7 reasons why people fail to recover from Candida

Where the mind goes, actions follow.

The mind, intellect, reasoning, wisdom, understanding, planning, logic, tenacity, patience, commitment must be part of recovery. I've heard it said, "Perception is reality." I don't agree with that statement, except when talking about attitude (a settled way of thinking or feeling about something or someone, which is typically reflected in a person's behavior).

If you want to change your reality, you first need to change your perception of what is. You think, "I can't live without that ___, so you establish conditions that make your perception your reality. The truth is, you can live without ___. If you don't want to live without ___, nothing will change. You have to want the end result more than the thing you think you are giving up.

Pain is a tremendous motivator. I didn't think I could live without ___, until it made me so sick that the few moments of pleasure weren't worth all the pain that followed, often for several days. I've been living without ___ for years and now I don't want it, because it doesn't help me achieve my highest goal - to enjoy optimum physical and emotional health. When I compare anything to that standard, there is nothing worth losing what I hold most precious.

This is not a mindset you will achieve overnight and it isn't a prerequisite for starting healing, but it is the best place to start. The process begins when we start working together toward your highest goal.

Why people don't recover from Candida fully or relapse

. 1) Thinking your recovery will be quick, easy and/or inexpensive. You have to help your body correct a problem that took years or decades to create. You didn’t get sick overnight, so don’t expect to cure Candida overnight. If restoring the body to homeostasis was easy, everyone would be doing it or have accomplished it.

There are life lessons to be learned on the journey from illness to wellness that are more important than just getting your health back. Transforming health requires transformation in every area of your being and life. Ask yourself, "What is this symptom or trial here to teach or show me?" Hold space for that and the answers will come.

Don't set a time limit on how long it will take and just relax into uncertainty. It will take as long as it will take. Allow it.
I'm not telling you it's going to be easy. It will be one of the hardest things you've ever done. I'm telling you it will be worth it.

2) Being extremist in your diet views; vegetarian, paleo, ketogenic, gluten-free, no dairy, low or no carbohydrates, 100% organic all the time and thinking your diet has to be perfect. Perfection creates stress. Stress will sabotage every healing strategy you do. You could consume the highest quality, organic food prepared in the most nutritious way, but if you eat it under stress, you will not digest and assimilate it, and you will excrete nutrients from the stores in your body.

Eat healthy foods and build variety into your meal plan. You need to feel good about your diet or you will feel anxiety about what you eat. Be flexible and figure out what your body wisdom is telling you is best for your body. If you have fear and anxiety, binge or overeating issues around food, we can work on that together. I understand the mind of the eater and that the mind must be part of healing your eating challenges.

Choose the highest quality foods always, wash produce thoroughly, and prepare foods in a way that preserves nutrition. What you eat reproduces you, so it’s important to eat foods that serve your highest goal.

Casin and lactose are two different intolerances. Issues with foods are often not an allergy, but a symptom of food bioincompatibility or Leaky Gut. Conventional cow dairy isn’t good for anybody, but fermented goat yogurt, kefir or whole goat milk and cheeses are the best for digestion and much more easily handled by most people.

Thinking you have to cut out fruits, grains and starchy vegetables. The key is to eat in such a way that you get the nutrition you need and leave Candida the crumbs, so they will not dive deep into your body in search for food. Candida will convert the glycogen in your muscles back into glucose to feed itself and literally eat you. Candida were designed to decompose your body in the grave, so you can’t starve Candida by eliminating these foods.

3) Throwing caution to the wind when dining out anywhere; at home, picnic, family or friends home, restaurant. When you are on the road to recovery from Candida and start feeling better is when this is likely to happen. You are at a party and think it will not set you back if you have just one drink or a little of that food will not do much harm.

Any degree of yeast infection, SIBO, IBS, IBD or other GI problem will not recover if you don’t totally eliminate alcohol, processed foods, certain carbohydrates and high glycemic index foods. Especially Alcohol, but refined sugar also has a very powerful affect on the digestive and immune systems, and will feed Candida like throwing gasoline on a fire. Commit to cutting out alcoholic beverages permanently. Look at your lifestyle and why you need that drink. If it’s to calm your nerves so you can relax at the end of the day or week, to be sociable or for any reason, then that is an indication of where growth and transformation wants to happen. There are choices that will serve you better.

