Homeopathic Treatment of Dog with Seizures

Peanut 1
Peanut, an 18 month old female Collie

Peanut was the runt of the litter. At 6 months old she had a bad reaction to vaccinations, one of which was a vaccination for Lyme disease which is known to cause kidney damage. Peanut peed blood for 3 weeks following that vaccination. At one year old she got flees and had a bad reaction to the pyrethrin in the "natural" flee treatment used on her. Immediately, she started having seizures. The vet prescribed two medications for seizures, but they didn't help. She had a seizure almost daily and the side effects of the medication were noticeable.

When I learned about Peanut she was 13 months old. Her owner approached me and asked if I could help. I recommended nutritional changes and Peanut improved, but the seizures did not change. I recommended homeopathy, but some members of the family wanted to strictly follow the vets treatment of Peanut. They were told to give the two seizure medications twice daily, but also additional doses between seizures. Peanut was becoming toxic on the medication and her liver wasn't happy.

When Peanut came into my full time care September 6, 2017, she wouldn't eat. The seizure medication caused digestive distress and I knew she couldn't continue for long without eating, much less recover her health. The owner shared the link to an article she found "Study Shows Homeopathy Treats Epilepsy And Seizures In Dogs." In the 2007 study, one single remedy (Belladonna) was used on 10 dogs with idiopathic seizures. I read the study and noticed that one remedy given over several weeks or months is not the way homeopathy works.

The first thing to do was wean Peanut off seizure medication, which took 3 days. Within two days she was eating normally. As I studied her to learn which remedies were indicated by her symptoms, I found that several remedies were needed. Most of them I had, but others needed to be ordered.

At first, Peanut had several seizures daily, at all hours of the day and night. Each seizure continued for one full hour, with a shock to her brain every 2 seconds. I quickly realized her seizure activity was emanating from her liver, which had become toxic, but from what?

Peanut's seizures were decreasing in frequency and so she visited home for one day. This was after two weeks of detoxing at my home. During her 24 hour visit she seized all day. She peed blood for several days after returning to my home. I inquired further and learned that her owner has a hair salon in her home. Vaccinations contain Ammonium sulfate and salon treatments contain Ammonium hydrochloride. Ammonium goes to the brain causing seizures and then burns the desiccant kidneys on the way out. Also, RoundUp (Glyphosate) is sprayed on his lawn at home so Peanut was absorbing herbicide into her body through her feet. It took about 3 days to reverse this set-back, but I learned some very useful things as a result of her brief home visit.

The length of time between Peanut's seizures gradually increased until I could count days, instead of hours. She received no remedies and didn't have a seizure between Monday, October 9th and Friday, October 20th = 11 days. Then, it's like we started all over gain. Working with homeopathic remedies is like peeling an onion. A remedy will unlock a trauma the body suffered and expose something deeper, which requires a different remedy.

The frequency of her seizures increased literally over night without any apparent cause, other than exposing a deeper layer of her "onion". However, the duration of her seizures varied from less than 30 seconds to 30 minutes, instead of one hour. Her seizures were different. There was howling, other verbalizations and different movements. Her tongue turned blue. She used to seize between 8-11 p.m., but now she seizes any time of the day or night. I couldn't leave the house and my sleep was impacted greatly in terms of quantity and quality.

The remedies I gave to Peanut focused on
1) Never well since vaccination.
2) Adverse reaction to vaccinations.
3) Exposure to toxins that overwhelmed her liver, including Ammonium, Glyphosate, pyrethrin and overdosing on seizure medication.
4) Liver toxicity
5) Possible parasite involvement
6) Concussion at about the same time as the reaction to flea treatment.

