Time is running out


I have a clock ticking inside my head, constantly pushing me forward. I know you hear your clock too? I never heard the clock until my 30’s and each year since the clock has become louder and faster. When I hit 50, the tick-tock of my clock started harmonizing with the thump-thump of my heart, creating an overwhelming reminder that there will never be enough time to make all the impact I want to bring the world.
Can you connect to this? If so, then your clock is probably going crazy most of the time!
The year is almost over! I didn’t spend as much time with my children as I wanted to! I didn’t finish my garden beds! I didn’t write these articles! I didn’t get to train my horse as much as I planned to! My home maintenance projects didn’t get done! Sound familiar?
We all have more to do in a day than our bodies or time will allow.
Don’t try to keep up with your ever-accelerating clock, because that creates more stress. Most people are living as if there isn't enough time. Stress chemistry increases insulin and cortisol. Elevated cortisol skews time perception so it feels like you are running out of time. Time is here and then it’s gone. You can’t "save time". What you can do is live in the present and make it memorable. You can create spaciousness and live as if there is enough time and have more trust that things happen the way there are supposed to happen. The Universe has a way of slowing you down, and you don't want that. Be aware of when you are in fear, fight or flight, emotionally driven survival mode thinking and hit the brakes. Get into your left brain, logical, creative, wise, authentic brain where you function more deliberately and less on instinct. You see opportunities and avoid making time consuming mistakes. Functioning 90% of the time in left brain thinking mode will keep you into relaxation physiology, which will literally slow time down. Your perception of time will shift and you will accomplish much more in the same 60 minutes than you would living in survival mode (stress). It may even surprise you with time to spare.
Don’t try and wrangle yourself into other people’s strategies that won’t work for you. Use proven strategies that work with your body and not against it. Strategies that are a good fit for your unique biochemistry, and that may reveal where your lifestyle isn’t working for your highest good and asking you to make changes.
And the answer is definitely not to spend a lot of money trying to find the thing that finally works for you. I kissed a lot of frogs before I found the strategy that worked for me and for my clients. When I found strategies and tools, I tested them and tweaked them and tested them again. Then, I started sharing them as I gave my gift to everyone who was receptive to my message in a way that can change people’s lives.

Remember, your ticking clock means you have to value and make efficient use of your most valuable asset - time. Don’t fight your clock – become comfortable with it by creating spaciousness. Simplify your life by eliminating the "stuff" that unnecessarliy clutters your schedule. Let go of perfectionism. Live in the moment, not in the future or the past. Schedule time for relaxation, play, creativity, and make quality and quantity sleep a priority.

If you have questions, I am here for you. Reach out to me in an email from my contact page. I look forward to serving you.
Johnna Wheeler


We don’t like uncertainty and we want control.

My clients health, food, weight concerns and eating issues are directly connected to the strategies they use to brace against uncertainty and fears about life, love, $, and health. Economic instability and uncertainty contributes to stress. We have not been taught how to do uncertainty, which creates stress.

Stress causes decreased digestive function and calorie burning, and eventual cellular and chemical wearing down of the weakest links the your body. Chronic stress depletes the human system, leading to unwanted symptoms and behaviors. It’s predictable.

There is an obstacle called “control”. Because life is uncertain, sometimes intimidating, and life ultimately has its way with us, we try to overpower life through control. We control our feelings (anger, lust, desire, selfishness, greed), desires, impulses, fears, loved ones, friends, diet, exercise - anything. We become control freaks, because it helps us feel safe and powerful. Ultimately, too much control stops the flow of life, creativity, love, healing energy within the body and wisdom.

Extreme control becomes “perfectionism” - the search for the perfect diet, perfect body, perfect weight, perfect lifestyle, the perfect schedule, perfect health. Always around the corner from perfectionism and intense control is self-abuse. I notice where in life you try to control.

Control is a symbolic substitute for that thing that were looking for, which is a sense of trust and connection. If I trusted life and felt connected to the greater whole, I wouldn’t have such a need to control stuff. The reality and truth of the matter is, what can we really control? Very little, really. The universe works on it’s own and it doesn’t need us to manage it. And yet, when it comes to food, many of us think “well if I can’t control my life, the world, my spouse, kids, etc. then I will control my diet and my weight.

The truth is that life is uncertain. The truth is that life has always been uncertain and it always will be. Uncertainty is the way of the universe and it’s okay. It’s not so bad as we’ve made it out to be. Uncertainty is a basic cosmic law. Uncertainty exists and, strangely enough, it guides us. Uncertainty is the “void” before creation. Metaphysically, chaos and uncertainty always precedes creation.

