Recreate your life the way you want it

You've heard the saying, "Like attracts like." You are an energetic being. Your spirit or vital force resonates with the world around you. Your mind is transmitting into the Universe, what you think. It is like tuning into a specific radio station. You get the channel you select. You attract to yourself and receive what you ask for, whether you are aware of it or not.

Thoughts create pictures and feelings. Subconscious pictures and thoughts become reality. When someone leaves you, don't say, "Be careful driving home." Say, "I wish you safe travels." What is the difference? Plant a positive thought so they you don't attract trouble. You visualize something, make a decision and the universe falls into place. Things begin to happen, whether good or bad. You visualize spilled milk. You tell a child, "Don't spill your milk," and then they spill their milk. The subconscious in the child filters out no, don't, stop, never, not, can't, so whats left is "spill milk." You say, "Don't run," so they run. Say what you want, not what you don't want. Drink your milk. Move your milk glass. Walk. Be careful what you say. Don't create a negative. Even when you say, "That's not good," you stay in a higher vibration than if you say, "That's bad." Visualize what you want to have happen and not what you don't. Thoughts (mental pictures) become feelings and then actions that resonate with the people and world around us. God thought, "I will create." Then He said, "I will make ___." Then it became reality. We were created in the image of God, so we have the same ability to create. Not on the same scale of course, but look at what man has made. It started with an idea and a vision.

What are you thinking all day? Phillipians 4:8 “Whatever things are true, noble, just, pure, lovely, of good report, if there is any virtue or if anything is praiseworthy — think on these things.” What you think and talk about, comes about. Wanted or unwanted, depending upon what you are focusing on or giving your attention and energy to. The Bible says, "Ask, and you will receive." What you focus on, expands. You tell yourself, "I will stop smoking or overeating." Your mind filters out stop, so what remains is "I will smoke or overeat." Say, “I make the best choices for myself,” and visualize following through. God didn’t think and say, “I will create,” and then do nothing. Actions speak louder than words, so reinforce your intention and words with action.

There are HIGH vibrations and LOW vibrations. Love is a high vibration and hate is a low vibration. You can feel it. You can't love and hate at the same time, because they are opposing vibrations. Something or someone will lift your spirits or bring you down. You experience anxiety, worry, an icky feeling in the pit of your stomach — it's a warning to stop and get away from that thought, conversation, person or thing. Worry is a very high negative emotional energy to the point of causing ulcers, insomnia and diseases. You can't welcome health and prosperity in, if you live in worry or guilt. Eliminate worry and guilt. You say you want something, but you doubt you will ever have it. Your attention is on lack, which is a low vibration that attracts more lack. You can't easily receive when you are in a constant low vibration frequency. Low vibrations contract your spirit, like a tightly clenched fist, which can't receive. Your body language informs the vibration you are resonating out. People see a contracted person, arms crossed, tight fist, head low, shoulders slouched forward. You communicate with energy and body language all the time, so be aware of your energy and posture. You want to resonate HIGH, happy vibrations and an open, welcoming and receiving body language.


Don't block good from coming in by engaging in "stinking thinking". You don't like what is right now, but stop thinking and talking about it, because you will attract more of what is. Trust that what is — is a lesson or gift, and the answer will come in perfect timing. "This too shall pass." It may be good or bad, but it isn’t forever. If you think/talk about it, you invite it to stay. Good or bad.

Look for the gift or lesson in the mess of life. You step in horse poop, but focus your thoughts and picture in your mind, there is a horse here — not, I am surrounded by horse poop. Be open to receiving the gift or lesson, and it will come to you. Trust the Universe and it will bring you your gifts. You have control of your thoughts, imagination and words, which are powerful to manifest success or failure. Learn to manage the space between your ears and you will have your hearts desire.

Imagine what it would feel like to have what you want, so you can project and transmit that vibration and attract your desire that way. Think, "It would be great if ___." Be specific. How often do you think about what you want? How long do you think about what you want. The more often and longer you give your attention to something, sets the Universe in motion to attract it. The more you focus on what you want or don't want, the more powerful and faster it will come. The higher the positive or negative emotional energy connected with your thoughts and feelings, the faster it comes. You want your thoughts and feelings to work for and not against you, but that totally depends upon you.

Only an open hand can receive, and that's high vibration. It requires trust. Trust and allow, and forget the HOW. Trust that God will take care of you. Allow by being in high vibration (hands open) to receive it. The how is God's job. You can't plan the "how." When you try to plan the how, you stop the process of receiving until you let go of control of your life. You don't know when the phone will ring. Just be ready to answer it. Have direction and intention, but do not try to make it happen. Stay in high vibration and focus on the positive (what would it be like), instead of on the negative (how), so opportunities and ideas can come to you.

Simply seek joy (high vibration) and invite your desires to come to you.

Do you have a happy song? I used to sing the song, "Don't worry, be happy," but I've replaced it with a tune I hum when I am happy. It's something original that my heart made up, and I've not heard it anywhere else, but when my children hear it, they know it's mom's happy song.