Set yourself up for success

Rising hot air balloon

Start your day making a conscious decision about who you are going to be today. How are you going to show up in the world? Don’t choose to be nervous, anxious, cranky, wow-is-me, negative self talk. Choose to be awesome, loving, kind, patient. This sets the tone for today. Gift to others your contagious positive energy/attitude/life force. Show up and serve others.

Be solution oriented.
Look at what you have, instead of what you don’t have.
Exude enthusiasm, excitement, excellence, evolving, energized,

The world is happening all around you. Decide if you are going to allow the craziness to influence you or if you are going to be “the one for people” throughout the day.

Use words that make you feel a positive emotion throughout the day. Feel what you say, because your physiology changes.
I’m excited today! Make it a natural part of your being. You enjoy how it makes you feel, so don’t let that go.

Set your day up for success:
1) Gratitude - The more you see that’s good in your life, the more of it you attract. The more you see that’s bad in your life, the more of it you attract. What you resist persist. What you focus on, magnifies and multiplies. I am feeling (action) so happy and grateful for - 3 things. How does it make you feel? You may not always feel it, but don’t give up. It changes your physiology from stress to relaxation.

2) I see myself being - Being calm in every situation and dealing happily with everything that emerges today. Open to possibilities and hungry to explore all the wonderful things coming my way. Curious solution seeker and provider. You feel self empowered to make your day go the way you want it to go.

3) I am expecting - expecting everything that comes my way today, will be the best thing that can happen, and that everything will flow smoothly, so that everything that I touch will be done with joy, effectively, efficiently with excellence and ease.

4) I am excited about - the many emails, calls and connections I make today, because I get the opportunity to add value to them. I meet all the people who are interested in what I have to offer and want to know more. Be excited about your day, instead of being overwhelmed, worried or anxious about it. Positively reinforce what you want to have happen by re-languaging. State whatever your present mindset is and then develop a positive process of what you are going to do instead of that. Develop very personal sentences that “you own”, because you crafted them. Repeat it until it resonates with you, translates into your subconscious and becomes real for you. They have become yours. Now you believe them when you say them every day.

5) I am passionate about and committed to - the new mindset and habits I want to develop. Staying in the positive.

6) I am proud of myself for - handling that situation that could have blown up, in such a way that your client or other person felt heard, hole, complete, loved and cared for.

Not everybody responds to people with the same urgency; return phone calls in a timely fashion, shows up with a smile to be supportive, follow-through. Be a real leader. Be different. 95% of the world shows up unhappy, complaining, what’s in it for me, how can get through this day. Instead, you show up with faith and a willingness to be there for other people, with a passion for making a difference for other people.

Stay plugged into it, because that’s the fuel that will keep you going. Continue to challenge yourself, so you will continue to grow. Make it a constant, continual ongoing decision.

7) I am now ready to receive - love, praise, favor, $, help and referrals from other people. Pay for my services as I offer them, what I charge. Receive what I am worth. Realize my value. If you give more in use value than you are receiving in cash value, you are over delivering. The first place we go to when people are considering our services is, lowering our value and price. You want to show them the value of what you bring and that it is worth what you charge. When you undervalue yourself and what you do, you are actually creating a “criminal exchange”. When you devalue what you offer to people, they devalue your expertise, your time, your product. My nature is to offer my services for free, but I am doing a disservice to my client because now they can’t see the value in it, and they don’t take me as seriously or their own health as seriously. Invested people invest in the process.