My husbands heart

It's funny how my youngest daughter (both have Downs Syndrome) sits in her bedroom on the other side of the wall from my office with her play cell phone pretending to be me on the phone with a client. She refers to my clients as "Mom friend". She's right. I think of each of my clients as "friend".

I got the best news yesterday morning! My husband and I have been married 29 years as of this month. As women, we know the learning curve is broad. However, I have also learned we each need to have our unique journey. Everything happens for a reason.

In April 2010, my horse died at age 17 suddenly of heart failure. I discovered he had an extremely severe magnesium deficiency, which is critical for heart function, and so he died 10 years earlier than he should have. All these things may seem unrelated, but keep reading.

My husband has had cardiovascular related health problems since his first heart attack at age 21. He thought is was inherited, because his grandfather had the same issues. I got my breast cancer diagnosis just about the same time my husband had his last 3 heart attacks when we were both 30, so I didn't tell him I had cancer until over a decade later because I knew my cancer would be short lived and I didn't want to stress him over it. Since his last heart attacks, he's been afraid to stop taking the heart medications. He said, "I'm going to do what the doctor tells me to." I asked, "What did the doctor say?" He said he didn't know. "Just take these medications." I kinda took an ostrich head in the sand approach because I was dealing with my own life threatening health problems with continually advancing Systemic Candidiasis, Leaky Gut, progressively deteriorating undiagnosed large abdominal hernia and four prolapses, and severe malnutrition. What kept me going was knowing I needed to get my health back and out-live my husband and my children. I wanted to finish the job God gave me to do, and that's to take care of them.

I had to recover my health and go to college so I can help my "best friend". I've been helping so many people all over the country recover their health, but unable to help my husband. The person who means more to me than anyone else in this world. But, I held space for him and allowed him to have his journey and learn life lessons, while gradually guiding his diet in the right direction. You have to work where you can and not where you can't.

I've had a terrible feeling this past year. It motivated me to do more research into cardiovascular health and the biochemistry involved in that system. What I learned shocked me! I knew medications were bad, but I had no idea how BAD. As I shared bits and pieces of information with him, so as not to overwhelm him, it landed. Then I explained about the magnesium deficiency he's had all this time is the original cause of all his troubles and how it's been getting worse, based on his symptoms. When I connected it with my horse dying of sudden heart failure due to severe magnesium deficiency, it got his attention. I said, "I don't want that to happen to you!" He has learned to trust my intuition and premonitions. They have served me well in the past many times.

Sometimes I've got to put "death" on the table to help someone truly understand the situation they are in. I visualize two outcomes and hold the big picture for them until I must tell it like it is. That happens rarely, but when it is necessary, I step up -- out of love and genuine concern for their future. The truth spoken in love is always heard. I shared with him this story.

Tim Russel was described by his own doctor as a "model patient' who died from his first heart attack at 58 years old. He was on all the classic medications for high cholesterol, aspirin to prevent blood clots and heart attacks, and blood pressure medication. He had mild hypertension, and elevated triglycerides. All controlled. His latest blood work showed a cholesterol of a staggering 105 and rock bottom HDL of 37. You need a total cholesterol of at least 200 to make hormones and the reference range is >199. Seriously! The autopsy revealed an enlarged heart, the early stage of heart failure. In addition, poisoning the enzyme to make cholesterol leads to high blood pressure by compromising the beta-receptors and calcium channels in the heart cell membranes. As a consequence, beta-blockers and calcium channel blockers are used for resultant hypertension. Beta-blockers for high blood pressure raise triglycerides and cause diabetes, lower CoQ10 and zinc, and lower HDL. This is the exact opposite of what you want. Both propel you toward a faster death. I could go on, but you get the idea.