Embracing uncertainty allows us to let go of control. It allows for the magic of life to happen. When we are trying to control, the magic can’t happen. When we relax into uncertainty, wisdom is born. Can you relax into not knowing? Can you embrace the journey and the unknown, instead of resisting and bracing against it?

Clients often come to me in great fear of uncertainty and looking for control. They could be dealing with weight, digestive and mood issues, food allergies, they hate their life and their body. I ask questions and gather information. I make the connections and sometimes connections reveal themselves. My job as a coach is to help my clients relax into uncertainty. What heals is when we learn to trust around uncertainty, around finances and surrender to change.

You are a strong Oak Tree

Your journey is very much like an acorn. The acorn has inside it the blueprint to become an oak tree and a future as an oak tree is its goal, destiny, meant to become. There is a future that pulls the oak tree within into its oak tree nature. The acorn is already an oak tree, but it needs to transform through the various stages and processes of becoming that tree. To do that, the acorn needs very specific environmental and nutritional conditions (soil, water, sunlight, nutrients, air) to be met. Then the acorn can fulfill its potential. Sigmund Freud hinted that all of come from a dysfunctional past and that if we can somehow heal the garbage that happened back then, then we will be okay, and able to fulfill our potential. The truth is that your dysfunctional past is essential in the growing of your acorn. These things would be likened to the acorn being too wet or too dry for a period, or being carried to a different location that is less than ideal for a time, setting back its growth. Perhaps the wind is too strong during a storm and causes the leaves and even a branch to be torn off. This makes the tree stronger, not weaker.

Oak tree

The soul often learns life lessons through pain and suffering. This is life's grand workshop in which a Greater Intelligence is asking us to evolve through the pains, challenges, hurts of being alive on earth and all that means. Not having the perfect anything, that we want. Even when you get what you want, there are challenges. The foundation of all mental illness is the unwillingness to experience legitimate suffering. Life is putting us through a powerful program in which we are challenged and pushed to our edge sometimes. It’s hard, it’s difficult, but when we allow the pain and suffering to crack us open then something beautiful is revealed. Your acorn cracks open and the little tree begins to grow.

Your journey is right for your soul's growth and character development. Make your story right, accept it as the best way to grow your oak tree and choose it. This makes you stronger.
This is how positive psychology views life.

Part of restoring health is empowering yourself. Picture in your mind, you are an oak tree. The natural forces around you move your leaves, branches and may even cause your trunk to sway slightly, but it is because your are flexible where you need to be and the base is immovable because the roots go deep. The strongest tree is the one that stands alone in a field with no support from other trees, is tested by strong winds, driving rain, drought, and intense sun. The trees that grow with other trees close by, fall over from the roots when the other trees around them are removed because they were sheltered from the same environment that made the tree alone in the field stronger. That isn’t you! You are independent, powerful, beautiful, enduring. The trials in your life were designed to make you stronger. Empower your self image with this mental picture. Nothing will happen today that God has not already prepared you for. Relax and trust that He has a divine plan for your life and every detail, every step is going to put you in the most favorable position for healing and restoration. Not just your body, but your whole family. Empower yourself with that thought by slowing down and thinking about it periodically throughout the day. Say to yourself, “I am an oak tree!”

Your perception becomes your reality

Yesterday, I received a disturbing email from someone inquiring about my work.

She wrote, "Johnna, I get that I have Systemic Candidiasis and Leaky Gut. I've tried so many things, without results. You are my last hope! I just worry that I am not disciplined enough - what if I try harder, and start your program and then realize I am not able to do it?"

There are so many things that disturb me about this email, and I know how to address all of her concerns, but I will focus on the last part of that question.

I know you're reading this because you want advice about how to recover from Candida. You want your health back. You want your life back. You want to be YOU again. I understand completely.

I have the strategy and provide the support to help you do all those things. But here's something I absolutely CANNOT do. I cannot change the basic Laws of the Universe, and one of those laws says that anytime you take ownership of something by attaching the words, "I am" or "I can't..." you immediately set forces in motion and it begins to come true in your life. This can work for or against you, but that depends entirely upon YOU.

