Your perception becomes your reality

Yesterday, I received a disturbing email from someone inquiring about my work.

She wrote, "Johnna, I get that I have Systemic Candidiasis and Leaky Gut. I've tried so many things, without results. You are my last hope! I just worry that I am not disciplined enough - what if I try harder, and start your program and then realize I am not able to do it?"

There are so many things that disturb me about this email, and I know how to address all of her concerns, but I will focus on the last part of that question.

I know you're reading this because you want advice about how to recover from Candida. You want your health back. You want your life back. You want to be YOU again. I understand completely.

I have the strategy and provide the support to help you do all those things. But here's something I absolutely CANNOT do. I cannot change the basic Laws of the Universe, and one of those laws says that anytime you take ownership of something by attaching the words, "I am" or "I can't..." you immediately set forces in motion and it begins to come true in your life. This can work for or against you, but that depends entirely upon YOU.

In other words, whatever you believe about yourself and your life, whether you're sick or healthy, weak or strong willed, disciplined or not...the moment you say those words (in your head or out loud), you take ownership of it and everything in your brain goes to work to make that statement TRUE. It's an agreement you make between your soul/spirit and the spiritual forces in the Universe, combined with cognitive bias. If you ignore this law, it is at your own peril. Your words are powerful, so everything you speak and think shape your reality.

Saying or thinking, "I'm never going to get my health back", diminishes you. Or, "I can do this!" empowers you. Both of these mindsets create either negative or positive energy that you radiate outwardly from the inner-most parts of your being. That energy immediately interacts with the energy of people around you, and with the Universe, causing the results you birth in your mind. What you project, reflects back at you.

When I first started my private practice, it was all about strategy. I taught the "how", and I walked people through doing it. They started and then fizzled out, because I didn't fully recognize that 95% of healing starts in the brain. I went back to college and studied "Brain Retraining". Then I shifted my program to give even more mindset support and increased client accountability. I help my clients develop the mental and emotional skills to change their health status, but also their reality, which includes every part of their life; relationships with self and others. I help people have breakthroughs. But unless my clients step into a bigger, grander, more powerful vision of themselves, they won't be able to achieve the results they so desperately want and need in their life, and will continue as they have been.

Disease in the body is asking us to wake up, be self aware, self evolve, do life differently, learn life lessons, step into our personal power, and discover our passion and purpose for being here. Then, give the gift of ourselves to the world. I can't do this transformation for my clients. I can only give them the tools to do it for themselves.

Now, clients come through the program having achieve stunning, life changing results. They have personal power they never knew they possessed, a can-do attitude and the health to create the life they've dreamed of having for themselves and those closest to them. They did that!

Right now, there's a healthy, creative, energetic, authentic, and joy filled person inside of you. There's a life-changer inside you just waiting to be unleashed. And every day you delay healing is a day of your life lost to chronic symptom, illness and a shorter life expectancy. You get to decide when you want to start living your best life going forward and who you want to be from now on.

Sometimes I have to put 'death on the table' for people. Do you think my protocol would be more difficult than chemotherapy and radiation treatments or kidney dialysis? Of course not, but people wait so long that those become their only options.

The most difficult thing about my work, which I am very passionate about because I hate to see people suffer, is knowing I need to let people have their own journey. Perhaps they need to go round in the spin cycle of repeated trial and error again, before they are ready to stop the madness, see the life lesson they've been missing, learn it and pass the test, so they stop sabotaging their own healing and get on with it.

Do you want to stay stuck in yesterday's thinking and limitations? Or, do you want to bring to the surface and embrace the best parts of the person that I know is deep inside you, just waiting to be discovered, nurtured and known by the rest of the world? It's a choice I had to make and every one of my clients have to make that choice too. Healing begins in the mind, and this isn't about 'psychiatry,' but about discovering who you are on the deepest level; your soul, spirit, vital essence.

From my own personal experience with this type of transformation, every time I make the choice not to stay as I am, but to evolve, I step into a whole new and improved version of myself that I never knew was in me and of my life that I never thought possible. We are either evolving or de-evolving, but we get to decide which direction we are going.

The system this person, and so many people have been following unsuccessfully was designed not to work, was not specifically created for them and didn't include all of who they are; the whole person.

I educate, support, and challenge my clients to create the conditions for healing in their bodies and lives, by following a system that is specifically designed just for them and includes all of who they are; mind, soul and body, because it is all connected. I help my clients create and live in a physiological state of relaxation, because the body can only heal when it is relaxed; calm, rest, sleep, as opposed to stress, push, force, discipline, control. When you are motivated from desire, faith, love and hope, self discipline is not required.

God in His wisdom only gives us the information we need, in the moment we need it because if we have the big picture of our life from beginning to end, we wouldn't be able to handle the magnitude of it. If God had revealed to me in my early 20's, "You are going to lose your health, run on the hamster wheel of repeated trial and error for 30 years to learn what doesn't work and almost die of malnutrition, then develop the strategy to get your health back and go to college, so you can help people recover from the very thing that almost killed you, because this is My plan and purpose for your life," it would have freaked me out. Right! He had to give it to me in 'baby steps'; do this, then do this … God knows would be able to look back and see how every piece of the puzzle fit together to create the big picture that became my story, my journey. The same is true for you too. If each of us had the big picture, it would overwhelm us, so we simply need to commit to doing the plan as it is given to each of us, each day. We already do this every day.

In the same respect, I give my clients an outline of how we will proceed, but they don't not know every detail about how this is going to work. When I look at the big picture for each of my clients, because I know the details, it overwhelms me. So, I have to break it down into pieces that I can manage and then convey it to my clients as needed. I help my clients relax into uncertainty and trust that it will work. Together, we can do this.

It is time to say, "I can" and "I will." The health and life you want is waiting for you to evolve and claim it! It is so close and within reach. If you are ready to get out of your own way and step forward into healing, email me - Johnna Wheeler at

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