Pharmafoodical - Are you eating GMO?

It is vitally important to have a complete understanding of the whole story about GMO’s, their potential dangers and the chemicals used in agriculture to grow our food, so you can make informed decisions, and protect yourself and your family. This information is not in main stream news.

WAR is the history behind it all

-CIDE means to kill - Insecticide, pesticide, herbicide, biocide, fungicide, homicide, suicide, spermicide, genocide. Chemicals designed to kill originated in World War II and Vietnam - chemical warfare. The chemical companies made PCB’s, nuclear weapons, polystyrene, DDT, and Agent Orange. They were experts at killing things. The war was over and then the petroleum industry downsized, so these chemical companies, who had become a multi-million dollar a year industry, needed to find a new market for their products so they could stay in business and make a profit. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are in petroleum, so they used it to make chemical fertilizers, instead of the natural compost fertilization that we see in nature. At first, it looked like the best thing that ever happened to ecology when everything was green again after the drought and the dust bowl during the 1920-30's in the mid-west, to fields of corn in the 1950-60's. We see this in human health, if you use only a few nutrients and eliminate many others from the food, you end up with a weak immune system. Crops started to become prone to insects and diseases due to lack of nutrients. Instead of fixing the soil, they turned to chemistry for the answer. This taught us to also look to pharmaceuticals, instead of food, to fix what ails us. Chemistry and productive capacity was reworked toward killing a new enemy. Instead of killing people, now they kill bugs and weeds. It was viewed as a noble conquest. However, none of this was born out of “How do we improve farming”, but rather “How do we use our chemicals on crops to create a new way to use our products?” This became big business in the 1970's and set the stage for the new GMO era. They focused on producing genetically modified seeds, changing the biological and genetic nature of the seeds to be resistant to the chemical warfare with their new pesticides and herbicides.

The intention infuses the spirit into the future
The original intention was creating chemicals to kill human-beings during war. War is supposed to be a short term phenomena. That mentality applied to crops, pests and weeds is a never ending war because it’s a co-evolution. It’s an “arms race” of a different kind as pests and weeds become more resistant. More and more is required to obtain the same effect. Casualties are expected in warfare and all that matters is killing the enemy so the war can be won. Once you win, you can figure the rest out and rebuild. When is this war over? The fundamental construct of the idea of waging war on other species on the planet, can have long term toxic, dangerous, unintended effects on all life. The soil microorganisms are decimated, pollinators, and the bird population has decreased from eating sick bugs. Our food supply and those who eat it are casualties of this chronic chemical warfare that’s now become the base of our food chain.

The war mindset we have in our farming practices has translated to our food and our relationship with our bodies. Women who eat GMO foods are dealing with collapsing metabolism and weight issues, so they feel at war with their food and their bodies. We are at war with germs, which is in harmony with allopathic medicine; Anti-microbial, antibiotic, anti-viral - is wiping out biodiversity, which is wiping out our health.

Chemical companies say, “Mother Nature is a formidable opponent to growing food, and farmers need to be able to fight disease, insects, weeds, drought, etc.” We are at war with the earth.

It is important to look at how all of this unfolded over the past few decades, so we can understand how we’ve been progressively going in the wrong direction and take action to correct it before it’s too late.


In the late 1990’s, Monsanto funded a 5 year campaign promoting that GMO’s were needed to feed the world.

FARMERS: Farmers typically saved 10% of their seeds to plant the next years crop and so they owned the seed. This has been part of farming practices for all of human history. You can’t patent something natural, so they created something unnatural and patent it to make a profit. To the farmers, the idea of a patent on seeds was insidious. Monsanto knew how to appeal to farmers and get them to use their products. To sell this plan to farmers, they did a short term study to show higher crop yields, so farmers would buy into it. The farmers were promised greater yields, not having to spend time weeding, and no adverse effects. Some farmers held out because they saw the possibility of always being dependent on Monsanto for their seeds, and being subject to whatever prices Monsanto charged. GMO seed has an enzyme that kills the reproductive, germination ability of the seed, so the farmer can’t save seed, but must buy seed every year. (Take notice: Human genes are put into GMO corn to make spermicide). Monsanto charged just enough for the seed and chemicals that go with the seeds that the farmers profit margin made them unable to pay off their farm debt and prosper. They would be no different than indentured servants to Monsanto. Who would agree to such a thing?

From Monsanto’s website - “High-quality seeds are at the center of the modern agriculture systems we deliver to farmers to help achieve better harvests while also more efficiently using natural resources. We provide farmers seeds in eight row crops: alfalfa, canola, corn, cotton, sorghum, soybeans, sugar-beets, and wheat. We also produce more than 2,000 vegetable seed varieties covering 22 crops. One of the most powerful crop protection tools historically is glyphosate, the primary active ingredient in the Roundup® brand of herbicides. With a 40-year history of safe use, it also enables farm practices that reduce erosion and carbon emissions. For example, glyphosate-based herbicides can help reduce the need for tillage—plowing the soil—which releases carbon into the atmosphere, while also contributing to erosion. Tillage has always been a powerful weed-control tool, but it can encourage erosion of valuable topsoil. By using glyphosate-based herbicides, farmers can leave their soil intact and leave the previous year’s crop residue on top of the soil. This supports soil health and provides a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions associated with tillage. Using one single tool, like glyphosate-based herbicides, can encourage species of weeds to develop resistance to that tool. To prevent this resistance from developing while still fighting invasive weeds, farmers use a combination of approaches. Monsanto supports this by working closely with university researchers, industry partners, and individual farmers to provide the best advice about how to combine crop protection methods.”

CONSUMERS: It only took a couple of years to reassure the consumer of GMO safety and they were lulled into a false sense of safety and confidence about using GMO products, believing and trusting that the government wouldn’t permit this if it wasn’t safe. People don’t question authority or the sound bites they hear in the media and that are repeated by others in conversation.

Every six years the production and sales of glyphosate doubled world wide. In 2016, 2 billion kilograms or 2,004,622.6 tons of glyphosate were used world wide. This is not a conspiracy theory, but what we see here is a predictable march of business that paralleled or mirrored consumer behavior. We have been going after convenience and a convenience lifestyle for decades has manipulated the existence of chemical farming.

Man-made chemicals and genetically modified seeds are in existence only because they can be patented and lucrative, and not because they confer any benefit whatsoever outside being able to control it as a marketable commodity.

GMO - means ‘God Move Over’

A GMO (genetically modified organism) is the result of a laboratory process where genes from the DNA of one species are extracted and artificially forced into the genes of an unrelated plant or animal. The foreign genes may come from bacteria, viruses, insects, animals or even humans.

GMO's are not an extension of traditional breeding we've been doing for centuries. Transferring genes from one species to another and creating new organisms overnight cannot be compared to natural selection, which takes generations of evolution. They are totally different, but they try to put the two together and say they are the same thing. Proponents claim GMO’s have been around for thousands of years and use nectarines as the example. “We’ve been hybridizing and selectively breeding our food so there’s no difference with GMO’s,” they say. There is a huge difference! Breeding for increased survivability happens among animals in the wild as part of natural evolution. We have learned to understand and use that to our advantage. We’ve learned from natural processes and copied what nature does.
  • Yes, we have crossed plants that are related to each other, but we never put fish genes into tomatoes.
  • We've not taken a gene from soil bacteria, made millions of copies in a lab, put them into a gene gun and shot them into millions of cells, cloning those cells into crops so every cell of those crops has that gene size spray bottle that creates thousands of mutations up and down the DNA, so the genes in the crop can change their levels of expression. That's not natural and its never been done before.
  • We never inserted viruses into genes or antibiotic resistant bacteria into the process.
  • This is the first time we’ve inserted genes from other species, so they are not at all the same thing.
  • This is the first time we have bombarded seeds with nuclear radiation in carcinogenic chemicals (mutagenesis) intended for our food.
  • This is the first time we have flipped one to three genes by altering RNA.

Plants in a field cross pollinate naturally, so there is no containment of GMO from non-GMO. This can cause unknown consequences, but we know with selective breeding we will get some dominant gene expression and some genes will be recessive. Inbreeding has always produced genetic mutations that are not an evolutionary advancement for the species and this is how nature was intelligently designed to prevent genetic abnormalities from reproducing offspring. If inbreeding within a species causes genetic mutations, it makes sense that crossing species barriers would cause genetic mutations we can't possibly imagine. We see how vaccines cause an antigenic shift, so a certain strain of virus may decline, but another strain, that has been dormant and we’ve never seen before, that is more potent or lethal, will evolve.

Genetic engineering injects a naturally occurring soil bacterium, Bacillus thuringiensis (BT), into the gene of interest in corn to produce a protein that kills Lepidoptera larvae, in particular, European corn borer. This protein is called the BT delta endotoxin and every cell in the plant produces this toxic protein.. Putting the BT in the corn plant, so it is in every cell, produces 1,000x greater concentration of BT toxin than is used in the spray. The spray washes off when it rains, but not what's inside the plants genes. When we eat the BT corn, we get a heavy dose of BT toxin, far greater than any pesticide has ever been given to humans before. The transgenic bacteria in corn and soy reduces the need for pesticide application, and renders the plant resistant to harm from the herbicide (RoundUp) farmers spray when the corn is a seedling. BT corn causes intestinal permeability in the insects it was designed to target, which kills them, but it also creates the same effect in the food animals that eat BT corn in feed, and humans who eat BT corn and the food animals that eat it. BT corn is made into high fructose corn syrup, which is in every processed food and beverage.

BT corn had been planted for 20 years and then resistance showed up. None of the BT corn retained their mojo. Researchers and extension agents actually warned the USDA this would happen. BT corn was genetically engineered with the ability to produce its own pesticide, but it doesn’t work on everything or for very long. The root worm problem became so severe because they were no longer killing them. The whole point behind GMO was that it didn’t need to be sprayed with anything other than the herbicide glyphosate, to control weeds. Monsanto created the solution and promoted the use of neonicotinoid as a pesticide.

Neonicotinoid behaves similar to DDT in that the biological half life is the same. It is not from an organophosphate family from WWII, but from the nicotine part. Organophosphate acts on enzymes while neonicotinoid reacts on a receptor, so it is different. The unique characteristics of neonicotinoid is it’s systemic. No other insecticide or pesticide has this systemic property, so the pesticide grows with the plant, in every part of the plant. The government ignores the fact that it's systemic and promote it as safer because it is applied to the seed and injected into the soil, instead of being sprayed (open air application), so it doesn't escape in the wind to blow everywhere. It is incorporated into all the cells of the plant, including the pollen. As you can well imagine, this exposure negatively and profoundly effects the health of bees and other pollinators. Young non-organic and GMO corn plants are treated with neonicotinoid class pesticides in the spring. Neonicotinoids are water soluble, moving with the water up into the growing plant and into the seed, but much of it does not. It doesn’t bind to soil, so it goes into surface and ground water which ends up in private residential wells as well as reservoirs that supply public drinking water. These are small particles, so filtering them out poses some technical difficulties, if it is at all possible to do so. Neonicotinoids are also toxic to other insects, earthworms, fish and humans.

Acetylcholine is an organic chemical that functions as a neurotransmitter (a chemical released by nerve cells to send signals to other cells) in the brain and body of many types of animals, including humans. Our acetylcholine works along with neonicotinoid receptors. Neonicotinoid inhibits the neonicotenic acetalcholine receptor that is responsible for neurological function. This affects our thought processes in a huge way by affecting cognition and physical movement because acetalcholine is a very important neurotransmitter for the vegetative, rest and relaxation state. Muscles rely on acetylcholine. The accumulation of something that interferes with acetylcholine would be quite damaging. Children are 30 times more susceptible to these chemicals. Their stem cells are still producing. Pesticides and other chemicals insert their action other than one specific pathway. This affects every aspect of the body and predisposes to allergies, cancers and autoimmune diseases, and really everything. Japanese studies have revealed the level of neonicotinoid that is thought not to cause any harm right away does affect the brain, especially in fetus and children. The rodents in the studies had hyperactivity, couldn't learn and experienced other neurological effects. This suggests neonicotinoid can trigger ADHD/ADD, autism, neurodegenerative disease and other neurological impairment. Neonicotinoid should be banned because the public harm it can do is beyond what we can know and is a very serious health threat.

When you mix BT with other toxins, the synergistic effect is compounded beyond what the effect of a single toxin would be. What would be an acceptable level of a poison? What if you have 17 at low levels? What effect is there then? How can we determine a safe level of this, when we don’t know the risks?


Entomology is the branch of zoology concerned with the study of insects. Bees have evolved with pathogens but are now succumbing to disease. What they have not evolved with are the poisons being sprayed on the 95+ million acres of crops multiple times every growing season, but especially during the spring. Poisons make bees more susceptible to varroa mites and other pathogens.

BT corn has been in production since 1996. Bee keepers started using HFCS in the late 1990’s to feed bees after harvesting their honey, essentially taking the bees food supply. My father was a bee keeper in the 1980’s and he used to feed his bees sugar cane syrup. Other bee keepers used corn syrup but it didn’t become a problem until after corn was coated with neonicotinoid in 2005. In 2006, we started to see bee colony collapse on a large scale; large visible deaths of bees outside of of the hive in the spring (April-May) when bee colony health should be at its best. In one year it wiped out 95% of the colony in the country. In 2010, we had only 50% of the honey bee population that remained after WWII. This was after 95% of them were lost to CCD. Imagine how many honey bees there were before WWII!

Neonicotinoid is responsible for Colony Collapse Disease (CCD) in honey bees. Neonicotinoid studies show there is an affect of neonicotinoids on the honey bee population. An experiment was done that included a control hive. One hive was fed high fructose corn syrup without neonicotinoid and the other was fed HFCS with neonicotinoid. Bee keepers were skeptical about all of this being the cause of CCD. Before Christmas 2010, they thought the experiment failed because no bees died. CCD happens to be colony in late winter, 23 weeks after exposure to neonicotinoid. Then they said, "The bees in the treated hive must be crazy” because their instinct is not to go outside the hive in winter. All the bees in the treated hive died from CCD caused by neonicotinoid. The control hive next to them stayed inside and were fine. CCD is a global problem, especially in colder regions. Their must be winter to see colony collapse disorder. In warmer regions bees die, but not consistent with CCD.

That research paper was not able to be published in the US because 5 different scientific and health journals rejected it. This paper was suppressed. It was published in Italy, which drew a lot of attention to the possible cause of CCD being neonicotinoid. The paper was included in the EU's decision to ban those pesticides in 2012. The EU believes very seriously that the use of neonicotinoid is the culprit in the CCD issue, either acutely or chronically. The EU tends to use the precautionary principle, which is written into their constitution - If something causes environmental damage, the government needs to take action. That is the major difference between the EU and the US.

Claims and statements that there is no scientific evidence of detrimental effects to the honey bee population is put forward by the industry, which is not surprising. Since the CCD story broke in 2006, industry quickly formed their alliances with bee keepers, the same way they did with farmers. When Monsanto's neonicotinoids were being challenged, they purchased the company Beelogic, which used to be an independent bee research company. They needed to have a bee research company to produce the results they wanted and had those people publish papers in peer review journals and have their own people in the peer review pool, so they have total control.

Bees are very unique in terms of being a pollinator. They are so different at their job. 95% of almond production is in California and the window for pollinating those trees is 10-14 days in early March, when other pollinators are not out yet. Fruit orchards are heavily dependent on honey bees and no other pollinator can take over honey bees job.

Now these companies are working on developing GMO bees to pollinate and they would also own them, if they make it successful. The other possibility is introducing a foreign bee to this country called the Africanized Italian bee, the killer bee. Very violent, and they cannot withstand cold winters north of Texas and Arizona. They are said to be more resistant to pesticide, so that part suits their purposes very well. It would be a huge mistake.

Honey bees forage wherever they want. Pollen has neonicotinoid in it, which then becomes honey, so there is no control and no such thing as 100% organic honey.

