Repeated Cycles & Life Lessons

Soul or life lessons are the things that come to mind when you reflect on your life and can identify the moments or events that were turning points, which set you on a new course. They gave you a new perspective or an attitude adjustment.

Spirituality figures into the equation of nutrition, metabolism, weight, physical and emotional health. We are all spirit beings here in a physical body. The body is our classroom, were we learn powerful lessons as we journey through life. Many life lessons take a lifetime.

We are not supposed to retract, diminish, stay small or disembody. We are called to step into our personal power more, get in touch with our feminine and masculine in a more balanced and healthy way, learn how to embrace and share our gifts, how to be authentic and real with each other.

• Someone who is an addict - Their soul lesson may be "agreeing to be here". They are drinking or doing drugs to escape. They're cycling through their addiction because they have not fully committed to life.
• Someone who lives a fast paced lifestyle - Their soul lesson may be "slowing down". When they don't get the hint and medicate symptoms so they can continue to push through, eventually the body will force them to "slow down". That's the perfect picture of a life lesson.
• The person who has been wronged - Their soul lesson may be "to forgive".
• A person who has been personally violated - Their life lesson may be "healing sexually" or "trusting people".
• The Tom Boy may need to embrace more of the feminine.
• Someone who is introverted and shy may need to discover and embrace their masculine more and step into their personal power and gifts.
• The wandering soul may need to discover their passion, purpose and mission.
• The overeater or person with an eating disorder may need to learn self nourishment and self love, because they were traumatized early in life and their habit calls them back to the time when their unhealthy relationship with food and body began.

Often times undesirable habits and negative thoughts are asking us to feel our feelings and experience the emotions that caused our disordered habits and self loathing, so we can properly process what happened, do the work of healing and be able to restore wholeness.

If you see cycles in your life where you keep experiencing the same theme or events that repeatedly show up. Something that you tend to avoid, but you can't avoid anymore. You can't make them stop, no matter what you do. That's a life / soul lesson. Ask a powerful question. What is this symptom or repeated experience here to show or teach me?

When you identify your soul lesson, embrace where you are "not," instead of beating yourself up for not being where you think you should be. Forgive yourself for not getting it sooner or whatever negative spin you could put on it. There is no future in the past, so just accept it as part of your journey and trust that there is Divine wisdom behind all of it. Take the shackles of the past off your feet so you can dance. Learn what you can from it because it made you strong, and then let it go.

Envision the big picture and step into self awareness. Forward thinking is your focus from now on. Imagine where would you be if you were liberated or could attain your highest goal. It's not about getting rid of your issues or bad habits 100%, because those things are meant to help you notice when you wander astray and help to keep you on course while you are in this body. But, the issues or bad habits don't "run" you anymore.

It's about being able to notice when toxic thoughts and old habits surface. See them for what they truly are. Divine messengers. Embrace them, love yourself, have compassion, laugh at yourself and just move through them. Don't resist them. If resisting them would have worked, it would have. Whatever you resist, persists. It intensifies because you give your power over to it, and fuel it. Keep your personal power to fuel your inner growth and evolution. Be grateful for the issues and habits that show up and get curious. Say to your toxic thought or undesirable habit, "Thank you for showing up. I hear you. It's okay, I've got this. What are you trying to show me? That's interesting! What do I truly need?"

Life Lessons

You can't "hate" your body or yourself into a body or person that you hope to someday love.

Read that over again, until it becomes so much a part of your psyche that it resonates loudly. Self love transforms and changes your life.

When I was in the first grade, the teasing and bullying began at school, but I went home and was told I wasn't good enough. Since it seemed that the entire world agreed that I had no value, I believed it too. It ran my life until I was 50 years old. God's word contradicted my engrained world view of who I am and I didn't know who to believe. I was disconnected from people, my family, God and from myself. I didn't know who I was! I tried to prove my worth to others, but continually experienced rejection. It was a lonely and miserable existence plagued with illness. What affects the mind profoundly affects the body and visa versa.

I learned something about the people who put me down my whole life. They were treated the same way in their youth and they don't know how to have healthy relationships with others. The bully at school may be beaten down at home, emotionally and/or physically, and they have a dysfunctional or broken family life. In their pain, the way they treat you is a mirror reflection of how they are being or have been treated by others. It's not about you!

What those who mistreat you say to or about you IS NOT TRUE! In reality, it's how they feel about themselves. What they tell you about yourself is not who you are, so DON'T CLAIM IT! Since those things are not true about you, get curious and discover - Who are you really? You are worthy of love and respect. You are valuable, because you are unique. There is and has never been another person exactly like you. You are here at this time and in the place where you are, with your own unique journey to prepare you for a purpose.

One moment of self love - heals.

Re-language toxic thoughts and beliefs about yourself. Say, "I love myself and respect myself. I have compassion on myself." Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you. You will be amazed how much better people actually interact with you. Our energies resonate outwardly and affect others, so that our positive energy creates a positive response. Negative energy produces a negative response. If you are feeling negative energy from others, check your energy. Are you smiling and confident or downcast and contracted? It affects how you are received by others and how they feel about you. That influences how you feel about yourself and the cycle continues, positively or negatively. This is how to step into your personal power!

When I look at a client from a soulful perspective and intuit into their life, I see their cycles and the things they don't see that cause them to stumble. I help them to grow through, rather than continue to avoid it, so they can become their most authentic, creative and joyful self.