What is healing and when does it happen?

Health - What do you think health is?
Absence of symptoms. Balance. Vibrancy. Honesty. Love. Peace. No disease. Fully functional. Beauty. Power. Self acceptance. Being uninhibited. Wealth. Having lots of energy. Feeling strong. Giving your gift. Being real.

An energetic state of congruency, that originates beyond biology, but can radiate and express through the body however it may. You can be healthy, but not necessarily have the most healthy body, the most energy, have symptoms or even have a disease. Be healthy in heart and soul, with an energy radiating from you that is magnetic and attracts others to you. Healthy attitude, outlook, etc. It depends upon what we do with the things that happen to our body, emotions and relationships. When you heal mind, body and soul, you heal the whole person.

Healing - What heals us?
Self love. Honesty. Listening. Time. Nature. Understanding. Forgiveness. Perspective. Laughter. Curiosity. Creativity. Faith. Surrender. Dance. Presence. Sleep. Children. Communication. Relationships. Vacations. Hope. Music. Pets. Change. Fun. Sex. Herbs.

So much that comes to mind about healing has to do with the personal realm. Seldom will you hear that surgery or that Rx healed me. Never will you hear, “that vaccination healed me”. So much of what heals us has to do with supportive therapies, like nutrition. You can heal leaky gut and improve digestion, but there are other areas of the body that also need healing; emotions, relationships, spiritual, self love.

So often the physical healing cannot happen until a deeper healing takes place. What else heals? You may need more consciousness, self-awareness, truth, love, self forgiveness. I see you as a set of possibilities and cheerlead you into healing.

When does healing happen?
When you slow down. When you are ready. When you let go. When you learn something. When you feel something. When you finally take responsibility. When you choose to heal.

Not, when you are in the hospital, in the doctors office. Healing is a Mystery. Seldom does healing happen, “If you follow these specific protocols".

Approach the mystery of healing with more respect. We don’t know it all. Sometimes you do everything right and see little or no results. Sometimes dying is the healing. Sometimes the disease process is the healing. There is a grander intelligence and wisdom that does the healing. It’s a big WOW! So many biochemical reactions are involved in healing, but we don’t do the healing. We create the conditions for healing, but we don’t do the physical work because the body does it. We know how to take care of a cut finger; clean it, apply a bandage, keep it clean and safe, but do we know how to heal a disease? We need to create the conditions for healing, but we also need to trust the body to do the work and know what it’s doing. Partner with that higher, grander wisdom and intelligence.

The mystery of healing teaches life lessons, patience, humility, that we are not in control, to ask for help, to search within, develop character or deeper spiritual understanding. Go deeper! Use strategies that work with who we really are. Create conditions so that a greater wisdom can come in and add support.

As a coach, it isn’t on my shoulders to do the healing. I am simply creating conditions that partner with the grander design. Step into a relaxed knowing that what you are doing is right. We don’t know what the creative wisdom of the universe has as its agenda. We just need to trust it and know that when we look back and review our lives, it will all make sense. Your story is right for your souls growth and character development, and to accomplish the purpose you are her for.

I wish you optimal health, safe travels and many blessings.