Neimology Science - Know the name, know the person

I have recently become aware of a new science developed by Sharón Lynn Wyeth called Neimology Science. We identify ourselves by our names, but who we are goes much deeper than what we have known about ourselves until now. Whether on a conscious or subconscious level, our names give others an impression of who we are, but there are less well known characteristics that define self or how we each think and feel. Each letter within a name carries both gifts and blessing, challenges and opportunities for growth. A person’s name connects with their personality. All names contain secrets that are divulged by the letters, in combination with their location within the name. The talents are more obvious to see within a name, because people tend to hide their challenges from others. Knowing what each letter represents becomes an important tool to understanding the people in your world. It can be especially helpful for close relationships like between spouses and parents with their children. Keep in mind that the qualities assigned to letters are not good or bad.

Neimology is the study of the placement of letters in a name, which gives insight into who they are on a deeper level. When we compare and contrast the different parts of a name, we get a picture of their personality, including the nuances produced by how the letters interact and affect each other. The name you are given is a contract with your purpose and why you are here. Before I start to confuse you, let me illustrate what I mean by showing you want my name ‘Johnna’ says about me.

The first letter, J is street smart, in contrast to book smart, but J can learn from books and combine it with common sense. J is innately brilliant. J learns from experience and turns it into wisdom. Being intelligent, others consider J to be quite opinionated. J is open to new ideas and therefore don’t consider themselves to be opinionated.
• J is considered to be progressive, yet conservative in their thinking.
• J supports other people well, as J wants to be of assistance and is capable of being highly influential.
• J is happy working for a competent boss and doesn’t need to be the leader, even though the ability is there, and are normally agreeable to company policies.
• J will do their best to teach others because they like to assist others to become competent.
• J’s are motivated internally by the desire for independence.
• J loves to put others in their place utilizing their gifts when someone else appears too have an attitude of superiority over other people. The J’s response to other peoples arrogance is to say something that reveals the other person doesn’t know as much as they think they do. In me, this is tempered by the first vowel O, who will think to themselves, but rarely voice out loud, “I know.”
• J can easily see how to improve things and likes to tell others how to make the world a better place.
• J welcomes added responsibility.
• Notice how those with the first name begins with a (John, Joshua, Jesus, Jeremiah, Joseph, Joan of Arc) have been blessed. J means “the hand of God” is with them.
• In terms of a sense of humor, J is playful and creates humor spontaneously utilizing whatever was recently said. J’s are quick on the comeback and clever with their responses. J’s like to be the trickster or play jokes on others, reminding others not to be so serious all the time. J’s have very quick wits and are disappointed when others don’t get their jokes. They have a silly, dumb sense of humor. This is not me, so much, because I hate having other’s play jokes on me and my childhood made me a very serious person. Other letters in my name, like N sense of humor, tend to diminish what I consider to be the undesirable characteristics of the J’s humor in me.
• Mothers of female children who’s names begin with J have children who could have reared themselves. Depending upon how they are nurtured reflects how they express these qualities when they become adults.

The first vowel is O, they need to be the boss, whether in charge of a family, classroom, head of a project or company.
• O feels insulted to be micromanaged because they work best independently and do not tolerate someone looking over their shoulder, attempting to control them and giving orders. O will get the job done and get it done well. O wants to be asked to do something, not told. O’s do not like to be asked twice, because they have hear it the first time and will decide for themselves what is important and when to get it done. They hate being nagged and a simple reminder feels like nagging. O needs to feel useful at all times and complies with most requests.
• O is a natural nurturer, and protective of those close to them, even when those around them do not care to be nurtured. They feel it is a thankless position that is unappreciated. To satisfy this need, O’s usually have pets. When you meet someone who’s first name has the first vowel ‘O’, ask them about their beloved pet at home.
• O generally has a magnetic personality and people are drawn to J, but if J is unhappy, they will ruin the party for everyone else. JO has a lot in common with joy. O can be moody when feeling insignificant. They can be controlling, yet not think of themselves as such since they are simply taking care of the job and have others best interest in mind. When in charge, the O boss whats things done their way.
• O requires loyalty from others and feels it is the least they can expect because others have benefited from O’s natural nurturing characteristics and ability of O’s to keep others best interest in mind. O’s carry a grudge when they
feel they have been wronged. It is wise never to betray the O as it will be hard for them to forgive or forget.
• O carries volumes of responsibility well, but when O becomes overwhelmed they project their faults on others. This was my father (Robert) and possibly the reasons we didn’t get along. In many ways, I learned how I didn’t want to be.
• O needs fairness and can vocalize it while demanding that the situation be made more equitable. O can stand up for everyone, including themselves. O requires autonomy. When combined with consonants, the O enhances abilities expressed in the other letters and brings them to a new level. This can be + or -, depending on the characteristics held by the consonants involved.
• O prefers a regular routine. Not that they are non flexible as others would accuse them of being, but simply because they find life more satisfying when they follow a routine that helps them cram all that they can schedule into a single day and enables them to get it all done.

