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I am a Certified Eating Psychology Coach. My specialty is Systemic Candida Yeast Overgrowth & Leaky Gut. I am uniquely trained to help you overcome most of the eating and health challenges we are confronted with in our modern world.

My commitment is to help you reach your highest goal - to become the most energetic, authentic, creative, joyful expression of who you truly are, inside and out.

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You are unique, so I customize my work with you based on your individual needs, working at a comfortable pace to create a plan that is just for you, while producing lasting results that you can maintain the rest of your life.

You can take control of your health and your life. I facilitate healing and help you navigate on your journey through illness to wellness so you can reach your desired destination of health, happiness and prosperity sooner.

I want you to have the emotional stamina and mental presence to be available for those you love, so you can start to live your best life going forward.

I want to be for you, the person I wish I'd met when I was chronically ill, searching for answers, experiencing a lot of repeated trial and error, looking for solutions, draining finances, and loosing hope.

Pet Nutrition Consultant

I evaluate your pets current diet and help you find the best food or alternative therapy for your dog or cat, so you can have the happiest, healthiest four footed furry friend, and avoid unnecessary vet bills. Our pets share the same living space, so if they are healthy, we as their human companions have a greater opportunity to be healthy too.

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Call Johnna Wheeler at 301-293-1500 or send an email to schedule your complimentary introductory phone consultation to see how I can help you.!