In other words, whatever you believe about yourself and your life, whether you're sick or healthy, weak or strong willed, disciplined or not...the moment you say those words (in your head or out loud), you take ownership of it and everything in your brain goes to work to make that statement TRUE. It's an agreement you make between your soul/spirit and the spiritual forces in the Universe, combined with cognitive bias. If you ignore this law, it is at your own peril. Your words are powerful, so everything you speak and think shape your reality.

Saying or thinking, "I'm never going to get my health back", diminishes you. Or, "I can do this!" empowers you. Both of these mindsets create either negative or positive energy that you radiate outwardly from the inner-most parts of your being. That energy immediately interacts with the energy of people around you, and with the Universe, causing the results you birth in your mind. What you project, reflects back at you.

When I first started my private practice, it was all about strategy. I taught the "how", and I walked people through doing it. They started and then fizzled out, because I didn't fully recognize that 95% of healing starts in the brain. I went back to college and studied "Brain Retraining". Then I shifted my program to give even more mindset support and increased client accountability. I help my clients develop the mental and emotional skills to change their health status, but also their reality, which includes every part of their life; relationships with self and others. I help people have breakthroughs. But unless my clients step into a bigger, grander, more powerful vision of themselves, they won't be able to achieve the results they so desperately want and need in their life, and will continue as they have been.

Disease in the body is asking us to wake up, be self aware, self evolve, do life differently, learn life lessons, step into our personal power, and discover our passion and purpose for being here. Then, give the gift of ourselves to the world. I can't do this transformation for my clients. I can only give them the tools to do it for themselves.

Now, clients come through the program having achieve stunning, life changing results. They have personal power they never knew they possessed, a can-do attitude and the health to create the life they've dreamed of having for themselves and those closest to them. They did that!

Right now, there's a healthy, creative, energetic, authentic, and joy filled person inside of you. There's a life-changer inside you just waiting to be unleashed. And every day you delay healing is a day of your life lost to chronic symptom, illness and a shorter life expectancy. You get to decide when you want to start living your best life going forward and who you want to be from now on.

Sometimes I have to put 'death on the table' for people. Do you think my protocol would be more difficult than chemotherapy and radiation treatments or kidney dialysis? Of course not, but people wait so long that those become their only options.

The most difficult thing about my work, which I am very passionate about because I hate to see people suffer, is knowing I need to let people have their own journey. Perhaps they need to go round in the spin cycle of repeated trial and error again, before they are ready to stop the madness, see the life lesson they've been missing, learn it and pass the test, so they stop sabotaging their own healing and get on with it.

Do you want to stay stuck in yesterday's thinking and limitations? Or, do you want to bring to the surface and embrace the best parts of the person that I know is deep inside you, just waiting to be discovered, nurtured and known by the rest of the world? It's a choice I had to make and every one of my clients have to make that choice too. Healing begins in the mind, and this isn't about 'psychiatry,' but about discovering who you are on the deepest level; your soul, spirit, vital essence.

From my own personal experience with this type of transformation, every time I make the choice not to stay as I am, but to evolve, I step into a whole new and improved version of myself that I never knew was in me and of my life that I never thought possible. We are either evolving or de-evolving, but we get to decide which direction we are going.

The system this person, and so many people have been following unsuccessfully was designed not to work, was not specifically created for them and didn't include all of who they are; the whole person.

I educate, support, and challenge my clients to create the conditions for healing in their bodies and lives, by following a system that is specifically designed just for them and includes all of who they are; mind, soul and body, because it is all connected. I help my clients create and live in a physiological state of relaxation, because the body can only heal when it is relaxed; calm, rest, sleep, as opposed to stress, push, force, discipline, control. When you are motivated from desire, faith, love and hope, self discipline is not required.

God in His wisdom only gives us the information we need, in the moment we need it because if we have the big picture of our life from beginning to end, we wouldn't be able to handle the magnitude of it. If God had revealed to me in my early 20's, "You are going to lose your health, run on the hamster wheel of repeated trial and error for 30 years to learn what doesn't work and almost die of malnutrition, then develop the strategy to get your health back and go to college, so you can help people recover from the very thing that almost killed you, because this is My plan and purpose for your life," it would have freaked me out. Right! He had to give it to me in 'baby steps'; do this, then do this … God knows would be able to look back and see how every piece of the puzzle fit together to create the big picture that became my story, my journey. The same is true for you too. If each of us had the big picture, it would overwhelm us, so we simply need to commit to doing the plan as it is given to each of us, each day. We already do this every day.

