Drinking Water Quality

God only serves water

All living things take in "water" for hydration, but water is also a nutrient.

People drew "water" for their flocks and themselves. Ex. 2:19
There was no "water" for the people to drink and they grumbled to Moses that they may die of thirst. Ex. 17:1
God provided "water" for His people in the desert. Ex. 17:3
Cities were built where there was a sufficient "water" supply for people, livestock and crops.
Milk is a drinkable "food" that is for nourishment, not a beverage. Gen. 18:8, Ex. 23:19
Grape juice and wine are also drinkable foods, because they come from food; grapes. Num. 6:3

Water doesn't come from a food source. Man does not need to do anything to make "water". Water just "is".

water quality

Water Quality

Nature provides the very best for us to enjoy optimal health & a long and prosperous life. Then man touches it.

Decaying leaves and other vegetation in our watershed lands break-down chemically over time. Once this material is completely broken-down, it is called "humus", and the liquid by-products are humic and fulvic acids. These harmless organic acids actually promote health. The infinate riches of this ancient compost, that have remained intact, concentrated and intricately combined within the humic substances over many thousands of years, are the extremely beneficial substances contained within fruits, flowers, pollen, nuts, seeds, roots, stems, bark and leaves to supply significant amounts of phytochemical groups including hormones, sterols, fatty acids, alkaloinds, polyphenols, nucleic acids (RNA and DNA) and ketones. The substances of these groups include flavins (vitaminB2), flavinoids (found in citrus - hesperidin, quercetin, rutin), flavones, tannins, catechins (found in green tea), quinines (CoQ10), isoflavones and tocophenols (vitamin E), just to name a few. These are some of the most valuable health promoting and anti-cancer nutrients found in our foods and health supplements. Nature gave us this amazing system that provides the priceless nutrients to our food and water supplies. These water soluble liquids are transported to streams, rivers, lakes and ground water reservoirs. When they enter our drinking water systems, they are filtered and chlorinated for human consumption. However, all of these wonderful gifts and many more beneficial substances that are yet to be discovered, are turned into a deadly poisonous cocktail when they come in contact with chlorine.

The major reasons why I moved away from the city was to escape from pollution. Not just air pollution from auto emissions and noise pollution, but also from municipal water supplies that add chemicals, like fluoride and chlorine to drinking water. I will save the topic of fluoride for another article, because it is urgent that you receive this warning about the health hazards posed by the consumption and absorption of chlorine from any and all sources.

A bit of history: In the trenches during WWI, the Germans and French witnessed the deadly effects of "mustard gas", which killed many soldiers on both sides. This deadly gas is also known by another name - CHLORINE.

Following WWI, in 1920, chlorine began to be added to our drinking water systems to kill bacteria in the water. The immune system was designed to handle bacteria, but it is devastated by chemicals like chlorine. It is true that chlorine is added in minute quantities that seem harmless on the surface, but chlorine kills the beneficial, friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract. These bacteria are the critical components of the digestive and immune systems. When they die, you begin to die, but very slowly. Oh, but that's just part of the problem.

Researchers in Japan found that when chlorine combines with natures most beneficial nutrients, they create new toxic compounds called "disinfection by-products" or DBP's. The most common group of DBP's is called "trihalomethanes" or THM's. These are deadly, poisonous carcinogenic substances. Scientific studies have linked chlorine and these even more toxic chlorination by-products with bladder, liver, rectum and colon cancer, as well as heart disease, arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), anemia, high blood pressure, kidney and central nervous system damage, and allergic reactions. The sudden spike in heart disease that began in 1920, only occurred in those countries who chlorinate their drinking water. Healthy people who moved here from countries that do not chlorinate their water (China, Japan, Africa and Asia), and continued to consume the same diet, suffered the exact same rate of heart attacks as Americans, even though their diets were very much identical to what they consumed in their native countries. It may be chlorine, and not cholesterol, that is the real culprit behind the high increase in heart disease in this country.