God moved me to contact the cardiologist office. I requested his labs for the past 3 years and was delighted how accommodating they were to send them. I was horrified to see the numbers. Not a high LDL but a dangerously low HDL, which is more of an indication of risk for sudden cardiac arrest. The lab reference range is >40. Anything below 60 is cause for concern. Even mine is in the 50's but my husband's is in the 20's. The doctor doesn't say anything about the low HDL and only focuses on high LDL. What they don't know can kill you! Magnesium raises HDL, stops arrhythmias and spasm, acts as a calcium channel blocker and much more. He needs magnesium and a lot of other nutrients, not Crestor.

I requested his cardiologist order a Cardio/ION panel and C Reactive Protein test. Doctors are not accustomed to patients or their spouses speaking to them as equals, but he agreed to order the test. He admitted in all his years of practice he's only ever ordered the Cardio/ION test once. He should be ordering it for every one of his cardiac patients, because the serum mineral levels he's been requesting on my husband are worthless. Regardless of the Cardio/ion panel results, which would confirm what I already know, I'm proceeding with what I've put together to reverse his condition. It is the most ambitious, important and long over-due adventure I've undertaken.

Yesterday, I got the okay from my husband to take over his health care. I feel like a race horse just let out of the starting gate. To my total amazement, he told me he stopped taking all his medications three weeks ago before his last blood test, when I told him what they were doing to him. They cause diabetes and his glucose numbers are creeping up. They poison thyroid hormone, raise triglycerides -- which causes more ADMA (an enzyme) to be made, causing arginine deficiency which makes his kidneys waste magnesium. It is a vicious cycle. The biochemistry needs to be fixed. This is a total 180 degree turn for him, and I had to do an about-face to keep up. When I make up my mind to do something, it's as good as already done. Today, he's going to start a new protocol. It is going to be intense, expensive and a lot of work, but something I have waited years to start. It's "do or die" time.

As women, we are hard wired to care for our husbands. I told my husband several times over the years, "I have more to gain from you being healthy and more to lose if you are not healthy than your doctor does, who you are trusting with your life. Who should you be trusting with your life?"

We get the information we need when we are ready to receive it. I love to watch how God moves us and the interaction that takes place among us. No experience is ever wasted. Everything that happens is connected to the bigger picture. How amazing is the journey each of us is on. For many of us, our husbands are stubbornly resistant to changing their bad habits and diet that isn't serving them. They want to literally have their cake and eat it too. We must take care of ourselves so we can take care of them when their learning curve comes to an end and their ready to do what is necessary to regain their health. It isn't selfish to take care of yourself - first. We want to take care of others out of a cup that overflows, instead of a dry vessel, because that's the only way we can give them our very best.

I learned Taurine (amino acid) deficiency predisposes to seizures and heart disease. Medication for seizures causes taurine deficiency. Dilantin (for seizures) is the first medication my husband was put on at 8 years old. Taurine transports minerals into cells and helps cells retain minerals, especially magnesium, calcium and potassium. Deficiency of those minerals cause seizures and cardiovascular problems. Medications, especially Acetaminophen cause taurine deficiency, and he took it often for headaches, which are caused by calcium and potassium deficiency.

Top sources of taurine are red meat and egg yolks. Sulfur vegetables help the body assimilate and use taurine, but high heat destroys nutrition, so the garlic, onion, leek and sea salt were sautéed over very low heat in olive oil until just tender. Egg whites were cooked the same way and added to the onion mixture and served with raw egg yolks (a multi-vitamin) broken over top and mixed together. The meat was cooked on very low temperature until medium. He said he really liked his breakfast this morning and it was filling.

Don't I wish I had someone like me to take care of me when I was sick for so many years. But that was not my journey. Now I do for him what I would want done for me. I am 110% invested in helping him restore his health. I visualize the outcome I desire and do what it takes to make it happen -- no excuses. When he starts to complain about anything, I say, "Don't attach any emotion to it, just do it (the plan)." Compassion for the human condition and my passion for health consume me, and drive me. I am a force that is unstoppable when my mind is set on a goal. How often I wish I could send myself to each clients home and help them the same way.