You don’t want to offend people. Etiquette dictates that a host/hostess not feed a guest something that will make them sick, but it is socially acceptable not to eat what is offered to you, for medical reasons. You have to decide what’s right for you and don’t let others tempt you. Food is either medicine or poison to your body. Others are not qualified to make food choices for you, just like they can’t write you a prescription for medication. Only you can advocate for yourself, for the sake of your health. You're the one who will suffer, not them, if your health takes a few steps or leap backward. Commit 100% to your recovery. You be in control of what you do and let others do what they do. Make wise choices that honor your body and propels you toward your highest goal.

4) Thinking you can return to your previous diet, habits and lifestyle once the Candida yeast overgrowth is gone. The journey to recovery requires lifestyle changes that are designed to maintain your success for the rest of your life; eliminating stress, developing healthy relationships, appropriate exercise, restoring immunity, maintaining a healthy environment, learning how to do food in a way that works for your body, learning how to process emotions in a way that serves you best, nourishing yourself apart from food, having positive thoughts about yourself and your world. If you return to the way you used to live, which is what got you sick, your health will revert back to how it was before and all your effort will be for nothing. Optimum self care is the highest form of self respect. With your health restored, you won’t want to go back because those things didn’t serve your highest goal. Remember what your highest goal is and anything that doesn’t propel you in that direction, isn’t worthy of you.

5) Failing to understand how the gut-brain and head-brain are connected. The microbes in your gut communicate with your brain. Autonomic nervous system balance (stress response) is needed to recover from Candida.
  • If you don’t give Candida something to eat, they will communicate hunger to your brain and make you binge on their favorite foods.
  • Mental/emotional stress (worry, anxiety, panic, fear) kills beneficial bacteria in the gut and causes pathogens to multiply.

6) Thinking that taking a lot of supplements, prescription medication to kill yeast or rotating anti-fungals will not help you cure Candida, because that strategy was not designed to work long term. A few very wisely chosen products are all you need to do the job. Anything more is a waste of money and unbalances the body.

7) Feeling worse before you feel better will discourage some people and they will quit before they really get started. There are four stages of recovery. It will vary from person to person and depend on what stage of Systemic Candidiasis and Leaky Gut they are in.

Stage 1 - Fatigue.
  • Fatigue, tiredness and headaches occur when you eliminate things like caffeine and refined carbohydrates from your diet, because the body has become dependent on them for quick bursts of energy to get you through the day. They were a “false positive,” making you feel better than you actually do.
  • Slowly withdrawing the unhealthy foods will allow for gradual weaning of the body off those foods. Sudden or accelerated dietary changes shocks the system and that can cause fatigue.
  • Don’t confuse fatigue, a headache, sleeping problems, itchy skin or tiredness, bowel changes, flatulence or bloating with die-off. Die-off is something that will put you in bed.

Stage 2 - You will start feeling good and have one or two days of feeling amazing. You start to see opportunity and the world is beautiful. The body is giving you a view of what your future will be like, but then you go back to feeling not-so-good, because you started feeling so good you forgot to continue doing the things that got you there. i.e. You stayed up late, didn’t pace yourself, got too busy and didn’t make self care a priority. You had a stressful few days or weeks, ate or drank something that depressed your immune system or excited the wee-beasts. This is where people tend to think the strategy isn’t working. However, if you are prepared for this, you realize that the return of symptoms are pointing to where you took a wrong turn or got off track on your journey to wellness. All you need to do is get back on the right road. It is proof that the lifestyle and dietary changes you’ve made worked and what you can expect if you return to doing the old habits and behaviors that got you so sick in the first place. You learn from this experience, make the changes and you will improve again. This is evidence of just how much control you actually do have over your health.

Stage 3 - Things will improve for a much longer period of time and then you will have another setback. The holidays come and you indulge a bit too much for four to six weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years. You go into a tail-spin and go from feeling amazing to depressed, physically and emotionally. You must learn from your mistakes, regroup, make improvements and keep going.

Stage 4 - Recovery becomes long term and you feel awesome, but always be aware that what sent you off course can always do it again if you forget to maintain the healthy habits and self care that gave you your health back. The purpose of this process is to teach you life lessons, not just get your health back. Keep the bigger picture and higher purpose in the back of your mind, and you will enjoy the benefits of your efforts for the rest of your life.

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