Food bordom and meal monotony

Most people get into a "food rut" and eat the same thing out of habit, but they don't realize it. I used to do that before I got sick. Cheereos for breakfast every morning. Bagel and cream cheese for snack every mid-morning. McDonalds big mac every day for lunch. Chocolate covered mini doughnuts every afternoon. Spaghetti for dinner. I was enjoying the taste of dead foods and feeding Candida, but my digestion and health was suffering. I didn't eat for health, but for taste. It's a trap! Appreciating food starts with attitude. How you show up to a meal.

How do you show up to a meal? Who are you when you eat it? Think of having a relationship with your food, like having a relationship with a person. We tend to take the familiar for granted. Are you truly present with your food or do you need a lot of taste to draw your attention? What if that food was a person? You accept people for who they are and what God made them to be. Appreciate the natural God given flavor of foods.

What if you could digest fine, but you had no food to eat? What if you were surrounded with food that you can't eat because it's toxic to you or you can't digest it? You would wish for the foods you don't enjoy so much. I almost died of malnutrition and starvation. Now I GET TO eat.

I like to make self corrections before God feels the need to. Sometimes God gives us an attitude adjustment when we don't catch ourselves first. Being content is great gain. Every time I became irritable about my diet, I remembered the Israelites who complained about eating mana every day in the wilderness. I don't want God to have to spank me for not being truly grateful for what He provides. Just say'in.

I don't allow boredom or monotony to creep into my relationship with food. Sorry if this isn't what you wanted to hear, but give it some thought. I welcome your feedback.


What are your thoughts on soups and bullion cubes?
I don't make "soups," especially those that contain meat. Soups are like sandwiches when it comes to combining several food groups into one dish that is very easy to consume. This complicates digestion to the point of literally crippling it. Nothing gets properly or completely digested, so what have you gained? Nothing, but you lost the investment in money to purchase the food and energy to cook it, both in fuel and your life force, plus the time it took to shop and prepare it. The benefits from all that preparation was lost in the last few minutes of consuming it.

Additionally, when you add water to make soup, it's like drinking with meals. Liquids dilute stomach acid and increases the pH so that the protein is not completely digested. It dilutes digestive enzymes and increases transit through the stomach so that the food does not have time to digest completely.

I cook two vegetables with salt and some herbs. Then I cream them in my Vitamix to increase the surface area of the food, which makes it more accessible to and easier for digestive enzymes to break it down. This enables my body can extract as much nutrition as possible with the least amount of effort.

Bullion cubes and other seasonings always contain at least one ingredient (usually black pepper and "natural flavor" aka MSG) that I can't have. Taste is important for cephalic phase digestion (pleasure of the meal), but balance that with the most important reason why you eat - optimum nutrition to reproduce yourself. Keep your meals simple for optimum digestion and assimilation. You don't want to do anything that will challenge your immune system or stress your bodily functions.

Any tips on new ways to enjoy fish?
I put turmeric on my sardines and mackerel because it's beneficial against cancer and other nasty things. I add lemon and dill to fresh tuna. I eat fish because it provides essential fatty acids, which I was severely deficient in for years and it contributed to my neurological damage. I consider these foods as my best friends. I look forward to spending time with and enjoying them. I bless my body with them.

I'm only rotating about 5 different kinds, and I'm getting tired of fish.
I rotate salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines, cod or grouper every week. I look at it like, I have built variety into my meal plan. I eat something different every day, even though I eat the same thing every Tuesday. I appreciate having a routine and predictability in my meal prep, budget and grocery shopping. I am so happy to be able to eat and digest my food again, and to have my health back that I don't give so much attention to or get distracted by a desire for taste or variety. The digestive system assesses the contents of a meal to know what to do with it and I think that complex combinations of tastes make that process more difficult.