Information overwhelm creates resistance

There is so much information out there!

You don't have to search very long before conflicting information and opinions show up. You do your best to sift though all of it and figure out for yourself what is true, but it is a time consuming and energy draining process. You just want answers and they are alluding you. This becomes all consuming, because time is running out. You can feel it. Stress increases and you function in your right brain, emotional, survival mode thinking, which is not where wisdom and creativity reside. Like me, you have tried things to test and see if they produce the results they promise, but the outcome is disappointing and expensive. You want to give up, but you can't. Information overload leads to overwhelm and you get stuck. I know, because I have been there too. I understand. You are afraid to try one more thing and hope for a positive outcome, because disappointment and struggle have worn you down and cut through your soul, like a river cut through the earth and its persistence created the Grand Canyon.

Resistance vs change struggle for break-through

Your most powerful breakthrough and growth will come at your point of maximum resistance.

People think of quitting when they feel resistance and they develop an awareness of being overwhelmed. If you are feeling overwhelmed, this is the neurological, physiological and biological awareness that there is too much; information, activity, work. There are too many things going on in your head and in life. When there is too much information coming at you and you don’t know where to start, it is easy to become confused. That sets up a challenge moving forward for many people.

From a neurological perspective, “confusion” means - You are collecting new information that has not yet created new neurological connections and patterns in your brain, and they are not yet being fused. You are assimilating new information, and your unaware subconscious is trying to make sense of the new information, which may challenge your beliefs. This leads to developing new beliefs, habits, skills and strategies from the inside out, which requires change. Example: I tell you to eat slower and be present with your food. This is new information and a new pattern. It requires conscious awareness to accomplish. You are thinking, “Is this going to work? How is it going to work? How long will it take? How does this fit into accomplishing my goal?” That’s confusion, which causes the emotion of uneasiness. You are being challenged to step out of your comfort zone. Confusion, wondering and worry, asking questions and not understanding the emotions is totally normal. It is predictable. You are taking on some extra activities to upgrade your knowledge, skills, health and lifestyle. You are incorporating new habits into your day, to improve or replace old habits that didn’t serve you. As you are doing this, it can set up the feeling of overwhelm. Understand, that’s a natural feeling. It’s predictable whenever you are experiencing change, so expect it. Be aware and get prepared for it. In the early stages of learning something new, as you use your new skills every day, you will see how it all works together. The information becomes fused. You have understanding and order.

Resistance propells change to achieve success

That moment of confusion created “resistance”.

There was a lot to do before and now there is more to be done. Or so it seems. First, stop. Become aware of what is happening and hit the pause button. Breathe deeply and get your mind and body into relaxation physiology. Breathe deeply and create a sense of spaciousness around yourself. This will help you release the feeling of overwhelm. You can’t make wise choices or be creative (problem solving) while you are in a state of “freak out”; physiologic stress response. Get back into relaxation physiology, where wisdom and creative thinking, healing and battery recharge can happen. Overwhelm = stress. Confidence and trust = relaxation.

Think of a couple things you can remove from your schedule, but one of them should not be self care. Make your self care a top priority, always. You should never be too busy to take care of yourself. I don’t mean doing the bare minimum either. I mean really take care of your needs, so you can care for the needs of others. This includes eating right. Taking time for meals and making food quality top priority. These are usually the first things people sacrifice, but that’s the worst place to look to simplify or save time. Set aside time every day to do what you want to do. Not only what you have to do. This is self nourishing and will recharge your physical and emotional batteries. Doing “life” from a place of burn-out is not helping anyone, especially you. Eliminate the unproductive things. Let them go. You want productivity, not activity. What thoughts and feelings can you let go of in your mind, to make room for retraining your brain with new beliefs that serve you, and upgrading your skills, knowledge and habits, so you can up your game and manage life better.

When you upgrade your mental software with new knowledge, skills and understanding, that’s when you up your game. But to accomplish this, you must break through the resistance that tempts you to quit. You must move through acquiring new knowledge and information, to applying that new knowledge and information, to making that part of your neural net through daily repetition. Only then will you develop a new belief or habit.

If you feel overwhelmed or confused, remember that your brain is growing and putting new neural connections in place, to help you go from where you are now, to achieving your goals and dreams. That creates a little bit of uneasiness, because the brain is wired to seek pleasure and avoid pain. Also, as a survival mechanism, the brain is constantly looking for danger. The resistance you feel is when you step out of your comfort zone and your brain anticipates danger. That creates uneasiness, but just relax. Take a deep breath and coach yourself through it in a positive way. You can do this! You know why you are doing this, and you know the expected outcome is going to be good. Trust in the process, and know that it will all make perfect sense when you get to your goal. Be the intelligent being that you are and be aware of what’s happening. Instead of allowing fear and the unknown to put you into your primitive thinking brain, where you are chasing your tail in survival mode and not getting anywhere you want to go.

When people feel confused, overwhelmed or have a mismatched expectation between where they are and where they think they should be, they will meet resistance and start to think about quitting. In 2-5 weeks is when this is likely to happen. Whether it’s starting a new job, or adopting new beliefs and throwing out the old toxic beliefs that don’t serve you, changing your eating habits, going on a diet or anything that’s new. Between 2-5 weeks, that’s when people feel the urge to give up. Make a commitment to yourself that you will not quit. Know that you will feel uncomfortable, confused and overwhelmed, but with my help and your own personal support network, you are going to do it anyway. You will have a break through when you are feeling the maximum amount of resistance. So, if you are feeling resistance, that’s normal and good. You are going to have a break through. That’s how you succeed. You push through the resistance and coach yourself in the moment, so that you can have a break through and emerge on the other side of any challenge, victorious.

I want you to understand what you’re feeling and be aware of what’s going on. Journal if it will help you. Write down all the information you are learning and your experiences, so you can come back to it and learn from it. It will give you a fresh perspective, give you inspiration and be a source of encouragement. See your improvement and that will empower you to keep moving forward. Where you’ve been for years wasn’t working, so don’t be tempted to return there.

I'm not telling you it's going to be easy.
I'm telling you it's going to be worth it.

I am here for you. I can teach you to have a balanced, healthy relationship with life, food and body. We can go at what ever speed you feel comfortable. I am here for you. If you need anything at all, please reach out to me. You may contact me at 301-293-1500