Ganglyon Cysts

ganglion cyst

Ganglion cysts are a noncancerous oval-shaped lump that usually form along the tendons or joints of the wrists, hands, knees, shoulders, ankles or feet. They can put pressure on nerves, causing pain or weakness, but usually ganglion cysts do not cause any serious symptoms. Like most of the conclusions modern medicine comes to when it looks at disease conditions, the reasons for the formation of ganglion cysts is “unknown”.

When you consider the fact that their typical location is on joints, and that they form from the tissue surrounding a joint or tendon that produces lubricating fluid for these joints, there must be a reason why the body feels it is necessary to form a little sack of viscous fluid there. Activity causes the cyst to grow larger, because pressure is being applied to the affected nerves during movement, so that’s a clue as to why it’s there.

They are typically treated with hydrocortisone injections, by draining the fluid from the cyst with a needle or surgically removing them. These are all masculine strategies (scientific, left brain, logical, linear, attack and conquer), which is called for in life or death situations, but for something like this, the body doesn't always require or appreciate, much less benefit from being stuck or cut. Surgically removing something before the body is finished using it, like a cyst or scab, fights with the healing process, opens up the largest organ in the body (your skin) to infection, and causes the body to work that much harder to heal.

The more feminine strategy for healing is nourishment, embodiment, flow, phases, listening, naturalness, intuition, body wisdom, loving what is and nurturing it. This approach is needed first. The cyst is a symptom (messenger) that's pointing to the problem, but they are not the problem. A splint will immobilize the area, so it can run it's course and heal on it's own. Cysts do frequently disappear on their own, in the body's time, but if resuming movement causes it to reappear, that tells you the problem it’s pointing to still remains. You have to look deeper. Is there a deficiency in the diet or are you consuming something that is accumulating in your joints? Your body is trying to get your attention and tell you something isn’t right. Don’t attack the messenger by draining it or cutting it out! Listen to what it’s trying to tell you. Get curious and look at this from the point of view of your body. Be a detective and don’t insist on a quick fix.

The body doesn’t do anything by accident or waste energy creating something that isn’t necessary. The body knows how to take care of itself, heal and repair. Sometimes we just need to let it do what it does best, help only to the degree that is necessary, and then watch and marvel at the healing process.

It is said that cysts can appear due to trauma that causes breakdown of the tissue, repetitive stressful activity or from arthritis. But, what caused the breakdown of tissue or arthritis? It is not normal that repetitive activity would wear out or cause malfunction of a joint, which is designed for repetitive movement, unless other factors are also present, like malnutrition, traumatic injury from a fracture or hard blow, pathogens and / or the bioaccumulation of toxins.

Bioaccumulation refers to the accumulation of substances in an organism. Bioaccumulation occurs when an organism absorbs a toxic substance at a rate that is faster then it can remove it. The longer the biological half-life of a substance, the greater the risk of chronic poisoning. Pesticides, preservatives, herbicides, heavy metals (mercury, aluminum), poisons from the workplace, asbestos, fiberglass, formaldehyde from foam furniture and vaccinations, and aflatoxins from moldy food will bioaccumulate in your body. Mercury (mainly from dental fillings) for example, tends to accumulate in the brain. Other fat soluble poisons include lead and DDT, which are stored in body fat. When you lose weight, these compounds are released and recirculate in the body causing acute poisoning. Strontium-90, which is the radioactive fallout from atomic bombs, is chemically similar to calcium, so it is taken up by the bones. Imagine if fiberglass bioaccumulated in your joints. The sharp particles work their way deep in tissues. Your body tries to stop you from moving, to put a stop to the harm. Asbestos is another tiny bit of glass that moves through your body, impaling cells, until it gets routed into a cyst. Some people massage the area to encourage the fluid in the cyst to move back into the body. That doesn't sound good! If the cyst was a holding area for toxins, moving them back into the body with massage would be counter productive. I would be curious to know what toxic substances are contained in the viscous fluid removed from a ganglion cyst.

Naturally produced toxins can also bioaccumulate, and compounds that are not considered toxic can accumulate to toxic levels, like vitamin A.
Is the ganglion cyst there to accumulate and remove something or create cushioning, or encourage you not to move, or all of the above? I have learned as the result of a lifetime of disease that there is never only one contributing factor to ill health. It's not one big thing, but a multitude of tiny, sometimes seemingly insignificant little things that add up to create symptoms and disease. The same is true for health. It is never just one thing. Health requires a multitude of tiny, almost insignificant little things, that work together to create homeostasis.
Chelation therapy removes heavy metals from the body, but it has a number of possible side effects. However, I have found that Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth also removes unwanted substances, as well as parasites, viruses and bacteria from the body, when taken daily, but at a much slower rate. I take it every day! To read more about Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth go to that article on my blog.

After the cyst is gone, the affected joint will need rest and moderate exercise to strengthen the tendon where the cyst was attached, in order to restore full strength, coordination and flexibility.

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