The heart of a woman

There is something fierce in the heart of a woman. The 'mama bear' will emerge if her children, her man, or her best friend are attacked. She is a warrior in a uniquely feminine way.

Before the realities of life and self doubt did their best to discourage it in us, most young girls wanted to be part of something grand and important. There was a sense of something in them that the world needs, despirately. The desires God has placed into the heart of every woman are clues to who she really is and the role she is to play, but many of us have come to despise our desires or set them aside.

A woman wants to be loved and desired for who she is, to feel wanted, fought for, to be romanced, needed to play an irreplacable role in a great adventure, and to be appreciated. That is what's at the core of every woman's heart and the most important part of her. When those things don't happen, the heart of woman is wounded and diminished.

As young women we are told we can be and do anything, but then we are limited by the expectations of others. We are not enough and too much at the same time. We are expected to be busy, efficient, professional, disciplined, composed, and tired from carrying out so many duties and meeting the demands of others. In our subconscious, we are trying to prove our worth and make ourselves indispensable to make up for our inadequacies. We are expected to be more masculine and not too emotional or needy. I'd been a Tom Boy and my fathers son. I was expected to be physically strong, emotionally tough, yet kind and gracious. I had no idea what it meant to be feminine. So I tried harder.

I tried to live up to the infamous icon, "The Proverbs 31 Woman," and felt like a failure. Our deepest fear is we will be abandoned and alone. We feel unseen, even by those closest to us. We feel unsought — that no one has the passion and courage to pursue us. Yes, they must get past our messiness to find the woman deep inside, but where is the prince who will slay the dragon, climb the tallest tower, rescue us from cruelty and protect us. What if the man in your life is the source of cruelty? We learn that above all else, 'guard your heart.' The heart is our source of life, creativity, courage, conviction, compassion, faith, hope, and love. That's what makes a woman come alive and were we die.

Many of the desires women have are gone unmet, or been assaulted, or simply so long neglected that they end up living two lives. On the surface they are trying to measure up to what the world expects of them and inside women lose themselves in romance novels and movies, or fill the void with food or some other addiction to numb the ache in their hearts. We are getting by, but not living the life we want or were meant to live and that hurts too. Sometimes the idea of living as a hermit with no demands, needs, pain, or disappointments is tempting, because we've been hurt, and we are worn out. I tried it for many years and I can say from experience, you will lose your mind, yourself and your health. But more importantly, God can't use you there. He has big plans for you.

How does a woman begin to heal from the wounds and tragedies of her life in a world that is not supportive and can be down right brutal and demanding, like a war zone? What places in your heart are crying for healing? Where have you lost hope?

Some time between the dreams of her youth and yesterday, something has been lost. We look for affirmation from the world, but it will not come from there. Healing happens when we stop looking for something or someone outside of us to heal us, and we make it happen from the inside. We must find that little girl inside who looked in the mirror and was captivated with her image looking back at her. That little girl was in her glory, unashamed of her desire to delight and be delighted in. The way she wishes the world sees her, is how she needs to see herself, through her own eyes and no-one else's perception of who or what they think she should/n't — be filtered through their biased opinions and twisted perspective. What she wants to hear from the world, she needs to tell herself. The world has lied to her and she must replace those lies with truth. The truth of who she is — lovable, approachable, acceptable, beautiful, and enough. She just needs to step into her personal power, claim it, own it, move through the world in it and reflect that positive energy into the world.

When a woman accepts herself as she is, loves the person she has become and steps into her personal power, she is a "10". There are no flaws, because God has made her as she is, for the purpose He had in mind before she was conceived. He didn't make a mistake when he made you as you are, which is perfect — in His perception. If God sees you that way, so should you.

A confident woman who moves through this world in her personal power is beautiful, passionate, powerful, adventurous, courageous, and a warrior. Life becomes a great adventure, not merely for adventure's sake, but for what it requires of her for others and with others.

Our lives were meant to be lived with others. The world needs us. Not the worlds version of "us," but the authentic person inside you that makes you unique. What is it you are here to give to the world? That is your purpose and passion.

It is important to regularly schedule time for yourself for physical rest, nourishment of the soul, self care, reflection, and to recharge your emotional batteries. This is not a standard for you to meet or fail trying, or a new set of rules to live by. It is what has been missing for far too long. We expend so much of our energy doing for others while sacrificing ourselves. There needs to be balance, which is far better for everyone.

The desire to be beautiful according to the worlds standards has caused many women untold emotional grief and physical harm. The issue of beauty runs deep, but external beauty without depth of character is not true beauty at all. You are more than a number on a tag, scale or tape, which is a masculine strategy that doesn't work for the feminine mind and diminishes her. Do you know women to are confident in their body and love themselves? They do want to look nice in the clothes they wear, but their focus is on giving their gift to the world; not on superficial things.

The heart of a woman

The woman who captivates the world is confident in who she is, loves herself without conditions and radiates that positive energy into the world. How she sees herself is how the world will see her and reflects that back to her. How do you want the world to see you? That's how you must see yourself first, not the other way around. The world is looking for your rare and beautiful depth of spirit. The original is always much more valuable than a copy; fake. It's not about dressing up and makeup, because that is superficial. The right man will long to find and offer his strength to a woman who is confident in who she is. That is what's attractive to a man. His attraction to her authenticity allows her feminine heart to flourish. He draws out her beauty and she inspires him to be in his full personal power as the 'hero' in her story.

Self love

Energy shortage and chronic fatigue

The world is clambering for cheap sources of energy. We war over sources of energy and exist in disharmony as a planet. People consume cheap sources of energy in the form of processed food. This is the kind of energy that doesn’t sustain us. When we choose a cheap energy source, parts of the body compete with other parts for the substandard energy and it starts to degrade. What we do as a planet and as individuals, mirrors each other. What we face with energy individually is what we face collectively. Energy is expensive and some people can’t afford to heat their home, put gas in their car, eat organic food or the best supplements. We have our opinions about the best source of energy that runs the planet and that runs the body; diet. We are locked into old habits with respect to energy.