She received Belladonna 30c five times daily and 200c during seizures for the first week of treatment, but that wasn't getting the job done. When indicated, I introduced Bufo, Cicuta Virosa, Hypericum, Thuja, Vaccinum Nosode, Silica, Sulfur, Nux Vomica, Calcarea Carbonica, Absinthium, Phosphorus, Lycopodium and Arnica Montana. I gave two courses of Enliv'n to counter-act the vaccination for Lyme Disease. As each remedy fulfills its purpose and no longer causes improvement, it is discontinued and as another remedy is indicated and introduced she keeps peeling that onion. As her needs and remedies change, her seizures are getting farther apart and shorter, which is an improvement not seen previously. Sometimes she seizes for 2 seconds and comes right back out of it on her own, with no remedy given. That's new! What I realized is Peanut had a concussion from running head long into a fence at about the same time as the reaction to flea treatment. She was treated by the vet for seizures, instead of concussion. When she didn't have a seizure for 11 days, it was because I was out of town and my husband didn't allow our dogs to play with her. When I returned and my husband went back to work, they played and Peanut hit her head, reinsuring her concussion. When we returned home after being going shopping all day, Peanut got overly excited and the stimulation to her brain triggered a seizure within an hour. What is done in the hospital for humans how have brain injury is they are sedated or put into a coma. Peanut needed to be calm and rest. Healing only happens in a physiologic state of relaxation, like during sleep. No walks, no playing and she started to recover again. It's been 4 days since her last seizure and she's bouncy, energetic and wants to go, go, go, but she needs to be supported in being seizure free for her healing to continue at home.

I have no idea how long it will take for Peanut to become completely seizure free, but I do know it takes a while for brain trauma (concussion) to heal. I have every confidence it will happen and she will be able to go home. There is one condition to her return home, however. Her family must make some changes.

Peanut 2

This is about more than a dog having seizures. Peanut is like the "canary in the mine," alerting her family to invisible dangers. I explained to her person that the chemicals she uses in her salon cause cancer, and so does the glyphosate on the lawn. This is a wake-up call to lifestyle changes asking to be made. Peanut needs optimum nutrition from Abady Dog Food, no seizure medications, light play (not rough play where she can hit her head), no vaccinations - ever, and a chemical free home. Otherwise, she's going to continue to have seizures.

Thank you to Peanuts person, who gave me permission to share her story.

More detail about the order given and homeopathic remedies used.
Bufo 200c - Seizures occur during night. Falls down with scream. Attacks followed by headache. Desire for solitude. Biting, howling, impatient, nervous, Tongue paralysis, tongue turns blue, lapping motion before attack. Comatose after spasms. Liver derangement. All symptoms worse on waking. Antidoted by Lach. IF SEIZURE OCCURS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT (10 p.m. - 2 a.m.) OTHERWISE, START WITH NEXT REMEDY.

Hypericum 200c - Removes mental and physical consequences of head injury, brain concussion. During sleep. WAIT 5 MINUTES BEFORE NEXT REMEDY.

Belladonna 200c - Acts on nerve centers producing twitching and convulsions. Violent and sudden attack. Dilated pupils. Convulsive movements. Spasms, shocks, jerks, and twitching constrictions in the whole body. Throws body forward and backward. Convulsions commence in the arm. Right sided. Desire to escape or hide. Biting, striking and tearing mania. Epilepsy. Spasms of eye lids. Staring. Difficult short, quick respiration, unequal. Worse 3-11 p.m., after midnight and not during the day. Jerks during sleep. Stretching out limbs. Retention of urine in bladder with sudden paralysis. Liver derangement. Calc Carb is often required to finish action of Belladonna. WAIT 5 MINUTES BEFORE NEXT REMEDY.

Sulphur 200c - Liver disorders. Loss of appetite. Antidotes Thuja. Antidoted by Thuja. Compliments Nux V, Lyc. Silica after Sulphur when pupils remain dilated. WAIT 5 MINUTES BEFORE NEXT REMEDY.

