Deficiency causes disfunction and drugs increase deficiency, which increases dysfunction

We have built a medical system of failure. For every drug and procedure, there is an unseen but very real downside of not only getting worse more quickly and thereby needing drugs until the drugs no longer work, but also the onset of seemingly unrelated, often "incurable" medical problems, accelerated aging and earlier death. Unfortunately, many people are brought to their knees, literally, and in the depths of despair to learn that medical schools don't teach doctors to heal the body. They merely manage symptoms with drugs and when an organ fails they do surgery. An unending avalanche of symptoms inevitably occurs once you have started on just one drug. Nutritional deficiencies cause system malfunctions. Doctors use chemicals (drugs) to manipulate chemical processes in the body, while at the same time the drugs cause the body to lose the minerals and nutrients it is already deficient in, increasing deficiency that cause the system malfunction to begin with.

For example, Diuretics (fluid pills) are given to people with high blood pressure. By letting some of the fluid out of this closed system, blood pressure goes down. Diuretics cause the body to excrete potassium and magnesium. But low potassium causes high blood pressure in the first place. High blood pressure can be caused by spasm of the microscopic muscles that surround blood vessels. Vessels spasm is caused by low magnesium. Diuretics actually make you get worse by accelerating the loss of minerals that caused high blood pressure in the first place. Taking magnesium and potassium won't help because the drug deactivates it, thus wasting the money you invested in the supplements. Diuretics raise homocysteine, which is four times more potent a predictor of early heart attacks than high cholesterol is and can put you at an even higher risk of sudden heart attack. That's only one of many examples. Keep in mind also that coffee — is a diuretic. The loss of potassium and magnesium leaves you feeling weak, tired and irritable. People reach for coffee to get a boost of energy, again creating the very problem they are trying to remedy — lack of energy. Instead of reaching for a drug or caffeine, give the body what it needs to correct the cause of the dysfunction. The amino acid arginine make the body take-up more magnesium and magnesium helps correct potassium levels. It's a win-win situation when you take whole food sources of nutrients, because they harmonize in concert.

Another example is beta-blockers, also used for hypertension (high blood pressure). These deplete zinc, raise triglycerides, usher in diabetes, lower protective HCL, cholesterol and poison your thyroid hormone so it actually cannot convert T4 to T3. Every drug causes bad side effects and steals nutrients from the body, as well as making sure you will get sicker and need more drugs. The guidelines for medicine do not include testing for these created deficiencies and they tests they do run are woefully inadequate for determining the health of an organ, system or the entire body. When tests do show abnormality, it's too late to correct.

ACE inhibitors poison an enzyme in the kidney, thus bringing blood pressure down. The nutrient vitamin D3 (not D2), of which there is an epidemic of deficiency in the US, is an important nutrient for lowering blood pressure, but also keeps arteries from building up calcium and cholesterol, the very reason you are told to take a statin. To make matters worse, foods and milk is fortified with D2, a cheap synthetic form that counters many of the good effects of real vitamin D3. Vitamin D3

NSAIDs are a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that may quadruple the heart attack rate. The accumulation of lead from auto exhaust, industrial pollution, food additives and other sources may cause high blood pressure when it reaches a critical level. When you detoxify the body of heavy metals, lots of symptoms disappear, like arthritis, poor memory, anemia, heart and kidney problems, chronic pain and nerve sensations, bone disorders and more. High fructose corn sugar, dextrose and sucrose are all sugars that can trigger high blood pressure. To correct mineral deficiencies that cause hypoglycemia, manganese, magnesium, vanadium, chromium and zinc need to be restored to optimal levels in the body.

Statins are one of the most dangerous drugs ever made. They poison the liver's ability to make cholesterol. Cholesterol is not the demon it has been made out to be. It is nothing more than a messenger that calls attention to inflammation and repairs damage before caused by free radicals that have drilled holes in cell membranes. It's the free radicals that are the villain, not cholesterol. Cholesterol is needed by all your glands and all your glands are needed to keep you from having a heart attack. Cholesterol is the primary ingredient in all your cell membranes, and the starter molecule for most hormones, which are needed for thyroid and adrenal function, among many others. Cholesterol is needed for repair and replenishment of cell membranes, including the cardiovascular system. Mitochondria are the energy producing organelle in every cell and they depend on cholesterol because it creates electricity — the body's energy. Cholesterol is needed for bile for digestion, detoxification and fighting pathogens in the gut and to make hormones in the brain for mood and much more. Statins poison the same liver enzyme needed to make CoQ10, which can deficiency can lead to congestive heart failure. Taking CoQ10 can correct high cholesterol, but instead doctors prescribe drugs that lowers CoQ10 and results in increased cholesterol, which worsens the condition. Cholesterol eventually rises in spite of medications and more statins are added to the regimen. Statin drugs lower selenium, whose deficiency leads to thyroid problems and inability to detoxify the daily load of chemicals that hasten disease and aging. Statins lower zinc, which deficiency leads to early heart disease and a wide range of other problems, depending on which of over 200 zinc-dependent enzymes are affected. Statins also deplete vitamin E. The list of side events are seemingly unrelated.

I could give many more examples of how drugs can contribute to the worsening of the very things they are prescribed to treat, but you get the idea. I suspect you want to find the cause and correct it once and for all. Nutrients work in concert with the body chemistry to control all disease. Let your food be your medicine.