How can I help you? I see the larger system you are in — to understand the justifiable reasons of why you are experiencing low energy. I want you to know your problem is not unique and that it’s not your fault. I have compassion, because your low energy is a collective issue. In the context of the world and of the culture, we are dealing with this issue of not enough energy. You are working a 40 hour week at a job you probably don’t enjoy, trying to find energy in a world that is unbalanced, uncertain and unsupportive of finding renewable or sustainable energy. The world is not there to support you in rest and renewal. Our culture teaches us if you have fatigue, drink coffee or consume some other form of stimulant and just keep pushing forward. This doesn’t work for the long term. In fact, long term it produces the opposite effect.

Caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar and medications are powerful substances and we need to respect them. If these things were invented today, and they had to go through the FDA, they would be approved as “drugs”. They are that powerful. There are substances that can very strongly move the body in a certain direction. I would include herbs in this category as well. Anything that has power requires knowledge and respect. A gun, fire and a chain saw are powerful tools and you need to know what you are doing with them, and proceed wisely. Otherwise, they can do a lot of irreversible damage. Powerful substances can benefit you if you need them short term, like medications during physical trauma. However, the dose makes the poison. Anybody can consume as much of these substances as they want, but the substances they are consuming can be causing or influencing their unwanted symptoms, or habits. These substances cause the body not to absorb nutrients and also excrete the nutrients in storage, causing greater deficiency. The cells of the body are starving for nutrition, and deficiency causes them to not be able to produce energy. If they are complaining of mood issues and low energy, insomnia and fatigue, and that’s causing them to down energy drinks, then consider how that may contribute to the unwanted symptoms.

Caffeine causes the adrenal glands to produce more cortisol, which increases stress response. This produces a perceived increase in energy, though temporary, but it is a false sense of energy because what is actually activated is the survival - fight or flight response. Fear is an excellent source of energy for 2-4 minutes during the classic fight or flight stress response when you are fighting with or trying to escape an enemy. However, to run on stress and fear, as so many humans do, it has a profound cost on our physiology. This also skews time perception and so it feels like we are running out of time, keeping us in a continual chronic low level stress response. People are fatigued. We expend a lot more energy than we have, which keeps us drained. We live as if we don’t have enough time. We are in fear and that is an energy drain. The body is not designed to run on the energy produced by fear and stress. On a continual basis, this method of operating further exhausts the adrenals and ages us faster. This is the absolute opposite thing we want to have happen and why
this strategy doesn’t work long term.

So, when someone says, “I want more energy,” it is because they have had every kind of test and the doctors find nothing wrong. Clearly their diagnosis is limited by science. When doctors can’t find a chemical or biological cause for low energy within the body, it’s because that’s not where the problem is. They are left to figure it out themselves, so they drink caffeine and energy drinks trying to push the body to create more energy, but energy can’t be created. Instead, it pushes the biological machine too hard and sucks energy out of the cells and central nervous system, and expending it more — at a cost. They feel their life force or their battery literally draining. When they ask, “How do I have more energy”, it implies that a substance or thing from the outside (pill, drink, super food) is needed to have more energy. The caffeinated definition of energy is very limited. Many people drink caffeine or take this pill and then run around like crazy or they can work very hard for hours. That is a limited strategy.

What we resist, persists. What we fight, we give our power (life force) to. If you fight fatigue, you will tire of it. To get different results, you must think and act differently. I want to help you stop fighting, over-riding it and resisting your fatigue. Make fatigue your teacher. Chronic fatigue is a necessary symptom, Divine message, a whispering from body wisdom. Fatigue is body wisdom taking over, and forcing us to stop and listen to it. Yes, you can fight it and medicate it, looking at it only as a medical issue. We do have to address it on the physical, medical level, but equally important is the personal, emotional and soul level. Fatigue deepens us. It asks us to be still and then do a life review (What’s up and am I on the right path?) and course correct. Does my chosen work, where I live, the people I associate with, what and how I eat, how I process emotions, the lifestyle I am living - work for me? Fatigue is asking us to find deeper purpose and meaning. I want you to welcome fatigue, listen to it, linger with it, honor it, give it lots of room, explore and be curious. You will not get the answers over night. This is a powerful tool and a way of being that is in alignment with universal law, and God. When you use this approach, it will get you where you want to go.

The nature of energy: Energy is illusive. You can talk about the flow of electricity, but you can’t actually visually see it. You can see the effects of energy and the traces it leaves, but pure energy cannot be contained, created or destroyed. It can only change form. This is one of the laws of thermodynamics. Matter becomes light when it is converted to energy. A piece of wood in a fireplace will combust into light. At the cellular level, when you metabolize and assimilate food, the molecules of digestion get into the mitochondria of cells and they break those down into energy. If we could see this process, we would see little bursts of light, where matter explodes and combusts into energy. It takes a massive amount of energy to create a little bit of matter. On the biological level, it takes a lot of energy to build a little bit of muscle or for repairing tissues, which is healing. The body can’t heal when it is in stress, which excretes nutrients needed as fuel for cellular energy, growth and repair. The body can only heal when it is in relaxation physiology, which is also associated with having energy in reserve. But, I am getting ahead of myself.