If all the bees die, our main food sources (nuts, berries, fruits, vegetables) that require pollination by honey bees will not produce food. There is no secondary line for how these plants get pollinated. Short term, the price of food will escalate and then as crops dwindle due to the absence of pollinators, scarcity and unavailability will predominate, permanently

A brief history of pesticide use
DDT and organophosphate was linked to various health outcomes. The government took action against those and we moved on to pyrethrin. One pesticide fades out and another takes its place but neonicotinoids always are under the radar screen. There is no health effect data, so it was approved (emergency status) based on urgency, otherwise the farmers would be left without any pesticides to use. The American Burr Conservancy Report, which was made public in April 2013, revealed some of the EPA scientific staff actually warned them this pesticide could be very problematic, but the EPA decided to ignore their own internal recommendation and approved its use. There has been no research on neonicotinoids, which has become the most commonly used insecticide in the world.

Neonicotinoid works on the central nervous system. To expect these compounds to only go into the plants and target specific sets without causing any negative effects goes against common sense and physics.

Wire worms, seed corn maggots and white grubs live in the soil, so you can’t see them unless you dig them up and there is no easy way to monitor for them. That creates uncertainty and fear, which press farmers to prophylactically apply pesticides, and this predominates in the US. This insurance based mindset guards against every contingency that could have the potential to affect yield. The same mindset is behind vaccinating humans and pets. Insecticides are cheap relative to crop value. That’s what’s driving their use. These cheap forms of insurance ultimately end up becoming expensive as pests become resistant and it has to be replaced with something not as cheap or environmentally “friendly” as the first pesticide. We pay for this at the grocery store, then in environmental costs.

Neonicotinoid is marketed as being insurance against pests, that usually don’t become a problem for organic gardeners and farmers who know how to work with nature. The promise has been “This material will work,” but we are just discovering this previously unchallenged premise is absolutely not beneficial. Neonicotinoids have had difficulty documenting benefits in terms of yield, production, economic benefit, etc. If neonicotinoid wasn’t used, it wouldn’t be missed in terms of yield. There is no data to support treating all these seeds, but that is what’s being done. It’s simply not worth the non-target effects and loss of the honey bee to be sure. A report was written "Failure to increase yield." However, organic solutions can double yield.

Praying mantis

You risk being poisoned and sick because of technology that is hoped to increase yield someday. GMO is not designed to increase yield. Yield is actually the orchestration of many genes working together. They don't know how to coordinate a whole bank of genes working together, but nature knows!

We can stop using these pesticides, but now, if a farmer wants to buy high performance hybrid corn seed that’s not GMO, not BT, not Roundup ready, and not treated with neonicotinoid, they can’t find it. Everything that is not “organic” has neonicotinoids in it. This material is not a prerequisite for growing crops and far from it. It doesn’t show any consistent benefits that we can measure in terms of insect feeding, crop height or anything.

CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) is a genome editing technology. The name was minted at a time when the origin and use of the interspacing subsequences of DNA were not known. The DNA sequences in bacteria contain snippets of DNA from viruses that have attacked the bacterium. These snippets are used by the bacterium to detect and destroy DNA from further attacks by similar viruses. These sequences play a key role in a bacterial defense system and form the basis known as CRISPR/Cas9 that allows permanent modification of genes within organisms. By delivering the Cas9 nuclease complexed with a synthetic guide RNA into a cell, the cell's genome can be cut at a desired location, allowing existing genes to be removed and/or new ones added.

ZFNs (Zinc-finger nucleases) are artificial restriction enzymes engineered to target specific desired DNA sequences within complex genomes.

TALEN (Transcription activator-like effector nucleases) are restriction enzymes used to edit genomes by inducing double-strand breaks (DSB) engineered to cut specific sequences of DNA, by fusing a TAL effector DNA-binding domain to a DNA cleavage domain (a nuclease which cuts DNA strands), which cells respond to with repair mechanisms. Transcription activator-like effectors (TALEs) can be engineered to bind to practically any desired DNA sequence, so when combined with a nuclease, DNA can be cut at specific locations. The restriction enzymes can be introduced into cells, for use in gene editing or genome editing with engineered nucleases.

They are doing gene editing, gene sequencing, gene engineering, epigenetic (turning genes on and off). Alongside ZFNs and CRISPR/Cas9, TALEN is a prominent tool in the field of genome editing. Gene editing is not like editing a book or video, making it better. It’s not like taking a page out of one book and inserting it into another book, but more like moving whole chapters and then shooting that book with a shot gun. It becomes unintelligible at that point and the system that depends upon that communication can’t function.

They did a manipulation and checked the genome. What they discovered were over 100 point mutations and even more insertions and deletions. Any one of them can be tragic for health, and no one knew that would be the result. DNA is intelligence and the system is based on certain sequences. Even if there were no mutations and you were just over expressing a gene, other genes can react to it. The whole organism can react to it.

The genome is a conductor of nature. The genes turn on and turn off, promoting or turning on only to the level of what is needed. So the natural cell conducts the expression of protein according to the environment. We have not cracked that code. When they insert a gene into the genome by taking a promoter (on switch) from a virus that causes that gene to go loud and long, non-stop, constant expression, it hijacks the DNA and causes it to over produce one thing. So, even if it didn’t create hundreds of thousands of mutations by the genetic engineering process, it can still create many changes that occur within the DNA.

Example: In the 1980’s, a Japanese company, Showa Denko, genetically engineered the strain of tryptophan-making bacteria to make an amino acid supplement called L-Tryptophan. Over a number of years, they put it into more and more genes. They had a very closed system and the only thing they changed in the formula was the genes inserted. The tryptophan they produced was toxic to the bacteria, so the bacteria produced something to protect itself, which created tiny contaminants that turned out to be deadly. You over produce one thing and something else must restore balance.

The Japanese manufacturer also altered its manufacturing procedure by reducing the amount of activated charcoal used to purify each batch of tryptophan and also bypassing a reverse-osmosis filtration used to remove impurities. This caused the 1989 eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome (EMS) outbreak. An epidemic that killed 28 Americans and caused 10,000 to fall sick, many of whom suffered for years and are still disabled. EMS is a debilitating disease characterized by severe muscle and joint pain, weakness, swelling of the arms and legs, fever, skin rash, and an increase of eosinophils (certain white blood cells) in the blood. The EMS epidemic only occurred in people who consumed L-tryptophan from Showa Denko. When the link between EMS and L-tryptophan became apparent, the FDA recalled the supplements, more for politically motivated reasons, as an attempt to reduce attention to the role genetic engineering played in the epidemic and prevent the potentially damning effect this information would have had for the future of biotechnology.

They don’t evaluate. Humans are so arrogant to think we can understand this stuff and the multitude of infinitely complex interactions. The effects are non-linear and small things can lead to huge effects we can’t predict.


Glyphosate was originally patented as an industrial cleaner for boilers and pipes, because it is a chelator, grabbing onto minerals and stripping them from the walls of pipes. When it was spilled on the ground, it killed all the weeds. Monsanto purchased the molecule and patented it as an antibiotic because it kills microorganisms.

Glyphosate is made by heat-fusing glycine (an essential amino acid for human life) that's adulterated with formaldehyde and phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid is so dangerous it is stored under water. It is used to make a chemical weapon of war. Glyphosate is an organic molecule built on a phosphate. The bad thing is it's water soluble. Nature makes the majority of its toxins lipid (fat) soluble. Fat sequesters it away from your bloodstream. Water soluble toxins go everywhere, contaminating the whole ecosystem, inside and outside your body. The molecule of glyphosate is very similar to VX nerve gas, which is the most toxic chemical that’s ever been developed by man. Glyphosate is like nerve gas for plants because it functions in a similar way.

Only one-tenth of one percent of the glyphosate sprayed on plants actually hits its intended target. The other 99.9% gets sprayed on the soil and is carried away in the breeze. Glyphosate chelates minerals in the soil, causing them to stick to glyphosate, preventing plants from taking up minerals from the soil. Glyphosate starves plants to death. Glyphosate is water soluble, so it captures minerals and they are washed out of the soil the next time it rains. This strips the soil of minerals the plants need, but that we also need to receive from eating plants. The label says NOT to use glyphosate in irrigation. It also says glyphosate works best when its application is followed by rain. That washes glyphosate into sewers, rivers and oceans. The product is toxic to aquatic life. They fail to recognize that inevitable fact.

Glyphosate is sprayed on fruit orchards, vineyards, conifer plantations, coffee, tea and banana plantations, soybean, cereal grains, vegetables, peanuts, sugarcane and cotton, as well as roadsides, forestry, gardening, lawns, parks, and school playgrounds.

We have gut flora (microbes) and the soil has flora also. Soil microbes are critical for nutrient uptake by plants. Plants can’t function without microbes and neither can we. Picture the roots of a plant and the tiny, almost microscopic little hairs that project out from the roots to extract nutrients from the soil. Then picture the lining of your intestines and the finger-like projections that extend into the intestinal lumen (soil) to extract nutrients. Fungi grow in soil and make nutrients available to plants. We have gut flora (bacteria) that make nutrients available to us. Plants extract nutrients from soil and humans extract nutrients from the materials that pass through the digestive tract. Think of us as a plant turned inside-out. Our soil is on the inside. Our food breaks down into soil and we grow a body from that.

Glyphosate has a very synergistic effect with gluten and creates gluten sensitivity. Gluten has been in our diet for thousands of years without a problem until GMO farming practices. The 1990's introduced Celiac disease and insulin resistance. Glyphosate hits the cell membrane of the intestine and up regulates the receptor for gluten, which causes a reaction to gluten and the leaky gut effect. It kills beneficial flora (plants) in the gut also altering the gut micro biome and creating epidemics. When gluten and glyphosate come together and cause leaky gut, the membrane that is the intestinal wall can’t defend against pathogens, which is immunity.

Plant rootlets look like the villi of our intestines and the plant roots also develop their own form of leaky gut in the roots. The separation between the soil and the plants immune system breaks down, making the plant more susceptible to fungi and bacteria because the plants immune system is failing. Even though the plant is green and looks healthy, just as so many of us look healthy (artificially) for a while until the immune system fails completely and suddenly there is serious, sometimes irreversible disease.

The gut micro biome constitutes 99% of the contribution of what we are as a species. Our DNA is responsible for 19,000 genes. The gut micro biome produces about 10 million genes. These are not human cells. We are nothing more than a container for those micro organisms. They are symbiotic in a healthy condition. They eat the food we eat, break it down and feed it to us. They produce short chain fatty acids which our body can’t make and needs for the maintenance of intestinal wall integrity. All the organisms that co-exist within us are essential to our health, even the “bad” ones have a purpose in proper proportion to good bacteria. Trouble starts to happen when we change the gut micro biome. We eat food that these organisms were not designed to eat. They know how to digest wheat, but not GMO wheat.

The shikimate pathway (shikimic acid pathway) is a seven step metabolic route used by bacteria, fungi, algae, some protozoan parasites and plants for the biosynthesis of folate and aromatic amino acids (phenylalanine, tyrosine, and tryptophan). Because glyphosate chelates minerals which are absolutely essential for certain metabolic pathways to function, and we block the shikimate pathway in plants and it kills the plant, they assumed it was safe for humans because this pathway is not found in animals or humans. However, the bacteria in our gut does have a shikamate pathway. Gut bacteria use this pathway to produce the building blocks (animatic amino acids) that produce the neurotransmitters; serotonin, melatonin, dopamine, which without them cause a lot of problems; depression, anxiety, stress, regulation of blood sugar. Not feeling full so you keep eating is serotonin. Sleepless is melatonin. Sleep disorders increase with the increased consumption of glyphosate. Dopamine is linked to Parkinson's disease. If the P450 cytochrome pathway, which helps the liver detoxify poisons in the environment, gets damaged or disabled, then all the toxins that are normally processed through that pathway become intensified, which explains more than a dozen different disorders caused by GMO diet. P450 also helps produce vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency is common now.That is just two actions we know about. We don’t make these amino acids, but they are essential amino acids we must have. Therefore, they must be made by the bacteria in our digestive tracts and obtained from the plants we eat, and animals which eat plants. Neuromelanin has been shown to bind neurotoxins and toxic metals that could promote neuro-degeneration.

The shikimate pathway makes it possible for beneficial bacteria in our guts to make tyrosine for us. Tyrosine is needed to make neuromelanin, which is needed by the brain to relieve oxidative stress. A disturbance of that pathway is directly linked to Parkinson’s disease in humans. Motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease are caused by cell death in the substantia nigra (located in the mid-brain that is important for movement), which may be partly due to oxidative stress. The death of neuromelanin-containing neurons in the substantia nigra, pars compacta (inhibitory GABA neurotransmitter), and locus coeruleus (a nucleus in the pons of the brainstem involved with physiological responses to stress and panic) have been linked to Parkinson's disease.

Glyphosate starves out the shikimate pathway and disturbs the plants ability to produce colors and aromas. The colors and aromas of flowers are how plants attract pollinators for reproduction. Color and smell in nature is dependent on tyrosine, which is disturbed by glyphosate. Picture a world that goes from vibrant colors to gray. Nineteen different chemicals are washing into our water supply. Coral reefs that protect our fish and coasts are being damaged by chemical runoff.

Also patented as an antibiotic, which readily kills beneficial gut lactose and bicillus bacteria, but not as effective against pathogenic bacteria; ecoli, salmonella, etc. These pathogenic bacteria overpopulate causing dysbiosis or SIBO, which is linked to a long list of disorders. When you see this causation, it adds credibility to the possible causes.

Glyphosate is a class 2 carcinogen.

When glyphosate was used for Gypsy Moth infestation, thousands of people reported adverse health effects and some were hospitalized. Farm workers had antibodies to it from working with it. Glyphosate provokes immune system response in humans and animals.

Glyphosate is a mitochondrial toxin. Mitochondria are the energy centers of every cell. If the mitochondria get damaged, you can develop chronic fatigue and decreased mental function, but when switched to non-GMO foods, the energy returns and the mental fog lifts.

In addition to glyphosate, other chemicals are also part of the formulation of Roundup. These chemicals get glyphosate into the cells of plants, but all life is susceptible. For example, surfactants reduce the plants ability to resist absorbing glyphosate. Picture it like when you smell something you know is very harmful and you try to hold your breath. The formulations are more than 125 times more toxic than the glyphosate alone, or any of the other individual components.The EPA only wants test results on glyphosate, ignoring the possible interactions with other chemicals in the formula. It should be tested as it exists with all its synergistic effects. This is a common problem for risk assessment for pesticide exposure.

The primary way these things are regulated is to determine the lethal dose (LD50) of one chemical by giving one dose of that chemical to a group of rats and killing 50%. Then they compare the weight of the rats proportionate to the weight of a human and extrapolate what the harm could be. There should not be such a thing as “acceptable level of harm.” This runs diametrically opposed to the precautionary principle. The precautionary principle dictates that we know what we’re doing before we act on it and actually do it. It is unethical to “prove it” is safe in a human when clearly it isn’t, not even in trace amounts. There are no acceptable levels of harm. The precautionary principle should be on the shoulders of the manufacturer to prove their product is safe and not on an unsuspecting public, including children who are here and also those not yet born. It is like these technologies are “innocent until proved guilty” and if they’re found guilty, then their creators will do something about it. But they are not. Europe (EU) respects the precautionary principle a little more than we do in the US. I prefer to operate under the precautionary principle, as does the rest of the organic community. They created substances like saccharine, that were deemed safe and put on the market, then discovered to be unsafe and were removed after a lot of damage was done. Organics don’t take those risks.

