What is your love language?

Your father may show his love by working hard to provide for his family, but not be someone who hugs or says the things you need to hear. His love language is acts of service, but yours are quality time, words of affirmation and physical affection. You think he doesn't love you because he works all the time and doesn't hug you or validate you, but he shows you every day that he loves you very much. There is a miscommunication and a rift is created.

Your boyfriend or husband words things in such a way that could be taken as an insult, more so than a compliment. You ask, "How was dinner?" His response, "Not bad." Is that a compliment or insult? Obviously, someone didn't teach him about the art of communication or make him aware of how his words come across. Don't get an attitude about it. Tell him how it sounds to you and make him aware. He's clueless!

I speak from experience because this was my father and my husband. This is just an example of how we communicate silently with others, without realizing it. Understanding the love language of others and yourself will help you have better communication and relationships. Step out of your usual way of conveying love and try communicating the way your spouse, friend, parent or child does. Balance would be using all four love languages. How wonderful life would be if we did that!

Love language