Energy is the completely subjective experience of the life force within us that’s available for self expression. When you are dealing with energy in the human body, you are dealing with invisibles. Emotional / soul factors, along with mind-body nutrition factors are a profoundly unnoticed, undiagnosed source of potential energy enhancers or detractors. Thought influences how we feel and our deliverable sense of energy. Sources of energy are love, inspiration, trust, communication, feeling your feelings, properly processing emotions in a way that serves us, speaking the truth, intimacy, relationships, purpose, the meaning in life, intellectual stimulation, connection to others and to God/spirituality, discovery, going on our journey with a positive outlook, grounding with the earth, pleasure, commitment, honesty, personal power and connection to a greater purpose gives us energy and all powerfully impact our energy reserves or fill our tank. All of that can literally condense in the human body into the kind of chemistry that generates our energy to do things. These are more sustainable kinds of energy than you will get from an energy drink. Remember when you were depressed and you had a good cry, and you felt more energy; life force within you. Perhaps you were able to share and get something off of your chest, and you felt more empowered. Remember when you had a revelation about yourself and you felt energy move inside yourself, and it was liberating. Energy can mean inspiration or the life force that wants to be here. The more you include the deeper sources of energy, and pull from those, the more you can experience continuous and endless energy. It is also the kind of energy that heals. I want to explore with you what supports the experience of energy in you as opposed to, “How do I get more energy?” You will tune in to body wisdom, listen to the symptom of fatigue and discover what drains and what gives you energy, besides substances. There are more possibilities when we approach the experience of energy with “support”. The best strategy is to learn to eliminate those practices that leak out and waste your energy, efficiently use the energy you have and tap into your unique sources of energy. What rejuvenates me is different from what fills up your tank.

The journey of not having enough energy needs to be honored and respected. The journey of fatigue is not a fun feeling - to not have energy, because it almost feels like death. That grabs us at a deep place, which gives us the opportunity to look deeper, and there we find more resources. We make more discoveries than if we are just scratching around on the surface. Working on the surface limits our choices. When we dig into the many dimensions of a person, something happens. Working in these realms, I can help you have powerful break-throughs in your energy and liberate the powerful sources of energy inside you. Are you aware of and pulling from those unique sources of energy? It is my job to notice how you present in terms of your energy and help you learn to better manage the energy you have, so you aren’t wasting or leaking energy. I help you navigate your challenge, so you can move through it. Helping you find where you leak energy and areas where you can discover more energy is a treasure hunt. I approach it with that perspective. I look for clues and dig here and there. It’s going to take some time. I notice, really listen, watch and respect your journey.

Energy and fatigue levels in my clients are a collection of nutritional and biological factors, in addition to emotional and soul factors. Neither of these are necessarily the more important one, though one may be slightly more predominant. Assume that your low energy, no matter what the biological or nutritional cause, always has a lesson for the soul hidden within it that life is asking us to be attentive to. That which happens to us on a metabolic, physical or nutritional level is not simply on that level. Everything is connected and what affects the mind affects the body, and visa versa. Looking at it from other perspectives helps us to grow and evolve. It makes life more interesting.

Most humans already have all the energy they need. The secret is for them to notice how they drain their energy and learn to manage the energy they have - better. It’s like your paycheck. You only get so much money or “currency” (i.e. electrical current is energy). You need to manage the currency or energy you have in the most efficient way. When you run out before all your obligations are fulfilled, you are bankrupt. The same is true of the energy in the body. When you run out of energy before the end of the day, you are energetically bankrupt.

So much of our energy level, whether its high or low, is because of the little things. Food sensitivities will crash your energy. When you take one bite more than the amount of food in a meal that energizes, your energy drops. Certain thoughts will drain your energy. Certain people and situations will be very draining. Certain people and situations, experiences, music elevate our energy as well. Lets look for ways to become sensitive to the subtleties of energy. People who eat junk food or processed food (same thing) will have more energy when they start eating whole food that is prepared to preserve nutrients and consume it in a way that optimizes digestion and assimilation. Then, when you’ve mastered better energy management, you will build up a reserve. You will have optimal energy for the tasks of the day and some left over at the end of the day. That energy will be available for healing. Remember, healing takes a lot of energy.

Look for and be open to the higher wisdom that is attached to fatigue. Any time we lose energy, it’s forced vacation, forced self reflection, slow down, meditation. Otherwise, we just keep going, not noticing or connecting with that which is deep inside of us. We don’t see how we are not following our souls compass. God’s intelligence is way bigger than our intelligence, and as such, He will course correct us. Our ailments are a course correction. Whenever we change direction there is a stopping point or moment when we slow down. Fatigue is that moment of introspection. Which way do I need to go? Where is life calling me? What do I need to awaken to? What am I being blind or asleep to? How am I being asked to grow, transform, learn or evolve? How am I being asked to see myself and look at that part of me that is not so comfortable to look at? My goal is not to get rid of your fatigue, but to help you own and embrace it. Then you will get you energy back. When you own and embrace fatigue, you will cause it to resolve. Sometimes going from doctor to doctor and getting a bunch of tests is part of the journey and an exercise in owning your ailment. Ailments will cause you to open up your mind to what heals, when the medical profession tells you there’s nothing wrong with you, and you are forced to consider other options, only to discover that what they are doing (substance abuse, Rx, diet, lifestyle) isn’t serving you causing your ailment. For so many people, that’s the lesson they are here to learn. They open up their minds to what impacts them and what heals them, because humans tend to get very closed and narrow minded, thinking they know everything. People will exist on a terrible diet for years and make fun of people who eat healthy, because for the moment, they feel healthy. Fatigue humbles us, and on some level asks us to go on a journey and discover. The journey of finding more energy is the remedy itself, because it causes us to enter unknown territory. The pot of gold isn’t found at the end of the journey, but pieces of gold are found along the way and accumulate with time, awareness and with discovery. People are looking for the magic cure in everything, but that’s not how life works, because then they miss the life lessons. Left in our own comfort zone, we stay in the “known”. Sometimes life pulls us out of our comfort zone and draws us to new places for the purpose of challenging, growing and evolving us. The fact that you have come to see me about your fatigue means your healing journey is important to you and you are serious about getting better. That act by itself can be part of the healing. I acknowledge and appreciate that in you. I am honored to be on this journey with you. Together we are going through unknown territory and some dangerous lands, like Lord of the Rings. That’s our life! These movies are metaphors for the archetype journey that we all go through. Each of us needs a traveling buddy. Someone who has already been where you want to go is an ideal traveling companion.

