Are you living a stressful, survival mode lifestyle?

Time to search for four leaf clovers

As children it felt like we had all the time in the world and that time was not moving fast enough. The days passed by like weeks and we couldn't wait until the next big adventure; high school, graduation, college, and being a grown-up.

We were open to life and love. Discovery and learning were our jobs. Curiosity and adventure kept us open to new possibilities and we looked for them. We lived in the moment and noticed the little things. We took time to develop friendships and play games. We didn't worry or have stress about how bills would get paid or if we had enough insurance to cover the worst case scenario. Life was simpler when we were children, but why did that change?

How to make a change for the better.

Stress is making us age faster, but we can do something about it? We can choose to eliminate self chosen stressors in our lives and learn techniques to help us move through, not manage, the unavoidable stressors of life. Stress causes numerous unpleasant symptoms in the body, which most people prefer to medicate away. However, those medications only mask the symptoms, exacerbate the true cause and cause harm to other systems, which then increase unwanted symptoms, which they then medicate, and the assault on the body multiplies.

Symptoms are not the problem or the enemy, but they are our friends. They are body wisdom pointing us to the real problem. Symptoms can be fatigue, digestive and other health problems, allergies, illness, unwanted habits, mood swings, sleeplessness and diseases. Symptoms can also be overeating, binge eating, struggling with cravings, fear of food (fear of fat, protein or calories), fear of gaining weight or not being able to lose weight, chronic dieting, the need to be in control of appetite, feeling like a willpower weakling, poor body image and body hate.

All of these symptoms are calling us to embody, mature, evolve and transform ourselves from survival based living and thinking, to a heart centered, trust based, inter-connected spirituality on earth? Anything other than trust in God, is exhausting. It wears the body down, makes us overweight, sick and unhappy, and causes us to age faster.

We are living in a constant state of stress, which stimulates the fight or flight survival response and elevates cortisol. When you are in a stress response, elevated cortisol levels affect the way the clock in your brain perceives time. Cortisol skews your perception of time, so when you are in a stress response, and the lion is chasing you, time really is running out. The lion could be that you are late for a meeting or that you may not be able to meet a deadline because your schedule is over burdened.

When you look at fatigue and culture, clearly we are moving too fast. We are often chasing after empty life pursuits, that really don’t satisfy us. In culture there is an absence of what is sacred and a disconnection from God. We live in a toxic environment on a chemical, emotional and energetic level. We are stressed, not rested, disconnected from body wisdom, and tired. There’s a lot to do, and we are in a battle to reclaim time. We don’t have enough time to rest and replenish our energy in a way that balances out our work load. We turn to quick-fix substances that actually rob our cells of energy and permanently damage the mitochondria (energy producing organelle in the cells). Today people are tired but wired, and sick. As a species on this planet, we can’t continue this way. Many other species have gone extinct because they could not transition to a more evolved way of being in this world. We must evolve.

Self evolution is not easy. It's hard work and that’s why not everybody does it, but it grows one’s own character, makes us stronger and matures us. Stuff happens to us in this life that we don't always know how to process and handle well. We do the best we can, but those traumas internalize and become the unwanted symptoms that are our teachers. They cycle and resurface until we learn the lessons they are determined to teach us. These are the tools God uses to do His perfect work in us, but we don't always understand. Many of us spend far too many years in the spin cycle. Maybe an entire lifetime. We feel broken, but we are not broken beings. It’s all part of the task we are called to do during this life on earth.

Is Life asking you to grow, mature and transform as a whole person? We are created as a physical body that needs to be nourished and cared for in a way that works long term. We have a mind that needs to feel the entire emotional spectrum and an intellect that needs to learn, solve problems and to express creativity. The body is home for the soul, which has intuition, and gives us the sense of being in a body. Our soul is the connection between our physical body and our spirit. Our spirit is the immortal part of us that is not more important than the rest, just because it returns to God. Many of us focus on growing spiritually, when a balance and a synergy between all the parts (body, mind, soul and spirit) is needed to mature and evolve the whole being?

As a Mind-Body Nutrition Consultant, Life, Health & Weight Loss Coach, I help my clients explore and discover where Life is asking them to grow, and asking them to step up and evolve? I can help you make sense of the messages your body wisdom is trying to communicate to you through symptoms, unwanted habits, unwanted emotions, fatigue and disease. I am currently taking a limited number of practice clients. Please contact me if you are interested in mutually helping each other as I put into practice what I am learning at IPE.

To find a four leaf clover, you must first slow down, get into the present, be very observant, focused and you have a goal, but you also enjoy the journey and the beauty in the process. You can't enjoy the beauty around you when you are flying down the highway at 90 miles an hour. You will not see the beautiful butterfly on the flowers growing by the roadside, hear the song birds, see squirrels playing in the tree tops, see the sky and feel the natural breeze. When life moves too fast, we mess the expressions on our children's faces, the little moments that make life full and rich. We miss opportunities to show kindness, love and compassion to others when we are in a hurry. Lets hit the pause button, look at life and consciously consider how to live life on its own terms.