You are a strong Oak Tree

Your journey is very much like an acorn. The acorn has inside it the blueprint to become an oak tree and a future as an oak tree is its goal, destiny, meant to become. There is a future that pulls the oak tree within into its oak tree nature. The acorn is already an oak tree, but it needs to transform through the various stages and processes of becoming that tree. To do that, the acorn needs very specific environmental and nutritional conditions (soil, water, sunlight, nutrients, air) to be met. Then the acorn can fulfill its potential. Sigmund Freud hinted that all of come from a dysfunctional past and that if we can somehow heal the garbage that happened back then, then we will be okay, and able to fulfill our potential. The truth is that your dysfunctional past is essential in the growing of your acorn. These things would be likened to the acorn being too wet or too dry for a period, or being carried to a different location that is less than ideal for a time, setting back its growth. Perhaps the wind is too strong during a storm and causes the leaves and even a branch to be torn off. This makes the tree stronger, not weaker.

Oak tree

The soul often learns life lessons through pain and suffering. This is life's grand workshop in which a Greater Intelligence is asking us to evolve through the pains, challenges, hurts of being alive on earth and all that means. Not having the perfect anything, that we want. Even when you get what you want, there are challenges. The foundation of all mental illness is the unwillingness to experience legitimate suffering. Life is putting us through a powerful program in which we are challenged and pushed to our edge sometimes. It’s hard, it’s difficult, but when we allow the pain and suffering to crack us open then something beautiful is revealed. Your acorn cracks open and the little tree begins to grow.

Your journey is right for your soul's growth and character development. Make your story right, accept it as the best way to grow your oak tree and choose it. This makes you stronger.
This is how positive psychology views life.

Part of restoring health is empowering yourself. Picture in your mind, you are an oak tree. The natural forces around you move your leaves, branches and may even cause your trunk to sway slightly, but it is because your are flexible where you need to be and the base is immovable because the roots go deep. The strongest tree is the one that stands alone in a field with no support from other trees, is tested by strong winds, driving rain, drought, and intense sun. The trees that grow with other trees close by, fall over from the roots when the other trees around them are removed because they were sheltered from the same environment that made the tree alone in the field stronger. That isn’t you! You are independent, powerful, beautiful, enduring. The trials in your life were designed to make you stronger. Empower your self image with this mental picture. Nothing will happen today that God has not already prepared you for. Relax and trust that He has a divine plan for your life and every detail, every step is going to put you in the most favorable position for healing and restoration. Not just your body, but your whole family. Empower yourself with that thought by slowing down and thinking about it periodically throughout the day. Say to yourself, “I am an oak tree!”