How you see yourself influences how the world sees you

Body Image

The first time you, as a child looked in the mirror, you identified you as you. You became amazed and stared at your reflection in a very positive way.

We start to observe the world and what we see is conditioned by parents, society, the media and peers. We get confirmation from the world; "I'm acceptable or I'm not okay as I am. I'm lovable or not worthy of love. I'm smart or stupid. I'm pretty or ugly. I'm thin or fat."

The psyche functions through images. How you imagine your body is a subjective experience that can generate very concrete perceptions. You see what you believe. You don’t believe what you see. You create very strong conclusions that you think are correct, and they are not. This is at the core of how you see your body. Your belief skews your perception of yourself.

How you see yourself is how you imagine others see you. You are projecting what is in your imagination, on others, when that’s really not how they see you at all. Your imagination is subject to change and flights of fancy and can change from day to day, depending on who you are, how you are feeling, and where you are. You are going to constantly re-image yourself, because who you are changes as you get older. You imagine a very different self at 25 than you were at 15 and at 50 than you were at 25.

The way you imagine your body will lead to how you treat it, feed it, love/not love it, and how you move through the world.

When you empower the way you look at your body with a belief (positive or negative), that creates your world. You believe what you imagine and that creates your reality. That’s the power of the mind. If you look in the mirror and your subjective perception says, “You look good”. Then your concrete perception will agree and you will be walking through the world resonating that out.

The whole world will be a mirror back to you, of the perception and inner conversation you are resonating outwardly, which comes from your self perception and self talk.

How are you imagining your body; sweet, wonderful, lovable, pleasurable, touchable, attractive or hatable, contemptible, unlikable, boring, not interesting, not what you want?

When you look in the mirror and self attack, then you walk through the world resonating out those subtle, silent statements or mantras; “I am not good enough, I am not worthy, I’m not lovable as I am”. That’s what you will attract back to you; the kind of people who will think about and treat you the way you think about and treat yourself. Look at the energy you give to the image you have of yourself. Ask yourself, “How’s that working for me?”
I am a Certified Eating Psychology Coach. To understand you as a coach, I need to understand how you are looking at your body and really see how you see your body, which gives me the foundation to begin to understand your mind and reality as it relates to your body. I want you to start being aware of what you are imaging and how other people see you, through your own self perception. Your image is charged with a feeling, emotion, energy, desires, judgements, celebrations and with a set of beliefs. That’s what we’re exploring here. I will help you start to do a little shape shifting. The strategies I will be doing with you, very slowly, will help you reimagine and reinvent your world.