In the same respect, I give my clients an outline of how we will proceed, but they don't not know every detail about how this is going to work. When I look at the big picture for each of my clients, because I know the details, it overwhelms me. So, I have to break it down into pieces that I can manage and then convey it to my clients as needed. I help my clients relax into uncertainty and trust that it will work. Together, we can do this.

It is time to say, "I can" and "I will." The health and life you want is waiting for you to evolve and claim it! It is so close and within reach. If you are ready to get out of your own way and step forward into healing, email me - Johnna Wheeler at johnna@wholefamilyhealthandnutrition.com

Get off the fence

What is EUSTRESS and how to work with it?

The first step to help you move through any situation is to accept what is. Don't attach any emotion to it; don't overthink, wonder why, imagine the worst, don't think about the inconvenience and discomfort or obsess, don't go into fear, survival mode thinking - fight, flight or freeze, anxiety or victimhood. Just stay in your left brain where logic, creativity and wisdom reside. Believe that everything will work out for the best.

Evaluate the situation, and use your creativity and problem solving skills to develop a plan or strategy. Then do the plan. If something isn't working as planned, simply adjust the plan and keep going. Keep your focus on the goal.

Breathe, relax into uncertainty and create spaciousness; live as if you have enough time. This will keep you in more of a relaxed state and help you avoid stressing too much or freaking out. What you are feeling is 'eustress' which gives you clear thinking, quick reflexes and physical strength when needed. It is a good kind of stress that helps you get things done.

When the crisis is over, let it go. Don't rethink it or think about it at all. Just go on to the next thing.

During the time you were in eustress, blood was shunted away from your digestive organs to provide resources to other parts of your body for quick thinking and action. This caused your meals eaten around that time to get backed up, because digestion and motility slowed or stopped. You may experience some acid reflux because food is sitting in your stomach. This is normal. Expect to be constipated the next day or two until things in your gut get moving again and all systems return to normal. Take care of yourself and work with the process.

How you see yourself influences how the world sees you

Body Image

The first time you, as a child looked in the mirror, you identified you as you. You became amazed and stared at your reflection in a very positive way.

We start to observe the world and what we see is conditioned by parents, society, the media and peers. We get confirmation from the world; "I'm acceptable or I'm not okay as I am. I'm lovable or not worthy of love. I'm smart or stupid. I'm pretty or ugly. I'm thin or fat."

The psyche functions through images. How you imagine your body is a subjective experience that can generate very concrete perceptions. You see what you believe. You don’t believe what you see. You create very strong conclusions that you think are correct, and they are not. This is at the core of how you see your body. Your belief skews your perception of yourself.

How you see yourself is how you imagine others see you. You are projecting what is in your imagination, on others, when that’s really not how they see you at all. Your imagination is subject to change and flights of fancy and can change from day to day, depending on who you are, how you are feeling, and where you are. You are going to constantly re-image yourself, because who you are changes as you get older. You imagine a very different self at 25 than you were at 15 and at 50 than you were at 25.

The way you imagine your body will lead to how you treat it, feed it, love/not love it, and how you move through the world.

When you empower the way you look at your body with a belief (positive or negative), that creates your world. You believe what you imagine and that creates your reality. That’s the power of the mind. If you look in the mirror and your subjective perception says, “You look good”. Then your concrete perception will agree and you will be walking through the world resonating that out.

The whole world will be a mirror back to you, of the perception and inner conversation you are resonating outwardly, which comes from your self perception and self talk.

How are you imagining your body; sweet, wonderful, lovable, pleasurable, touchable, attractive or hatable, contemptible, unlikable, boring, not interesting, not what you want?

When you look in the mirror and self attack, then you walk through the world resonating out those subtle, silent statements or mantras; “I am not good enough, I am not worthy, I’m not lovable as I am”. That’s what you will attract back to you; the kind of people who will think about and treat you the way you think about and treat yourself. Look at the energy you give to the image you have of yourself. Ask yourself, “How’s that working for me?”
I am a Certified Eating Psychology Coach. To understand you as a coach, I need to understand how you are looking at your body and really see how you see your body, which gives me the foundation to begin to understand your mind and reality as it relates to your body. I want you to start being aware of what you are imaging and how other people see you, through your own self perception. Your image is charged with a feeling, emotion, energy, desires, judgements, celebrations and with a set of beliefs. That’s what we’re exploring here. I will help you start to do a little shape shifting. The strategies I will be doing with you, very slowly, will help you reimagine and reinvent your world.