Well documented organic causes of fatigue include:
• viruses, parasites, bacteria, yeast infections
• all manner of poor diet
• all manner of nutritional deficiencies, esp. iron, B12, protein, EFA’s
• any type of pathology that’s happening with the heart, thyroid, liver, lungs, brain
• autoimmune disease
• mold
• internal bleeding
• poor sleep
• food allergies are a big one
• heavy metal toxicity
• other environmental toxins
• hormonal imbalances
• alcohol use
• recreational drug use
• Rx drug use
• stress
• lack of sun light
• depression
• anxiety
• genetic issues

You and I can work together to address most of these. Fatigue often times has many factors. All of the causes or contributing factors need to be identified to generate healing. Metabolic markers like nutritional status, plus the mind-body aspects like personal, emotional, cultural, lifestyle, stress, and soul factors will be addressed and free you from the bondage of fatigue.

The causes of emotional symptoms

Physicians are prescribing more psychotropic drugs than ever before. Almost everyone, children and adults, are taking a medication for anxiety and/or depression. Why is this? The United States is the most disease-stricken society on earth due to their Standard American Diet and fast-paced stressful lifestyle. Both of which deplete the body of nutrients. Millions suffer from vague complaints for which no diagnosis can be determined, wavering between generalized ill health and unmistakable disease. Research has proven that every symptom and disease has its own pattern of nutritional inadequacies and every disease is improved by diet. Americans are taking billions of doses of drugs every year because they are sick and in pain because physicians lack the skills necessary to diagnose illness caused by nutritional deficiencies and recommend nutritional solutions.

Anxiety is associated with nutritional deficiencies of vitamins B1, B3, B5, B12, calcium and phosphorus
Depression is linked to vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, Folic Acid, Biotin and vitamin C, chromium, iron and potassium
Inability to cope with stress and panic attacks are an indication of a severe vitamin B5 deficiency and magnesium deficiency.

This doesn't mean you should go get a B complex vitamin and start taking minerals. In fact, that's the worst thing you could do. Once vitamins were identified and isolated, the chemical formulas of the individual vitamins were synthesized. The purified and/or synthetic compounds are considerably less effective than the original crude extracts made from whole foods, but it goes deeper than that. The body will do whatever it takes to survive, so the body will “borrow” from its reserves the nutrients needed to make use of the substances you put in it. The body’s intention is to put back into storage the nutrients it “borrows,” but that never happens because the “foods” you eat are devoid of nutrients. When the reserves are gone, like those stored in bones, the body succumbs to extreme deficiency and disease ensues. Usually, it takes several months or perhaps years for a deficiency of a nutrient to surface as symptoms or ailments. The exception is vitamin B5, which deficiency may occur within days. As you can see, vitamin B5 is deficient in every one of the conditions mentioned above.

It should be the physician’s responsibility to be knowledgeable concerning the symptoms that correspond with each nutritional deficiency and capable of performing various examinations, blood tests, and procedures to confirm precisely which nutritional deficiencies need to be addressed, without guesswork. The truth is, guesswork is commonly applied in today’s medical practices because physicians possess little knowledge about nutritional diagnosis and even less about nutritional prescription. The majority of physicians simply do not believe that poor or inadequate nutrition initiates disease and they minimize the crucial role of diet in reversing nutritional deficiencies. Doctors advise their patients to eat margarine instead of real butter, imitation ice cream instead of real ice cream, synthetic cheese instead of real cheese, skim-milk instead of whole milk, soy instead of real meat, and fake eggs instead of real eggs. This is nonsense parlayed by so-called health authorities. Processing removes foods nutritional value and makes it less digestible. This is why the patient’s condition remains undiagnosed and/or misdiagnosed, and their health continues to deteriorate. When doctors do make the connection, they recommend synthetic supplements or refer patients to a dietician (who is equally clueless), in addition to their pharmaceuticals, which actually make deficiency worse.

Since nutrient deficiency is the cause, it makes sense that nutrients are the cure. The nutrients in organic, whole foods with their cofactors and synergy in tact is what fuels and heals the body. Symptoms are not the problem. Symptom is the language of the body communicating to us there is a problem and it’s pointing to the problem. Symptoms tell a story. I help my clients listen to their body wisdom, intuit with it and practice embodiment (get out of their head and into their body) to be detectives.

B1 Thiamin is required for the normal functioning of the nerves and deficiency causes inflammation of the nerve sheaths throughout the body. Known as the morale vitamin, signs of deficiency are mood changes, depression, irritability, quarrelsome, inability to concentrate, confusion, uncertainty of memory, uncooperative, fearful of some misfortune awaiting them, feeling like life is no longer worth living and suicidal thoughts. Food sources of Thiamine include, whole grains (germ and bran), fresh organ meats and eggs. Cooking destroys Thiamin. Thiamine is absorbed in the upper part of the small intestine; the duodenum. Duodenal ulcers, pancreatitis and giardiasis (a parasite) greatly hinder thiamine absorption and lead to deficiency. Black tea, coffee, and refined sugar contain compounds which block thiamine absorption. Raw seafoods like sushi, herring, oysters and lox contain thiamine antagonist enzymes called thiaminase, which split thiamine in half. Alcohol destroys thiamine and consumption of alcohol (wine, beer, etc) can cause such severe deficiency that is so extreme as to result in irreparable nerve and brain damage. The function of all brain cells is thiamine dependent. Any form of liver disease or dysfunction (hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, Gilbert’s disease) are vulnerable to develop severe thiamine deficiency. Thiamine hydrochloride is poorly absorbed. Fat soluble thiamine is a highly absorbable, superior type.