In terms of bio synergy, when you mix chemicals, you develop something new. There is an understanding in toxicology that the dose does not make the poison in most cases. The mode of operation assumption for the past century is that the amount of something is going to cause a very linear response in the organism, when actually the smaller the concentration of a particular chemical, the greater the toxicity can be. Homeopathy functions on this same principle where the more diluted the substance, the more potent its effects. It sounds counter intuitive, but that’s how it works. With higher concentration of the chemical the cell would simply die, but at a lower concentration the cell adapts or mutates and the chemical acts as a carcinogen, causing cancer. That is what we are seeing! So, the idea that a little won’t hurt you is absolutely erroneous and leads to a false sense of security. There are no testing methods for non-lethal health effects that won’t kill initially, but over time causes death after years of chronic illness.

Desiccant - a hygroscopic substance used as a drying agent
Choosing ‘non-GMO’ is not enough. To increase yield, Glyphosate is sprayed on wheat, corn, rye, rice, lentils, sweet potatoes, fruit, coffee, oats, and soy as a desiccant to dry it before harvest. They had to genetically modify the glyphosate for this “drying” purpose, through an amino acid switch. Some of the protein receptors in the enzyme pathway have very specific targets and they change the one amino acid to change the structure so the corn or soy is not directly affected by the glyphosate. The consequence of robbing the soil and the plant of the ability to make essential amino acids is that now the plant suddenly can’t make the basic building blocks for the plant, and it dries up in three days - dead. When you harvest a food before it ripens naturally, you lose nutrient quality in the food.

The EPA increased the allowable glyphosate levels on over 160 crops. “NON GMO” labels don’t tell you that the wheat in the product was sprayed with Roundup 3 days prior to harvest, so the wheat will dry quicker and the harder grains are easier for the machines to manage. It is really a challenge for the consumer to protect themselves. We need truth and full disclosure in labeling with regard to our food. Until that happens, buy organic. Be aware, if one ingredient in the list is “non-GMO canola oil*,” for example, they can put “non-GMO” on the label but it doesn’t mean the rest of the ingredients are non-GMO, unless it bares the NON-GMO Project Verified logo. It’s a marketing tactic. If the label doesn’t specifically have the Certified Organic or Non-GMO Project Verified label, assume it is GMO and act accordingly.

Non-GMO project certified

When you eat GMO’s or food made from crops that are desiccated by glyphosate just before harvest, you are getting glyphosate that has been incorporated into the plant structures. The plant is engineered to be resistant to Roundup, but you are not. You are eating a plant based nerve gas agent that is labeled “safe for human consumption” by the EPA. Glyphosate penetrates and goes through tissues and cell walls. It chelates minerals, removing them from places where they need to be and moving them to places where they shouldn’t be, like in the brain. Glyphosate permits aluminum and other heavy metals to cross the blood-brain barrier and get into the brain. It can penetrate and go deeper into the body all over. This creates nutrient deficiency and heavy metal toxicity, simultaneously; Parkinson’s, dementia, Alzhiemer’s.

Glyphosate possesses every detrimental property you can imagine for a killer molecule. Glyphosate is an equal opportunity destroyer because it is a biocide that indiscriminately kills life, working its way into everything; not only plants, but also insects and the birds that eat them, microbes, earth worms, fish, animals and humans who consume the plants. Have you noticed the decrease of birds, butterflies and honey bees? I have! These chemicals don’t discriminate and go to work on everything they touch that’s rooted in biology.

Glyphosate is everywhere
Glyphosate and GMO seeds are spreading globally. This molecule persists and is very small on the molecular scale. It permeates and goes through tissues and cell walls. It is resistant to being destroyed. If we stopped spraying today, these chemicals would still be here in 60 years. We are 6 decades ahead of living without Roundup. It would take 4 generations after that to rid it from our bodies.

The reason Iowa, Indiana and Illinois grow feed corn and soy is because they can and most of the world can’t. The south-central United States is down stream of this, because water runoff from farm land seeps into streams and rivers that drain into the Mississippi River. The USGS did a study to test the air quality and rain samples around the Mississippi River and discovered that 75% of the air and water samples taken tested positive for Roundup and contained measurable amounts of glyphosate. This is not where it was being sprayed. It is not local. There are pockets where there is less, but nowhere is their none, and this will continue to double every 6 years if they keep doing this. It is omnipresent, meaning - everywhere at once. You can’t avoid exposure because it’s in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the rain that falls on your property. Glyphosate is in breastmilk, It is in the urine samples of every person that is tested. It is in rain samples. Glyphosate is an ingredient in vaccines given to children. It is everywhere!

Very minute amounts have profound effects on an organism. Once it is released into the environment, it can’t be recalled. It is carpet bombing all life, an infinite biodiversity, and destroying it broad spectrum. If we destroy biodiversity in our fields, we will end up with a very narrow band-width of human biology as well. What does survive is often resistant, but animal studies reveal that Clostridium - the pathogen responsible for tetanus, and Botulism toxin, which 2.2 pounds can kill every human on the planet - it is that toxic, is that glyphosate has been proven to shift the microbial balance toward a pro pathogenic profile, including Klebsiella (a genus of nonmotile, Gram-negative, oxidase-negative, rod-shaped bacteria found everywhere in nature. Klebsiella species are routinely found in the human nose, mouth, and gastrointestinal tract as normal flora; however, they can also behave as opportunistic human pathogens, and also infect other animals. Klebsiella organisms can lead to a wide range of disease states, notably pneumonia, urinary tract infections, septicemia, meningitis, diarrhea, and soft tissue infections.) When we alter the biosphere, the bacterial populations, to contain antibiotic resistant genes and also kill off the beneficial flora, this creates a nightmare situation in our micro biome, both in the GI tract of humans and in the soil of the earth. When these things are killed in our biosphere, and we can’t replenish them because they are now extinct, that becomes an extinction event for humans. This is a crime against humanity and apocalyptic.

Glufosinate is said to be a naturally occurring broad-spectrum systemic herbicide produced by several species of Streptomyces soil bacteria and Glufosinate-ammonium is a broad-spectrum herbicide. Both are very close in structure to Glyphosate as knock-offs. Reports have linked them to very serious birth defects.


If one farm uses GMO seeds and Roundup, and the farm next to it doesn’t, cross winds and cross pollination contaminates that farmers crops, whether they are conventional (non-GMO) or organic farms. When seed goes into pollination, it spreads its genetics to other farms. So, Monsanto hired lawyers to go from farm to farm, testing their crops and suing farmers for stealing Monsanto’s intellectual property, because genetic testing showed their crop was GMO, even though they didn’t buy seed from Monsanto, so therefore it was stollen. Monsanto forced those farmers into bankruptcy and then bought their farms to create farming operations that stretched as far as the eye could see. Monsanto ended up owning 95% of the soy and 85% of the corn industry in 10 years. Every case that went to court, farmers who didn’t want GMO seed were forced by Monsanto to then begin paying Monsanto for their system or lose their farm. This is how they turned 20,000 acre family farms into 200,000 acre corporate farms. Monsanto absorbed the smaller farms around them.

The way I see it, the farmers were injured and should have received compensation for damages from Monsanto, because their crops were infected, but of course they didn’t have the money to fight a corporation, so they lost everything. That’s criminal on every level.

GMO 2.0

New genetic engineering technologies, gene editing and gene sequencing.
The most disturbing new development in GMO technology as it pertains to human health and our food supply is Monsanto and Dow Chemical are now inventing a new type of genetic modification that takes advantage of the way cells naturally regulate themselves. The human genome has been the focus of science for almost half a century. They’ve been looking at the protein genes in the human genome and then figure out how everything works, disguised as “trying to cure disease”. There was a great disparity because in 2000 they only found 22,000 genes that code for proteins, but the human body has at least 100,000 genes, so clearly there isn’t enough information to account for how we came up with the physical blueprint of our body. They recognized the dark matter of the human genome is the 98% that they once called “junk” and discounted, the non coding part of the DNA is actually full of useful information. In fact, most of it is transcribed into RNA’s. RNA’s orchestrate the expression of most protein coding genes in the human body, so the RNA’s are crucial to figuring out how everything works. The biotech companies realized that they can manipulate the RNA’s by interfering with the transcription of genes into proteins. So, what happens is, the genes go into messenger RNA and that turns into a protein in the ribosome. RNA’s interfere with that transcription and that’s how they silence genes. This dance accounts for the miracle of the body.

In 2008, Monsanto published a study in the publication - Food and Technology, that was about the indigenous RNA’s in grains, like rice. In rice, there’s over 100% perfect complimentary sequences between the RNA’s that occur naturally in the rice and the genes in the human body across every cell function. Over 10 of these genes just regulate the cell cycle. Every cell in our body requires those genes to function properly. The rice RNA’s can directly silence those genes. They argued that since rice and corn, which have been in the human diet for thousands of years, so they are perfectly safe, because theoretically these RNA’s in foods could silence all human genes essential for our health, but because they’ve already been in our food supply, they are safe. What they don’t account for is when those genes have been genetically altered or modified. If they alter genes and gene expression in corn, literally hundreds of down stream, unintended or off target effects can occur. That would affect the RNA profile in a plant which then can dramatically alter the functioning of every cell in our body. This isn’t genetic engineering of a plant any longer, but literally epigenetic engineering, because instead of affecting genes DNA by inserting genes from other species, they are affecting gene expression. RNA is more powerful than the genes themselves. This reveals a new concern because the unintended affects of manipulating RNA are in order of magnitude much higher than what has been going on at the more simplistic level of altering one protein coding gene here and there. They are opening another Pandora’s box. The Genie is out of the bottle and it can’t be put back in.

They are trying to capitalize on it by creating new technologies, patent a new EPA approved pesticide with new RNA interference molecules that kill insects and innovate new plants to manipulate the RNA interference in their seeds. The point is, they’ve discovered ways to completely shut down gene expression that is essential for our health.

Golden rice is created by inserting genes that produce beta carotene, which is supposed to help with vitamin A deficiency. It failed to boost beta carotene in field trials. Vitamin A deficiency is very serious and can cause blindness or death. First, the beta carotene doesn’t turn into vitamin A because it needs fat. Those people who are starving typically don’t have fat in their diet. Second, the metabolic pathway it’s working with can only produce retinoid acid, which is linked to certain diseases and birth defects. They are altering active molecules and changing metabolic pathways that are known to cause disease. For a child to get the minimum required daily dose of vitamin A they would have to eat seven bowls every day. A Chinese study showed that consuming genetically engineered Golden Rice, which have these RNA’s, had enough of an impact on their physiology that it changed the LDL receptor in the liver. Just consuming something as simple and natural as rice can have a profound effect on physiology which is correlated to cardiovascular health problems. It is no longer a question of whether food affects (1:1 correlation) our epigenetic expression, but how much that happens. If this was the only solution to blindness caused by vitamin A deficiency in developing countries, it’s still not worth putting people at risk for serious, life threatening diseases. They are risking the lives of people who already have poor health, by using a technology that is known to cause anti-nutrients, allergies and toxins. Without doing proper safety studies, because they think they have the moral high ground and therefore it’s not necessary to test. This is much more complex than straight A to B kind of thinking. When you start changing things, unexpected things reverberate through the system. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. In their arrogance those who benefit from this technology say, “RNA switching is much more exact than previous breeding technologies.” I don't think so!

Double strand RNA was thought to be a weigh station between the intelligence of the DNA and the proteins, but as it turns out, RNA can affect gene expression. Tiny clips of RNA folded back on itself can silence genes. They tested this in honey bees by feeding the larva one meal of double strand RNA as a control that was supposed to have no effect. Over the next several weeks that one meal changed the expression of over 1400 genes, or 10% of the genome that we know about in the honey bee. It changed systems that are vital for honey bee health. They fed double strand RNA to mice, which changed the gene expression in the liver. Insects and mammals, all of it has to do is link up with corresponding code along the DNA where it could silence the gene. Humans have 2 billion base pairs and 21 code RNA, so it could match up to many different areas. So the concern is that if we eat double strand RNA, it will hook up with our own DNA and silence or change our gene expression. This, I think, explains why I am receiving clients with MTHFR gene mutations and high oxalate issues, just to name two issues that show up.

No regulatory system exists that is capable of evaluating the impact of products that use double strand RNA. We can’t know of its potential impact in other organisms in the crop or humans who consume the food. Using double strand RNA in pesticides, there is no evaluating process to protect the environment. They are playing with the unknown and they know just enough to be dangerous.

To release genetics into the food supply and the environment where it can’t be recalled is entirely irresponsible.



There is a history that reveals why as a species we have survived and accomplished what we did. It had to do with what we did or didn’t eat. Food science and policy around GMO food is that food is nothing more than energy, fuel or building blocks of nutrients; proteins, carbohydrates and fat, micro and macro nutrients and minerals. That is the most reductionistic view. ‘Reductionist’ is an important word, because the reductionist concept just focuses on one single thing until it is solved within certain parameters. It doesn't see the bigger picture.

Natural food is highly intelligent. It contains gene regulating information. Without it the genome and epigenetic genome of our species would fall apart overnight. Food is information and it has a nutri-genomic capacity to target on a granular molecular level very specific processes in a way that no man-made chemical, drug or biological alteration will ever even approximate. Food is sacred and it is advanced technology. Natural food science is the most cutting edge, validated science that exists today. Exoenzymes (an enzyme that acts outside the cell that produces it) in our food are able to directly orchestrate the DNA in our body. That’s science. That natural is best is the most scientifically validated statement that could possibly be made. This is not just the concept that natural is better, but that natural is best.

Your body utilizes plant DNA to function. If you eat genetically engineered produce, that gene, which has been designed to turn off or alter DNA can potentially change your DNA and you become a hybrid. Livestock are fed GMO’s and it affects them the same way. Then we eat the animal. We’ve created a society where it is very easy to get food. If you eat in any restaurant or processed food from the grocery store, I can guarantee you are being fed GMO’s.

Gene sequencing is already in production and in grocery stores now.
  • They are applying this technology to farm raised salmon. If genetically engineered salmon escape from their farms, which they do, and breed with wild salmon populations, we can’t reverse that. GMO salmon grow two times the size on half the food and out compete natural salmon for food. Artificial color, GMO corn and soy are their feed.
  • Poultry and beef are eating GMO.
  • 80% of foods in the store have GMO ingredients.
  • The ARCTIC apple - RNA interference manipulates the gene that controls oxidation to prevent browning. Nature does nothing uselessly. Bruised apples will not be thrown away in the store because they will not turn brown and we will eat rotten fruit. It is arrogant to think they can do this without consequence or liability. They are playing God.
  • The Idaho potato family had a very narrow range of genetics and they developed diseases that wiped them out. The INNATE potato is genetically engineered to resist the pathogen that caused the Irish potato famine. The three new varieties of potato are the Russet Burbank, Ranger Russet and Atlantic, which have previously been approved by the USDA. Approved in 2014, the FDA says, “Innate potatoes are safe for the environment, safe to eat, and have the same taste, texture and nutritional qualities as conventional potatoes”. They are just telling consumers what they want to hear. The company, Simplot, said they will have reduced bruising and black spots, enhanced storage capacity and created a product that produces a lower amount of a chemical that is a potential carcinogen that is created when potatoes are cooked at high temperatures. They are likely referring to Benzene or Benzopyrene. Potato chip and French fry eaters, beware.

The US government allowed apples and potatoes on the market that use double strand RNA technology, so if we eat that food there is serious concern that they could reprogram human gene expression. It is twisted to think that producing an apple or potato that doesn’t turn brown from oxidation when sliced is worth putting an entire society at risk for something so ridiculous. I don’t know about you, but if my food is damaged or old, I want it to turn brown, so I can identify it as bruised or past its prime. It looses its nutritional content and grows mold that produces aflatoxin. They want to develop produce that deceptively appears fresh so we buy it and they don’t lose profits when old food would normally be discarded.

385 synthetic biology projects are going on now; Pink pineapples, and GMO wheat by 2022. The are manipulating genes and promoting them as having higher antioxidants to an unsuspecting customer.

