Get 30% more done every day!

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There is a daily practice that you do, perhaps unconsciously, that gets you into trouble and sets the tone for the rest of your day. You're not going to like this, but here it is.

The most profound way to get back on your path, that will give you 30% more productivity every day, is NOT to check your social media accounts and emails during the first 90 minutes of the day. Many people, as soon as they get up, go to their smart phone, tablet or computer and check in on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Linked-in, etc. Your first action of the day is to enter a reactive world, which causes you to reactive, instead of proactive. This means you will get fewer things done.

Your email inbox and Facebook feeds are organized lists of other peoples agendas. If you are checking other people's agendas first thing in the morning, your day will be driven by the world, and not by you. The world is not set up to benefit your growth, but to introduce counter productive diversions. You will be drowning in distraction and reaction. Things that were important to you, won't get done!

I'm not saying that you should close your social media accounts. I'm saying that what you do the first few hours of every day will set the pace and tone of that day. The distraction could be television, crossword puzzles, computer games, etc. Anything that distracts you from being present in the moment of your real life priorities.

Get up in the morning and take care of your personal needs first, while strategically thinking about what you want to accomplish today. You want to create your own agenda. Know the activities that will achieve your goals for the day. Plan, what are your priorities? Work on your priorities first, so your morning is structured. Who do you need to contact today? Who are you waiting to hear from? What must get done by the end of today? You may need to send emails, but don't reply yet. Schedule the details of your day to have structure, but be flexible within reason. This is not about being rigid or regimented, but about maintaining awareness. You want to be cautious of wasting time and respecting the value of your time.When you get that first 90 minutes back in the morning, everything in your day shifts. Be proactive and envision the best day you could possibly have. Then take action to make it come true and watch it happen almost exactly as you had planned. Be energized and focused in the morning, and you will get back the rest of your day, and achieve more.

Structure and discipline in any practice doesn't take away your freedom, but rather creates more freedom. The more you build structure into your schedule, the more flexibility you have to work within that schedule. It's the distractions that are stealing away your ability to have more free time to do what you want to do.

Very similar to what you do in the morning to prepare your mind for the day ahead, is what you eat to prepare your body for the day ahead. What you eat in the morning, especially sugar, coffee and refined processed carbohydrate foods will cause you to crave sweets and poor quality carbs the rest of the day.