B2 Riboflavin The most critical function of riboflavin is related to oxygen metabolism. Riboflavin accelerates the capacity of the lungs to remove oxygen from the air, aids in the transfer of oxygen into the cells and is critical for the utilization of oxygen at the cellular level. This is especially important to help protect the body from the ill effects of air pollution. Riboflavin is a tightly controlled nutrient that is firmly found within the cells. However, even a modest reduction in tissue stores results in cellular dysfunction. Extreme deficiency falls in the critical level. The system responsible for the production of cellular energy fails to function properly. Prolonged extreme deficiency may result in permanent damage to nerves, and/or internal organs. Diseases such as cataracts, macular degeneration, retinal detachment, eczema, alopecia, and premature aging are likely to occur. One prominent symptom is reduction in the size of the upper lip. Deficiency is caused by poor nutrition, high sugar consumption, alcohol consumption, severe infections, surgery, birth control pills, malabsorption, lack of stomach acid, antibiotic use, diuretics, and mental stress. The need for increased supplementation is necessary as a result of malabsorption, high protein intake, faulty lipid metabolism, acute injuries, pregnancy and lactation. Strictly avoid refined sugar and alcohol. Riboflavin is rarely in the food supply because it is one of the most unstable of all vitamins. The content in foods depends upon many factors including, exposure to fluorescent light, storage in plastic or glass containers, heating and processing. 90% of riboflavin is lost in commercially produced foods, including “fresh” produce. Farm fresh, unheated and unprocessed organic organ meats, organic lean muscle meats, eggs, almonds, organic whole milk, and organic whole milk cheeses offer the highest amounts. Riboflavin is more readily absorbed from meat than from dark leafy green vegetable sources. If you can’t eat beef, calf or lamb liver, get turkey or chicken livers. Cook meats in a crock-pot at low heat until done.

B3 Niacin is also involved in the synthesis of the protective fatty covering of nerves, the myelin sheath. Mild deficiency produces fatigue as a common symptom, in addition to mental disturbances such as depression and memory loss. Severe deficiency is associated with high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, dementia, hypertension, arteriosclerosis and arthritis. Diseases caused by niacin deficiency is exclusively caused by poor diet, the consequence of high sugar intake, refined grains, too much corn and/or consuming alcohol, which all destroy niacin. To correct this level of niacin deficiency supplement with niacin-rich foods, avoid refined sugars, white flour, refined corn products, white rice and alcohol. Niacin is absorbed throughout most of the small intestine. However, mental stress, alcohol and/or drug abuse, prescription drugs, social drinking, and eating processed foods all cause the depletion of this vitamin. Minimal niacin is stored in the body, so deficiency can readily occur if tissue levels are not continually replenished. Natural forms are nicotine acid and niacin amide. Food sources rich in niacin include fresh organic muscle meats, fresh tuna, trout, salmon, halibut, liver, poultry, whole grain brown rice, eggs and cheeses. Vegetables have relatively low amounts of niacin. When niacin stores are depleted, tryptophan is readily converted into it, thus a diet rich in tryptophan (red meats, poultry, fish, rabbit, cheese, eggs, sesame seeds) may help. Small amounts of niacin are synthesized in the intestines by beneficial gut flora, provided you have sufficient amounts.

B5 Pantothenic Acid is the anti-stress vitamin. It is required for the synthesis of adrenal hormones, and they are responsible for the human body’s ability to cope with the normal stresses of life and the abnormal ones too. The adrenal glands produce dozens of hormones, each of which is an essential component of the stress-coping mechanism. These hormones are also involved in the maintenance of normal body functions, such as salt and water retention, blood sugar regulation, anti-inflammatory activity, calcium and magnesium metabolism, libido, and immune activation. Stress rapidly depletes tissue stores of pantothenic acid, so it is important for you to work with me on techniques to eliminate unnecessary stress (usually self created) and move through unavoidable stress to stop losing the pantothenic acid you consume. Americans have made extreme and prolonged psychological stress a way of life, but it’s not serving us. Adrenal hormones are used up by stress. People who experience prolonged stress (grieving, chronic health problems, marital discord) are usually severely deficient in both pantothenic acid and adrenal hormones. Stress combined with B5 deficiency can result in cell death within the adrenal glands, causing damage, but only if pantothenic acid deficiency exists. Damaged adrenals can’t produce adrenal hormones and fatigue is the first sign. Regular supplementation of B5 can help reverse stress-induced adrenal damage and function returns. Deficiency can cause symptoms rather rapidly, resulting in gradual weakness and/or fatigue. Severe deficiency of adrenal hormones may lead to a potentially fatal disease, known as Addison’s disease. Signs of extreme deficiency are debilitating fatigue, weakness, mental derangement, and chronic pain. Prolonged deficiency may result in the onset of degenerative disease, including arthritis, asthma, immunodeficiency, lupus, heart rhythm disturbances, hypoglycemia, and diabetes. Pantothenic acid is found in large amounts in a few foods. Top sources include raw egg yolks, royal jelly, bee pollen, natural fats, organic liver, and fresh muscle meats. Fruits, pastas, vegetables and most beans are devoid of pantothenic acid, so vegetarians frequently develop B5 deficiency. To correct deficiency, eliminate caffeine, alcohol, refined sugars and processed grain products.