Recently I learned about the Impossible Burger. The Impossible Foods brand has developed a meatless, "bleeding" burger which contains a mix of soy, wheat, coconut oil and "heme", which is derived from genetically engineered yeast. Heme is composed of 46 unexpected additional proteins, some of which are unidentified and none of them were assessed for safety in the dossier. This is another lucrative patented food source with the goal of replacing animal meat. This product is manufactured from start to finish with the highest level of processing imaginable and involve the use of man-made ingredients. They cannot recreate the complex mix of nutrients, synergy and cofactors the real meat contains. No-one has succeeded at replicating, much less outperforming nature.

They are proposing GMO trees
Trees communicate with each other, reaching out and touch each other underground as their root systems intertwine. Trees are highly adaptive. With the understanding we have of GMO crops that have come before them, we can safely predict how trees will behave as well. When those GMO trees spread and change the natural trees around them, they will affect them negatively and permanently in ways we can’t even imagine. Trees are grown for specific purposes, like lumber, nut and fruit production. We are doing a lot of things to disrupt the tree life cycle and interconnectedness which is causing them to be more vulnerable. Eighty years is a short life for a tree. There are trees that are known to be thousands of years old. Olive trees are still in Jerusalem that were growing when Jesus prayed in the garden. We need to study trees on their own terms and we also need to coexist with them. We need trees to produce the oxygen we breathe. Deforestation in the past 150 years has seriously damaged that.

GMO mosquitoes, in southern Florida, to eliminate Dang’e fever. They are inbreeding with the normal mosquito population.

GMO is registered with the EPA as a pesticide, not with the FDA as a food, yet it is in baby food and everything. The damaging effects of GMO foods on the GI tract are profound. GMO’s are harder to digest. That slows digestion. It should take no longer then 24 hours for food to go through you. If it takes longer, your food rots inside your body; carbohydrates ferment, fats become rancid, proteins putrefy, creating a toxic sludge that’s recirculating in your body, in addition to all the other chemicals from the environment, food, air and water supply. Every chronic illness is the result of toxic chemicals in the body. We breathe small amounts in and they get absorbed into the mucous membranes and absorbed into the blood. Processed food and beverages we consume are filled with GMO ingredients and chemicals.

We need three things - clean air, water and food, and they have poisoned all three of those things. It’s not just about eating GMO food or not eating GMO food. Everything is affected, whether you participate voluntarily in this global experiment or not. You need to breathe, eat and drink to live. Where will you get uncontaminated sources? There will be none.

There are very disturbing contaminants in food, i.e. supplements are contaminated with antibiotics. Organic products from China are contaminated with mercury and lead. Organic rice protein products were made safe once they were made aware. Canola, soy and corn oil, even organic brands, can be contaminated, so throw them out. A lot of organic canola, soy and corn oil is contaminated, but vegetable oils are not good oils for us anyway. High heat damages oil and creates toxic carcinogenic substances.

I draw this analogy - Natural food is information and man-made food is corrupted information. You wouldn’t put corrupted information into your computer. What would happen? It would crash! We are putting corrupted information into our bodies. How would you expect your body to respond? If it causes a computer to crash, it makes sense that your body (immune system) will crash also.

Illness for profit

All organ systems are controlled from the gut. If you want to create illness for profit, or wipe out a population, you attack the gut of every individual.
  • Workers at livestock butchering operations can tell the difference between an animal that was organically raised and one that was fed GMO feed, because the meat looks different; the color and the smell is putrid because of the genetic changes cause that putridity to happen. Amazingly, the full protein and metabolic expression of Roundup ready crops revealed 200 more proteins and metabolites than regular crops. Of the 198 changes, we don't know the impact, but for two we do. Putrizine and cadaverine cause rotting dead bodies to smell and they are at high levels in Roundup ready corn, whether or not it's been sprayed with glyphosate. They are also directly linked to allergies and cancer.
  • A pig study showed that pigs who were fed a GMO diet had red, inflamed and ulcerated stomachs and pigs who were fed a non-GMO diet had no inflammation or ulcers. Veterinarians involved in the slaughter of food animals said it is normal to see this. Pigs given antibiotics and fed GMO feed had less inflammation but still had ulcers, which is why so many livestock are given antibiotics. We import pig intestines from New Zealand for sausage casings because here they are so un-fryable. GMO crops are destroying the insides of our food animals. Eating GMO’s and eating animals fed GMO’s cause the same types of things in us.
  • If you are eating a commercially raised animal that has bioaccumulated all the pesticide, herbicide and GMO it’s eaten over its life time, you are consuming all that has concentrated in its tissues.
  • US livestock are developing an epidemic of reproductive disorders at an alarming rate. Vets and scientists examined the aborted fetal tissue of livestock who had miscarriages. They found a very small organism (magnified 38,250x) that was new to science. It had never been seen before. They are still not sure what it is. They are analyzing the DNA. It can cause reproductive failure. This new organism is in high concentrations in soy and corn products that have been sprayed with glyphosate. The secretary of Agriculture was alerted to the serious nature of this in a letter from Dr. Doug Huber, advising against approval of Roundup Ready alfalfa, but nothing happened and the issue was ignored by the USDA. The USDA is owned by biotech.
  • Dairy cows had milk production problems, arthritic type conditions, infertility and short lifespans on GMO feed. The first 60-80 days on GMO feed the cattle seemed "okay" and then the longer they were fed GMO feed with Roundup, the more would die. Since switching to non-GMO feed, cattle were healthier and calmer. Serious, and sometimes fatal, diarrhea disappeared and deaths from ulcers and stomach related illness disappeared.

We’ve seen an exponential rise in autoimmune diseases since World War II, and especially corresponding with the time GMO’s were introduced to the food chain in 1996. Since the mid-1990's, the number of people with chronic illness has doubled. Illnesses that weren't epidemic before are not epidemic. What has changed is the food. The things we are seeing today aren't normal. They didn't happen prior to the industrial age. 63 diseases have been linked to glyphosate and there are 29 distinct modes of toxicity. Liver damage, immune system damage, kidney problems, allergies, chronic illness, autoimmune diseases, infant mortality, premature births, infertility, and cancer, a wide range of adverse effects have been linked to glyphosate in our food supply. There are many diagnosis but they all have one cause, gut inflammation develops into systemic inflammation.

The research data that show this was terrifying to review. Nancy Swanson at the University of Washington went to the CDC and looked at the incidence or prevalence of a variety of different diseases and causes of death over the past 20 years. All of this data is published. Diabetes prior to 1996 is a flat line that shows an increase of less than 1% per year. After 1996 diabetes increased more than 5% every two years. Obesity took the same tract. Alzheimers was flat and after 1996 it had a steep increase. Dementia, same thing. Autism in the graph is flat and then it takes off. We are seeing Ricketts again, a micronutrient deficiency we considered gone. It doesn’t prove GMO’s are behind this but the correlation is so high you’ve got to wonder what is really going on. This correlation dwarfs anything else I’ve analyzed and explains the explosion of chronic disease in the past 20 years. Physicians typically don’t look at gut health as a source of disease. They don’t associate brain health with the gut either. The brain is not isolated. Look at family life. There is tension and strife within the family caring for children with autism, ADD/ADHD, behavior problems and cognitive deficiencies or an adult with a mental disorder. We need to look at nutrition as the solution to health care problems. Gut flora health is directly related to and important for brain health; psychologically and neurologically.

Forty years ago families were spending about 16% of their budget on food and 8% on health care. Those numbers have inverted. You can spend your $ on quality food or on prescription medications and doctors copays, but you will spend it. We have the cheapest food and the most expensive health care as a direct result. Our health care system is designed for and does amazing things in emergency and acute care, but it was never designed for chronic care. All of those chronic diseases start in your gut. Health insurance companies are investing (buying stock) in fast food chains. Why do you think that is?

The outcomes are dismal in terms of quality of life and longevity. Vaccinations of infants have increased, both in the number of vaccinations and number of times each vaccination is given. Baby formulas are high in GMO ingredients and contain pesticide residues. Antibiotics were introduced in the 1940’s and have been given freely, like candy. Autistic children who go organic are no longer autistic. The third generation of rats in studies who were fed GMO’s were infertile. Infertile couples who go organic have children. When people who experience health problems stop eating GMO foods, their health problems go away. It is predictable!

The lives destroyed and costs created by this way of producing food are incalculable. Europe is starting to crack down on it. When crops are produced overseas with high glyphosate levels, the EU won’t allow them, but the US has set glyphosate levels so high that then they come here. We’ve become the world’s dumping ground for foods that are considered too dangerous in other countries.

Compared to every other industrialized country, we are going backward and that has to do with consuming highly processed, synthetic fake food and how the food is grown. Medical expenses, lost income, and reduced quality of life are the price we pay. The circumstantial evidence surrounding GMO’s forces us to ask some serious questions. These biocides are designed to kill life, so why are we surprised when they get into our blood stream and end up killing us? GMO’s has not been in our food for a full generation, so we really have no idea what long term impacts we are going to see.

We are living in a toxic chemical soup from all different sources; VOC’s, HFC’s, industrial solvents and cleaning chemicals, agricultural chemicals, pollution in food and air, medicine, body care and laundry products, household cleaning products, city water. They may be tested individually, but not the incredible number of possible combinations and dosages and not the collective synergy between all these things. We are experiencing all these poisons collectively and emerging properties that cannot be identified by the individual elements, which can cause unpredictable and unexplainable tragedy. Who’s looking at the interaction of these different exposures? Nobody is looking at this! We will never have a tightly controlled study where all factors are managed but this one thing, because of how uncontainable all aspects of this are. Everyone’s environment is different, so the fluoride, chlorine, Rx drug residues, hexavalent chromium, and agricultural runoff is all going into the tap water and they can’t be filtered out. They all affect you.

The grand big picture reveals how many chemicals we are exposed to just from the environment combined, and then we add fake foods and toxic beverages that are consumed on a daily basis. People become allergic to everything man-made. The allergy epidemic, asthma, autoimmune diseases, epidemics of cancer, gut micro flora disorders, problems with gut micro biome, leaky gut all have everything to do with the chemicals in our environment. Liver cancer used to be very rare and only really related to Hepatitis B, but cancers have increased in all age groups with no known connection except GMO and glyphosate exposure. Cancer is the new normal because we’re being poisoned on a daily basis. They are manufacturing disease.

The sad thing is that the earth has become sick. We are connected to the earth. Do you know why you have cancer, diabetes, heart disease? No. Don’t you need to understand a problem before you can fix it? Yes. Let me explain why you have the disease that you have.
  • You are self producing toxic chemicals your body creates from chronically being in stress physiology.
  • Parasites, viruses, bacteria and fungi get into your body through a leaky gut wall and are making toxins that add to this burden.
  • A tremendous amount of toxicity is in our environment from plastics, heavy metals, what we’re eating and drinking, exposed to in the air, water and on our skin.
  • Your elimination and cleansing organs can only detoxify so much in a given amount of time and your exposure far exceeds the body’s ability to clean itself. What happens? The gut, then the liver and kidneys get blocked, so your body can’t detoxify and even more toxic backup occurs.
  • GMO foods slow motility and block your elimination routes. You should have 2-3 or more bowel movements daily.
  • Leaky gut allows the contents of your bowel to leak into the blood stream, adding to the toxic load. What is the body to do?
  • Other elimination routes like respiration and perspiration are not functioning optimally because you are less active, so that’s not happening.
  • Urination - not drinking natural water, so the elimination route is not functioning optimally.
  • Regular menstrual cycles allow the body to cleanse itself by releasing blood.
  • The body dumps all these chemicals and pathogens in one area and walls it off - tumor.
  • Diabetes - the pancreas is damaged and malfunctions.
  • Cells breathe and hydrate just like we do, so they are suffocating and dehydrated, so they can’t function, reproduce, etc.
  • Heart disease from consuming HFCS - cardiovascular system,
  • Heavy metals, displaced minerals, toxins and pathogens collect in joints causing arthritis.
  • Your self healing mechanism is suppressed and your immune system begins to literally die.

The only way to reverse this is to change those things that caused it in the first place. They all fall under the heading of ‘Lifestyle’. Eliminating toxins, parasite cleanse, heavy metal detox, kidney, liver and gallbladder cleanse, and nourishing the body activate the self healing mechanism and your immune system can be restored. Paying attention to your body, BM’s, urination, perspiration, breathing, thoughts, feelings, sleep, chewing, digestion, energy, pain levels and location, mood. Keeping your body clean. All these things have depleted your energy and made you feel toxic and sick. You don’t want to go back to that, so it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is the natural way your body was made to heal. Grounding to the earth. Don't think, “Oh, a trace amount of poison won’t hurt me”. Small amounts bioaccumulate.

GMO insulin was approved and put on the market for human use in 1978. They genetically altered yeast to produce an insulin-like (not bio identical) molecule and called it “Humulin”, so people would think it’s like human insulin. That insulin has three amino acid substitutions in that insulin molecule, so at a primary structural level, it’s not true human insulin and it can’t function the same way. It has some insulin-like properties but the difference is profound because on the secondary level of a protein structure is a folding structure that has a whole other layer of information. Structure and function are two sides of the same coin, so altering structure also alters function. There is a tertiary (3 rd) level and quaternary (4th) level, so this is not the same insulin that the pancreatic bata-cells produce. In type 1 diabetes, there is an autoimmune process where beta-cells get destroyed and you end up with lower insulin level. Now this insulin is produced from genetically modified e-coli and prescribed for those with type 2 diabetes, which are insulin resistant cases, so throwing more insulin into their system makes no sense. What’s needed is a change in diet, detoxify the body and some lifestyle interventions.

A recent Japanese study fount that within an average of 7.7 months of using this insulin on participants with type 2 diabetes, they also developed type 1 diabetes. They found increases of antibodies to insulin in their blood as well as decreases in C peptide which indicates that their beta-cells were further being destroyed. The cardiovascular events like heart attack have doubled among those using this therapy since the 1980’s. It’s not that they don’t produce enough insulin, but they are not responding to the insulin they produce. The medicine they are forcing on people with diabetes is actually compounding the problem and causing double diabetes. They are creating an epidemic of insulin therapy induced cardio toxicity. The insulin is worse than the condition they’re treating type 2 diabetes for. The point is now, the source of the insulin they’re taking. Be informed so you can make the best choice for you based on wisdom and not blind faith. Prior to this was pork derived insulin which was the closest thing you can give to a human who could not produce insulin and does contain some beneficial molecules. Pig sources if insulin can’t be patented because it is a natural substance and it can’t be controlled, so it is not as profitable. That’s why it is no longer available in the United States. But, just as with GMO, we are stripped of our choices and forced to use it.

Poor health is common these days, but it hasn’t always been this way. People were not on medication 150 years ago. This has come about since the pharmaceutical industry was created. The first synthetic drugs were developed between 1850-1945; epinephrine, norepinephrine, amphetamine, barbiturates and insulin. 1945 -1970 - anti-infective and anti hypertensive, contraceptives. 1970-1980 - statins.

We’ve already been engineered. That experiment is unfolding in our biological involvement in the largest uncontrolled experiment in human history, and we are getting sicker. 70,000 new chemicals have been introduced into our environment in the last 100 years. No-one knows what these chemical cocktails are going to do, but we see a trend that points toward the extinction of man. I am anti-progress that is setting us back and going to cause our extinction. The biggest unknown is that there will be coevolution, but the human body can’t adjust as fast as human ingenuity. Food, air and water supply is part of that uncontrolled experiment and a few people are taking a very risky gamble with not only our health, but our existence.

Nature abhors the unstable and unnatural. It may take the extinction of humans to reverse this, if we don’t. The earth is itself a self healing organism and the earth will heal itself. It will take centuries to get GMO’s completely out of the food chain. We really screwed up big this time.

