An Inspiring Story

Open, deep hole in the ground for well

A farmer spent days digging a new well. The next day he discovered that his mule had fallen into the well. Continuous cries of distress and helplessness pierced the farmers ears. He decided the only way to help his mule was to fill the well in. The farmer could dig the well again, but he could not replace his valued and beloved, faithful servant. He grabbed a shovel and began to toss dirt into the well. At first, the mule thought it was being buried alive. Stubborn and obstinate, the mule struggled and tried to get out of the hole itself. It grew weary from striving and then realized that as it stepped on each shovel full of dirt it helped him to get closer to its master. When the well was almost full, the mule stepped up out of the well, to see its master face to face.

Sometimes we get ourselves into a hole. Then we feel like life is throwing dirt on us and trying to bury us. We think that God does not know of our plight and in our stubbornness, we strive to get out on our own. God hears our prayers and cries for assistance, when we reach the bottom and are tired. When we can’t see anything but dirt, God is helping us. If we think of our trials as steppingstones to our goal, we will realize that God is using them to help us get closer to achieving our dreams and to the Master. It may not look like it, but God is giving us what we need, so that we can get out of the deepest pit. If we stop striving and trust that God is using the dirt (trials) in our lives to strengthen us, we will one day be welcomed into His waiting and loving arms. Your circumstances are not as bad as you think. Don’t worry. God knows where you are, and He is there to help you. Be patient and don’t give up.