Have the life you want

We set a goal and make a plan, but why do we struggle so much to get the results we want and fail to succeed? Your beliefs develop into thoughts, that form your feelings, which cause you to make decisions, that lead to actions, which produce your results and that becomes your reality. So, when you’re not getting the desired results in your life in any area (prosperity, health, relationships), look at the results and figure out what actions you took, because of your decisions, that were formed from thoughts and feelings, based on your beliefs. Where did those beliefs some from?

Everything is energy.

Every part of us is made of energy. The mind is energy that merges together the brain and body to form a single entity. Our body, mind, feelings, thoughts, perceptions, intentions and beliefs are energies. They are biological, electrical impulses, photons of light held in an electromagnetic field, neuron patterns of information that are stored in the brain. The more a neuron is fired, the stronger the impulse gets and the easier it is to go down that neural pathway. Inner conflicts are held in place by patterns of energy and information. This is how patterns of thought, mood and behavior become habitual.

Perceptions are our awareness of the environment through physical sensation. Beliefs are formed by taking in information through our five senses and making conclusions, derived from perceptions, information and/or experiences. Sensory experiences that are repeated form beliefs. Beliefs create sensory filters. Repeated experiences and beliefs are the basis for thoughts and feelings that motivate you to make decisions and perform actions that form habits. Habits cause automatic perceptions and predictable behavior or actions. Your actions cause the results in your life that become your reality, but actions are motivated by your beliefs.

There is an important distinction between understanding the experiences that created an inner conflict and the electromagnetic field in the brain that holds it in place. The conditioning that takes place becomes the word processing document that informs the subconscious level of the mind. Beliefs that created the conditioning are just photons of light held in an electromagnetic field. To change a behavior, it is most efficient and effective to change the beliefs held in the subconscious mind. This directly changes the field - photons of light, to create a new field. When that energy changes, your reality changes.

Your brain is a programmable bio-computer

If you notice something you want to change in a word processing document (beliefs) on your computer (subconscious mind), intellectual understanding, prayer, counseling and therapy, medications, willpower and effort, affirmations and repetition or demanding that it change does NOT remove the error. You have to go in, delete the error, put in the correct information, save and you are done. You are the programmer! You have to do the work. No-one can do it for you.

Your reality is what you make it. We are very powerful beings who were created in Gods image (God is energy) and we can create our reality by how we think. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. An act of the mind always precedes the act of creating reality. We can create what we visualize. God thought, “I will create” and then He made what He envisioned; the heaven, earth, plants, creatures and humans. Energy creates matter. You can create or recreate you, by an act of the mind. To change your results and create a new reality for yourself, you must retrain your brain. Replace those old pathways that didn’t serve you, with new beliefs. If you want positive results in your life, you need to clean out (delete) the outdated files that don’t work to help you achieve your goals and upload new information that does serve you. Then, guard your mind (anti-virus protection) to prevent stinking thinking and self limiting beliefs from contaminating the system (computer viruses). Remember, garbage in = garbage out.

We see the world NOT as it is, but as we are! Beliefs are filters for reality and they get in the way of truth and possibilities. You don’t see the world as it is, you actually see the world as you believe and perceive it to be. Beliefs create perceptions that affect every area of your life. Negative beliefs develop by perceiving the world through a lens of fear and despair. Positive beliefs form by perceiving the world through a lens of love, hope and trust.

When you have low self esteem and lack of self confidence, you let people mistreat and take advantage of you, which attracts more people who will treat you that way. Feeling not worthy of being protected, safe in the world, not okay to have a voice and speak up, not worthy of being loved becomes a self fulfilling prophesy that becomes a recurrent theme in your life story. You have decided not to like or love yourself until you have the ideal weight, so you project your belief on others and are convinced that other people also will not like or love you until you look a certain way. This distracts you from the real issue and keeps you from fulfilling your full potential. It affects your relationships with people because you go around thinking subconsciously, “They don’t love me because I am not good enough as I am”. You see the world, not as it is, but as you see yourself.

What were some of the errors that ended up in your word document titled "Self Esteem"? The kind of information that developed in you a lack of self respect and confidence. What you were told was NOT "true". You believed it and made it your reality. You based your belief and your reality on a lie. The belief comes first and that creates your world. If you want your world to change, it starts with your beliefs. When you let go of your self limiting beliefs, start liking, loving and respecting yourself, realize your value and step into your personal power, you draw a line in the sand and don’t allow anyone else to treat you any less than you feel about yourself.

The software that runs your human programming is the accumulation of your conscious and subconscious beliefs, which control your beliefs around what you can and cannot do, become or have. Subconscious beliefs can be self supporting or self limiting. These beliefs drive behaviors, which create your results and your reality. i.e. You want to become a public speaker, but you have a poor self image. Your subconscious is programmed to think, “My body isn’t good enough and I hate it,” so you don't want to stand on a stage in front of many people. The area where you have the most struggle is the area where you have the highest number and most deeply rooted limiting beliefs. If your challenge is in the area of self worth, it will show up in the areas of health and self care, so your self limiting belief is something related to that. You have to go back and review your past, identify where the belief came from. Remove the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and reprogram them. Like deleting files in a computer, you put them in the trash. Those are the lies and false beliefs you have accepted as truth all your life, making them your identity, when that is not who you were created to be. I want you to discover and live in the truth of who you are. It all starts with mindset. You don’t have a positive self image, so it’s important that you learn self care, but not just on the surface. You want to do the inner work and when there is a shift on the inside, the outside will reflect that. You can then pursue your desire to become a public speaker, unencumbered.

Having the life you want starts with managing the six inches of gray matter between your ears - your mind. When you think about the good things you want to bring into your life, they can actually manifest because you have cleared out the clutter and the lies you were told and believed about yourself. You removed what was blocking and getting in the way of your desires.

My job it to help you identify and get these blocks cleared. That makes an extraordinary shift in your life possible, so you can be the most authentic, creative, energetic, radiant, joyful you, be present and emotionally available to the people around you, and live the life you are meant to have.

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