More than any time in human history, we need to have strong immune systems. Super bugs are expected to be our greatest threat by 2050 as a result of the continued production of new antibiotics and widespread, indiscriminate use of them. The prevalence of antibiotic resistant bacteria has raised such a concern that the CDC has declared it “nightmare bacteria” and “there is nothing we can do about it.” It is anticipated that infections from resistant pathogens will be the number one killer world wide and many millions of humans will die. This is not just abstract thinking but real and measurable. The insanity of science is that they are trying to develop BETTER antibiotics. That’s how we got in this mess! It’s insane to keep doing the same thing and expect different results.


They know that different genetically engineered seeds and different herbicides will need to be developed in the future to replace those that become obsolete. 24D is a component of Agent Orange. Dicamba (3,6-dichloro-2-methoxybenzoic acid) is a broad-spectrum herbicide, also known as, Banvel, Diablo, Oracle and Vanquish. This chemical compound is an organochloride and a derivative of benzoic acid. It works by increasing plant growth rate, so when the plant outgrows its nutrient supplies, it dies. These are the new generation and so they pick another poison when weeds no longer respond to Roundup. GE canola can become triple resistant to glyphosate, 24D and Dicamba through cross breeding and develop into a noxious weed. Herbicide tolerant crops expos us to a toxic soup. Monsanto, Bayer, Dow and DuPont purpose is to create, produce and sell more chemicals. That’s what they do!

Bayer Crop Science has purchased Monsanto and got approval from the European Union (EU) and the US EPA to put a new GMO on the market. Liberty Link is the new name. Now Bayer, a German company in Europe, will own 95% of the food chain in the US. Bayer can pull Roundup ready crops from our farmers when it stops producing and immediately put in Liberty Link world wide. The whole thing will start over again with new patents for all these chemicals, new GMO with different amino acid blocks, pesticides and herbicides. The name Liberty Link is totally opposite of what it actually is, to fool people. It is covered up and the same story all over again, but this time we have a precident and we’re not going to be blind sided by something totally new. Their was no third party testing before Liberty Link got approved and so we are ready to see very intense chemical curves. It’s in Bayer’s best interest to make people sick with their Liberty Link and then sell the magic pharmaceutical cure for the disease they created. It’s the perfect business model. Everyone must eat!

Bayer Crop Science and Syngenta in the EU couldn’t convince their government of the safety of their neonicotinoid product, but somehow they managed to convince the US government, because ours is the best government you can BUY.

Every business goes from concept, to product, to fast growth, to plateau, to needing to reinvent or improve to get another period of growth. Monsanto has cycled through these stages a number of times and they have sold their stock to Bayer. Why would Bayer, a big pharmaceutical company, purchase Monsanto's stock - a plateauing company? Because the world is saturated with Roundup ready crops that are failing and consumers are refusing GMO products?

History repeats itself
The Nazi regime in Germany hired FK Pharmaceutical Co., also known as Bayer, to do research on sterilizing the Jewish people. History records that Bayer did human biological experiments. We heard an outcry around the world when this was uncovered in the 1940’s. We’ve seen chemical genicide in Ruanda and other places since then. Genicide is not a new idea in governments. This is the first time we’ve disguised genocide in a non-war context. Remember -cide means to kill. Initially, it was cloaked in the Green Revolution of the 1950-60’s. Then the altruistic farmer who’s feeding the world and preventing starvation, because we have 7 billion people on the planet to feed. The attention of the public has been shielded from this Agricultural Genocide, which can potentially kill a large group of people deliberately. This is disturbing on so many levels.

Surviving climate change

The concept that genetically modified organisms are going to help us survive climate change and severe drought has developed a monoculture model that eliminates the infinite number of variety of microorganisms, plants and animals, and kill everything but one plant that is genetically modified to survive carpet bombing of poisons that kills everything else, and that our only source of food - one plant that’s just barely living. We’ve killed all those amazing variables of a particular species that could survive sudden water or temperature changes. The justification that GMO’s will somehow confer a benefit is destroyed by this mode of operation, because diversity is removed from the equation. Evolution of a species is erased. What happens when you discover you’ve gotten it wrong and you’ve got only one?

Non-GMO crops produce 79% increased yield and are sustainable. Organic out performs GMO during times of drought.

We were given an amazing planet with such great diversity and we’re allowing corporations to kill everything on the surface of the earth ostensively to save humanity, but really for profit. It’s the most observed narrative and people are tolerant of it, which is so unbelievably absurd to me that they allow it to happen and participate every day by purchasing their products. They allow it to continue, but people who object to this are considered outliers and weirdos for caring about the problem, for everyone’s sake, not just their own.

Initiative to label GMO

GMO Proposition 37 (PROP 37) was a California ballot measure rejected in California at the statewide election on November 6, 2012. This initiative statute would have required labeling of genetically engineered food. Pro industry funded commercials were broadcast to scare consumers with skyrocketing food prices and supply problems. They have something to hide. Nestle, Hershey and other big industry poured $45 million into fighting prop 37. Prop 37 was defeated 51 to 49, so it was very close. The right to know the health risks of GMO’s. The campaign was limited because there was not enough information. It didn’t include facts about the dangers about GMO’s we are now aware of today. Monsanto’s PR people pretend genetic engineering is completely precise and predictable, and therefore it has no risks, so it doesn’t need any regulation, and no consumer will ever complain because they’ll never know.

I will bag-iStock_000008308699XSmall

No requirements exist in the US to label products containing GMO ingredients. We can't know who's eating GMO and who's not eating GMO at all, to be able to do studies. Confusion makes it impossible for liability to be determined.

These big corporations are trying to make the GMO labeling law very lax and only have to put a 1-800 number or QC code on the label, so it’s not actually putting GMO on the label. Studies show 70-90% of people will not buy GMO if it were labeled, and food industry giants don’t want it labeled because it would destroy the profitability of their products. The FDA refers to food industry giants as "clients" and they must protect the reputation of their clients. The main stream media propaganda said, “Its safe and its been tested, so don’t worry about labeling.” We know that's a lie. Just look at the judgements against Monsanto in history for Dioxin & PCB’s, Agent Orange, saccharine, and aspartame production, but “okay, now their products are safe and we can trust them.” No! (Aspartame is derived from a genetically engineered microorganism.) A large enough population of people need to be using something for a period of time before the true negative health effects are known.

  • Dioxin - More than 90 percent of human exposure is by eating animal products that are contaminated by these chemicals. Dioxins are absorbed and stored in fat tissue, and therefore, accumulate in the food chain.
  • PCBs have been demonstrated to cause a variety of adverse health effects. They have been shown to cause cancer in animals as well as a number of serious non-cancer health effects in animals, including: effects on the immune system, reproductive system, nervous system, endocrine system and other health effects. Studies in humans support evidence for potential carcinogenic and non-carcinogenic effects of PCBs.

The March Against Monsanto
On May 25, 2013, over 3,000,000 people in 400 cities, in 41 countries participated in the March Against Monsanto. The Facebook page for this event started February 2013 and it went viral. It’s a consumer level movement that insists, “We have the right to informed consent, to know if a food is GMO, so we can decide on an individual basis if we want to take part in this experiment."

Main stream media ignored the march. The March Against Monsanto was one of 10 unreported world events of the year. Media is cooperating with Monsanto because media gets there advertising dollars from these big industries. Every commercial has to do with drugs, food, beverages, lawn care, or cleaning chemicals. They can’t damage the reputations of these multi-million dollar corporations. There has been a total media blackout on this huge global event every year since May 2013. That shows their influence on this one machine.

The person who organized this event began to receive personal attacks. She took time away from her family to do this because her children’s future is at stake here. Her hope is that this will set lives on a better path and produce a positive result. This experience prompted her to share, "Social media have trolls watching out for people saying anything that goes against GMO’s and they use shaming, bullying and harassment to dissuade you. Show boldness and firmness, and remain steadfast because you are modeling it for others. Otherwise, shaming and bullying work. This is a personal development opportunity. Don’t shrink and say, “I’m not going to post about that anymore.” Double down and don’t try to convince the paid trolls. They have no data to support their position."

When people break ranks and literally put their careers and personal safety on the line, because they see the truth, they have everything to lose and nothing to gain. They are simply motivated by their concern for humanity, even if it means they must sacrifice themselves. They are the heroes because their life is not as important as the lives of humans and the earth, and future generations. They are willing to take those risks and all they ask of us is to support their efforts by doing two very simple things. 1) Tell others 2) Act on the information. Instead, it has been met with violent opposition and people try to marginalize; treat it as insignificant or perpetual.

April 1999 the EU went GMO-free. Even though the March against Monsanto wasn't covered by mainstream media, it did produce some positive results. The European community pushed GMO’s out! It took 10 weeks of eliminating GMO’s in Europe to cause a tipping point and now no GMO’s are permitted in the EU. It wasn’t the government. It was Nestle, Unilever, and Burger King’s response to informed consumers. Those companies created non-GMO versions of their products, but still sell it to the unsuspecting American public with GMO ingredients. If even a small percentage switched to non-GMO, we win! Moms who are feeding their children, sick people who want to get better, practitioners who are helping clients recover their health are receptive to this message.

When people stop consuming GMO’s because they see no benefit; taste, nutrition, texture and health, the companies will also see no benefit and a pure liability that can cost them sales. Since they are functioning with the mindset of profits and business models, lets communicate to them in a language they understand. Our $ can talk to them directly, and as loudly as their $ talks to lobbyists, politicians, and organizations in their pockets. They will avoid any drop in market share. They are threatened by an informed consumer who can vote with their $ and override big food industry voting with their lobbying $, because they get that money from us. So, any decrease in sales will create a tipping point. Shaping markets and demand with consumer $ is extremely powerful. Farmers grow what is in demand. In response to customer behavior, farmers are returning to conventional crops to tap into the non-GMO market, but their soil is contaminated. The genie is out of the bottle and it can’t be put back in.

In 2015, 57% of people said they were concerned that GMO’s may cause health problems. Now it’s 61%. Major companies are now converting to non-GMO so they don’t loose market share before their competition changes their product. Join the winning side!


Feed the world! GMO’s garner a lot of enthusiasm about feeding the world and improving the economics for farmers. Feeding more people with less land. This was the original idea of the Green Evolution in the 1970’s. They claim, “We can genetically modify crops to use less water and engineer them to take up more nutrients from the soil, so they have higher nutrient content and require less fertilizers and pesticide.” They proudly proclaim the following benefits of using this technology - the reduced use of soil incorporated pesticide by the use of glyphosate, requiring much less tilling of the soil, less soil erosion, less soil degradation, better water filtration, planting in a one step operation, less fuel used.

Now almost 40 years has passed. Their Malthusian predictions did not come true. Reality reveals the opposite is true. Every assumption made about GMO's have turned out to be false.
  • greater yields - Sure, for the first 2-3 years farmers experienced higher yields, but its not a sustainable thing. When they keep growing GMO crops, yields drop off suddenly and fail in 7-10 years. Independent studies (not paid for directly or indirectly by the biotech industry) conclude that GMO's create an economic wash.
  • no adverse effects - We’ve seen an exponential rise in autoimmune diseases since World War II, and especially corresponding with the time GMO’s were introduced to the food chain in 1996. 63 diseases have been linked to glyphosate and there are 29 distinct modes of toxicity. Liver damage, immune system damage, kidney problems, allergies, chronic illness, autoimmune diseases, infant mortality, premature births, infertility, and cancer, a wide range of adverse effects have been linked to glyphosate in our food supply. There are many diagnosis but they all have one cause. Glyphosate causes gut inflammation and that develops into systemic inflammation.
  • improved soil health - Glyphosate is water soluble, so it captures minerals and they are washed out of the soil the next time it rains. It kills earth worms and soil microbes.
  • using less pesticide and herbicide - Pesticide use decreased in the first 13 years by 64 million pounds, however, when the bugs became resistant, more extreme pesticide measures had to be implemented. Also, the use of glyphosate increased 382 million pounds during that time. Herbicide resistance in weeds is a serious problem, so herbicide rotation is critical because the use of glyphosate has created resistant weeds. What they don’t say is that they know the use of glyphosate should need to increase as the weeds become more resistant. This doesn’t cause the use of less herbicides because as weeds become more resistant and more applications of tweaked formulations are required to get the same effect. Roundup resistant weeds have taken over in more than half of the acreage around the US. We know that antibiotics create resistant pathogens so of course we should already understand it will do the same thing to weeds. That’s what nature does. People an agriculture understand this already.
  • less fertilizer use - Plant physiologists recognize that glyphosate chelates mineral uptake reduction causing nutrient deficiency in plants with these genetic modifications. Even though soils are becoming more deficient, any replenishment of minerals would be a waste because glyphosate makes the plants incapable of absorbing them. However, organic crops are not experiencing these deficiencies because they companion plant, rotate a variety of crops and replenish the soil using natural sources the plants can uptake and work with nature, so nature works with them.
  • more nutritious food - Glyphosate strips the soil of minerals the plants need, but that we also need to receive from eating plants.
  • feed the world - In the late 1990’s, Monsanto funded a 5 year campaign promoting that GMO’s are needed to feed the world. This background story is based on a lie. We actually have more food per person than at any time in human history. The government is paying farmers not to plant and let their land go fallow, because a surplus would drive prices down. What we have are distribution and socio-political issues, not problems with yield.

Yes, there are places where people are starving, but it’s due to lack of education. Put an orchard in where people are starving, a well, medicinal plants so now they have water, food and medicine. Teach them to fish so they can feed themselves, instead of giving them a fish and feed them for one meal so they are hungry again. For 5 cents daily, you could give a vitamin A supplement that would be far more effective and they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the Golden Rice project. There has been tremendous success using real solutions in developing countries by teaching the people to plant gardens with a biodiversity of food and that reflected in their diet. This costs a fraction of what was spent on genetic engineering, which doesn’t work. Holistic and logical approaches have dropped the level of deficiency considerably. So it’s working!

Yes, there are children going to bed hungry, but it is because their parents can’t earn a fair wage and afford to purchase food. It is not that there is a shortage of food, but economic hardships plague many people world wide.
  • 36% of GMO crops go into livestock feed. GMO’s do not feed the world because third world countries can’t afford meat and use other protein sources, so how does feed corn and soy for livestock feed poor, starving people.
  • 24% of GMO crops are plants for human consumption and 95% of those crops are food stuffs used to make snack/junk foods and high fructose corn syrup. So we’re not talking about nutritious foods! Third world countries don’t buy processed food.
  • 40% of GMO crops are corn that goes into fuel.

Subsidizing farmers who grow corn and soy causes them to choose that crop over others, which are not subsidized. In Canada, they grow mostly canola (Clear Field), wheat, and barley. 90% of Canadian canola is GMO rape seed.

The government of Argentina did a study and looked at the data. Pediatric cancers in Argentina increased three fold and birth defects increased four fold, which coincided with the increased use of glyphosate among farm families and workers. They were already being exposed to toxic Atrazine pesticides prior to the transfer to GMO crops and glyphosate, so this calls us to question, “Is glyphosate less toxic?” No.

Farm workers in Africa who ate GMO corn developed upper respiratory problems, aching feeling to having the flu and severe headaches. Within 48 hours of seeing their eyes didn't track (one went one way and the other eye went the other way) and the worker died. The farmer and his workers switched to non-GMO corn. His labor force experienced complete recovery of the health issues they were experiencing.

Haiti was given free GMO seeds, they grew them for a while and then burned the fields, returning to natural farming techniques.

Birth defects among farm workers is 70x higher. Most other countries have said, “No” to GMO.

Corporations believe Mother Nature is a formidable opponent to growing food, and that farmers need to be able to fight disease, insects, weeds, drought, etc. “Farming technology and science is necessary and more sustainable,” they say. They add, “We will learn more as we go along.” The truth is we don’t need genetics and chemicals to grow food. Plants have been successfully cultivated for thousands of years and put man at the top of the food chain without messing directly with genes.

All of these natural systems evolved together. Mono crops, where mega-farms plant hundreds of acres of the same thing, which is unnatural and of course nature will not support what is unnatural. This is why corporate operations are fighting with nature. Soil deficiencies are increased in mono-crop culture, as well as diseases and pests. For example, oats strip the soil of manganese. Monoculture farming is unnatural and it hasn’t worked. It breeds infection.