B6 Pyridoxine controls a broad spectrum of physiological processes, including enzymes synthesis, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, protein digestion and metabolism, hormone production, and neurotransmitter synthesis. B6 is required for the formation of a variety of highly specialized nervous system proteins called neurotransmitters; adrenaline, noradrenaline, serotonin, GABA, and tryptophan. B6 is a natural anti-depressant used in the treatment of chronic mental disturbances; retardation, anxiety, schizophrenia, mania, sleep disorders, and autism. Mild deficiency is often overlooked because the first symptom is lack of dream recall or no dreams at all. Mental disturbances such as short-term memory loss and/or depression may get your attention. Moderate deficiency symptoms develop into depression, anxiety, epilepsy, kidney stones, melanoma, diabetes, PMS, carpal tunnel syndrome, eczema and heart disease. Extreme deficiency results in impaired protein synthesis/digestion, may contribute to the onset of asthma, migraine headaches, hives, and other allergy-induced diseases. Musculoskeletal conditions such as fibromyalgia, back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel and arthritis are associated with chronic, long-term B6 deficiency. The brain and nervous system require B6 for the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin, acetylcholine, and norepinephrine. When tissue levels of B6 drop to critical levels, depression, anxiety, psychosis, mania, insomnia and convulsions (epilepsy) may result. Poor diet initiates the abnormality by inducing B6 deficiency. However, taking B6 alone may not solve the problem. The metabolism of B6 is controlled by thyroid hormone, so defective thyroid function can waste B6 supplementation. Only a small amount of B6 is stored in the body, and it is rapidly depleted by stress. Food rich in B6 include poultry, fish, rice bran, brown rice, wheat bran, tuna, salmon, liver, white meat fowl, nuts, halibut, read meat, bananas, sunflower seeds and organ meets. The safest form of B6 is coenzyme type, that is pyridoxal-5-phosphate (PSP). B6 is destroyed by aspirin, high blood pressure medicine, cortisone, laxatives, birth control pills, Dilantin, and antibiotics. Fluorescent light inactivates B6, so much of the food in the supermarket is depleted of this vitamin by the time it is consumed. Pyridoxine is water soluble, so much is lost when vegetables are cooked.

B12 is required for the synthesis of the internal and external components, and function of all nerve fibers, particularly the peripheral nerves, including the fatty coating which surrounds the nerves; myelin sheath. Thus, symptoms relative to the function of the brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles often dominate the clinical picture of B12 deficiency. It was discovered that liver contains large amounts of B12, but it also stores a unique substance called intrinsic factor, which is an essential aid to B12 absorption. Since 1955 most complexes of all vitamins are synthesized, which contains none of this essential absorptive aid. B12 naturally contains cobalt. Cobalt deficiency in the soil shows up as B12 deficiency within animals. B12 testing is difficult to procure even by blood testing. However, blood tests are advisable with moderate to severe deficiency and should include hemoglobin, red blood cell count, MCH, MCV, MCHC, and a serum B12 level. It is only useful for individuals who take no B12 supplements. Severe deficiency — if left untreated, prolonged B12 deficiency may result in permanent damage of the peripheral nerves. In extreme cases where the absorption of B12 from foods is compromised, injections may be necessary. Extreme deficiency produces symptoms of permanent damage to the peripheral as well as spinal nerves. Intramuscular B12 shots on a daily or weekly basis are required to rapidly correct this potentially serious condition. Additional sublingual B12 (1,000 mcg daily) forms are absorbed directly from the tissues in the mouth into the bloodstream. Oral forms are typically poorly absorbed by individuals with chronic B12 deficiency. Folic acid enhances the utilization of B12. Dietary B12 is found exclusively in foods of animal origin, including organ meat, lean red muscular meats, poultry, fish, eggs and milk products. Plant sources, like seaweed and freshwater algae (the only plant sources) are far less efficient than animal sources. Meats should be derived from organically raised animals free of hormones, pesticides, and other toxic substances. Avoid pork. Cook meat on lowest temperature and no more than medium or medium rare, otherwise you will inactivate the most biologically active component; intrinsic factor. Alcohol destroys B12 as well as its absorption. Eliminate refined sugar from the diet and alcohol.

Blood type A’s are more susceptible to pernicious anemia because they have difficulty absorbing B12 from foods. Type AB’s have a tendency toward pernicious anemia, although not as great as type A’s. The reason for this deficiency is that the body’s use of B12 requires high levels of stomach acid and the presence of intrinsic factor, a chemical produced by the lining of the stomach that is responsible for B12 assimilation. Type A’s and AB’s have lower levels of intrinsic factor than other blood types, and they don’t produce as much stomach acid. For this reason, Type A’s and AB’s often suffer from pernicious anemia. I take my vitamin B supplement with minerals when I consume my animal protein meal and take hydrochloric acid. It makes sense to consume supplements with foods highest in those nutrients, because the cofactors present in the food to utilize those nutrients are present, creating a higher probability for synergy. Type O and B tend not to suffer from anemia because they have high acid content in their stomachs and sufficient levels of intrinsic factor. But if they do, it’s very likely because they are not making enough hydrochloric acid. This is especially true if they have acid reflux, GERD, heartburn or other similar digestive complaints.

Folic Acid is involved either directly or indirectly in virtually every chemical reaction occurring within the body because it controls the very basis of human existence; cellular growth and regeneration. There is no life without folic acid. Considering that 90% of teenagers are consuming less than the RDA of folic acid in their diets and the fact that many teenagers maintain habits that cause the destruction of folic acid, and it is easy to comprehend why this deficiency is so widespread in adults. Folic acid can be utilized for anxiety, and depression. Top sources of folic acid include organ meats, yeast, chicken, rice bran, dark green leafy vegetables, lean beef, veal, eggs, and whole grains. Organically grown foods contain a greater concentration of foliates than those grown by commercial farming methods. Consume the juices of the meat which is where the folic acid is found. ÷Tissue levels of folic acid may be dangerously low and made more deficient by agents that deplete and/or destroy folic acid; alcohol (as little as one glass of wine per day), cigarette smoke, chewing tobacco, stress, antibiotics, aspirin, marijuana and drugs. Pesticides and herbicides destroy folic acid, as do fumigants used to spray fresh produce. Folic acid is highly sensitive to light and fluorescent light may lead to a dramatic reduction of folate levels. Cooking destroys this vitamin and 95% can be lost during preparation. Cook at lowest temperatures to prevent destroying folic acid in food. Avoid alcohol, refined sugars, white rice, caffeine, and white flour.

