How big is your farmer side?

Farmer side

Some people have a few house plants, perhaps a cat and a dog, an aquarium or terrarium. They may even have a small vegetable or flower garden in the yard or in containers on the balcony or deck. Still, others may have a mini farm, with a big garden, chickens, ducks, rabbits, goats, and perhaps even a couple horses. And then there is the farmer who makes part or all of his living from cultivating fields and/or caring for livestock. What do all of these people have in common? Each one experiences the pleasures and joys that come from caring for other living things. Some people have a larger “farmer side” than others, but each one is feeding their own “farmer side,” respectively.

God made mankind in His image and gave us the job of caring for the earth. When we connect with the earth by spending time enjoying nature and caring for it, we feed something deep in our soul. It charges our batteries, while at the same time slowing our pulse. It slows the world down, if only for just a little while, and gives us a chance to rest our minds.

I had a mini farm for several years, and so I understand why it gives God such great pleasure and joy to care for His creation. I experienced the same happy satisfaction when I planted seeds and cared for the pants as they matured, until they are ready to harvest. We raised chickens and turkeys. I bred goats, helped them give birth, bottle fed their babies and watched them play. I was pleased to see that everything I cared for was thriving, because of my nurturing.

There are many benefits that come from caring for and being responsible for another life. Sometimes, just knowing another living thing is depending on us, makes us get out of bed in the morning and do for them, even when we really don’t feel like doing for ourselves. We have something to love and care for, so we don’t focus on ourselves so much. Flowers make us smile when they bloom. Puppies and kittens make us laugh with their humorous antics, and sometimes comfort us. They always keep us grounded. I know my life is out of balance when I forget to water my house plants or clean the litter box.  The milking room and the vegetable garden were my prayer closets. For me, there is something very satisfying about  knowing that, all or part of, the meal on my plate came from my back yard garden; the product of my loving care and the work of my hands. Take time to enjoy your farmer side, regularly. It is a gift to us from God.

Feed baby goat

Every creature responds to how it is cared for and taught.
If it is treated with hostility, it learns to fight.
Its response to cruelty will be fear.
And anger is met with aggression.
However, praise produces confidence.
Setting boundaries teaches respect.
If you act with tenderness, a creature learns affection and love.
Every creature is a product of its environment.
They are not 'born bad'.
They are created.