Nutritional deficiencies predispose to disease

The nutritional status of each of us changes rapidly. Each year it changes significantly, every month, week, day and hour. Every meal and emotion significantly changes your nutritional status in favor of health or disease.

In determining nutritional status it is important to realize that each person’s circumstances are different and that there are numerous variables to consider, like genetics, where they live, weather conditions, economic status, social habits, thought patterns, self care, medications, exercise, mental stress, what they eat, how they eat, when they eat, food preparation, the consumption of or exposure to toxins, blood type, stress level, amount and type of exercise, sex, and age.

What stands in the gap between life and death is your immune system. The single most important thing that determines the strength of your immune system is the quality and kind of foods and beverages you consume. Every disease has a nutritional component.

Research has proven that every symptom and disease has its own pattern of nutritional inadequacies and every disease is improved by diet. It should be the physician’s responsibility to be knowledgeable concerning the symptoms that correspond with each nutritional deficiency and capable of performing various examinations, blood tests, and procedures to confirm precisely which nutritional deficiencies need to be addressed, without guesswork. The truth is, guesswork is commonly applied in today’s medical practices because physicians possess little knowledge about nutritional diagnosis and even less about nutritional prescription. The majority of physicians simply do not believe that poor or inadequate nutrition initiates disease and they minimize the crucial role of diet in reversing nutritional deficiencies. Doctors advise their patients to eat margarine instead of real butter, imitation ice cream instead of real ice cream, synthetic cheese instead of real cheese, skim-milk instead of whole milk, soy instead of real meat, and fake eggs instead of real eggs. This is nonsense parlayed by so-called health authorities. Processing removes foods nutritional value and makes it less digestible. This is why the patient’s condition remains undiagnosed and/or misdiagnosed, and their health continues to deteriorate. When doctors do make the connection, they recommend synthetic supplements or refer patients to a dietician (who is equally clueless), in addition to their pharmaceuticals, which actually make deficiency worse.

Aspirin, for example, is touted as valuable for managing a wide range of diseases, including stroke, heart disease, hardening of the arteries, headaches and even cancer. The truth is aspirin causes a greater amount of disease than it cures, and is responsible for its own unique and potentially fatal disease; Reye’s Syndrome. Aspirin is toxic, it destroys nutrients, and creates deficiencies that cause heart disease and diseases involving arteries, and can cause death. My husband has been taking heart medication and aspirin since his first heart attack at age 21. He was also taking Dilantin for epilepsy when we met. Those drugs destroy nutrients needed for the proper functioning of his body to process fats and sugars. Now in his 50’s, he’s taking additional medications for high triglycerides, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Those added medications are creating even greater deficiency and I fear for his health in the future. I know it will continue to deteriorate as a result of malnutrition, even though I am feeding him organic foods and giving him whole food supplements. The drugs are erasing my efforts, and investment in time and money. I have to allow each person to have their journey, and though I wish he and my clients could make changes quickly, I understand there is a learning curve. I am here for you during this process and will guide you toward your goal as long as you continue to do the work necessary to accomplish it.

Whole unprocessed foods provide nutrients, while refining and processing foods destroys them. Laboratory made, synthetic, imitation food and supplements is always grossly inferior to real food. A number of unknown cofactors work synergistically with the known vitamins. Synthetic food additives are added to fake foods, which are devoid of nutrients and destroy nutrients or impair their absorption. The same is true of vitamin and mineral supplements. Once vitamins were identified and isolated, the chemical formulas of the individual vitamins were synthesized. The purified and/or synthetic compounds are considerably less effective than the original crude extracts made from whole foods, but it goes deeper than that. The body will do what ever it takes to survive, so the body will “borrow” from its reserves the nutrients needed to make use of the substances you put in it. The body’s intention is to put back into storage the nutrients it “borrows,” but that never happens because the “foods” you eat are devoid of nutrients. When the reserves are gone, like those stored in bones, the body succumbs to extreme deficiency and disease ensues. Usually, it takes several months or perhaps years for a deficiency of a nutrient to surface as symptoms or ailments. The exception is vitamin B5, which deficiency may occur within days.

The United States is the most disease-stricken society on earth due to their Standard American Diet and fast-paced stressful lifestyle. Both of which deplete the body of nutrients. Millions suffer from vague complaints for which no diagnosis can be determined, wavering between generalized ill health and unmistakable disease. Americans are taking billions of doses of drugs every year because they are sick and in pain. Physicians lack the skills necessary to diagnose illness caused by nutritional deficiencies and recommend nutritional solutions.

Untold Americans suffer from a potentially life-threatening illness due almost exclusively to vitamin deficiency; pernicious anemia — a condition marked by a deficiency of red blood cells or of hemoglobin in the blood, resulting in pallor and weariness. The disease is the result of vitamin B12 deficiency. With this type of anemia there are usually plenty of red blood cells. However, the shape of the cells becomes distorted, and cells become enlarged. This reduces their oxygen carrying capacity which leads to a variety of symptoms, including fatigue, lassitude, headaches, memory loss, depression and mental confusion. The most common manifestations of pernicious anemia are the neuropsychiatric disorders which are associated with neurotransmitters; chemical messengers within the brain and along the nerve sheaths. Protein, B vitamins, and mineral deficiencies play a role in developing depression, paranoia, psychosis, and dementia, and are the missing link for reversing psychiatric disorders.

There is no “magic bullet” or easy solution. It is important to be aware that every $ you spend on things that don’t nourish the body is not only making you poorer financially and physically, but affects your ability to work and provide for your future finances and health. Food dyes inactivate vitamin B6, folic acid, and vitamin C. Fluoride in municipal water supplies destroys vitamins B1, C, E, beta carotene and disrupts the function of all human enzymes. Prior to factory farming, all foods were “organic,” grown in virgin soil without the use of toxic, synthetic chemicals that bind minerals and make them unavailable for plants to absorb. In that age the health-giving qualities of food were regarded as more important than economic concerns. The quality of food was rarely an issue. Today, Americans survive, not thrive, because they consume food which appears to be normal, but is actually nutritionally defective. On the other side of this lifestyle are things like Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, colitis, hepatitis, nerve pain, obesity, depression, migraine headaches, Bipolar disorder and an assortment of degenerative diseases that afflict tens of millions. Be the exception!

Since nutrient deficiency is the cause, it makes sense that nutrients are the cure. The nutrients in organic, whole foods with their cofactors and synergy in tact is what fuels and heals the body. Symptoms are not the problem. Symptom is the language of the body communicating to us there is a problem and it’s pointing to the problem. Symptoms tell a story. We are going to listen to the body, intuit with it and practice embodiment (get out of your head and into your body) to be detectives. The clues to your healing are found in your journey. This will be an adventure of discovery and conquest. Together, we are going to take back your health.