Calcium Consume whole fat organic, cultured dairy. Avoid substances that deplete calcium like cigarette smoke, coffee, antacids, soda, and refined sugars. Calcium channel-blockers deplete calcium also.
Chromium is found in relatively few foods. Chromium picolinate is the supplement I take.
Phosphorus Antacids deplete phosphorus and can cause severe deficiency that is life-threatening. Also, cortisone, alcohol, refined sugar and iron suppleness impede phosphorus absorption.
Potassium is critical for survival. Without it, death rapidly results from sudden cardiac arrest. Potassium is the heart's nerve agent, initiating impulses to stimulate contractions of heart muscle fibers. Deficiency has a negative impact on every nerve in the body, and is implicated in memory loss, impaired intellect, depression, irritability and/or agitation, nervousness, and chronic headaches. Fresh tree-ripened fruits and vegetables are rich sources of potassium. Nuts and seeds also contain potassium.
Magnesium deficient individuals suffer from stroke, dementia, anxiety/depression and Parkinson's disease. Magnesium is depleted by alcohol, refined sugar. Avoid magnesium carbonate, oxide and sulfate because they are poorly absorbed. Magnesium rich foods include dark green leafy vegetables, almonds, seeds. Magnesium aspartate or taurate is amino acid chelated for better absorption. Serum blood tests are not accurate. Both serum and intracellular levels should be assayed. However, it is possible to develop significant deficiency and have normal blood test results.

Supplementation is no substitute for optimum nutrition.
NOTE: I cannot advise you about taking a doctor prescribed medication. You must decide for yourself if it make sense to continue consuming things that cause or contribute to deficiency, and sabotage all efforts to restore your health. It doesn't matter how nice a person he/she is, or if they are highly respected in their field. If your current doctor isn't willing to have a conversation with you about how he/she can help you restore your health without drugs, I'd find a doctor who will.

Yes, Candida yeast overgrowth and leaky gut symptoms include depression, anxiety, and a long list of other mental symptoms. The connection is yeast uses the same nutrients you do for its growth and so increases deficiency. Leaky gut causes malabsorption which predisposes to deficiency. You can take supplements, but if these two conditions are not also corrected, you will spend a lot of money on a lot of pills and get absolutely nowhere. I know because that's what I did for 20 years. I took 150 pills every day trying to get nutrients in supplement form and they made me worse.

Social interactions would be so much easier ...

Wow! You are doing a really great job. I like how you ____.
Hey this is great!
You are doing a good job!
You made such a positive difference/contribution by doing...
I appreciate all of the hard work and effort you put into...
You did an amazing job! I appreciate you more than words can express.
I appreciate your extraordinary efforts in doing something extremely difficult.

I got slammed the other day when I told someone I was proud of them, and I didn't understand why they took it the wrong way. It really cut me to the heart (because I care so deeply) and felt I didn't deserve the reaction I got. Their response severed our relationship because now I feel I can't trust them with my thoughts and feelings.

The person took offense because in their mind, if a counselor or mentor says, “I’m proud of you”, it feels too much like Mom or an authority figure in that relationship. That's not at all how I would think. She wanted to hear."Yes, you are headed in the right direction. Let's build on this.” Her thought was, she is not coming to me to make me proud and that my focus should be on her. My focus was on her and her extraordinary efforts in doing something extremely difficult, not on her making me proud.

A lot more is read into the words "I'm proud of you" than I imagined. My mind takes things at face value. For me, there aren't layers of meaning. I used to say, "I can't read between the lines because there's nothing written there." Then I realized other people write between the lines in invisible ink. It is unfair to the person speaking for the listener to inject, either silently in their mind or out loud, thoughts about the words they hear after it is filtered through their own past negative experiences and misperceptions. There is no way to anticipate the innumerable ways people can twist what we say.

I was late at developing these social understandings because I was chronically ill for 30 years and before that I lived in a world where I avoided social interaction because it was abusive (physically, but especially emotionally). People hurt me, so I stayed far away from them. I couldn't learn positive social skills in unhealthy social situations. If someone had said to me "I'm proud of you," it would have been life changing - no matter who said it. When I say it, it's meant to be my highest compliment and life changing for the person I say it to.

If I were to continue further with the idea of 'reading between the lines', my thoughts could twist, "Yes, you are headed in the right direction. Let's build on this" into implying - you were headed in the wrong direction and what you've done so far isn't good enough. See how confusing it can be to communicate with people and why I default to keeping it simple by interpreting things in the positive, based only on the words used and not reading anything more into what is said. I wish people did that. Social interactions would be so much easier.

Upon further reflection it occurred to me that there is a wound present from a past hurt possibly dealing with unresolved issues with an authority figure. She may have been self protecting, which often the results are pride, hurt feelings, and/or feeling looked down upon.

I've had my meaning twisted more than once with various people throughout my life. If not the person I was speaking to, then people who heard what I said and took it the wrong way. I hate walking on egg shells around people. I had to do that with my father because if there was a way to take it the wrong way, he did and it was exhausting. I had to be guarded with him and have worked very hard to unlearn a lot of things. I have demolished rules I had about myself and others that built walls to protect my emotions. As a result of being raised by someone who habitually took offense, I learned how not to be and I’ve learned to put a lot of thought and care into how I speak to people and gotten a lot of practice at not letting their "negative" responses get to me. I know I have a good heart and pure motives. I’ve become courageously transparent, which makes me more vulnerable emotionally, but I prefer taking my chances, because I can't go back to the isolation of self protecting. God can't use me there.