The science

A molecular biologist doesn’t understand two things — molecules and biology. They work on paper!

Science has become a religion and they somehow expect science to “save us”. After all the failures, they believe eventually they will get it right with the next chemical or medicine. At some point you need to jump off the train because it’s going off a cliff. Our default religion is scientism. Pharmakeua is talked about in the Bible as demonic. Evolution and the big bang are theories, but they are taught as fact because it drives the materialistic agenda. I used to be an atheist, so I know.

It’s really two different worlds of the intoxicated and the deceived around certain scientific achievements. In their arrogance, they don’t respect the intelligence that created this amazingly complex system they are tampering with and transfer that credibility to themselves. Science has not come close to catching up with whether these things are in any way safe. The human body is so complex on a physiologic and molecular level that the number of variables to control are impossible to calculate, much less anticipate. It’s impossible to test for the safety of novel, new transgenic or epigenetically modified food. They can’t even prove the safety of these novelly altered organisms. Human safety trials are unethical but that is exactly what they are doing. We are all forced to be part of one big uncontrolled experiment with no precautionary principal at all. Do we want to participate in this experiment that is being forced on the masses?

This reminds me of the black and white science fiction movies from the 1950-60’s, which came out during the same time they were beginning to dabble in all this stuff. What you visualize, you create.

The Fly

Movies like The Fly, in 1958. A scientist mutates into a grotesque human fly after one accidentally flew into his transportation machine and mixed two atoms. Atoms! Back then they didn’t know what they know today. Also, the movie Frankenstein, in 1970. These were considered “horror” films. More recently, Honey I Shrunk The Kids and Ant Man. This is not entertaining or funny when it’s happening for real. They are creating Frankenfoods. This is no longer science fiction but reality.

In biological science, we can no longer separate ourselves from the biosphere as a whole. This discovery reveals that anything we do out there is going to directly affect each one of us personally on every level and carry on to multiple generations, if not into perpetuity. It puts the responsibility back on us, where previously we could have said, “The only thing we need to worry about is glacial changes in the primary nucleotide sequence of a few thousand protein coding genes and that takes hundreds of thousands of years for one gene to be altered. Now in real time, the RNA’s in the micro vesicles of the food you are consuming will go into your body and start dramatically altering the expression of your DNA. You will become a hybrid. Add glyphosate to the picture and you can calculate how it would dramatically reduce your lifespan, just by consuming trace amounts of these GMO’s and chemicals. We can’t use age old fatalistic justifications anymore for our irresponsible behavior. Many thousands of years of agricultural stewardship history are being ignored and permanently damaged for future generations.

The scientific method is to question the status quo and find out what’s false about what used to be believed so the truth can move humanity forward. The science is never settled on anything and we should always be evolving and investigating, not thinking we’ve got all the answers. It’s anti science to suppress true science. They are practicing a fictitious form of science while pointing their fingers at others and accusing them of being unscientific. If you question the science, which has become a religion, you are a sinner; reprobate. People who object to this are viewed as crazy and discredited.

The science is not intimidating when you understand natural processes. It is very simple. If you live a certain way, you are more susceptible to disease. When you take antibiotics, instead of addressing lifestyle, you get sicker - not better. We are being pulled into materialism. We think, science can figure it out. We think there’s a material solution for every problem. It’s a masculine strategy that forces, conquers, wars against. We are going to find out the hard way there isn’t a material solution and that masculine strategies don’t work, because the earth is the feminine. You are not going to beat nature! Nature will always win and have the last word. We may become extinct in the process, but nature will win in the end and restore all. For nature to be commanded, it must first be obeyed. Study and comprehend nature, don’t try to control it.

Discredit the opposition

In 2015, IARC - International Agency for Research on Cancer declared glyphosate to be a human carcinogen. Monsanto has tried to get them to retract that statement and discredit them in any way possible. The EPA and Monsanto know it causes cancer, but they bury they research. The Genetic Literacy Project by the American Council for Science and Healthcare is a front group for Monsanto to discredit people who oppose them. This is also a standard practice of pharmaceutical companies.

There is a machine behind the promotion of GMO’s that suppresses evidence for the sake of profits. When a scientist discovers a problem, they are crucified, threatened, ridiculed, made fun of, their reputation is ruined, they are discredited, loose tenure, funding or their job. Hundreds of very qualified scientists refuse to work in this area because they don’t want to incur this risk to their careers. People who try to uncover the truth about GMO’s and make it public are investigated and defamed. They took over the Wikipedia page and made changes. They have key people in high places to put out fires in the press when some problem surfaces. All these key people in high places say the same thing when they are interviewed to discredit the research in the media. Then they say it’s a consensus. This represses the reporting and suppresses the desire of scientists to put themselves in the spot light. They cast dispersions on people who go against GMO’s. Personal and professional attacks can be expected.

The government is in collusion with big industry

The government isn’t doing anything about GMO’s and glyphosate. In fact, Obama signed the Monsanto Protection Act giving them complete judicial immunity from any kind of law suits. Trading favors is how legislative campaigns get funded. They are protected against liability. There is currently a lawsuit in California against Monsanto. Monsanto pays 18 lobbying groups several million dollars to affect policy. Heavy lobbying by the big chemical companies helped put into place the federal and state guidelines that are being followed, to make laws favor them. Any laws that don't favor them, they are finding new ways to take advantage of loop-holes to accomplish their goals.

Michael Taylor, one of Monsanto’s lead lawyers, took one of the top positions in the Bush/Regan administration and passed legislation that said GMO crops are no different then non-GMO crops and never have to be researched. GMO food is patented, so obviously it's not the same as non-GMO. In the Obama administration, Michael Taylor was the food safety tzar. He was put in that position because the White House instructed the FDA to promote GMO's.

The FDA turned the investigation of GMO crops over to the biotech companies who were producing these products and said, “You have to establish the safety mechanism.” So every new crop that comes out today, all they have to do is say its safe and the FDA turns a blind eye. People assume the FDA approves this, but they never say, "This GMO is safe." Establishing self-affirming GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) is nothing to brag about. GRAS is in an antiquated system that allows novel chemicals and ingredients into the food supply without stringent testing and safety review. When the GRAS was written into law in the 1950's, it was before the concoctions used in processed foods today ever existed. GMO's got the GRAS by bypassing the normal criteria for food additives. The FDA only has to issue a statement, "Monsanto believes it's foods are safe" on a piece of paper. There's your approval. It is a meaningless exercise.

We’ve been outsourcing our authority to the FDA and if they say it’s okay, then it must be okay. The overwhelming consensus among the scientists working at the FDA was that GMO's were different and dangerous, and needed to be studied / tested. Twenty-one years ago the FDA knew this technology wasn't ready and especially not for putting in our food supply.

Over half of the drugs approved by the FDA are removed or relabeled as more dangerous within 2 years. Drug approval requires extraordinary amounts of data and they still get it wrong. Over 100,000 people in the US die every year from Rx due to unanticipated adverse effects. The pharmaceutical industry is no different from the agricultural industry. They create the disease through diet and create the ‘solution’ through drugs, and have both barrels pointing at us with their finger squeezing the trigger. You have a reaction to milk from cows that were given drugs and fed GMO feed and go to the doctor who treats your symptoms with medication to change the chemistry again in the body. A drug without a side effect is not a drug at all. It is a degenerating cycle. The body struggles to express the best health possible so that we ‘wear disease well’.

The EPA is the agriculture departments “food” version of the FDA for medicine. Thomas Viscilseck is the secretary of agriculture who came out of the biotech industry.

The EPA doesn’t have the budget to do double blind, placebo controlled studies for anything in agriculture, so they depend upon the big corporations to do the tests and provide the EPA with “proof of safety”. There are no studies being done, but there should be, not only for crops for human consumption, but also for the food animal and the plant products that compose their feed. If they develop a drug to use in food animals a study is required, but if they use chemicals on feed crops no study is required.

The EPA leaked documents showing they are working in collusion with the pesticide industry. They underplay the very real dangers of these molecules and demonize anyone who tries to expose this crime against nature and humanity. They also knew when you put these genes out there in crops, they will cross pollinate, permanently changing the gene pool of all plants, animals and humans.The EPA and FDA are about promoting their clients, so food manufacturers are making a profit selling foods that make us sick and drug manufacturers are making a profit off our sickness. There is a vicious cycle of collusion. People are unaware how compromised things have become.

They go through the FDA & EPA approval process with no safety studies on how they will affect the environment and people. There is now a direct and accelerated application from the lab to the land, and real life application without knowing anything about what they are doing, because the tests for safety over time is not being done. The effects of GMO’s and glyphosate is something we cannot know in one generation, which reveals why they are eliminating that step because the people who would benefit financially from it wouldn’t be here when its studies produce those results and they want their profits now. Approval and promotion of GMO's was based on industry manipulation and political collusion over decades.

I avoid believing the US government on anything regarding health, safety and nutrition. If they encourage it, I run from it. If they say to avoid it, I take a closer look and give it a try. They are doing the bidding of big corporations and I want no part of it. This is common sense and startling at the same time. Putting blinders on the situation would be to your own peril.

We are literally lab rats. It’s very disturbing what can happen based on what we already know. With the advent of RNA interfering technologies and the silent approval by the EPA of this technology, the populations that will be exposed to these new foods and pesticides will now have to contend with more dangerous risks than ever. This is very frightening because it’s already just recently been quietly approved on June 23, 2017, and applied for full market use. For example, food regulatory agencies have failed us in that the vast majority of approved food products which have a surreptitious viral sequence from poly-flour-mosaic retrovirus. This plant virus contains sequences which when inserted into the foods of humans and animals we eat, can profoundly alter the phenotype of cells. Yet, regulatory agencies, who have left it up to manufacturers to voluntarily report on the safety of their products, deem it safe because it has not been proven to be unsafe, while turning a blind eye to the issue of safety entirely. 165 genetically engineered crops have been approved in the US.

The courts US supreme court justice Clarance Thomas is a former Monsanto attorney. He refuses to remove himself from any case involving Monsanto, even though it is a conflict of interest, and he rules in their favor every time. More lawsuits will come.

Hundreds of people are in every branch of government and it's a masterful plan to monopolize our food supply. They want to own our food supply. These people are at the top of policy decision making and have infiltrated top levels of government all the way down to grass roots efforts. There is no decision making coming from the public, which is who government is supposed to represent and have their best interest in mind. It’s not about the health of people, which is the basis of a healthy economy and a healthy nation!

The New York Times published an article about the collusion between the companies and the government. A court case in California involving 1,100 cases of non-Hodgkins Lymphoma related to glyphosate exposure, which Monsanto could be on the hook for millions of $ in damages. In the discovery process for the case it was revealed how Monsanto suppressed scientific studies to get retractions from scientific journals. Monsanto paid an editor of a major scientific journal $400 per hour at the time when he retracted the study. This is bribery and collusion, criminal and science fraud. There is more evidence surfacing about what’s really going on, and it runs deep and wide.

People are so preoccupied with just getting through their day they default to trusting the government agencies that are charged with protecting our well being, without being aware of the unholy interactions between big corporate interest and government. They’ve given that control to these multi national corporations who’s fiduciary responsibility is to their share holders to make a profit.

All of this is brought about by the consequences of capitalism, where favors and rights can be traded for $. Corporate interest and government can now suddenly own farmers, control the food supply and bring the economy to its knees, poison our world and victimize many who have no choice in the matter. We've lost 99% of our exports to the EU. It’s an unnerving situation. Chemical, oil and banking conglomerates have their hands on everything we would associate with evil.

Evil does follow the laws of nature

- the parasitic laws of nature They know this causes catastrophic illness on epidemic levels and instead of fixing the situation by removing their product (recall), they cover it up. Is there a lower depth of evil than that? Hurting people for profit. You learn about the power of parasites when your dog gets heart worm or you get dysbiosis (SIBO) and are overcome with worms, bacteria, viruses and fungi (Candida). Parasites create chemicals to weaken the host (earth, plant, your pet, you) so you become more susceptible to more parasites and require more of their chemicals (plant, pet and people drugs).

Evil follows certain patterns.
1) They don’t reveal what they are doing, stealth, biofilm. Introducing things into the food supply without our knowledge. Parasites in the body. They are opposed to labeling.
2) Parasites feed off the host as much as they can get away with, without being discovered. Think of the parasitic behavior of government policy. They are for corporations, not the people. Corporations are a functional entity without consciousness.
3) Parasites either disintegrate the host or they mineralize (harden) the host. Calcification, hardening of the arteries, heart and pineal gland are caused by parasitical interaction.

Think of it as the people of the earth. There are good people and bad people. When the people who seek their own selfish self interest and benefit and that do harm others, outnumber the people who have others best interest at heart, in addition to their own, death and destruction replace health and restoration. When there is balance, the good keeps the bad from gaining control.

Testing for safety

Under the agreement GMO farmers have with Monsanto, they are not permitted to allow any of their product to be subject to research, to prevent outside scientific analysis of GMO’s for safety. The biotech industry has made it so that no-one can do research on their seeds without there blessing. The chemical companies are fighting against full disclosure of the chemicals used, calling it a “trade secret” to avoid liability. Biotech companies don’t allow their employees to ask questions about safety. They don’t want to know and make it very difficult to find out. This is like Love Canal, but on a global scale.

They say there is no proof that GMO’s aren’t safe, while at the same time preventing the research that would show it. A scientist was hired to design tests to check if GMO's were safe and he concluded that GMO's are not safe. He was fired after 35 years, threatened with a law suit and they withdrew the data, never implementing the protocols and destroying his reputation to protect GMO's reputation. Now his data is published. They rewrite studies to hide effects and do science in such a way as to avoid finding problems. We end up the lab rats.

Their safety assessments are based on a “good guess” by doing their computer algorithms and projecting the effects of genes, which is a thought experiment, not testing. Of course the pressure to get their product on the market, increase profits and create the push to produce higher yields per acre is going to create pressure to stop the science. As a result, we have a very limited amount of research happening.

Animal testing
The few lab animals and livestock studies that have been done show very disturbing evidence of problems with organ development impact in GI flora.
  • Tests done on rats that were fed Roundup ready corn sprayed with glyphosate got tumors, organ damage and died early. Rats fed only GMO corn without Roundup application - same thing. Rats fed glyphosate in drinking water - same thing. It was the genetically modified food and it was the spray.
  • Rats fed GMO soy had liver damage, pancreatic damage, and reproductive organ damage. Studies revealed alarming reproductive problems; changes in male and female reproductive organs, more than half of their babies died within 3 weeks, the babies that lived were smaller and could not reproduce. Rats fed Roundup ready and BT corn had fewer and smaller babies. Third generation hamsters were sterilized and some had hair growing in their mouths.
  • A test on genetically engineered potatoes to produce its own insecticide revealed it caused cancer to grow in rats digestive tract, smaller brains, livers and testicles, partial atrophy of the liver and damage to the immune system. Rats fed natural potatoes sprayed with insecticide had none of these effects. It was not the insecticide, it was engineered genetics that caused this.
  • They can show no direct damage to cells, but what it really is - damage to the extracellular matrix. In biology, the extracellular matrix (ECM) is a collection of extracellular molecules secreted by cells that provides structural and biochemical support to the surrounding cells. There is no protocol for looking at the extracellular matrix in a human, much less in cows or plants. We don't even do that with drug testing. Imagine a house with no frame. You've got drywall and shingles flopping around. Now imagine a body without a structural framework. This is more than just skeletal structure, but also a communication framework. Under a microscope it looks like fiber optic cables. The extracellular environment of a liver cell is connected to every other cell in the body through the extracellular matrix.
  • Not only glyphosate, but also the other ingredients in Roundup are endocrine system disruptors. Even small amounts have a huge impact on the hormone system. Tiny amounts of Roundup in the drinking water of rats produced non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, which 25% of Americans have. This can lead to much more serious liver problems. The non-alcoholic fatty liver disease could be toxicological or endocrine system dysfunction, or both. It is well established in medical literature, but ignored by the EPA, which doesn't require low dose testing. If you calculate the amount of glyphosate per body weight, per day in the rat, it was 437,000x lower than the amount the EPA allows as safe intake for humans per body weight, per day.