It's not just the humic and fulvic acids from ancient compost that chlorine reacts with. In a joint effort by research scientists in America and Japan, it was determined that natural organic substances originating from the highest quality foods, which contain the same phytonutrients listed in the humic substances mentioned above, react with chlorinated tap water inside the body in the exact same way, forming dangerous cancer causing compounds. These deadly new carcinogens have been named MX, which stand for "mutagen unknown". Laboratory studies showed that these substances damage the thyroid gland and cause cancerous tumors. Chlorine is extremely toxic in infinitesimal amounts, so it takes very little chlorine to turn the highest quality food and nutritional supplements into poison, inside your body. The higher the concentration of health-promoting nutrients in fruits, vegetables and supplements coming from the most fertile soils, the more the intensified and deadly the combination will be with chlorine.

I know. This makes you want to throw your hands up high in the air and reach for junk food. But, I have not even mentioned the possible chemical interactions of chlorine with known chemical additives, artificial sweeteners like Aspartame, and preservatives that are added to processed foods. But seriously, you are more valuable than anything and your life and health are vitally important, so hang here in there with me, okay.

I know this sounds too horrific to be believed, but unfortunately, it's very, very true. If you give a person small doses of poison, like arsenic, in time you do indeed murder them. Chlorine is a gas. It was known as Mustard Gas in WWI. The soldiers suffocated to death. THM's are a class of compounds unto themselves that include chloroform, bromoform, bichlorobromomethane and dibromochloromethane. These are inorganic deadly chemical toxins. Continuous and steady exposure to chlorophorm via THM's in the water supply could be the reason why so many Americans are "asleep" and do not take responsibility for their own health, because they are slowly being chloroformed.

THM's do not degrade well and are stored in the fatty tissue of the body, including the breast, mother's milk, blood and semen. Also known as organochlorides, THM's can cause mutations by altering DNA, suppressing immune functions and interfering with the natural controls of cellular growth. Studies show a high incidence of bladder and colorectal cancer in populations whose drinking water contains chlorine. According to the July 1991 issue of US News and World Report magazine, drinking chlorinated water may double your risk of bladder cancer. In Canada, a study released in 1995 concluded that drinking and bathing in chlorinated water increases cancer risk by 34%. The risk of disease increases by more than 60% for people who are exposed to the concentration of chlorinated by-products (THM's) in the water supply. Eating health-promoting phytochemicals supplied by the most nutrient rich foods and taking the best supplements, while exposing yourself to chlorine internally or externally, can combine to crate deadly toxins inside your body.

Water recycling cycle

In addition to not drinking, cooking with, or showering/bathing in chlorinated water, I recommend that you make a mental check list of all possible chlorine exposures, such as brushing your teeth, rinsing your foods, washing your hands in public places, bottled water, swimming pools/hot tubs, showering in hotels, and query your restaurants about the water they use in cooking as well as the water they serve.

For those who don't have access to well water, your best solution is to install a whole house or at the bare minimum, a drinking water filter system that removes all fluoride and chlorine. Spare no expense here, because it's that important. I have looked closely at as many water filter systems as I can find and the one I have found to be the very best is Berkey. I've got one and I love it! A Big Berkey Filter will filter enough drinking water for up to 4 people. Go to berkeyfilters.com/berkey-water-filters/systems/

Berkey water filter system

Water is first filtered in the Berkey filter system. Then the filtered water is transferred to a clean one gallon glass jar with a silver dollar inside and set on a water magnet for a minimum of one hour. The longer the better. Have more than one jar, so it is easy to rotate and keep water charging and made ready for drinking at all times. It will stay charged for up to 48 hours. The silver coin prevents bacteria from growing in the water. The best quality water magnet for this job can be found at lyonlegacy.com/Products/606.aspx Their other products are of no interest to me.

Magnitized water