We cannot walk on egg shells around people with these kinds of wounds. If expressing my concern and sadness about how they misinterpreted my encouraging comment in a way that was not intended would be helpful, not only to clear the air and help them see my heart for what it truly is, but also for them to learn from, I will go there. As their coach, maybe this is an opportunity placed in front of me to help them see that a complement can be just that. Otherwise, I gave my encouragement from a place of love and genuine care for them — what they think or say about it is on them, not me. God wants us to do the best we can with what we have, and that’s what I do. I will appeal to the people I need to, by being ME and not trying to be anyone else.

Time is running out


I have a clock ticking inside my head, constantly pushing me forward. I know you hear your clock too? I never heard the clock until my 30’s and each year since the clock has become louder and faster. When I hit 50, the tick-tock of my clock started harmonizing with the thump-thump of my heart, creating an overwhelming reminder that there will never be enough time to make all the impact I want to bring the world.
Can you connect to this? If so, then your clock is probably going crazy most of the time!
The year is almost over! I didn’t spend as much time with my children as I wanted to! I didn’t finish my garden beds! I didn’t write these articles! I didn’t get to train my horse as much as I planned to! My home maintenance projects didn’t get done! Sound familiar?
We all have more to do in a day than our bodies or time will allow.
Don’t try to keep up with your ever-accelerating clock, because that creates more stress. Most people are living as if there isn't enough time. Stress chemistry increases insulin and cortisol. Elevated cortisol skews time perception so it feels like you are running out of time. Time is here and then it’s gone. You can’t "save time". What you can do is live in the present and make it memorable. You can create spaciousness and live as if there is enough time and have more trust that things happen the way there are supposed to happen. The Universe has a way of slowing you down, and you don't want that. Be aware of when you are in fear, fight or flight, emotionally driven survival mode thinking and hit the brakes. Get into your left brain, logical, creative, wise, authentic brain where you function more deliberately and less on instinct. You see opportunities and avoid making time consuming mistakes. Functioning 90% of the time in left brain thinking mode will keep you into relaxation physiology, which will literally slow time down. Your perception of time will shift and you will accomplish much more in the same 60 minutes than you would living in survival mode (stress). It may even surprise you with time to spare.
Don’t try and wrangle yourself into other people’s strategies that won’t work for you. Use proven strategies that work with your body and not against it. Strategies that are a good fit for your unique biochemistry, and that may reveal where your lifestyle isn’t working for your highest good and asking you to make changes.
And the answer is definitely not to spend a lot of money trying to find the thing that finally works for you. I kissed a lot of frogs before I found the strategy that worked for me and for my clients. When I found strategies and tools, I tested them and tweaked them and tested them again. Then, I started sharing them as I gave my gift to everyone who was receptive to my message in a way that can change people’s lives.

Remember, your ticking clock means you have to value and make efficient use of your most valuable asset - time. Don’t fight your clock – become comfortable with it by creating spaciousness. Simplify your life by eliminating the "stuff" that unnecessarliy clutters your schedule. Let go of perfectionism. Live in the moment, not in the future or the past. Schedule time for relaxation, play, creativity, and make quality and quantity sleep a priority.

If you have questions, I am here for you. Reach out to me in an email from my contact page. I look forward to serving you.
Johnna Wheeler


We don’t like uncertainty and we want control.

My clients health, food, weight concerns and eating issues are directly connected to the strategies they use to brace against uncertainty and fears about life, love, $, and health. Economic instability and uncertainty contributes to stress. We have not been taught how to do uncertainty, which creates stress.

Stress causes decreased digestive function and calorie burning, and eventual cellular and chemical wearing down of the weakest links the your body. Chronic stress depletes the human system, leading to unwanted symptoms and behaviors. It’s predictable.

There is an obstacle called “control”. Because life is uncertain, sometimes intimidating, and life ultimately has its way with us, we try to overpower life through control. We control our feelings (anger, lust, desire, selfishness, greed), desires, impulses, fears, loved ones, friends, diet, exercise - anything. We become control freaks, because it helps us feel safe and powerful. Ultimately, too much control stops the flow of life, creativity, love, healing energy within the body and wisdom.

Extreme control becomes “perfectionism” - the search for the perfect diet, perfect body, perfect weight, perfect lifestyle, the perfect schedule, perfect health. Always around the corner from perfectionism and intense control is self-abuse. I notice where in life you try to control.

Control is a symbolic substitute for that thing that were looking for, which is a sense of trust and connection. If I trusted life and felt connected to the greater whole, I wouldn’t have such a need to control stuff. The reality and truth of the matter is, what can we really control? Very little, really. The universe works on it’s own and it doesn’t need us to manage it. And yet, when it comes to food, many of us think “well if I can’t control my life, the world, my spouse, kids, etc. then I will control my diet and my weight.

The truth is that life is uncertain. The truth is that life has always been uncertain and it always will be. Uncertainty is the way of the universe and it’s okay. It’s not so bad as we’ve made it out to be. Uncertainty is a basic cosmic law. Uncertainty exists and, strangely enough, it guides us. Uncertainty is the “void” before creation. Metaphysically, chaos and uncertainty always precedes creation.

Embracing uncertainty allows us to let go of control. It allows for the magic of life to happen. When we are trying to control, the magic can’t happen. When we relax into uncertainty, wisdom is born. Can you relax into not knowing? Can you embrace the journey and the unknown, instead of resisting and bracing against it?

Clients often come to me in great fear of uncertainty and looking for control. They could be dealing with weight, digestive and mood issues, food allergies, they hate their life and their body. I ask questions and gather information. I make the connections and sometimes connections reveal themselves. My job as a coach is to help my clients relax into uncertainty. What heals is when we learn to trust around uncertainty, around finances and surrender to change.