A powerful and disturbing report was published in 2012 in a peer-reviewed journal — Food and Chemical Toxicology by Gilles-Eric Seralini. The world was shocked by hideous photographs of rats fed on grains engineered to be tolerant of Monsanto’s infamous “Roundup” pesticide, bearing grotesque tumors that had grown in just a matter of a few months. The study showed that eating GMO food is almost certainly contributing to the obesity epidemic. Additionally, the test animals also showed increases in circulating glucose and triglycerides plus significant damage to major organs. Effects were mostly associated with the kidney and liver, the dietary detoxifying organs, but other effects were also noticed in the heart, adrenal glands, spleen and hematopoietic (blood making) system. In males, the difference was even more pronounced: a 400% increase. So the fact that foods are inflammatory in character is now beyond question.

Of course the study was quickly attacked by the food industry, which is standard protocol. They put their shill scientists on it and search for details to criticize. For them there must never be any acknowledgement of possible dangers from foods… never, ever. To keep up their standpoint, all they have to do is ignore the gathering tide of evidence or lie about it. They do both very well. But Seralini’s own website counters every single twisted and dishonest objection.

10 Points on Which Industry Criticisms Are False:
  • That Séralini’s study was a badly designed cancer study. It wasn’t. It was a chronic toxicity study – and a well-designed and well-conducted one. The cancers were what showed up.
  • Séralini’s study is the only long-term study on the commercialized maize NK603 and the pesticide (Roundup) it is designed to be grown with.
  • Séralini used the same strain of rat (Sprague-Dawley, SD) that Monsanto used in its 90-day studies on foods and its long-term studies on glyphosate, the chemical ingredient of Roundup, conducted for regulatory approval.
  • Despite wild claims to the contrary, the SD rat is about as prone to tumors as humans are. As with humans, the SD rat’s tendency to cancer increases with age.
  • Compared with industry tests on foods, Séralini’s study analyzed the same number of rats but over a longer period (two years instead of 90 days), measured more effects more often, and was uniquely able to distinguish the effects of the food from the pesticide it is grown with.
  • If we argue that Séralini’s study does not prove that the food tested is dangerous, then we must also accept that industry studies on foods cannot prove they are safe.
  • Séralini’s study showed that 90-day tests commonly done on foods are not long enough to see long-term effects like cancer, organ damage, and premature death. The first tumors only appeared 4-7 months into the study.
  • Séralini’s study showed that industry and regulators are wrong to dismiss toxic effects seen in 90-day studies on foods as “not biologically meaningful”. Signs of toxicity in Monsanto’s 90-day studies were found to eventually develop into organ damage, cancer, and premature death in Séralini’s two-year study.
  • Long-term tests on foods are not required by regulators anywhere in the world.
  • Foods have been found to have toxic effects on laboratory and farm animals in a number of other studies. This is not a “one-off” finding.

The truth is out there! Keep your eye on the alternative press and activist websites like and—they fight hard to make public the hidden lies, corruption and deceitful agenda of the biotech industry. Otherwise you risk being left in the dark.

Human testing
  • BT toxin was assumed to be inert to humans, benign. When BT toxin from Monsanto's corn was put with human cells in a test tube, it poked holes in those cells, consistent with those that killed the insects. Our intestinal wall is only one cell thick. Food stuffs, which are made with BT corn and other chemicals, leak into the body through a leaky gut wall and enter the bloodstream where it can damage blood cells. This is the process of gut erosion and inflammatory bowel disease we’ve seen for the past 20 years. Of course, the immune system recognizes this as foreign material and causes an immune reaction.The gene in corn that causes a corn allergy was never switched on until the process of genetic engineering caused that change.
  • In the neonicotinoid research there was never a concern about ingestion or bioaccumulation and no consumer health tests or epidemiological reports were done, but correlated with exposure in human disease is suggesting there is an adverse effect, so now research is being done on animals.
  • In the only study done on humans consuming the meat and milk of animals fed BT corn, which showed part of the trans gene transferred into the DNA of the bacteria lining the inside of the intestines of the subject tested. It integrated into and became part of the DNA of the bacteria, but they were never able to figure out if it was functioning. If the BT gene transfers to human gut bacteria and they start producing BT toxin 24/7 inside your own intestine. That would explain why 93% of women in Canada have BT toxin in their blood, because it's being produced inside them. This is one of the many potentially serious health effects that have never been evaluated by the FDA or the companies that produce GMO's. These things can't even be anticipated!

The upside is when the rats were put back on a natural, non-GMO diet, there was reversal. There was some damage, but they began to recover. Unfortunately, there was no evidence of reversal in the soil, but researchers are trying to figure out how to remediate the soil from glyphosate.

We are nowhere near the day when genetic manipulation of food is beneficial to humans. At the very least, 40 year in vitro (taking place in a test tube, culture dish, or elsewhere outside a living organism), enviro (in the environment) and in vivo (in live organisms) studies should be done before they can say without any doubt if any of their products are safe. The difficulty with that is there is no control group of people who are not exposed to some pathogen or toxin to do cause and effect experiments on. Anecdotally, we know when people eat GMO food, they get sick. When livestock animals eat GMO feed, they get sick. When they stop consuming GMO they get well. It’s a no brainer.

Currently, however, there is a very large study being conducted on 300,000,000 guinea pigs known as the American population. Pesticide genes that are inserted in one of the GMO corn products is finding its way into the bloodstream of mother’s and their fetus. The impacts of that are unknown because it’s too soon to really know yet. We will find out in subsequent generations what impact it will have.

Even if this stuff was tested for a thousand years and proven “safe,” nature does it better.

Doctors are doing more experiments on GMO's vs Non-GMO's than all the scientists put together and they are speaking differently about the subject. Doctors are seeing that GMO's cause problems among their patients. Allergic patients have more problems with GMO's, but when they prescribe a non-GMO diet, their patients get better. Farmers are doing more experiments on GMO'S vs Non-GMO's than all the scientists put together, because they put their pigs and cows on non-GMO diets and they get healthier by not consuming GMO's. The #1 reported improvement that is observed by doctors and farmers is always gastrointestinal; acid reflux, IBS, IBD, colitis, etc. #2 is increased energy and reduced brain fog. #3 is reduced pain, weight loss, better mood and behavior, less depression and anxiety, reversed erectile dysfunction. These were consistently reported

Research - Follow the money

Follow the money Billions of dollars yields tremendous influence. A Stanford study looked at the nutritional values. It did note the presence of pesticide levels in conventional foods, but that the nutrient content was essentially the same. They said the study was not directly funded by big industry, but upon closer inspection it was found out that the college was funded by big industry, so the findings were in support of their benefactors. Who’s paying for it? There are claims from Stanford University that their own funds paid for the research, but when you look at who funds Stanford you discover it’s big agribusiness and biotechnology, so it was a smoke screen. The researchers who worked on that study were the same researchers who worked on the tobacco industry studies, that also decided tobacco wasn’t dangerous for health.

The FDA and independent consumers union (Consumers Reports) have researched the comparison between conventionally grown and organic foods and found organic foods were far superior nutritionally and have much lower levels of agro-chemical contamination. Studies on conventional vs organic is more than the question of what their comparative nutrient content is, but also the agricultural chemicals to grow conventional food actually rob your body of nutrients, depleting the nutrients in our diet and in our bodies simultaneously. This is not what you are going to hear from the industry.

Academic agricultural research has land grant universities that do research to benefit farmers. Agrochemical companies and industry have brought together government and farmers with extension agents that sponsor their research and influence their conclusions, technology and the whole process. The GMO received endorsement by the USDA this way.

Corporate agribusiness is funding research facilities, so they are beholden to them to promote corporate biotechnology interests. Independent researchers who want to study the potential problems with GMO’s run up against a culture who discourages them by threatening their funding and position at the institute where they work. They back down in the face of intimidation and threats. Those who do research are victimized when they publish their findings which shine a spot light on the problems with GMO’s. The peer pressure in the scientific community to “shut up” is unprecedented. Public universities feel the pressure not to go there. “Be quiet and get along” is the clear message being communicated. We see this also in big pharma, because it’s the same players. Many big agribusiness food producers are also pharmaceutical producers as well.

Their corporate profit model was developed by big tobacco. They selectively picked the data to be able to show it has no effect on human biology. Their job was to deny the science that showed smoking was linked to cancer and create confusion. They infiltrated and corrupt the regulations at the time. Why did the American Medical Association endorse cigarettes for decades and run full page ads for cigarettes in the Journal of the American Medical Association? Big tobacco was eventually exposed, but now their people work for Monsanto. The effects of what they’ve done so far are irreversible at this point. No other companies have or are doing more damage to the world.

Thirteen CEO’s of tobacco companies testified in court, sharing that cigarette neither caused cancer or were addictive. Scientists presented 40 years of research data proving it wasn’t true and congress didn’t move on that, except to change the language on a package. Ten years later the consumer changed. Legislation didn’t change and the cigarette didn’t change. The consumer decided they didn’t want this. Within 10 years the tobacco industry collapsed in the US. That is a powerful message about how much control we do have. Not everyone smoked, but those who made a decision and acted on it quickly turned it around and improved conditions for all of us. Everyone eats, breathes, drinks and rain containing glyphosate falls on us all, so when all of us are made aware and make a decision, the power returns to the people.

Evidence based medicine and policy has been replaced with eminence (recognized superiority, especially within a particular sphere or profession) based medicine and policy. Allopathic cures are promoted, while alternative cures are not approved and suppressed. The FDA hunts down alternative medicine practitioners and pulls their licenses or worse. I have personally experienced this myself in the past 20 years, because I had to find a new naturopathic physician or functional medicine doctor every time my physician was shut down. It is outrageous! We should be free to choose the type of health care we want. Television ads and internet searches promote and direct you to conventional medical methods and those who practice them, or misinformation, making it very difficult to find true alternatives.


Someone with a vested interest in GMO’s and Glyphosate is going to have a biased opinion and see what they want to see, based on their own version of the ‘facts’, while turning a blind eye to everything that doesn’t serve their purpose or would work against their agenda and goals. They truly and sincerely believe what they are doing is right and in their mind it is not a lie, but they are working with all the wrong information and simply repeat what they hear without all the facts or total knowledge. The data presents a very different reality.

There are those who create and spread lies and there are those who are lied to and repeat them, believing it is the truth. Eventually, people hear something so much they believe it is true without question.

The truth will come out In academia, science and other institutions there are people who can’t hear anything other than their false narrative. I have no tolerance for lies and corruption. I can’t stand by and say nothing, do nothing. It is both a blessing and a curse during times like these. Not everyone is ready for the truth. Many people can only take the truth in small doses. The complete truth is difficult to hear and comprehend. Some truth is not truth at all, because some truth is always incorporated into a good lie. In most cases, people know just enough to be dangerous. Like the scientists and companies who only work with the truth that suits their purposes, they pick the truth they want to believe and act on. What you don’t know, you don’t know can and does hurt you and other people.


Before the 1950’s, all farms were organic farms and all food was ‘organic’, so this is not some new “hip thing,” because hippies didn’t happen until the 1960’s. That’s the background of organics, very simply and it’s a short story.

It wasn’t until after WWII that agrochemicals became available. The commercialization of organic farming began around 1980. The organics market has become attractive to big agricultural businesses because it has become so lucrative. Non-GMO food used to just be called “food”. We now need to categorize food based on technology.

The USDA has not been doing their job judiciously as mandated by congress. Congress passed the organic foods production act of 1990. The National Organic Standards board is an advisory panel in the USDA consisting of 4 farmers, 1 conservationist, 1 organic certifier, and organic managers of manufacturers - all are stake holders. They also added a public interest representative so that agribusiness couldn’t dominate the panel in theory. Federal law says to qualify for that position, you need to own or operate an organic farm. The Obama administration appointed a number of corporate shill’s (1 - an accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice and encourage others or 2 - a person who pretends to give an impartial endorsement of something in which they themselves have an interest) into thee spots that were reserved for independent stakeholders in the organic community. The most egregious example of that is an executive of General Mills who sat in the public or consumer interest spot during the Bush administration and there was such an uproar led by consumers union of Consumer Reports, an ally in the fight to maintain the integrity of organic, that they withdrew her name. She was a food scientist and later was reinstalled when they added one more seat for a scientist.

Today, one of the two farmers on the board is an employee of Organic Valley (a farmer owned cooperative, but a billion dollar a year enterprise). There are people on the board who don’t own or operate organic farms, and so they are not invested. Another farmer on the board who was appointed by the Obama administration works at Drycals - the worlds largest dairy producer. That can’t qualify as organic and this person wasn’t an owner or operator. They must be ‘invested.’ There were a number of highly qualified, experienced farmers who wanted very much to be on that board, who were nominated, but were passed over, so these corporate representatives could sit in these seats reserved for independent farmers.

They oversee organic food and set the rules. They have statutory authority from congress to advise the secretary on policy issues, like how much a cow has to graze to qualify as organic and about the application of synthetic or non-organic agricultural products are used in organic food. If something is not available in organic form, it must be reviewed, vetted and recommended for use by the NAOB before the secretary can put this on the list of approved substances. The buffer was created by congress. For example, to make a cupcake you need baking powder. There is no such thing as organic baking powder. In the review by the NAOB it had to be checked -
1) Is it harmful to human health? No.
2) It doesn’t injure the environment by its use. True.
3) It is compatible with organic systems. Yes.
4) It is essential for use. Yes. You can’t make a cupcake without baking powder.
This is how to approve a synthetic or non-organic ingredient.

Large conventional food producers are buying up small organic farms. Businesses like General Mills and Kellogg’s can own companies that produce organic food. If the large parent companies have their own self interest now representing the consumer and the scientist at the NAOB level, it’s going to contaminate and unauthenticate what is truly organic. It has the very real potential to do that and it is doing that.

The Cornucopia Institute is a farm policy research institute and organic industry watch dog. Cornucopia’s job is to protect organic food and all the authenticity of the only safe food people are hungry for. The spirit of the law and the letter of the law need to be enforced.
• Can you produce organic milk on a 10,000 cow factory farm? No.
• Can you produce organic eggs in a hen house with 10,000 birds? No.
The organic foods production act mandates the animals are treated in a certain manner. All organic livestock must have access to the outdoors and/or pasture. Natural isn’t standing infant of a concentrated feeding operation in a confined space.

Now the board is looking at gimmicky nutraceuticals and food contact chemicals. They’re saying, “We use those in conventional foods, so we need to be using them in organics to stay competitive in organic food. We need these approved.” Here’s where the conspiracy comes in. A report on the Cornucopia website called “The Organic Watergate” is a wake-up call for us. We need to look at how these things are reviewed and who is in the review stacked with big conventional agribusiness friendly representatives? The board is allowed to hire technical scientific advisors outside the board to review and inform the board about the use of these materials. They looked at who was doing the reviews and it was the agribusiness corporate executives who hired the scientists in the agribusiness industry to do those reviews. Example: Carrageenan is now in organics, which causes severe GI inflammation and cancer. Carrageenan is not essential in the making of any product and it causes harm to people, so it is not legal to use and shouldn’t be in organic products. The Cornucopia Institute is trying to out this duplicity and replace these representatives, by going to court if necessary.

