Creating your perfect day

What would a perfect day look like for you? For me, it flows at a natural, easy pace. Stress is at a minimum, there is balance, some silliness & laughter, hard work and productive - yes, but enjoying it. There is time for everything, without rushing. The beginning of creating your perfect day starts with thoughtfully choosing your priorities. The second thing is to organize those priorities with a schedule or calendar.


If your like me, you've looked at all the different calendars available at the office store and other places and not been able to find one that suits your lifestyle. And, they cost a fortune. I've tried the Franklyn Covey too. I like to keep things condensed and light, but manageable at the same time. Too small is constricting and limited and too big makes my life feel heavy. For me, their calendar pages start at 7 a.m. and I have already put in a 5 hour day by that time! I can never find one that works for me, so I created my own.

I print this out, double sided, so it's two weeks. I fold the page on the line between Friday and Saturday, punch 3 holes in the 'time' side and insert it very neatly in a small 3 ring binder, which conveniently fits in my purse. I can see Monday thru Friday and open it to view the weekend. Because the binder can handle letter size sheets of paper, folded in half, I am also able to insert important paperwork that I need to have for a particular week, like emissions test notice, vehicle registration renewal or ticket to a conference. I don't have to remember where it is because I will run into it when I flip to that week. When a week is finished, I fold the page in the other direction and a fresh week appears before me.

I live in pencil and carry a big eraser, because plans change and things get moved, but there are certain activities of daily living that are practically written in stone. I do not deviate from personal care, including rest and movement, and caring for my family, including time spent together. Those are my highest priorities. I schedule everything and make a 'to do' list of things, checking them off as they are accomplished. If they don't get done, I add them to the next week. I also have a month in view page where I write the names and contact information of people I interact with and may want to find their phone number later. It is a view of the big picture with appointments in red ink and important things not to forget to schedule, like dental cleanings, oil changes, etc. I don't like to carry around past months, but only future months. When the month ends, I move the month in view calendar with a tab and the weekly pages to another binder to keep for future reference.

This is my system to make life easier, more enjoyable and productive. I practice presence, not perfection. That's what makes my days perfect.