Welcome to my world
I think the four months were to teach me a life lesson. I thought it was about saving a young dog with seizures and the family, but it wasn't. The intense stress and sleepless nights during September and October so weakened my immune system that I literally crashed the beginning of November. During that time, I got 6 new clients. Two of them were very draining, difficult people who sucked the life out of me. Isn't it interesting how the predator comes when you are weak. Not just the wee-beast (Enterovirus D68) I got, but people too.

I know when I am just the right person to help someone. People need a coach because they are stuck in the problem and can't see solutions. I see things they don't see. Things that are hindering their efforts. But when they have their own ideas about how I should work with them, we are not in alignment. I know what I share is what works. When they don't value the value I give, I must unburden myself so I can best serve my other clients. That's very stressful for me.

I've heard it takes 6 nights of quality sleep to make up for one night of no sleep. I have lived that out and I can tell you it's true! I'd been working 12 hours a day, seven days a week for months and was on top of my game. Then exhausting myself 24/7 those last 8 weeks knocked me on my butt for 7 weeks. I lived out how killing the pathogen doesn't work until your immune system is strong enough to route it out and restore homeostasis. Immunity is key! Yesterday was the first day I felt lighter, more energetic, a positive mindset, my sense of humor returned, and I was effortlessly self motivated again.

In my down time I watched holiday movies telling different versions of the same story about a workaholic, usually an executive working their way up the corporate ladder, who needs to experience some life changing event to see how off balance their life is. Had I become that person? In a way, yes.

I love what I do so much that I could do it all the time, but I must not work 7 days a week. Serving people is very draining. Not taking a break during the weekend causes me to be off balance, which makes me sick and depressed. It burns me out so I am drained and stop enjoying my work. I have to take care of myself so I can serve others from the overflow, not from an empty vessel.

Today, though I am still coughing and not 100% yet, I know healing happens when the life lesson is learned and the mind makes a shift. I am visualizing the life I want and creating my business to comply (not compete) with that. I am setting my intention this morning and building balance into my schedule.

One sign my health is returning is my passion and purpose are motivating me again. However, I now know the consequence of not taking time off is that it makes me less effective. I need to ferociously protect my "off" time. Every morning I will step into the schedule and organization that best serves me and those I serve. I visualize it a lock in on the feeling of accomplishing it. I must be in vibrational alignment with everything I want to experience. Nothing and no-one else will be drawn to me.

I visualize who I want to serve and attract purpose driven clients, not bargain hunters. As I evolve others lives, I evolve too. As I grow, my business grows. How do I want my clients to be with me? I want the way I show up and feel to be a welcome place for clients. No more anxiety about opening my emails. It's an opportunity to give my gift. I reply knowing someone is on the other side who needs the unique and highly specialized service I offer.

Value myself first. My service is not a commodity or purchase. I offer my experience, knowledge, support, encouragement, intellectual property, guidance, skills, tools, and the opportunity for a life-restored. I value others and what I can do for them, and they will value my offering. I give clients value and they give me value in return. They think, "If this is what she gives for free, what she charges for must be so amazing. I've got to work with her." It's a win - win for both. This is the vision I have.