GMO’s are explicitly and legally banned in organics. Organics is the gold standard for people who want to avoid GMO. However, the gimmick ingredients they want to add may be GMO. i.e. algae oil has been added as a nutritional supplement in infant formula. It was discovered that these strains of algae were created through a process called classic nutro-genesis. They take the genome of a plant and bombard it with radiation or very harsh chemicals to change its genetic makeup and the hope is that, by accident, they will create a product that possesses traits with more commercial value; higher omega-3 content. Even though its hexane content is extracted (solvent by product of refinement also found in gasoline) it is explicitly banned in organics. They are applying for patents to use their ingredients in organics and sneaking them into organics while regulatory agencies are looking the other way. These products are now in Horizon Organic Milk and organic infant formula. They can’t use GMO as the primary ingredient but they do a fancy dance with lawyers and lobbyists to get secondary ingredients through the loop-holes they find. That’s illegal and the Cornucopia Institute is pursuing that.

The other area to watch is imports. Don’t trust organic from other countries because we have no way of being sure they are truly organic by our standards. China, for example, has epidemic levels of commercial fraud; counterfeit name brand goods, intellectual property rights piracy and fraud in every industry, so why would we trust these people.

Non organic farms are buying organic farms so they can put someone on the committee that oversees all organic farming in the US, and influence policy and procedures. Agribusiness is gobbling up the pioneering organic brands. Big companies are lawyering up and hiring lobbyists and playing the same games in Washington that they played with the conventional food sector. Generally speaking, right now (2017) we can trust the organic label, but because people are pushing the limits, we can’t be fully confident.

By allowing GMO food to be grown, we are endangering conventional and organic food due to cross pollination and agrochemical sprays blowing in the wind over these farms that are trying to do it right. If cross pollinated organic foods get contaminated with GMO’s, the FDA will allow it to continue, even though it’s GMO, and organic foods will be genetically modified on purpose after that, and called Genetically Modified Organic. This is their goal. They can easily contaminate the entire genome of crops so we have nothing to return to.

The contamination issue is becoming more of a problem. There is the potential that genetically modified organic products won’t have to be labeled as a GMO according to the FDA because once cross pollinated, they are not introducing foreign genetic material from another organism, yet they’re still genetically modified. Their genes have been manipulated and engineered. If biotechnology companies have their way, this will be the future of GMO’S. The US National Organics Program is looking at rewriting the rules so these genetically engineered foods can be ALLOWED in organics!

Proponents and those who profit from GMO say, “Genetically Modified Organics (GMO) is the future of food production, to use less synthetic pesticides and herbicides. If it didn’t work with genetically modified conventional crops and the pesticides and herbicides that came with them, … Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting better results. They are throwing the same solutions at problems in agriculture and wondering why they are having the same problems. Children are already being reprogrammed to think GMO means Genetically Modified ORGANICS. They are being told, “Don’t let anyone tell you GMO’s are bad. They’re wrong!” Get your answers from sources that are not funded by the industry, and that applies to everything you research.

May you live in interesting times

It is an exciting reality, because as dismal as all of this is, and as tragic and sad as it is already, we have the ability right now to change our behavior and make it no longer profitable for chemical companies.

Politics and legislation will not correct this. We have no allies in government. Big industries own the soil, drugs, seed, pesticide, herbicide, fungicide, and have infiltrated the FDA, EPA, USDA, and the justice system with past employees who were executives and lawyers. There is a revolving door between chemical, drug and agricultural companies and the FDA.

Big Pharma and agricultural corporations, often one and the same, fund both parties. I want to emphasize that this is not a conspiracy because it’s very well documented who’s campaign was funded by these corporations and what their interests are. This is not to say that there aren’t some good people in politics that are making good choices, but just like the scientist they are suppressed so that their voices and actions are squelched.

They have control over the media and have been vigorous to prevent people from becoming aware. They have deluded the public by effectively penetrating every area of government so it is impossible to pass effective legislation, like the simple basics of letting people know if the food they are purchasing is GMO or not. They are not rubbing shoulders with farmers or consumers that have a real concern about what’s in their food. Universities are supported by biotech companies. Researchers are told, "If you aren't 100% behind this technology, then you don't belong at this university." They control the press, government and education.

For big corporations, it’s not about health. It’s all about corporate business models and the companies making money.


You can follow so many aspects in this GMO issue.
What are you going to focus on to stop GMO’s?


Environment - The loss of the honey bee. The Monarch butterfly is gone due to the loss of the milkweed their larva feed on. There is still some milk weed here where I live, and I enjoyed watching the butterflies 17 years ago, but nothing is eating milk weed now.

Farmers rights, patenting, legislation, litigation? Monsanto has that covered. The concentration of the ownership of the food supply in this country is a disaster, true, but it’s not the area to focus on. I want you to know that eating that corn chip or those corn flakes could expose you to BT toxin, glyphosate toxin and genetically modified foods that will reprogram your genes. I want you to stop eating GMO ingredients without your knowledge. Health is the key because without it, you can do nothing. Health is my priority, because it covers every area from butterflies, bees, birds, care of the earth to the health of my family and yours. Health bridges every area.

There is a politically and socially charged contention surrounding the subject of GMO's, because it's the food we are feeding our children. This is not anything more than human behavior reacting to the actions of big business over more than a century. This is an issue of conscience and we must take a stand for our generation and future generations.

family-Mother feed kids-iStock_000010848477XSmall

The food supply affects us all. We all need water, air and food. We need to understand we are extremely powerful and need to take full responsibility for what we purchase, and how we feed ourselves and our children. Vote with your wallets every time you shop for food, stop using Roundup on your property and encourage your neighbor to do the same.

Consumer Revolution

If $ talks, then if we stop buying their products and they don’t get our money, the big chemical companies can’t buy their rights and leniency with government politicians and agencies. Otherwise, they have us on both ends. The only answer is a consumer revolution. In 5-10 years, we may not have the choice if we don’t do something about it now. I fundamentally believe that we have the power right now, in 2017-2018. We need to be the change we want to see in the world. Only consumers are going to win this fight through a movement against GMO’s.

Empowered organic consumers need to put pressure on farmers. On the Cornucopia website you can use a tool that rates the products from these farms and choose wisely. You can know who’s brands come from factory farms where GMO and conventionally grown seeds are combined in the same silo. GMO and non-GMO soybeans are not separated in the silo’s that end up becoming soy protein in the high protein powder for your morning smoothie, infants formula or Ensure. You can know the brands that are from family farms who’s cows have names and not numbers.

Local people are being exposed to chemical fallout and they’re not aware of it. A fire was lit under my butt when I just happened to witness a county pickup truck with a 300 gallon tank of glyphosate on the back spraying a large field the watershed lands across the road from my home. This is land that supplies my well water and provides drinking water for the town’s residents living in the valley below. These are public use lands! I had a general understanding that GMO's were not a good thing, but I had no idea they were everything I just explained, until I did the research. I spread the word and let my mountain neighbors know, through out Community Information Network, that this is going on.


It is easy to get angry about this, but that’s not going to accomplish anything. Use that energy to become active. It’s easy to tell others and shop non-GMO. This is behavior change messaging. Ban GMO and glyphosate from schools where it is sprayed on playgrounds, community parks, neighborhoods. “No Roundup!” Empower communities, create new leaders to build an army and join in the fight. There is a domino effect that always happens when the simple truth is made known. Ultimately, it requires awareness to ignite outrage before sweeping changes can be made. We need to act before its too late to limit the damage that’s being done.

Change starts small, but it’s not happening fast enough

Everyone is in a different stage of their personal evolution, spiritual and intellectual awakening. Some people are ready for it and others literally and figuratively die in their sleep. Some people are docile and don’t care. They are lulled into a false sense of security. They’ve become apathetic, but food affects us all. A lot more people need to start caring faster.

Time running out

We are running out of time to stop this. We will reach a point of no return. We have a dark future if you truly understand this issue. The big corporate interests are betting on your ignorance and silence on this issue. In the US, we are placated into thinking we can’t do more. It does seem like a David & Goliath battle. It was consumer demand that ignited the gluten-free movement and food manufacturers responded as well as restaurants. That can happen again with GMO. You can make a difference from the bottom grass-roots level, up. If consumers don’t rebel now, they will continue to expand. We can’t allow them to patent life. Take a stand before you won’t have a choice. They want to completely own and have control of the food pipeline. All of us need to eat.

We are at a critical point. People need to wake up to this issue and act. Demand food that’s not poisoned. How can you view it any other way as a mom who’s trying to feed her family and keep them healthy? Do you want to feed your children poison, knowing it’s going to cause them, their children, grand-children and great-grandchildren catastrophic health and genetic damage?

  • A mother of a 6 year old child who is so out of control the school wants him out. She eliminated GMO’s and within one week she observed great improvement. In one month, she had a new child. There were no more calls from the school except for the days when he ate at the grandparents house. The impact of diet on behavior and health is almost immediate. Do you want that child who is suppressed by these toxins to come out of their mental and physical bondage, and be vibrant, energetic and happy? This is saving children and families!

We really do need to be hyper vigilant when it comes to eating, whereas 100 years ago we could just eat without any worry about our food. It shouldn’t be this hard. We shouldn’t have all these considerations. Source, preparation, how was it grown, what was it fed, is it cooked at high heat, organic or GMO? The majority of people feel they can’t be that vigilant because they’re working, raising children, etc. There are solutions. Recognize the source of toxins and avoid them. Once you know the source, the homework is done and just apply what you’ve learned.

In the end, what’s the solution? We must get informed. Our educational journey is dictated by our willingness to deconstruct what we've already learned. If we are willing to question what we've been told by all sources of influence, then we are guaranteed the opportunity to continue to learn. Every day I wake up realizing I know almost nothing and I have a voracious appetite for knowledge and truth. If you deconstruct and believe you know nothing, the Universe, not Universities, will show you what it wants you to know. My best instruction comes by accident, with great purpose

What you eat and don’t eat is the most important thing you do to take control of your health destiny. It’s not that difficult to take action and change the direction of your health and life. Get back to how nature intended us to eat and take care of our bodies. The closer you get to that the more problems you eliminate in your life. Time is of the essence while there is still something natural to go back to.

Commit to eating organic and non-GMO
Our attitude toward avoiding harmful substances requires vigilance, and we are worth it. We deserve better! Otherwise, it’s not going to happen. If a restaurant looks at you like you’ve got two heads when you ask if they use GMO ingredients, then you should question whether to eat there. What about school lunches that are served to children? The school cafeteria and restaurants use olive oil cut with other oils, like soy or canola, which are all GMO, because it’s cheaper. Whole Foods Market uses GMO soy and canola oil in their products. Cheereo’s uses glyphosate on their grains three days prior to harvest to hasten the drying process, and there’s no reason to because they are not GMO oats. Knowledge is not power. Knowledge without action produces no results. Knowledge plus action is able to produce powerful results.


Develop a GPS - grocery purchasing system. If we don’t buy their food, we hit them where it hurts. $ talks! As you run out of conventionally grown/GMO food, replace them with organic. Go isle by isle. It doesn’t have to be perfect. By the end of the month or 6 months, you will have made the switch. It’s not about price as much as it is about quality. Buy reduced for quick sale and freeze it. Purchase in bulk at a reduced case price.


Those who can afford organic now have a way to avoid GMO now, but those who can't afford organic are already experiencing the genocide with kidney disease and cancers.

Grow your own as much as possible
In the 1920-30's, we outsourced our food production to big farming and after the Great Depression, people started growing their own food again. In the 1940's, we were growing 45% of our food in back yards. Seven million more households are planning to grow some of their own food this year. That’s a 19% increase over the previous year. Many are concerned about the state of the economy and the increased cost of food. I am one of those people who grow as much of my own food as possible, because the flavor, quality, character and personality of fresh picked from the earth organic food, without concern about GMO, chemicals, synthetic pesticide residues, fungicides, or herbicides because they are not used in my home garden.

Live in a mindset of abundance, not scarcity thinking. We have an abundant world with everything it needs for everyone that’s in it. Planting, farming, seed exchange, education, not more science or chemicals. Grow what works in your ecosystem and trade with your neighbor for what you can’t grow that he can, for something he can’t grow but you can. Sharing and caring are the best kind of currency. Biological diversity, so if one crop fails, you’ve got another. Heirloom seeds need to be preserved for food. Saving seeds is like our Noah’s Ark.

I love farmer math!
I can pay $3.49 for a head of organic lettuce or buy a package of seeds and grow enough lettuce to feed my family for weeks.

There is hope of recovery with organic, even for people who are completely broken down digestively. The medical profession hopes you never figure out that you can heal yourself, without them being involved. The body always gives a sign and a symptom when things aren’t right. We’re not taught to recognize and understand signs and symptoms. The doctor spends 7 minutes with us and diagnoses some weird thing, prescribes drugs to mask symptoms and sends you on your way. It’s never about what are you eating, drinking, environment, stress. Medicine is at least 20 years behind science. In the past 5 years, research has discovered how the gut micro biome works with our genetics, mind, and influencing behavior.

  • There is a biological basis for psychological problems. 70% of serotonin is made in the gut, not the brain. Feeling good begins in your gut.
You can take responsibility for and control over your own health. It doesn’t require a lot of time and effort to do it. It just takes some education.

The body has its own self healing mechanism, just like the earth. Our bodies intelligence is extraordinary and ever present. Working with the natural processes is the solution. When people start the healing process they begin making healthier choices in general. You get more sophisticated as you go.

Detox is natures solution to pollution

Dilution - get natural water through you. It takes months of flushing your system to accomplish this. Add electrolytes to your water; sea salt. Electrolytes hold water in you so you’re not urinating a lot and water has a chance to do its work as a solvent. Re-establish the osmotic balance so cells don’t become dehydrated and commit apoptosis (cell death). Water and salt is the basis of life.

Charcoal is a natural detoxifier for body and soil, so put it in you and in your garden. 250-500 mg helps us attract higher quality oxygen from the environment, plus the charcoal sucks up heavy metals and chemicals, plasticizers (BPA) out of our system to be eliminated in poop. Charcoal has a negative charge and the atmosphere is positively charged, to create growth in your plants.

Omega-3 & 6 oils need to be balanced. Health fats are anti-inflammatory and nutrition for the brain to function. Plastics get stuck in the cell walls and charcoal removes the plastics, but omega-3 locks in so the intelligence of the cell increase, help cells communicate and the genetics are activated. Whether you activate genetics that can hurt or help you depends on your diet and the balance of your gut micro biome.

Those who are able to tolerate and survive this toxicity will be those who avoid as much chemical contamination of their bodies as possible and maintain a clean, healthy diet for optimum immune function and sustainability. This is not new! Everything needs to be organic, non-GMO and chemical-free. Protect yourself, buy organic, grow organic, return to nature and original intent. Original intent is the way we were created to live on the earth, close to the earth. We’ve lost connection with the earth, with nature and with each other. Growing your own food connects you to all of that.

If people know better, they will do better

It's about awareness. Just because you don’t ‘feel bad’ doesn’t mean everything is fine and you don’t have a problem, because you may not have been paying attention. In the degenerative phase, you are not connected to the signals in your body (body wisdom) that would help you make good choices. You make toxic decisions about food and beverages, unhealthy habits, but also emotions and actions too. Being on a glycemic rollercoaster or stimulants exhausts your adrenals and hurts your spleen, which is the center for food instinct. Its always a good idea to get off GMO foods now before it catches up with you in a way you can’t ignore. Don’t wait until you are sick before you are motivated to act. Be proactive, not reactive.

No one can argue against the mindset or philosophy - “the more natural - the better”. Ultimately, the farther we get from nature, the more astounding are the ramifications, like nothing we’ve ever seen before. At first these changes seem difficult for people but after a while your body starts craving those healthier decisions. The body tells you what to do. It is very difficult and can take months to a couple of years in most cases to fully restore health after decades of poor health habits, but it’s worth it.

I hope you appreciate the in depth quality of this information. Ultimately, the consumer is as responsible as the chemical companies, as far as where we end up with this situation, because every dollar we spend either supports one side of this issue or the other. This information is vitally important and truly empowering, so please share it.

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