Emotional trauma predisposes to disease

Life is reasonably okay and you’ve been feeding yourself pretty well, taking some good quality supplements, exercising, being well hydrated and all of these things, but still something’s bothering you physically. You wonder “What’s wrong with me?” You have chronic depression, anxiety, and have hyper reactions to things. You may want to consider emotional trauma and Systemic Candidiasis / Leaky Gut.
How important do you think the role of emotions are to the onset of disease and specifically immune system dysfunction?
From the time we are born, we are continually pruning old and creating new neuro-pathways. A child’s brain doesn’t develop in a vacuum. Social impact affects how the brain grows and develops, and is affected by connection with others and the role of others, and the interaction of others. This builds neuro-pathways in certain directions. So consistent positive, loving, interaction between parent and child will create neuro-pathways that are calm, secure, not in fight/flight response and that can stay in rest, digest, detoxify mode where there’s good concentration of beneficial bacteria in the gut. But if it’s not, if it’s stressful or not loving, or all those kinds of things, then literally, the brain develops differently because the gut micro biome interact with the brain via gut-brain axis.
Emotional traumas literally change your biology and set up a permanent stress response in the body. Stress kills beneficial bacteria in the gut, Candida overpopulates, the intestinal lining becomes leaky, Candida mutates into an invasive fungus and the first stage of Systemic Candidiasis begins (ear infection, eczema, chronic colds/flu, digestive distress, food sensitivities). Microbes in the gut interact with and program our genes, so this is how chronic stress can literally change your epigenetic expression.
The glucocorticoid genes change so that they have a lower threshold response. So you need less of an external stress to cause that stress response. During a stress response, your adrenals are pumping out cortisol. This increases inflammatory cytokines in the body by being in a chronic state of stress. All of this ages the body faster. This can reset at any age, so unless there’s an intervention, the body will be reset from the time of the trauma. This happens, even if you can’t remember, but your body remembers. Your body keeps score even if you are unaware.
With emotional trauma, time does not heal, it conceals. So the biology has shifted and it will only become evident when there is a trigger, a stressor in adulthood and then the disease will express or show up, whether it’s an autoimmune disease or whatever. But in truth, disease process actually started 20, 30, 40 years before when the trauma happened and the biology changed.
This enormous continuous stressor that may have started from early childhood define how we respond to events in adulthood as well. Some adults are resilient to inevitable stressors, like death, divorce and job loss, and other adults get knocked out by that. Look back at their childhood experience, because the body has already been under a tremendous amount of stress all their life and their internal reset is at a higher level, with very little room for being able to handle any more stress added on top of what they deal with daily.
Ultimately, they are going to express that physically, whether a cancer or heart disease, or chronic fatigue, which is linked to stress killing off beneficial bacteria, Candida taking over, the gut gets leaky, Candida becomes systemic, and then antibiotics, steroids and other medications exacerbate everything. The immune system crashes.
Emotions directly influence our health at any stage of life. Your biology is very sensitive to emotional stressors and can shift at any age. Unresolved emotional traumas threaten our immune health and overall wellbeing. Identifying these issues, which in many cases go largely unnoticed without the right information and tools, are key to overcoming past traumas to achieve stronger immunity and optimal health.