Lycopodium 200c - Liver derangement, kidneys heavy, red sediment, red sand. Urine retention, bloody with paraplegia or constipation. Acts with special benefit after Calc Carb. Compliments Calc Carb and Sulph. WAIT 5 MINUTES BEFORE NEXT REMEDY.

Phosphorus 200c - Brain disorders, epilepsy, liver disorders, vaccinosis. Liver congestion. Complimentary Lyc,, Sil., Nux V. WAIT 5 MINUTES BEFORE NEXT REMEDY.

Nux Vomica 200c - Liver toxic from drugs, chemicals. Antidoted by Bell, Thuja. Antidotes Thuja. Follows well Phos. WAIT 10-15 MINUTES BEFORE NEXT REMEDY.

Calcarea Carbonica 200c - Impaired nutrition, malnutrition. Follows Belladonna well. Vertigo, fall left, backward. Worse scratching head after epilepsy. During sleep. Liver derangement. Compliments Bell, Sil, Lyc. Antidoted by Nux V. and Sulph. Antidote to Phos. Complimentary Bell, Lyc, Sil. Follows well Sulph., Lyc., Nux V. (especially when pupils remain dilated). Followed well by Lyc, Phos, Nux V, Sil. WAIT 5 MINUTES BEFORE NEXT REMEDY.

Silica 200c - Action: Ill effects of vaccination, defective nutrition, malnutrition, arrested development. (runt). Organic changes, deep and slow in action. Spasms, epilepsy, aura in the solar plexus creeping into chest and stomach. Epilepsy screams violently, groaning. Worse from nervous excitement (keep calm). Worse from moon changes; new moon and full moon. Mind: faint hearted, anxious, nervous, excitable, sensitive to all impressions, brain fog, yielding. Wants of grit (fragile, sensitive). Convulsions, begin in solar plexus after vaccination. Liver derangement. Kidneys - urination with red or yellow sediment, thick, purulent, foul. Complimentary Thuja. Follows well Bell, Calc Carb., Phos. WAIT 5 MINUTES BEFORE NEXT REMEDY.

Arnica Montana 200c - Action, trauma and its effects, recent or past trauma in all its forms (physical or mental). Over use of any organ (liver), surgical operations. Mental - wants to be alone, brain disorders. Antidote to Cic. V. (take before). WAIT 10-15 MINUTES BEFORE NEXT REMEDY.

Cicuta Virosa 200c - Chief influence is on the brain, medulla oblongata, nervous system, GI tract and skin. Spasmotic, convulsions. Bending head, neck and spine backward and the general action is violent (swan dance), with frightful distortions. Utter prostration follows convulsive attacks, sudden rigidity, then jerks and violent distortions, then prostration. Spasms move downward with terrific violence, with sudden shocks through body or head, then rigidity. Eyes stare. Pupils dilated in concussion of brain, contracted in spasms. Eyelids twitch. Eyes roll, jerk, stare. Thirst. Sudden violent shocks through head. Bladder paralysis. Bending head backward is very characteristic. Howl. During sleep, recurrent daily x. Antidoted by Arn. Mont. WAIT 5 MINUTES BEFORE NEXT REMEDY.

Absinthium 200c - Excitement, restlessness, nervousness. Cerebral irritation, hysterical and infantile spasms. Epileptiform seizure. Convulsions proceeded by trembling. Grimace, bite tongue, foams. Sudden and severe giddiness, delirium with delusions. Tremors, nerves, tongue and heart. Paralysis of inner organs. Loss of memory, forgets. Wants nothing to do with anybody. Walks about in distress. Exhilaration followed by delirium (Bell) Brain congestion. Nerves: Falling dow in epilepsy, followed by spasms of the body and limbs, foam at mouth, biting tongue - blood, stupidity and loss of memory after. Compare to Cic. V.


Peanut needs:
No seizure meds - ever
No vaccinations - ever (Not even rabbis.) There is an Hx for that.
Abady for optimum nutrition
Chemical-free home and lawn
No excitement
No rough play