Jo is doubly powerful and will not tolerate authoritarianism anywhere (from parent, church, state). They don’t want to be told what to believe.
• This JO grouping shows up differently in females, than in males. JO females have a natural inclination to be good and productive. They follow their parents instructions and are easy to rear. JO females often rear themselves. JO dominating behavior in males is hard for parents to discipline. JO can be either extreme, dearly loved and a joy, or a real jerk, joker when all their wondrous abilities have gone to their head.
• JO is a dynamic leadership combination to produce a leader who is powerful, natural, competent and good to others. Think John F. Kennedy and John Quincy Adams, John Tyler, John Adams and Lyndon Johnson.

Middle O represents curiosity and liking to stay close to home. The home environment is important and it needs to support them.
• O in the middle wants to be able to choose when, who and how to love another person. Middle O would dislike being told when to express or accept affection and love.

O before H adds ambition to the letter that follows it.

H is a motivator and is supposed to cause good things to happen. H can make big mistakes and yet always end up landing on their feet, regardless of what happened.
• H represents spiritual connection to the Divine. When faith and trust lead, good things happen. However, that is not the case if spirituality takes a back seat. H will always understand the purpose for what happened, after it happened, not during or before.
• H is uplifting and says the right thing at the right time to the right person.
• When they say something that can have multiple meanings, others often interpret it differently than the positive spirit in which it was originally intended.
• H makes others feel good about themselves so talking with H is the highlight of their day.
• H is thoughtful, considerate, wonderful when not being misunderstood, in the flow and in harmony with their surroundings.
• H has a dry sense of humor.
• H procrastinates when things are not easy to learn or they don’t like the task. H can be vindictive.

When H leads in a consonant cluster (HN), positive results follow.
• HN translates to mean this person is loyal, is easy to love, is fairly easy going, doesn’t age rapidly and will always look younger than their age. In other words, they are beloved, divinely chosen and meant to use their multiple gifts in the way of service to others. The challenge for this person is not to let their wonderful qualities go to their head. When that happens, the HN combination represents being a jerk, which is a negative side of these qualities. Instead of being dependable and trustworthy, they become unfaithful and devious.

N in the middle stands for organization in the area or field of choice. It doesn’t mean organized everywhere, just in the area where their interests lie. N has their own system of organization, not that anyone else can follow it.
• N is usually calm and self-determined.
• N is earthy and grounded.
• N makes lists and has their own way of organizing things.
• Under stress, N goes to the physical side of life. Not under stress, N goes to the mental side of life. N needs to balance the two - take care of the physical and not use the physical to get what N wants, but to use the mental to get what N wants. This is very true of me, because for most of my life I didn’t think I was smart enough to use my brain to succeed. I worked doing manual labor and gave myself a large abdominal hernia and four prolapses. When my body broke, it forced me to use my brain. To my amazement, I discovered that my Dyslexic brain is smart.
• The sense of humor of an N more closely matches me, over the J. N’s have a sporadic humor that, when it appears, is intelligent and hilarious.

Two N’s together cause the N traits to become more pronounced. The tendency to be detail oriented can turn into being obsessive about things being done right. The NN can turn motivation for doing a job well to striving for perfection.
• NN is considered superb in their organizational ability, but organization can become personified in everything.
• Their hard work ethic morphs into a workaholic that is often viewed by others as stubborn or headstrong. The persistent, stubborn streak can be misinterpreted and appear as narcissistic or self-absorbed. It is just that they have studied and read so much that NN does not understand when others don’t want to hear their insightful solutions.
• NN has a difficult time listening to suggestions when they are presented in a judgmental way, instead of in a spirit of helpfulness. It is important to note that when suggestions are made by someone who sincerely cares about the NN and uses compassion when informing NN, then NN is more gracious in receiving the information, as they accept the advise as another way of increasing learning.
• NN has a remarkable memory and their retention is so precise in all areas where they have interests, which are normally diverse.
• NN deals with the positive aspects of money and power. They have money when they need it, because they manage it well.

The last letter A modifies one of the other main traits.
• A wants to please others and gain their approval. A wants to be liked, but they don’t
need to be liked. A will not change or alter their personality to be more agreeable, to get people to like them. A will not adapt or change to accommodate others.
• A is authentic and honest to a fault.
• A is puzzled when someone doesn’t like or approve of them, which causes A to question self about what possibly could the other person have found that was not likable? What was the misunderstanding that must have occurred, which the A would prefer to resolve. It bothers the A in this position and that feeling will linger for some time.

My mother tried to give me the nickname TORY, from my middle name 'Victoria,' but it didn't stick. She always wondered why, until I looked up T as the first letter. The gifts, challenges, energy, thought patterns and everything else about the letter T are not me. T is lost in the middle of my middle name, but as the first letter, it is not in agreement with the Universe or in harmony with my energy or with who I am at all. So that's why it didn't take hold, and I am so glad too.

Every person I have met with the same first name 'Johnna,' is very much like me. Tenacious, independent, … The first Sunday we attended a church in the area where we moved to, I could tell the members of the congregation had encountered someone named 'Johnna' before, because they said my name correctly without any difficulty. I asked, "Is there another Johnna here?" The preacher said, "Yes, but right now she and her grandson are driving (from Maryland) to Alaska and back." I laughed and said, "That's something a Johnna would do." I asked him to tell me when she returned and point her out to me. When he did, I went up and introduced myself to her. "Hi, my name is Johnna." She'd never met another Johnna before. It was a fun moment. We compared life notes and were both amazed by the similarities.

I recommend Sharón Lynn Wyeth’s book, ‘Know The Person, Know The Name.’
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