignored and attacked by our government and the medical industry that profits from them.
☹ Drugs are promoted as the medical solution for everything, but all drugs need to overwhelm the liver to get into the body and they must be detoxified. Anything over three drugs is by definition poly-pharmacy with uncontrolled side-effects. Drug residues accumulate in the body to the detriment of the patient, but they are now being detected in our oceans.
All of the toxins I have just mentioned have this in common. They are all synthetic and increase toxicity exponentially. All affect the neuroimmune system. All overwhelm the detox and anti-oxidation systems. Most are neurotoxic (proven to kill brain and nerve cells).

There is no consciousness from industry, government, media or conventional medicine on how the toxic chemicals are contributing to disease. All are supported and promoted by government policy, industry, not investigated in any unbiased manner by the media and have "health" organizations support. This combined effort provides for a very effective dys-information campaign that is able to promote their particular industry/product, maintain their market dominance thus reducing the competition and persecuting any threats (integrative/holistic/functional medicine). My goal is to educate people so that they can make decisions based on facts. The freedom to choose and secure your healthcare requires personal responsibility, motivation and making informed decisions that make sense for you. You and your family have the most to lose or gain, so it is important that you keep reading, researching and educating yourself.

Toxicity is the ground floor upon which all illness grows. All chronic infections are treatable after a good detox. Without detox - chronic illness is not treatable.
Phase 1: Remove all sources of toxic exposure and clean up your external environment before you detox your internal environment. Diet and lifestyle detox coaching is strongly suggested so you know what to do and make the process effective and efficient. Keep you motivated and on track until the habits are ingrained. Identify and remove all toxic chemicals in foods, personal care, home, water, air, GMO's, mold, noxious energies (EMF's), unhealthy water, cleaning products, dental (mercury fillings, cavitations harboring infection and dead teeth).
Phase 2: Establish and maximize the body's natural colon, kidney, liver, spleen and gallbladder detoxification mechanism (bowel-liver-blood ecosystem) by binding toxins in the bowel, eliminate bowel inflammation, up regulate the liver and all cell detox and antioxidant enzyme systems, and maximizing glutathione. Digestive enzymes are critical for anyone that has any chronic disorder/detox issue and is going through active detox. Hydrochloric acid supplementation may be needed to properly and completely breakdown protein to provide ample amino acids for repair of tissues.
Phase 3: Detox deeper into the connective tissues. Start to open the brain barrier. Rehabilitate cellular detox and function. Evict the uninvited guests (parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, yeasts; wee-beasts). All chronic infections have a reservoir in the bowel.
Phase 4: Draining the brain and intracellular detox to transport toxins out of the cells.

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