What is EUSTRESS and how to work with it?

The first step to help you move through any situation is to accept what is. Don't attach any emotion to it; don't overthink, wonder why, imagine the worst, don't think about the inconvenience and discomfort or obsess, don't go into fear, survival mode thinking - fight, flight or freeze, anxiety or victimhood. Just stay in your left brain where logic, creativity and wisdom reside. Believe that everything will work out for the best.

Evaluate the situation, and use your creativity and problem solving skills to develop a plan or strategy. Then do the plan. If something isn't working as planned, simply adjust the plan and keep going. Keep your focus on the goal.

Breathe, relax into uncertainty and create spaciousness; live as if you have enough time. This will keep you in more of a relaxed state and help you avoid stressing too much or freaking out. What you are feeling is 'eustress' which gives you clear thinking, quick reflexes and physical strength when needed. It is a good kind of stress that helps you get things done.

When the crisis is over, let it go. Don't rethink it or think about it at all. Just go on to the next thing.

During the time you were in eustress, blood was shunted away from your digestive organs to provide resources to other parts of your body for quick thinking and action. This caused your meals eaten around that time to get backed up, because digestion and motility slowed or stopped. You may experience some acid reflux because food is sitting in your stomach. This is normal. Expect to be constipated the next day or two until things in your gut get moving again and all systems return to normal. Take care of yourself and work with the process.